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Revive numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. I try a bite and revive.
  2. Could I revive within me.
  3. All of those chosen to revive.
  4. They hoped to revive it today.
  5. As we ate, we all began to revive.

  6. Twice, they had to revive him –.
  7. And We revive thereby a dead town.
  8. My heart with but one look revive;.
  9. Is He not Able to revive the dead?
  10. I've heard that they can even revive.
  11. No more was needed to revive his hope.
  12. They managed to revive him and brought.
  13. Herculean efforts to revive the children.
  14. I have a humble spirit and I will revive.
  15. Our inquisitive spirits started to revive.

  16. We tried to revive him but without success.
  17. Well then, now’s the time to revive it.
  18. Desperately, he tried to revive the engine.
  19. He tried to read, but he could not revive the.
  20. Surely, He Who revived it will revive the dead.
  21. Never mind, she would revive him very quickly!.
  22. Never let go of praying ‘God, revive Your work.
  23. He seemed to revive with the jostling and bumping.
  24. The physicians tried unsuccessfully to revive her.
  25. Without it, even Tyler can’t revive the movement.

  26. I am attempting to revive my interest in photography.
  27. After much laughing Daniel had the doctor revive him.
  28. In that case Turkic people would have to revive their.
  29. I explained my hopes to revive Bes and destroy Apophis.
  30. Hunting Sticks tried to revive her by tapping her on the.
  31. Don't revive her to consciousness, while she only faints.
  32. Holding rigidly to the ascent rate, she tried to revive Max.
  33. However, in order to "become alive," that is to revive his.
  34. And even then, it was touch and go that Andrew would revive.
  35. Well, Starret said in an attempt to revive the vitality.
  36. He says, "Who will revive the bones when they have decayed?".
  37. Among such friends, however, and such flattery, he did revive.
  38. Wilted by the sun, I hoped they would revive later in the day.
  39. Clearly, Nitish was determined to revive his anti-Modi agenda.
  40. Oh, so the one heku that could revive more, Damon snapped.
  41. Captain Nemo's first concern was to revive this unfortunate man.
  42. For his part he did not wish to revive old political doctrines.
  43. He had a heart attack, but the medics were able to revive him.
  44. Zavier was stricken as he tried frantically to revive his sister.
  45. He smiled, You made it so they can't revive the Encala Council.
  46. I already mentioned I want to revive more souls as soon as we can.
  47. Say, He who initiated them in the first instance will revive them.
  48. To revive a vase of wilted flowers, add a teaspoon of mild detergent.
  49. The impact seemed to revive me, driving the paralysis out of my body.
  50. Fizzicist scratched his balding head to revive some deeply seated memory.
  51. I desperately tried to revive Chip but everything that I did was in vain.
  52. Stepan Trofimovitch seemed to revive, a subtle smile strayed on his lips.
  53. The priests of Melkart began to revive and they huddled near their altar.
  54. An attempt to revive the kingship in 1924 was blocked by the US governor.
  55. Taliban who are trying to revive the Caliphate in Iraq, and the President.
  56. The pains have caused all my feelings that are numbed to revive once more.
  57. Christian countries? Which powers would he revive and which of them would.
  58. I promise you it affords me as little pleasure to revive it as it does you.
  59. Adopting these attitudes can help keep romance alive or revive it in ways.
  60. If you have any Kelvan friends, they can revive him at your convenience.
  61. If I wanted you dead, I would not have instructed the crew to revive you.
  62. How do you think I was able to revive after I drank your blood? she said.
  63. Ozzie dashed drunkenly over to where Chas was lying and tried to revive him.
  64. We were only able to revive one of the leaders, the rest were… well….
  65. They saw it as a way to use Yingolian technology to help them revive the body.
  66. It is ironical that a funeral should revive a longing that was nearly moribund.
  67. Mirza considered himself a Mahdi in a reappearance of Mohammad to revive Islam.
  68. You could let me use the Kelvan technology to revive McCoy, he wanted to scream.
  69. If Damon decides to revive him that is, she said, pulling her wrist away.
  70. Her original plan to revive six had been immediately overturned by the computer.
  71. He went on to detail the steps he thought necessary to revive the practice which.
  72. As the venture had never been repeated I saw an opportunity to revive the product.
  73. In old age we can form new habits or revive old habits that are beneficial to us.
