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Revise numa frase em (in ingles)

1. If not, revise the headline.
2. So I had to revise the lessons.
3. Revise the scene when necessary.
4. I have to revise the amperage of.
5. Go ahead and revise it immediately.
6. What is the missing word? Revise p 4.
7. He couldn’t revise the chart any further.

8. We will have to revise the Great Plan again.
9. Of course I didn't want her to revise any….
10. You constantly have to revise, look at and course.
11. Create your plan, use it, and revise it as you grow.
12. Day Seven: Write the sample chapter and revise your.
13. I think I’ll revise my shit about keys said Alf.
14. They were then told to go away and revise their budgets.
15. To revise is the alter features while preserving functions.
16. Allah: What!? You’ve got the balls to revise my holy.
17. Many of us believe it is time to revise the Sacred Writings.
18. I suggest you, ahm, revise your way of thinking, Lord Remis.
19. So the worshipper should constantly revise the knowledge per-.
20. You could always go back, he said, and revise the sentence later on.
21. What part of the brain should your copy target and why? Revise p7 & 8.
22. Why should you concern yourself with the readers problems? Revise p14.
23. Why do you need to explain the product to the reader? Revise p28 & 32.
24. As you work on the goal, you might have occasion to revise this schedule.
25. If we try things and you don’t like them, we can revise the agreement.
26. Revise the network design to bring the expense in line with the benefits.
27. She had always had this ability to make him revise his attitudes, he recalled.
28. Their big action was to revise the police report to exclude the items returned.
29. In one of the meetings with the consulting companies that he had hired to revise.
30. In this way it was possible to see where the gaps are and revise plans accordingly.
31. Carefully consider the feedback you receive and revise the application as applicable.
32. I was going to revise it so as not to offend, but realized that it is perfectly stated.
33. In the process of dealing with these insights, this client was forced to revise his own.
34. If the weather or conditions in your camp change, should you revise your survival strategy?
35. Mega Bites of information, I had to revise the layout where each is to have fewer than twenty mega bites.
36. Most will finish a first draft in a fairly short time, then revise the entire thing one, two, or more times.
37. Then if you begin to fall behind this schedule, you can either revise it or find ways to work more efficiently.
38. I’m sorry we are early, but I’m afraid some unexpected circumstances have caused us to revise our schedule.
39. The CAA only requires a NAAQS revision "at least" every five years, so EPA is not required to revise the status quo.
40. There is no profitability in having crossed culture but to adopt lies without revise in conscience and cry foul about money.
41. Better to take matters into your own hands and revise your master plan to realign it with your situation as it stands today.
42. He quickly had to revise his first impression of the girl, who only wore a wet night shirt that was now clinging to her body.
43. This Franconi guy was going to force me to revise my still-percolating plan slightly, but the details were falling into place.
44. Again, I can’t really help, except to say you need to revise your strategies and maybe even come out of the markets for a bit.
45. Those are my computer hacking books that I have to revise over or try and understand before Monday, which is around 48 hours away.
46. It’s far too soon to say what new direction will emerge from that clash, but it persuaded Professor Fukuyama to revise his opinions.
47. Jury nullification is exactly what we need, to fix and revise laws that stink or don’t universally apply to all of this type of case.
48. Nathan Shumate designed the book cover and was most patient in incorporating multiple suggestions, and revise the design over and over again.
49. The Team was able to finalize its Business Unit map by itself, and to revise the new processes based on the new understanding of the business unit.
50. This is a good thing when it happens – it’s good to revise our belief systems periodically and to refine them – but it’s not always so pleasant.
51. Arjun: ya ya how many times will you ask me to revise it? From today I am beginning my college where you are a trustee and Mom is the cultural secretary.
52. Yet, as her legend grew and her value to every movie became more and more undeniable, Curtis has tried to revise history and defuse his derogatory comments about her.
53. In order to revise his own thoughts, and to express them to some one, he explained his project of letting the land to the peasants, and asked the foreman for his opinion.
54. Should you accept the work as is, try to correct the problem, revise the requirements for the task, or abandon the task? Each of these possible solutions has pros and cons.
55. Therefore I have to revise my previous statement, in light of what I have learned during this study, and state that I was incorrect in saying that there is no need for a tombstone.
