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Result numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. As a result I was.
  2. The result will be 1.
  3. As a result of Messrs.
  4. He soon had a result.
  5. As a result of such.

  6. And in a shock result.
  7. As the result to Ms.
  9. It was the result of.
  10. The end result of the.
  11. Here is the result! (Mr.
  12. The end result we know.
  13. The end result was an.
  14. As a result I began to.
  15. As a result, these two.

  16. As a result, he felt a.
  17. The result is a figure.
  18. As a result, she and I.
  19. The result was the same.
  20. As a result they became.
  22. As a result, he started.
  23. The result is the total.
  24. What will be the result?
  25. The result of the action.

  26. He checks his own result.
  27. The end result is the same.
  28. She printed out the result.
  29. Again there was no result.
  30. As a result of this dark.
  31. Ah, what? That's a result.
  32. As a result, their close.
  33. As a result, I needed to.
  34. This is largely a result.
  35. I was able as a result of.
  36. As long as the end result.
  37. This is the result of sin.
  38. What was the end result?
  39. More or less will result.
  40. Destiny is the result of.
  41. As a result, Corey limped.
  42. Not the result of skill.
  43. The result was a compromise.
  44. As a result of this their.
  45. The result was that every.
  46. The end result attests to.
  47. The result, I believe, is.
  48. As a result, he gets angry.
  49. You can imagine the result.
  50. The result of simple minds.
  51. The result is in the future.
  52. The end result was that it.
  53. This sack is the result.
  54. This is probably the result.
  55. The result of this examin-.
  56. As a result of all this we.
  57. As a result of this we now.
  58. Truth is not the result of.
  59. As a direct result of this.
  60. The result is not the cause.
  61. The result is a lower price.
  62. What is the desired result?
  63. Wisdom is the end result of.
  64. As a result you could find.
  65. He was waiting for a result.
  66. The result would be a cata-.
  67. The result is often a large.
  68. The Result of Ethical Living.
  69. As a result you will always.
  70. The same result would happen.
  71. As a result, many women and.
  72. The end result was that the.
  73. As a result of this curse, O.
  74. Referring the result set by.
  75. The end result being that I.
  76. As a result, the low-calorie.
  77. Probably as a result of this.
  78. As a result, he dramatically.
  79. The result was that, instead.
  80. As a result this was foreign.
  81. The result is a spoiled child.
  82. As a result of this rift, in.
  83. Another, with the same result.
  84. He knew the inevitable result.
  85. Sales are the end result of a.
  86. Now, you can see the result!.
  87. The end result was extinction.
  88. Movement is the result of the.
  89. The end result of sadness; yet.
  90. I hated to think of the result.
  91. As a result of Adam and Eve's.
  92. Every action generates a result.
  93. As a result of my luncheon and.
  94. We are pleased with the result.
  95. The opening line was the result.
  96. I’ve not taken my result yet.
  97. The result is severe depression.
  98. The result: The number of dogs.
  99. As a result of this simplicity.
  100. Several minutes later a result.
  1. The resulting star is a poem.
  2. The resulting ROA figure is.
  3. Here is the resulting graph:.
  4. Here is the resulting output:.
  5. This is the resulting data set.
  6. The resulting process did two.
  7. The resulting pyramid would be.
  8. This is the resulting workbook:.
  9. The resulting silence was profound.
  10. Below is the resulting data set:.
  11. The resulting decrease in urinary.
  13. The resulting mishap was inevitable.
  14. Instead of a brutal jolt resulting.
  15. The resulting long is entered at 43.
  16. What follows is the resulting output.
  17. The resulting figure is the ratio -.
  18. The resulting explosion was deafening.
  20. The resulting systems of points and the.
  21. In the 1970s, the resulting Kaluza-Klein.
  22. Here is the resulting link – Happy days.
  23. In the resulting confusion, with neighbours.
  24. The resulting banter between them took place.
  25. Then you have to develop the resulting habits.
  26. The resulting moral regression was spawned by.
  27. Note that the resulting values from 1 to 6 for.
  28. Resulting cubes should measure 12 millimeters.
