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1. The last revision was in 1984.
2. We were doing a revision and I had to.
3. So first revision should be within 24 hours.
4. With the revision of the standard in 1999, 802.
5. They proceeded to a final revision of the protocol.
6. First on the list was the revision of the honoiburst.
7. Terry reliving his glory days — revision for the present:.
8. All letters subject to revision at the author‘s discretion.
9. NAACP by Blacks themselves posed no threat of policy revision.
10. The woman waiting for her true love — revision for the present:.
11. You can encourage child to give you short tests during the revision.
12. What was on Reacher’s mind was his theory, which had suffered further revision.
13. NOTE: The Apocalypse Symbol Guide will be updated with a major new revision following.
14. The answer to that question has gone through a lot of revision over the years, and has.
15. Do you get stressed at the thought of an examination? Does the idea of revision fill you.
16. In verses 22 and 23 Paul takes us on a course of revision, and by so doing, he accentuates.
17. I'd look out for whether they had this fault six months ago, under the previous program revision.
18. The last thing I remember is that I was thinking about the revision I needed to do for the next day.
19. This shows, at least, that the law wants revision, not only with respect to criminal, but civil matters.
20. Gervais gave a long account of an official revision, remarkable for the stupidity of everybody concerned.
21. Approximately one in three member EMBA Programs reported a curriculum revision within the last two years.
22. The CAA only requires a NAAQS revision "at least" every five years, so EPA is not required to revise the status quo.
23. Everything around her had changed, and more change seemed fated—yet she balked at even minor revision of her home.
24. However, when the original German attack plans fell into Allied hands, Hitler flew into a rage and demanded a revision.
25. With new technologies, these estimates are becoming more and more reliable; however, they are still subject to revision.
26. A vigil was in progress, one of many around the country, while a Constitutional Convention met to draft a major revision.
27. And thinking of nothing but the journey before him, and the revision work he had to do, he went into his room and asked the.
28. In spite of the time, they decided to work on for a bit longer in an effort to complete their revision in a single working day.
29. The second objection is that the underlying analytical factors in speculative situations are subject to swift and sudden revision.
30. That a revision be made of steamship inspection laws of foreign countries to conform to the standard proposed in the United States.
31. Slowly, and with considerable revision, I formulated my response to the inevitable questions that would come when I stopped eating.
32. In the 1961 revision of our textbook, Security Analysis, we recommend certain coverage standards, which appear in Table 11-1.
33. If you find something that works better than anything mentioned here, please send it to me for possible inclusion in the next revision.
34. Limbic revision is the power to remodel emotional experiences, to exert a comformicating force upon the ones we love, hate or wish to dictate.
35. This content will have a limited shelf life because every single Google algorithm update necessitates a revision in recommended SEO techniques.
36. When the calculation was altered in 2003, it was done so with part of the revision resulting in a focus on the S&P 500 as opposed to the S&P 100 index.
37. It was Saturday night and he did not often go calling on Saturday night, which was supposed to be dedicated to a thoughtful revision of Sunday's sermon.
38. It should not take any more than perhaps a day to complete this modeling, which can then be shared with others for input, buy-in and revision as needed.
39. A comrade of Piotr Sidorov's, who has just been passed for service, and come naked out of the revision office, is dressing hurriedly, his teeth chattering.
40. There still remained the long legislative due process between filing, revision, rehearing, titling, and possible appeals and submitting the signed petitions.
41. Quackenbos, by his revision, corrections, and additions, has rendered the Paris Edition, already so excellent, the most complete and valuable lexicon now in print.
42. I am indebted to her for her suggestions for revision, for the care she took with reading and editing during what turned out to be the very last week of her pregnancy.
43. According to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual Version IV Text Revision, the presence of symptoms of ADHD is highlighted in a child when they reach the age of seven.
44. The recent education review, nevertheless, proposes a revision to this – an inclusion of special courses that would lead students to different fields of specialization.
45. Love must be tentatively defined and then courageously pursued by trial and error, revision, redefinition, and reiteration – for love just keeps fucking trying to love.