56. He hoped they were acting, looking for a little push for their TV series, because other wise, he would have to revise some of his hypotheses about the 20th century Earth icons on Iotia.
57. I’d been figuring it would take me about a month or two to build our new boat, but I was going to have to revise that estimate upwards dramatically given the living distraction that I held in my arms.
58. Those unfortunates, who did not quite make the grades that allow their first choice, now need to take a step back, recalibrate and revise their objectives to make the very best of the change in circumstance.
59. States should revise their Medicaid payment policies to allow for billing for behavioral health and primary care services provided on the same day to remove barriers to care and facilitate behavioral health integration.
60. In the current era, those who wish to recount the prophetic tradition (the Hadith) and the interpreters of the Holy Qur’an should, with greater judiciousness, revise these books and compare them with what they read within the Noble Qur’an.
61. I think, by passing this bill, we give the nation a pledge that it shall be the ne plus ultra, which shall give to foreign nations time to revise their conduct towards us, and will give them time to consider whether or not they will have war with us.
62. However, if the leaders of the Vietminh refuse to use the democratic process or continue to use or call for the military support of either China or of the Soviet Union, then the United States will be forced to revise its policies towards the Vietminh.
63. But they did, because perhaps Jesus really did overthrow and revise the rules and laws of the Old Testament which advocates the corporal punishment for ‘sins’, and replaced them with the psychological virtues of relational love, compassion and reconciliation.
64. Executive function as defined by Harvard’s Center on the Developing Child is a combination of working memory (aka, those 700 neural connections per second), selective and focused attention on important tasks (or self control), and mental flexibility – being able to revise a course of action based on changes in the environment.
65. While the Sardar was not destined to live long to see Mother India bear the fruits of his sagacity, Nehru had survived to witness the divisive affects of his plebiscite folly in the valley that gave Pakistan a potent stick to beat India with at every international forum that was till his daughter Indira forced Bhutto to revise the rules of the Kashmir game at Shimla.
1. Revising all options Nikko was frustrated.
2. He said he would be up all night revising it.
3. In the morning I worked seriously revising Art.
4. Gregory about the possibilities of revising the.
5. Reacher was revising his theory again, spellbound with the upward progression.
6. You? Nor have I missed the thrill of reading and revising contracts ten hours a day.
7. I wasn't sure if Omi really believed in what he said, or if he was revising lessons.
8. Round the table are sitting the revising officers, looking collected and indifferent.
9. You have a big test coming up and have decided to start revising a few days in advance.
10. Even with that, look at what he accomplished in revising the strategies of modern warfare.
11. She never regained consciousness, nor did she get around to revising the will Samantha prepared.
12. In revising this book, after the first draft, I came to realize Jesus is repeating some of what he.
13. When is going to have to fight me for her Paul said revising his chin and puffing out his chest.
14. Later he copied the most valuable thoughts into his Journal, revising, more or less, as he went along.
15. What if the director or some revising commission comes to check on him? I can understand his position in this case.
16. An editor for the church magazine was needed, so I took it over, revising it completely and arranging for its production.
17. After more delay an email from Kate revealed Microsoft’s approach to revising its spell checker, dictionary, and thesaurus.
18. There we worked, revising mythology, rounding a fable here and there, and building castles in the air for which earth offered no worthy foundation.
19. She was up and down from the Old Rectory several times during the month of preparation, revising the list of invitations and helping with the hanging.
20. Congress passed the New Source Review Act which permitted older facilities to improve parts of plants without revising the whole facility to new standards.
21. He asked good questions, made some suggestions that had her revising some of those phases in accordance with potential areas of investment by Peyton Consolidated.
22. Sal took the hint and they launched into a discussion about revising the numbers, tossed around the idea of different loan types as well as other financing options.
23. The thunder of his voice resounded through the house corners growling insults and curses by having to waste time revising the house rather than enjoying his dinner.
24. Unfortunately in the aisles of somewhere that had all the hallmarks of a supermarket save for the lack of anything to actually buy, we walked up and down despondently revising our hasty surmise.
25. Alexey Alexandrovitch, with a following of those who saw the danger of so revolutionary an attitude to official documents, persisted in upholding the statements obtained by the revising commission.
