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Resolution numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. He then formed a resolution.
  2. The resolution was agreed to.
  3. He had formed his resolution.
  4. Resolution of all tasks had.
  5. The resolution reported by Mr.

  6. Her resolution had been taken.
  7. But also a kind of resolution.
  8. The resolution read as under;.
  9. A resolution of thanks to Rev.
  10. The resolution was agreed to nem.
  11. She took her resolution quickly.
  12. He quickly came to a resolution.
  13. And the resolution was agreed to.
  14. Resolution of an image can also.
  15. Quincy rose to move a resolution.

  16. I sign this resolution with pride.
  17. The resolution first offered by Mr.
  18. Peggie came to a speedy resolution.
  19. That a resolution of approbation, Mr.
  20. Updated resolution in the tool/ log.
  21. Its a resolution Congress will pass.
  22. The resolution was laid on the table.
  23. The resolution was read, as follows:.
  24. Call it a New Year’s resolution.
  25. She has long ago taken her resolution.

  26. And thus the native hue of resolution.
  27. There was calm resolution in his eyes.
  28. Her resolution was formed as she read.
  29. The following resolution is offered:.
  30. On both sides, the resolution was equal.
  31. This resolution was unanimously adopted.
  32. McKee moved the following resolution:.
  33. Were they avoiding an easier resolution.
  34. The resolution was agreed to, and Messrs.
  35. Ormsby moved the following resolution:.
  36. He then read the following resolution:.
  37. When we find the resolution of a problem.
  38. After the resolution of the complaint do.
  39. So, that's my resolution (again) for 2009.
  40. Bacon offered the following resolution:.
  41. Nancy looked at them with calm resolution.
  42. Smilie offered the following resolution:.
  43. Resolution 1441 is already specific enough.
  44. The adoption of the following resolution:.
  45. Bassett spoke in support of the resolution.
  46. For resolution of the global economic crisis.
  47. She hadn't told anyone about her resolution.
  48. Resolution of the monitor, how they compared.
  49. He moved to add that paper to the resolution.
  50. The resolution was read, and, on motion of Mr.
  51. As you seek a resolution, remember that you.
  52. It was not a resolution that was easy to take.
  53. But the resolution was made only to be broken.
  54. Even in his sleep he is intense with resolution.
  55. The inadequate resolution, however, caused the.
  56. Fair fighting leads to resolution in most cases.
  57. A peaceful resolution was reached on October 28.
  58. The following resolution was read and adopted:.
  59. They therefore submit the following resolution:.
  60. Give me that resolution, the President said.
  61. At one level, the outcome is the resolution of a.
  62. I am in favor of the resolution now on your table.
  63. I had to give in, for Mina's resolution was fixed.
  64. Death is a resolution of one weak mind to another.
  65. Accordingly, the tools to manage this resolution.
  66. The Resolution of the Antigone Phase (adulthood).
  67. The resolution was ordered to be read a third time.
  68. Yet all these trials do not weaken his resolution.
  69. Her heart contracted, but she took her resolution.
  70. I will, therefore, move the following resolution:.
  71. Grasping at an addled resolution, he began to stir.
  72. Resolved, That this resolution pass with amendments.
  73. Christian's resolution at the approach of Apollyon.
  74. They therefore recommend the following resolution:.
  75. The young ones had registered a separate resolution.
  76. Good conflict resolution is not only about settling.
  77. The House agreed to consider the resolution, ayes 68.
  78. With this view he offered the following resolution:.
  79. And in this position he took an important resolution.
  80. Ordered, That the resolution pass to a second reading.
  81. His words present a determined resolution to follow.
  82. January, Yancey had put through a resolution that was.
  83. He had drawn the resolution in the most general terms.
  84. A motion was made that the resolution lie on the table.
  85. Rhea proposed the following resolution for adoption:.
  86. They, therefore, recommend the following resolution:.
  87. This was called resolution 435 and a curse word for us.
  88. A fair fight is also left in the past after resolution.
  89. In every respect, I think the resolution objectionable.
  90. The resolution was read, and passed to a second reading.
  91. Bassett offered to the House the following resolution:.
  92. Security Council Resolution 242 is only a working paper.
  93. In a resolution drawn up after the disaster they said:.
  94. The resolution was negatived by the committee—49 to 31.
  95. Rules of Order, to come up with a resolution nominating.
  96. Krishn is the victory of winners and the resolution of.
  97. Don't speak of my resolution, cried Ivan, savagely.
  98. The resolution was read, and ordered to lie on the table.
  99. I therefore beg leave to submit the following resolution.
  100. The chairman replied that there was no written resolution.

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