  74. The Supreme Court decided to revive the disproportionate assets case against her.
  75. That wonderful oxygenated breeze could revive a corpse, even a dry old stick like me.
  76. He was in for big trouble as the resignation issue would revive all dormant issues.
  77. God used these cross-cultural experiences in this rural setting to revive and change me.
  78. Unable to react or revive theselves from the awesome experience they had just witnessed.
  79. Sabina fidgeted, tapping her fingers as she plotted a way to revive the old conversation.
  80. I felt emotions of gentleness and pleasure, that had long appeared dead, revive within me.
  81. It is We who revive the dead; and We write down what they have forwarded, and their traces.
  82. Rufus! yelled the bookmaster, expeditiously trying to unbury his friend and revive him.
  83. He did say that loading RNAcid into a shonggot victim had been tried and did not revive them.
  84. Some of the flowers had begun to wilt, but, with the nightly dew, would revive the next morning.
  85. One of the workers continued to try to revive her as the other looked in the box for the pills.
  86. My attempts to revive and to evoke these feelings took up a lot more time than I wanted them to.
  87. She took his wrist to her lips and began to drink hungrily as she felt her body begin to revive.
  88. August rolled by in unceasing efforts on the part of Morrel to renew his credit or revive the old.
  89. O you who believe! Respond to God and to the Messenger when He calls you to what will revive you.
  90. Jane tried to revive it, but the seed had died; it had done all it could for Jane and the others.
  91. Nature seems to revive from a state of torpidity, from the warm and invigorating rays of the sun.
  92. Juliet was oblivious to the slideshow in her lover’s head, which had faded, only to revive again.
  93. To revive dead lands thereby, and to provide drink for the multitude of animals and humans We created.
  94. After two days He will revive us; on the third day He will raise us up, that we may live in His sight.
  95. But his interest in other matters did not seem to revive, and he grew apparently languid and depressed.
  96. I don’t deny that they feel in their hearts that they are being noble in trying to revive the victims.
  97. They will employ it to revive and replenish the natural cycles of growth emanating from the deep forest.
  98. Pursued by students, the bird seemed to revive, flew higher and higher, but finally a pigeon-imprisoning.
  99. She couldn’t revive me, but she bought some time for an emergency medical team to arrive and work on me.
  100. I DESCRIBE all these scenes without sparing myself, in order to recall it clearly and revive the impression.
  1. It was the only chance of reviving.
  2. His son, my father, set about reviving the.
  3. Frodo felt his spirits reviving: the reminder of.
  4. Formalism had accomplished its goals of reviving rhymed (me-.
  5. The food is reviving and within the hour I am feeling better.
  6. Reviving romance puts you back in touch with each other's best.
  7. And now, he's reviving faster than that which is humanly possible.
  8. At the rate he's reviving it won't be more than a couple of days.
  9. He stood still, reviving only when his pilot's instincts took over.
  10. He would deliver a final blow, reviving his dignity and position of power.
  11. The mother of all stimulus efforts succeeded in reviving animal spirits in 2009.
  12. One man is standing in front stuffing a wash rag into the reviving victim’s mouth.
  13. André Chénier is right in reviving old forms of expression when they come in handy.
  14. They have always done research into reviving victims, shonggot is one of the toughest.
  15. Scientists have reported reviving bacteria that had been dormant for many millions of years.
  16. Stacks of paper notes and scenario flowcharts lay on the table, reviving unwanted job stress.
  17. She wanted to wash her daughter’s sadness away by reviving her passion, which was to sketch.
  18. She stepped into the shower and relished the warm water on her skin, reviving herself slightly.
  19. He whispers to his reviving giant, You, you, you’re going to kill your Uncle Jared with worry.
  20. I have already involved myself on this project of reviving the lost species of flora and fauna and.
  21. Everybody was celebrating the victory, everything was bubbling with life in the ruined but reviving city.
  22. Wopsle had not succeeded in reviving the Drama, but, on the contrary, had rather partaken of its decline.
  23. A unified calmness washed over my body, reviving and refreshing me with no hint of frustration or thwarted purpose.
  24. There is usually some way to kill this character that will prevent him from reviving himself, but there doesn't have to be.