26. Fear and other contagious mindsets lure others into our emotional virtuality, bending each other's vision to each other's version, prompting patterns and strengthening them: one mind revising another.
27. Who was the Ambassador at that time? Any mileage in chasing that in the hope someone might remember Bunty? I sit back, chewing my pen and revising my vision of Bunty sitting alone in her flat, moping.
28. My mind is working like a factory in overcapacity, revising thousands and thousands of behaviors according to the new condition where I’m the leader of my mind and body in substitution for my parents.
29. He entered with all his following, and saw them drawing sheets in one place, correcting in another, setting up type here, revising there; in short all the work that is to be seen in great printing offices.
30. He spent his days in discussing the merits of various odes and sonnets that had lately arrived from France, specimens of which we have given above, or in revising the regulations for the Comédie Française—a task on which he spent three evenings.
31. The mention in that info of the distorting influence of Philippines’ President Quezon on his strategy, influence that apparently resulted in some disastrous decisions on his part, had embarrassed him into discreetly revising his command relationship with Quezon, making MacArthur cut the local political factor out of his strategic and tactical planning.
32. In view of the fact that vehicular congestion on our major highways, especially during commuter rush ―hour,‖ understood as falling between the hours of three and eight at night, has become a common, everyday event that seldom seems to vary, why not simply pre-record radio (traffic) advisory updates, revising them every so often whenever some unlikely event should happen to occur such as the miraculous absence of traffic!.
33. Often, in the midst of his gravest souvenirs, after a day of conflict with the whole diplomacy of the continent, he returned at night to his apartments, and there, exhausted with fatigue, overwhelmed with sleep, what did he do? He took a death sentence and passed the night in revising a criminal suit, considering it something to hold his own against Europe, but that it was a still greater matter to rescue a man from the executioner.
34. This great seer did not go beyond the consideration of the tissues as ultimate facts in the living organism, marking the limit of anatomical analysis; but it was open to another mind to say, have not these structures some common basis from which they have all started, as your sarsnet, gauze, net, satin, and velvet from the raw cocoon? Here would be another light, as of oxy-hydrogen, showing the very grain of things, and revising all former explanations.