46. What are you standing there for? Come on, shouted the convoy officer to the prisoners who had not yet passed the revision, and who stood crowded one behind the other.
47. While writing this revision we tested the results of the DJIA-low-multiplier method applied to a group assumed to be bought at the end of 1968 and revalued on June 30, 1971.
48. The revision of our commercial laws, proper to adapt them to the arrangement which has taken place with Great Britain, will doubtless engage the early attention of Congress.
49. Tolstoi never returned to the continuation and revision of the plot of the story Who is Right? which had been begun by him about this time, and so it has remained unfinished.
50. After developing his profile of Lenin, Jason realized such a statement was based on either a lack of knowledge of history or an intentional attempt at revision and propaganda.
51. Similar to when someone changes their Facebook “in a relationship” status to “complicated,” the racially divided relationships among American believers needs revision.
52. It will be happy, if the change in this respect should be accompanied by a favorable revision of the unfriendly policy which has been so long pursued towards the United States.
53. Shiller then repeated this coup of precise publication timing in the 2005 revision of this book, which included an expanded look at and analysis of the bubble in housing prices.
54. Unexpected growth news influences stock prices partly through revision of the cyclical cash flow growth outlook but also partly through time-varying risk aversion and sentiment.
55. What I now wish you to understand is, that I accept no revision, still less dictation within that range of affairs which I have deliberated upon as distinctly and properly mine.
56. At first he thought that he would not make a final revision of Resurrection and of Father Sergius, but would give them over to be printed straight away, just as they were written.
57. In 1937 the company made a further revision in its depreciation policy (apparently intended to place it on the standard basis), which added some $2,500,000 to that year’s profits.
58. A week later Prince Andrew was a member of the Committee on Army Regulations and- what he had not at all expected- was chairman of a section of the committee for the revision of the laws.
59. A week later Prince Andrew was a member of the Committee on Army Regulations and—what he had not at all expected—was chairman of a section of the committee for the revision of the laws.
60. Malcolm grinned and said, When I started signing those account request forms I used my revision techniques because I wanted to tie accounts of customers and their bank accounts as easily as I could.
61. Directly facing him in the revision office hangs in a great gold frame a portrait of the Tzar in full uniform with decorations, and in the corner a little portrait of Christ in a shirt and a crown of thorns.
62. This alone is an argument for the revision of the tariff and the encouragement of the importation of English cloth, which is stronger and so will withstand Nature longer when one is swallowed by a crocodile.
63. Placed by the constitution under the particular care of Congress as the Territories are, the ordinances enacted for their government are mere statutes, subject to the revision of Congress, as other laws are.
64. Invest time at the beginning planning and creating a system that will work for you, be open to some revision as you use it, and once you have settled on a final plan, commit to keeping these records consistently.
65. But I warn you, by this act I will demonstrate two things: firstly that I am as charitable with my time as I am with the departments funds; and secondly, that my decisions never - never, I tell you - necessitate revision.
66. In a piece on investor preconceptions in the September 14, 1998, Abreast of the Market series in The Wall Street Journal, writer Greg Ip examined the revision in investor attitudes with the market decline in the summer of 1998.
67. The revision of the deeds took place at the same time as the summary courts-martial presided over by Colonel Gerineldo Márquez, which ended with the execution of all officers of the regular army who had been taken prisoner by the revolutionaries.
68. It was only out of generosity, madame, he said in a resonant voice, and because I would not betray a friend in an awkward position, that I did not mention this revision before; though you heard him yourself threatening to kick us down the steps.
69. One of the most disquieting developments of the period in which we write this revision has been the financial embarrassment—in plain words, bankruptcy or near-bankruptcy—of quite a few New York Stock Exchange firms, including at least two of considerable size.
70. Some members, with Stremov at their head, justified their mistake on the ground that they had put faith in the commission of revision, instituted by Alexey Alexandrovitch, and maintained that the report of the commission was rubbish, and simply so much waste paper.
71. Of course, the Committee of Revision,” which hoped to settle the controversy by an “official” vote, according to which the word “official” was hereafter to be used in place of “officinal,” when applied to pharmacopœial preparations or directions (see U.