  25. I definitely do not believe it will kill our economy, but I do not believe it will be the sole factor in reviving it either.
  26. While Lydgate was reading the letter to Rosamond, her face looked like a reviving flower—it grew prettier and more blooming.
  27. Carr's wizened, nut-cracker little face at the appearance of that reviving eel--he saw her sailing witch-like over the buggy wheels.
  28. Salenko’s popularity was soaring, as he based his campaign solely around reviving the patriotism of Russia and its power in the world.
  29. But she was still the same, and the sight of her affected him the same way, physically reviving him, stirring him, and filling his soul with rapture.
  30. I had gotten to this point in my observations when Ned and Conseil woke up almost simultaneously, under the influence of this reviving air purification.
  31. This situation did not last long as unprecedented fiscal and monetary stimulus and bailouts worked all too well in reviving speculative animal spirits.
  32. For several days Hazel thought it might be the bull-bitch hangover of all time, but it continued into the day of reviving thirst and there was no thirst.
  33. I am aware that the apologists of the Emperor will point to the act of the 1st of June, 1809, as reviving or continuing certain sections of the law of March.
  34. My only endeavour is to convince the world of the mistake it makes in not reviving in itself the happy time when the order of knight-errantry was in the field.
  35. He recalled stories of catalepsy, the marvels of magnetism, and he said to himself that by willing it with all his force he might perhaps succeed in reviving her.
  36. In fact, a major obstacle between them was that Marilyn was interested in reviving her career at this time, and Joe was still steadfastly against her having one.
  37. Casaubon was helped to the couch: he did not faint, and was gradually reviving, when Sir James Chettam came in, having been met in the hall with the news that Mr.
  38. The four police cars banked up behind with a police caravan which brought up the rear in the rain, reviving undertones of the funeral procession of the day before.
  39. It is said that its practitioners are interested in reviving the mission of Pharaoh along with other pagan missions, with the aim of destroying the true divine religions.
  40. While Mr Rushton was speaking the drooping spirits of the Three Hundred were reviving, and at the name of Sweater they all began to clap their hands and stamp their feet.
  41. For the amending of every thing that is amiss in the church, the reviving of primitive Christianity, and the power of godliness, and in order thereunto, the pouring out of the spirit.
  42. There was a reviving pleasure in this intercourse, of a kind now tasted by me for the first time—the pleasure arising from perfect congeniality of tastes, sentiments, and principles.
  43. What most attracted Florentino Ariza’s attention in that intriguing speech was the possibility of reviving the Poetic Festival, the most renowned and long-lasting of the enterprises that Dr.
  44. How much of the incompleteness of his situation was referable to her father, through the painful anxiety to avoid reviving old associations of France in his mind, he did not discuss with himself.
  45. She was, she said, an excellent Skyrer, or Crystal Gazer, but she had made very few Predictions of late for fear of reviving the Charge of Witchcraft, from which she had so narrowly escap’d.
  46. But I think it most proper to restore Gmelin's name punctata, which will afford an opportunity to do justice to the memory of Laurenti, by reviving the original name by which he distinguished the Var.
  47. Duncan caught from these natural accompaniments of the solitary scene a glimmering of hope; and he began to rally his faculties to renewed exertions, with something like a reviving confidence of success.
  48. The church organist has come to open up the church for us and so, while he unlocks the organ and shows Alastair the vagaries of the beast, I drink some coffee, its warmth reviving me, and munch on a cereal bar.