1. Revised and updated to the.
2. That may have to be revised.
4. Revised and expanded second edition.
5. In such a case the revised copy will.
6. The secretary will give you a revised.
7. THE PHONE RANG while I revised the proposal.
9. AV, the RSV (Revised Standard Version), the.
10. In this revised format, it would be a great.
11. The voters approved the revised constitution.
12. My estimate has to be revised to around sixty.
13. Admiral Vrikop and I have revised our opinion.
14. I revised the title in 2002 to ―Traitors and.
15. The Great Plan has been revised many times since.
16. ING TO THE UNGODLY New Revised Standard Version.
17. Download Your Copy of The New Revised and Updated.
18. DISSOLVED in this way New Revised Standard Version.
19. Once again the figures would've had to be revised.
20. British strategy now had to be drastically revised.
21. He revised his proclamation to give it a new go-round.
22. New Revised Standard Version, also 2 Corinthians 5:10].
23. In light of the new security measures, Novaks revised.
24. The Revised Standard uses "person" frequently where the.
25. Revised English Bible even though there is not a word in.
26. It was substantially revised for the second edition (1819).
27. From the Publisher: In this completely revised and updated.
28. Actual y, I have now revised my thoughts on this matter as:.
29. The Statement of applicability should be revised as required.
30. List of the verses in the Revised Version of the Bible where.
31. In decisive tones, he imparted his revised plan to the others.
32. OF WHAT IS COMING TO THE UNGODLY New Revised Standard Version.
33. New Revised Standard: In 1946 psukee is translated soul 33 times.
34. Sonkin revised his intrinsic value estimate, as shown in Table 16.
35. COMING TO THE UNGODLY [2 Peter 2:6 New Revised Standard Version].
36. But it has revised downwards its estimate for South Africa from 2.
37. Revised Standard Version], and reigned with Christ a thousand years.
38. Revised Standard Version), and reigned with Christ a thousand years.
39. The revised version of events causes to develop escalate and alive.
40. In working with smal business owners, I find many have not revised.
41. That pamphlet needs to be revised to include some more information.
42. New Revised Standard Version, "End of the age" Matthew 28:20 and others.
43. New Revised Standard Version " end of the age" Matthew 28:20 and others.
44. This document was revised in 1995 and was known as ANSI/TIA/EIA-T568-A.
45. The mouse, plus the cat, is the proof of creation revised and corrected.
46. New Revised Standard Version, " End of the age" Matthew 28:20 and others.
47. With revised watch lists, you now can develop a plan to trade each stock.
48. The Richest Man in Babylon: Now Revised and Updated for the 21st Century.
49. WHAT IS COMING TO THE UNGODLY [2 Peter 2:6 New Revised Standard Version].
50. The New Revised Standard Version says, You have delivered my soul from.
51. Conference approved a revised Statement of Faith to allow for Conditional.
52. New Revised Standard Version: The mystery that has been hidden throughout.
53. Ensure your wireless network encryption is reviewed and revised as necessary.
54. King James says, "in my flesh," the Revised Standard says, "from my flesh,".
55. However, overnight this is revised to properly reflect the washed trade.
56. LIFE [life-soul-psukee] is being demanded of you New Revised Standard Version.
57. The New Revised Standard Version says, You have delivered my soul from the.
58. The Revised Standard uses "person" frequently where the King James used "soul.
59. The owner heaved a sigh of relief and readily shook hands on the revised offer.
60. Here, at any rate, the Revised Version does not touch the language of the text.
62. This book was first published in 1934 and is still in print in revised editions.
63. A regularly revised list of the 500 stocks in the S & P index is available at www.
64. History is always being written and often revised in the light of new information.
65. Leviticus 17:10-15 New Revised Standard Version, If anyone of the house of Israel.
66. Great, now that we put this in the past lets move toward with our new revised plan.
67. The Church could adopt a revised theology as suggested by Nancy Laplante, Mother.
68. New Revised Standard Version says, You have delivered my soul from the depths of.
69. She recently revised and expanded the book and it now features an exciting new cover.
70. Which Jackson would know, if he had read the revised script I gave him two days ago.
71. It is the person [soul - nehphesh] who sins that will die The Revised English.
72. The revised, revised version says: if any be sick, call the doctor immediately.
73. Since all these things are to be dissolved in this way New Revised Standard Version.
74. Since all these things Are TO BE DISSOLVED in this way New Revised Standard Version.
75. There are some important things to notice and learn about this revised food pyramid:.
76. DESTROY the one who has the power of death, that is, the devil [New Revised Standard.
77. How I Made $2,000,000 in the Stock Market: Now Revised & Updated for the 21st Century.
78. The divine sentence, "The soul that sins, it shall die" has been revised to say, "The.
79. Revised Standard Version, New International Version and most others], but as long as the.
80. The book was written with Gil Morales, who rewrote, revised, and updated my earlier work.
81. Revised Standard Version), and shall consume the earth with her increase, and set on fire.
82. It should be revised as follows: „There but for the right decisions I have made, go I.
83. Some of these were readily agreed between the two companies, but others were revised again.
84. After having received the contract for the work their bid was revised upward to match the.
85. It is the PERSON [soul - nehphesh] who sins that WILL DIE The Revised English Bible.
86. New Revised Standard Version: The mystery that has been hidden throughout the ages (aions).
87. Ken revised his opinion when he saw the turrets of the lead ship pivot towards him and fire.
88. Other aspects of my revised thinking, speaking, and writing patterns which may vary or differ.
89. These WDs had not been revised since 1999 despite the Federal Acquisition Regulation and Dept.
90. Jonah carefully closed his well-thumbed copy of the Revised Civil Code of the State of Mississippi.
91. Miss Tyler gracefully revised it for us, and made it appear as a somewhat gay and frolicsome time.
92. SOME OF THEM DID, and were destroyed by serpents [1 Corinthians 10:9 New Revised Standard Version].
93. In the revised form there was no longer a representative form of Government but rather everyone voted.
94. This proposal comes on the heels of the revised 2008 ozone standard, which was lowered significantly.
95. List of verses in the Revised Version of the Bible, where the word David appears, source; E Sward.
96. Such particularity implies that a number of theories about the formation of planets have to be revised.
98. The Holy Bible, New Revised Standard Version,.
1. When such events occur, the market revises the growth prospects of the.
2. Society (IHS) publishes and revises the International Classification of.

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