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Resolution numa frase em (in ingles)

The resolution was agreed to.
He then formed a resolution.
The resolution reported by Mr.
He had formed his resolution.
Resolution of all tasks had.
The resolution read as under;.
Her resolution had been taken.

But also a kind of resolution.
A resolution of thanks to Rev.
The resolution was agreed to nem.
She took her resolution quickly.
He quickly came to a resolution.
And the resolution was agreed to.
Quincy rose to move a resolution.
Resolution of an image can also.
The resolution first offered by Mr.
I sign this resolution with pride.
Peggie came to a speedy resolution.
Its a resolution Congress will pass.
That a resolution of approbation, Mr.
Updated resolution in the tool/ log.
The resolution was laid on the table.
The resolution was read, as follows:.
Call it a New Year’s resolution.
She has long ago taken her resolution.
The following resolution is offered:.
And thus the native hue of resolution.
Her resolution was formed as she read.
There was calm resolution in his eyes.
On both sides, the resolution was equal.
McKee moved the following resolution:.
This resolution was unanimously adopted.
Were they avoiding an easier resolution.
Ormsby moved the following resolution:.
He then read the following resolution:.
The resolution was agreed to, and Messrs.
So, that's my resolution (again) for 2009.
When we find the resolution of a problem.
After the resolution of the complaint do.
Bacon offered the following resolution:.

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