  49. Needless to say, once my secret identity was revealed in the late ’70s, someone had the brilliant idea of reviving the clip and this process has been repeated about every five to ten years ever since.
  50. As he performed this office, he whispered his reviving hopes in the ears of the trembling females, who, through dread of encountering the savage countenances of their captors, seldom raised their eyes from the ground.
  51. Marianne, now looking dreadfully white, and unable to stand, sunk into her chair, and Elinor, expecting every moment to see her faint, tried to screen her from the observation of others, while reviving her with lavender water.
  52. This reviving section does not declare that on and after three months from the date of the President's proclamation there shall be non-intercourse, but that particular sections of a former non-intercourse law shall be revived.
  53. I forget in detail what they were, but I have a general recollection that he was to begin with reviving the Drama, and to end with crushing it; inasmuch as his decease would leave it utterly bereft and without a chance or hope.
  54. If they had been transcribed verbatim, and incorporated in the law of May, 1810, there could have been no question; and there can be no difference as to this point between that case, and reviving them without excepting any part.
  55. In the autumn the external lifelessness in nature corresponds with its inward condition of death, while in the spring the external lifelessness is in sharp contrast with the internal state of reviving and passing into new forms of life.
  56. He feels himself so far coerced by the suggestion given him that he cannot refrain; and yet as the appointed time and place draw near, he seems to hear the stifled voice of conscience reviving, and he begins to draw back, he tries to awaken himself.
  57. The pure air and rapid motion of the motoring intended to revive and brace his little love were apparently reviving and bracing his little love's aunt as well, for lately he had been unable to avoid noticing a tendency on her part to assert herself.
  58. What he has done not only does damages to the implementation of the strategy of reviving the country with science and education, destroy the construction of socialist spiritual civilization, but also result in severe social consequences and a series of family tragedies.
  59. Elinor would not attempt to disturb a solitude so reasonable as what she now sought; and with a mind anxiously pre-arranging its result, and a resolution of reviving the subject again, should Marianne fail to do it, she turned into the parlour to fulfill her parting injunction.
  60. Basilio, however, reviving slightly, said in a weak voice, as though in pain, If thou wouldst consent, cruel Quiteria, to give me thy hand as my bride in this last fatal moment, I might still hope that my rashness would find pardon, as by its means I attained the bliss of being thine.
  61. The 'way of life' which was connected with the name of Pythagoras, like the Catholic monastic orders, showed the power which the mind of an individual might exercise over his contemporaries, and may have naturally suggested to Plato the possibility of reviving such 'mediaeval institutions.
  62. Observe, man, the winds in their blowing and running and the clouds in their swimming and their sticking together! Look at the rains in their falling and the sun with its rays and heat! All these agents and other ones are reasons that help in reviving the land and bringing forth the pasture from it.
  63. Lastly the inhabitants of the town (their own interest in this worn-out subject languidly reviving itself, by sympathy with what they saw others feel) lounged idly to the same quarter, and tormented Hester Prynne, perhaps more than all the rest, with their cool, well-acquainted gaze at her familiar shame.
  64. Anxious not to appear unhappy, she soon recovered herself; and wiping away her tears, was able to notice and admire all the striking parts of his dress; listening with reviving spirits to his cheerful hopes of being on shore some part of every day before they sailed, and even of getting her to Spithead to see the sloop.
  65. At this instant the Trifaldi recovered from her swoon and said, The chink of that promise, valiant knight, reached my ears in the midst of my swoon, and has been the means of reviving me and bringing back my senses; and so once more I implore you, illustrious errant, indomitable sir, to let your gracious promises be turned into deeds.
  66. While the former surveyed the ruins, both internally and externally, with the curiosity of one whose recollections were reviving at each moment, Chingachgook related to his son, in the language of the Delawares, and with the pride of a conqueror, the brief history of the skirmish which had been fought, in his youth, in that secluded spot.