  29. Stock transactions resulting from the exercise.
  30. This resulting figure is the estimated variance.
  31. Hardship Resulting in the status quo of the past.
  32. The total profit resulting from this strategy is.
  33. The resulting convergence results in long-awaited.
  34. Coverage to help with unexpected expenses resulting.
  35. This vibration, and resulting ego, is how we change.
  36. And its resulting turmoil was just a matter of time.
  37. He healed and lived with the resulting pain without.
  38. The case involving the attempted murder and resulting.
  39. The toxicity of the serotype is a factor in resulting.
  40. The resulting compression quickly heats the core and.
  41. Short A position resulting from the sale of a contract.
  42. The situation continued to worsen, resulting in Amanda.
  43. The resulting combination is purely a volatility trade.
  44. Long A position resulting from the purchase of a contract.
  45. The great complexity and resulting difficulty caused by.
  46. The average payout resulting from exercise of the option 0.
  47. Resulting strips or ribbons should be long and thin, with.
  48. The signal had somehow disrupted reality, resulting in the.
  49. The cheerleader went down for the long count, resulting in.
  50. Officer Trent turned off the high-beam light, resulting in.
  51. Misery is the heat resulting from the friction of struggle.
  52. During a period of great rains, floods (and the resulting.
  53. He shuddered to imagine the resulting mismatched interiors.
  54. The quakes are probably triggered by tides resulting from.
  55. The resulting snarl of this original evil had to be undone.
  56. On one of his visits, he stumbled, resulting in a severely.
  57. I punched in the correct series of numbers resulting in the.
  58. When beer is taken with a heavy meal, the resulting gas in.
  59. The resulting car wreck left only 2 of the 5 occupants alive.
  60. There’s less pollution, traffic and resulting frustration.
  61. The resulting outcome is the multiplicative product of the.
  62. Her depression continued to worsen, resulting in her seeing.
  63. The misery and suffering resulting therefrom seem so useless.
  64. Villechaize spent his money lavishly and quickly, resulting.
  65. The resulting insulin spike is a double-edged sword, however.
  66. This can be a dangerous situation, resulting in a large loss.
  67. This should be so large that the resulting layer is not more.
  68. The resulting explosion created a very high release of energy.
  69. Can we guarantee the power of the resulting hypothesis test?
  70. Excessive and prolonged stimulation resulting from prolonged.
  71. The values for p and 1 – p resulting from these values are 0.
  72. Otherwise it would be self-serving chaos resulting in entropy.
  73. The resulting explosion and fire incinerated the six occupants.
  74. The resulting changes in the payoff form can be very different.
  75. The resulting explosion is what your Grandfather must have seen.
  76. Fracas ensues resulting in innocent woman falling into the path.
  77. Professional with greater life satisfaction resulting in better.
  78. The resulting impact caused the man to fall off of Jack’s back.
  79. The resulting ash is used to increase nutrient value of the soil.
  80. This is a formula for a minimum 12 month search, often resulting.
  81. In the 1970s, the resulting Kaluza-Klein theory turned out to be.
  82. Table 19-4 lists several common commands and the resulting action.
  83. Realise that guilt, and the resulting feelings of inadequacy, are.
  84. Not to mention the resulting panic if they actually believed them.
  85. The resulting scar runs from her chin three inches up her jaw line.
  86. Notice that the resulting triangle has three six-point sides (666).
  87. All four directly influenced the resulting composite character of.
  88. Women who have frequent cervicitis as resulting of inflammation or.
  89. Corporate Practices Resulting in Shortage of Sound Industrial Bonds.
  90. Capture, and then click Yes in the resulting dialog box to save the.
  91. From the resulting menu, choose Properties, as shown in Figure 22-2.
  92. This is a slight alteration resulting from the activity in Phase—1.
  93. The resulting companies are still today’s dominant energy companies.
  94. Glycoside is a flavonoid which acts as an antioxidant as resulting of.
  95. The resulting standard, published in 1985, was called the IEEE 802.