72. In case of documents, it’s a normal practice for organizations to update the versioning and naming convention in Header/Footer of document and similarly the revision details in the document’s first few pages or in last page, with details on what is revised and when.
73. As far as can be judged from the Journal, Tolstoi during some months, while busied with the revision of some one of his manuscripts, would at the same time not write but only consider some other bit of work; this kind of creative work is noted in the list as planned.
74. By the end of 1956, Adventures in Good Eating was in its forty-ninth printing, Lodging for a Night was in its thirty-ninth, Adventures in Good Cooking was about to come out for its twenty-sixth publication and Duncan Hines Vacation Guide was going into its eleventh revision.
75. He throws off his pelisse, slips his boots off his feet, takes off his waistcoat and draws his shirt over his head, and naked, trembling all over, and exhaling an odor of tobacco, spirits, and sweat, goes into the revision office, not knowing what to do with his brawny bare arms.
76. So where are these electrons living as waves of possibilities when no one is observing them and collapsing their wave function into a particle? The answer to that question has gone through a lot of revision over the years, and has been called a lot of things as the research has progressed, including:.
77. Such qualifiers that otherwise define an individual remain subject to revision; modifying attitudes, a (calculated) means toward an uncertain end, that, when understood in the aggregate, however, ushers a uniquely complex, multi-dimensional individual unrestricted by the limits of determined viewpoints.
78. But a revision of the law is recommended principally with a view to a more enlarged cultivation and diffusion of the advantages of such institutions, by providing professorships for all the necessary branches of military instruction, and by the establishment of an additional academy at the Seat of Government or elsewhere.
79. On that first evening Bolkonski spent with him, having mentioned the Commission for the Revision of the Code of Laws, Speranski told him sarcastically that the Commission had existed for a hundred and fifty years, had cost millions, and had done nothing except that Rosenkampf had stuck labels on the corresponding paragraphs of the different codes.
80. To-day, when all questions are probed to the bottom and the standards of faith receive the most liberal interpretations the startling verse has been relegated to the rear to await the next kindly revision as one of those things which cannot be quite understood, but which, meanwhile, it is carefully to be noted, are not to be understood literally.
81. On that first evening Bolkónski spent with him, having mentioned the Commission for the Revision of the Code of Laws, Speránski told him sarcastically that the Commission had existed for a hundred and fifty years, had cost millions, and had done nothing except that Rosenkampf had stuck labels on the corresponding paragraphs of the different codes.
82. Resolved, That so much of the President's Message as relates to a revision of our commercial laws, for the purpose of adapting them to the arrangement which has taken place with Great Britain, be referred to a select committee, with instructions to examine the same and report thereon to the Senate; and that the committee have leave to report by bill or otherwise.
83. No State shall, without the Consent of the Congress, lay any Imposts or Duties on Imports or Exports, except what may be absolutely necessary for executing it’s inspection Laws: and the net Produce of all Duties and Imposts, laid by any State on Imports or Exports, shall be for the Use of the Treasury of the United States; and all such Laws shall be subject to the Revision and Controul of the Congress.
84. From the theater Stepan Arkadyevitch drove to Ohotny Row, selected himself the fish and asparagus for dinner, and by twelve o’clock was at Dussot’s, where he had to see three people, luckily all staying at the same hotel: Levin, who had recently come back from abroad and was staying there; the new head of his department, who had just been promoted to that position, and had come on a tour of revision to.
85. To the Executive Committee shall belong the collecting and disbursing of funds; the appointing, counselling, sustaining and dismissing (for just and sufficient reasons) missionaries and agents; the selection of missionary fields; and, in general, the transaction of all such business as usually appertains to the executive committees of missionary and other benevolent societies; the Committee to exercise no ecclesiastical jurisdiction over the missionaries; and its doings to be subject always to the revision of the annual meeting, which shall, by a reference mutually chosen, always entertain the complaints of any aggrieved agent or missionary; and the decision of such reference shall be final.

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