  67. Swaying rhythmically with the ambling paces of his good little cob, drinking in the warm yet fresh scent of the snow and the air, as he rode through his forest over the crumbling, wasted snow, still left in parts, and covered with dissolving tracks, he rejoiced over every tree, with the moss reviving on its bark and the buds swelling on its shoots.
  68. Speaker, are we to cause our rights to be respected? Is it by merely reviving the law of May last, as is the object of this amendment? Certainly this is not their meaning; for both these letters have reference to that law, as well as the proclamation of the President giving it effect, and to the circular of the Secretary of the Treasury, addressed to the collectors of the several ports, enjoining a strict execution of that law.
  69. There are happily many promising movements in Italy itself; but what are the measures of the Reformed Churches in the capital for reviving the decayed faith of this nation, driven at length into skepticism by its ancient superstitions? To reproduce, in the front of the Vatican, the absurd divisions of England, Germany, and America! Here, where, if anywhere, it was essential that the majesty of original Christianity should be set forth, like a new sunrise, to dispel the darkness of eternal death, are the old sects, come together to repeat the ancient mistakes, and to persevere in the general fixed agreement not to allow a word to be spoken which might tend to shake the theological interests which they represent.
  70. Her voice sunk with the word, but presently reviving she added,.
  1. He ceased to be revived.
  2. And we have revived the.
  3. The fresh air revived him.
  4. My beloved had revived again.
  5. The fresh air had revived him.
  6. The Chief revived his tribe's.
  7. Revived would have been a good.
  8. Which afterwards the muse revived.
  9. It had revived my sinking spirits.
  10. Geils Band had revived into a big hit.
  11. Ki’minsyllessil could not be revived.
  12. Who was with you when you revived?
  13. They are revived in the law of May, 1810.
  14. Shri Maharaj went to her and revived her.
  15. We are being recreated and revived as we.
  16. Reagan lay unconscious, but he soon revived.
  17. Now, the audio tapes had revived the story.
  18. The general, who had almost fainted, revived.
  19. Recent poets have revived the old Alexandrine.
  20. You had to drink human blood to be revived.
  21. Marcus died and was revived following his coma.
  22. Surely, He Who revived it will revive the dead.
  23. His denunciations must have revived in a weird.
  24. Thus he cleansed himself and revived several times.
  25. One day the old hurts revived and came to the sur-.
  26. Alice was glad to see that it revived him a good deal.
  27. LD was revived, and ZJ was taken to Regions Hospital.
  28. He was certainly much revived; he had recovered all.
  29. There, she was slowly revived by others pouring cool.
  30. He seemed to have revived, and to be thinking intently.
  31. Absolutely brilliant how you revived those two stories.
  32. The others also revived and found fresh hope and vigour.
  33. Still unaware that I was dead, Viliho ordered Me revived.
  34. I wondered why I had spoken as I had already revived him.
  35. The smell from the broiling meat revived Syd’s appetite.
  36. Youssaf, somewhat revived after eating, finally looked up.
  37. Stenarch must have revived and sent a runner to the armory.
  38. We have revived Matthew enough to put him on life support.
  39. When you described the activities at K2 Ranch, they revived.
  40. Potpourri which has lost its scent can be revived by adding.
  41. From this hour the subject is never to be revived between us.
  42. She almost single-handedly revived the Chamber of Commerce.
  43. With this thought, a revived wave of anxiety crashed into him.
  44. We moistened the parched lips, and the patient quickly revived.
  45. With the small improvement in conditions their spirits revived.
  46. The chill of the river as she stepped into the water revived her.
  47. And so Benny told the tale of how he had revived Hitler’s brain.
  48. The Professor and I revived my mother after a while, during which.
  49. When my husband returned he revived me and called the police again.
  50. The herald seemed somehow revived when he stepped forward this time.
  51. Now, I have visited for a third time, and I feel completely revived.
  52. I need to know if he will attempt to go after her again when revived.
  53. Restoring those architectural monuments revived not only historical.
  54. A revived Ottoman Empire or Caliphate, is the current agenda of Prime.
  55. Interest in this myth has been strongly revived during crucial moments.
  56. When at last he revived, they left him to dig a grave, and then laying.
  57. The pain revived him, his friend awoke screaming as he was flayed alive.
  58. How fun was that?! You certainly revived the cliff hanger, Amy said.