  96. By using the HMG to increase the levels of LH and FSH as resulting of.
  97. The compound loss resulting from a string of t losses of N% each is:.
  98. The glass he learned was hurriedly made resulting in the poorer quality.
  99. They’ve been doing it for years, even resulting in death on occasion.
  100. The prolong period of inflammation causes blood static as resulting of.
  1. It resulted in her own.
  2. He says they resulted in.
  3. The project has resulted in a.
  4. This resulted in a dwindling of.
  5. Forget the events that resulted.
  6. This resulted in inflammation of.
  7. These contracts resulted in some.
  8. This resulted in a lot of jealousy.
  9. All that matters is that I resulted.
  10. This resulted in a neural imbalance.
  11. This resulted in pain, boredom (no.
  12. SO2 emissions have resulted from the.
  13. He says they resulted in physical death.
  14. This resulted in an earnings yield of 2.
  15. Research done in our tandem resulted in.
  16. It has resulted from the following causes.
  17. Lama which resulted in his untimely death.
  18. Lastly, these trips resulted in numerous.
  19. Fusan said: Much suffering has resulted.
  20. It resulted in a change of how we focused.
  21. His cumulative investment resulted in a 2.
  22. This resulted in the luring of additional.
  23. It even resulted in a triggered hair growth.
  24. It was a set of events that resulted in this.
  25. The devotion to details resulted in disaster.
  26. The voyage has resulted in a great discovery.
  27. It resulted in the overthrow of the government.
  28. Any dust marks resulted in lower audit scores.
  29. In the fire that resulted since the land had.
  30. Those rocks resulted in an Ouch! or an.
  31. This resulted in the third exile, the Diaspora.
  32. Otherwise delay of hysterectomy may be resulted.
  33. Noises resulted, the furnace turned on and off.
  34. A later meeting with this couple resulted in a.
  35. The previous night’s activities had resulted.
  36. What resulted was an incredible devastation of.
  37. The intense focus on service resulted in ECU’s.
  38. Each of those cases had resulted in a conviction.
  39. Which resulted in religious manipulation, causing.
  40. The exercise, however, resulted in no beneficial.
  41. The examination, however, resulted in no discovery.
  42. This approach resulted in complete or substantial.
  43. This resulted in idol worship again and the mono-.
  44. It resulted in theexpulsion of the French from the.
  45. It resulted in a loss when the trendline was.
  46. This has resulted in the Team Namibia programme.
  47. Then, on occasion, it resulted in hand-to-hand combat.
  48. Dorje Shugden had resulted in thousands of monks being.
  49. Surely this would have resulted in a lower stock price.
  50. Too many children and not enough resources resulted in.
  51. This resulted in the model’s largest drawdown of -15.
  52. A huge dent resulted, and greenish slime seeped into it.
  53. Three hours of tortuous going resulted in the lights of.
  54. A few more tries resulted in variations of the first two.
  55. Furloughs resulted in a spike in sexual intercourse with.
  56. All these approaches resulted in dramatic losses in 2008.
  57. This matrix organization reporting to me resulted, inter.
  58. They usually resulted in bloody scalps because the first.
  59. The seriousness of the case resulted in a 65-day Military.
  60. Leaving school resulted in a huge paradigm shift for Joseph.
  61. His first attempt had resulted in the collapse of the hives.
  62. This resulted in the development of solution-focused brief.
  63. The idea worked and even resulted in more fish in the nets.
  64. Lamas visit to China and how it resulted in absolute chaos.
  65. Fifteen minutes of staring at the café finally resulted in.
  66. This resulted in a lot of people ending up on house arrest.
  67. The bush meat resulted from overhunting of wildlife species.
  68. Neither if war resulted, would it be war of the worst kind.
  69. Many of the deaths resulted by consuming a soft drink laced.
  70. This resulted in friends meeting up at each other’s houses.
  71. Max’s phone call to Sam resulted in an e-mail that evening.
  72. The operations resulted in his being in a coma for ten weeks.
  73. Me standing up to them had resulted in this skating practice.
  74. As we know, their inaction resulted in this very same outcome.
  75. His return to the Natural Bridge had not resulted in anything.
  76. Cocaine withdrawal resulted in significant reductions in NPY.
  77. The root Dynamic of one-sided human accumulation resulted in:.
  78. This resulted in a court-ordered commitment to a psychiatric.
  79. Chris felt angry that such a short fall had resulted in death.
  80. This resulted in an agreement to hold a meeting at Appomattox.
  81. Post-glacial rebound in the Scandinavia region resulted in the.
  82. This immediately resulted in a counter assault from themselves.
  83. All those advantages are resulted just from the cut off hand i.
  84. This resulted in no paychecks for January and half of February.
  85. Cases that resulted in the victim’s death would automatically.
  86. The earthquake resulted in a series of malfunctions and mistakes.
  87. The great financial crash of 2008 resulted in over eight million.
  88. Demand from developing economies has resulted in soaring exports.
  89. It resulted in them lapsing from going to Mass on a regular basis.
  90. His glance resulted from his will, and his smile from his nature.
  91. This resulted in sin entering Adam and Eve, as well as the world.
  92. This has resulted in a general malaise among the population, with.
  93. A suggestion that resulted in a healthy whoop of joy and Barbara.
  94. Every job I ever had resulted in promotions or excellent benefits.
  95. I asked him if these things could have still resulted without war.
  96. This resulted in a lot of comings and goings that were unannounced.
  97. Also, the popularity of IPOs has resulted in dedicated managements.
  98. This obsession resulted in the dissolution of his sterile marriage.
  99. I was nervous and my hands trembled, which resulted in a shaky aim.
  100. This resulted in greatly improved earnings which averaged about $5.
  1. The results are the same.
  2. Allow a week for results.
  3. This results in a SOUND.
  4. The results of this may.
  5. Here are the 26 results:.
  6. As all results have shown.
  7. After the results of the.
  8. The Cause of Your Results.
  9. We see no imperfect results.
  10. We shal draw some results.
  11. Based on results, this is.
  12. The results will be eternal.
  13. The initial results are a.
  14. Karma will ripen to results.
  15. The results were due that.
  16. The results were a view of.
  17. Recent test results of the.
  18. Now similar results can be.
  19. Q: Results are in the future.
  20. I got the same results again.
  21. The results have been posted.
  22. You then wait for the results.
  23. Results The Very First Day!.
  24. I won't share my test results.
  25. Building on this results in.
  26. Step 4: Analyze the results:.
  27. You will see amazing results.
  28. Talk about the actual results.
  29. The results were quite telling.
  30. Now we had tremendous results.
  31. Overall, results do not show.
  32. In the results of your first.
  33. It is a sin that the results.
  34. She checked the poll results.
  35. And that results in tragedies.
  36. Intimacy results in good works.
  37. And what were the results?
  38. The results were not surprising.
  39. The test results were very bad.
  40. The results are determined by.
  41. What results are we expecting?
  42. The results have been effective.
  44. This results in a bounced check.
  45. Th e results obtained are also.
  46. Your results are only bad when.
  47. The charade is yielding results.
  48. Now the reader knows the results.
  49. Thus, the results are not that.
  50. Non-killing results in long life.
  51. If their results are different.
  52. This results in us getting the.
  53. This yields two results : Div-.
  54. You may have better results if.
  55. She knows all about his results.
  56. You now have the results of my.
  57. The results speak for themselves.
  58. Results of Neuter & Return.
  59. So I stated that ‘the results.
  60. And the results began to come in.
  61. Made The Difference In My Results.
  62. All results have a logical cause.
  63. Board results will be out soon.
  64. She just wanted results, damn it.
  65. Loose wiring results in sparking.
  66. We then scanned the results sheet.
  67. Waits for the results of the scan.
  68. Now this results in the variable.
  69. When the results that show up in.
  70. Farah was pleased with the results.
  71. The organic results are based on.
  72. I could not believe my own results.
  73. Bring these test results to your.
  74. Results will last for a few months.

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