  59. All that nonsense will be revived and the slander will only be confirmed.
  60. The younger ones memories of their grandparents were revived by the visit.
  61. What then revived her was pouring a bottle of eau-de-cologne over her arms.
  62. She revived, and began thinking of Berthe asleep yonder in the servant's room.
  63. One of the men had lit a pipe, and its smoke curled with the revived campfire.
  64. The youth revived, arose, and walked cautiously, seeking to avoid all dangers.
  65. Sodom and revived Gomorrah from the dead! Surely the days of Noah have come in.
  66. Jo started up, revived the blaze, and crept to the bedside, hoping Beth slept.
  67. The people who worship Jehovah God are worshipping the dragon revived by Allah.
  68. All the feelings that had subsided and died down in his heart revived instantly.
  69. Still, the revived man feels a sadness he can’t fully explain, and which will.
  70. We are copies of biological souls written on silicon and revived with electricity.
  71. When Akkutho I revived the lost glories of Khorshemish, he built a fortress there.
  72. He revived the form and was delighted to see what could be done with colored pins.
  73. They went forth and brought me in and revived me with their wonderful golden wine.
  74. Morcerf's courage had revived when he found himself alive after this horrible blow.
  75. He revived after an extraordinarily short time, and scrambled up to his feet wildly.
  76. Her whole being revived and freshened, as though she had awakened from a long sleep.
  77. However, the story was quickly revived and followed Kennedy for the rest of his life.
  78. Those sections, thus revived, are the 3d, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, and 18th.
  79. Yet, when the young lady came from boarding-school on a visit, the whole town revived.
  80. He spoke calmly, however, without austerity, without reproach, and she revived a little.
  81. They declared the restrictive system was revived by the mere effect of the proclamation.
  82. He was ashamed to express his new Masonic views, which had been particularly revived and.
  83. There were only the titans who were attacked in their weak spots who could not be revived.
  84. She had been the captain's wife, but she revived from cryofreeze and the captain never did.
  85. Another resident of these seas caught my attention and revived all my memories of antiquity.
  86. Elijah, and the life ( nehphesh) of the child returned to him and he revived, New American.
  87. Stone lapsed into a special brief melancholy from which he revived as he began to speak again.
  88. The subject had been already handled in the drawing-room; it was revived in the dining-parlour.
  89. The fresh air revived me, and with renewed determination I approached the door of their cottage.
  90. She revived shortly before tea and had a shower, and went out to the cafe for an ice- cream soda.
  91. Presently I heard Pilot bark far below, out of his distant kennel in the courtyard: hope revived.
  92. For cold they seemed to Sam after the noisome darkness behind; but the breath of them revived him.
  93. The feeling that had seemed dead revived more and more, rose up and took possession of Levin's heart.
  94. Today, seeing Mini’s horror, his memories were revived and he wanted to avenge Mini’s condition.
  95. This revived Adem’s strength, providing new levels of endurance and enhancing his ability to wield.
  96. The feeling that had seemed dead revived more and more, rose up and took possession of Levin’s heart.
  97. Who will mourn their passing, or search out their seed, that they might be revived in another place?
  98. Above them, the snow-raven circles, revived from its journey and its bleak cry piercing the bitter air.
  99. Eventually, when it seemed the stalemate would have no end, they revived her to ask her what she wanted.
  100. It's been a long time, if I was to be revived from backup, shouldn't you have used a more recent backup?
  1. The Breath which revives you.
  2. The living word revives everything.
  3. Hearing of victuals, Kedril revives.
  4. The picture of the mind revives again;.
  5. Every beat of My heart revives the dead;.
  6. Know that God revives the earth after its death.
  7. An old, cobwebby pride revives in me when I explain it again.
  8. So observe the effects of God's mercy-how He revives the earth after it was dead.
  9. God sends down water from the sky, with which He revives the earth after its death.
  10. And He brings down water from the sky, and with it He revives the earth after it was dead.
  11. The force of the word revives the force of thought, and the force of thought generates action.
  12. The body revives, as it were, here, the remains of life are concentrated, but only in consciousness.
  13. Playing with your child revives the purpose why you are working so hard and why you are still facing life's challenges.
  14. He brings the living out of the dead, and He brings the dead out of the living, and He revives the land after it had died.
  15. And if you asked them, "Who sends water down from the sky, with which He revives the earth after it had died?" They would say, "God.
  16. If things won't come, stop a minute; the eye often gets fatigued very quickly and refuses to see truly, but soon revives if rested a minute or two.
  17. This the treaty of the table: we share meal and drink; what is health to your bones is health to mine, what is sustenance to your spirit revives mine.
  18. When bad times do arrive, even though plummeting performance revives the strategy’s ex ante attractiveness, speculative capital gets removed from the losing strategy.
  19. I have skill at it, and, like many of my fellows, a certain instinct for it, which revives from time to time, but always when I have done I feel that it would have been better if I had not fished.
  20. The fourth section of the act of last session revives certain sections of another act, on the happening of a certain event, three months after that event shall have been proclaimed by the President.
  21. It is important here to observe, that, according to the terms of the act of May 1, 1810, the law of March 1, 1809, revives on the occurrence of the fact required, and not on the proclamation issued.
  22. Such society revives, regenerates: you feel better days come back—higher wishes, purer feelings; you desire to recommence your life, and to spend what remains to you of days in a way more worthy of an immortal being.
  23. That is the sole consideration which can make me endure the whelp: I despise him for himself, and hate him for the memories he revives! But that consideration is sufficient: he's as safe with me, and shall be tended as carefully as your master tends his own.
  24. That is the sole consideration which can make me endure the whelp: I despise him for himself, and hate him for the memories he revives! But that consideration is sufficient: he’s as safe with me, and shall be tended as carefully as your master tends his own.
  25. He was that sort of jealous man who, in the absence of the beloved woman, at once invents all sorts of awful fancies of what may be happening to her, and how she may be betraying him, but, when shaken, heartbroken, convinced of her faithlessness, he runs back to her; at the first glance at her face, her gay, laughing, affectionate face, he revives at once, lays aside all suspicion and with joyful shame abuses himself for his jealousy.
  26. The Royal Essence for the Hair of the Head and Perriwigs, being the most delicate and charming Perfume in Nature, and the greatest Preserver of Hair in the World, for it keeps that of Perriwigs (a much longer Time than usual) in the Curl, and fair Hair from fading or changing Colour, makes the Hair of the Head grow thick, strengthens and confirms its Roots, and effectually prevents it from falling off or splitting at the Ends, makes the Powder continue in all Hair longer than it possibly will, by the use of any other Thing; by its incomparable Odour and Fragrancy it strengthens the Brain, revives the Spirits, quickens the Memory, and makes the Heart chearful, never raises the Vapours in Ladies, & c, being wholly free from (and abundantly more delightful and pleasant than) Musk, Civet, &.
  27. He decided to make our Master Adam (cpth) His successor on earth before He got him out to this world, and before He brought his offspring out from his back, where he was in a spiritual state, then He made his getting out of that spiritual state to this bodily one be in a way by which He showed the Honour of this messenger and his great love to his Creator, besides, the Almighty gave, by the tale of this first man, lasting examples and lessons to his sons when He made him stand before his offspring as the first tutor, and He fulfilled His will in such way so as to acquaint people with the spirit's rules upon which entering into God's Presence is based and to let them know the way through which the spirit can return to the field of sacredness so that if their spirits become shy and draw off diffident, they shall be able to return if they revives their confidence and dispels shame off them.

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