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  1. Jamie found the idea revolting.
  2. Woman is revolting in that way.
  3. As revolting as that sounds.
  4. A thoroughly revolting read, in fact.
  5. What a revolting invasion of privacy.

  6. At first it was a somewhat revolting thought.
  7. Fear, mostly, that his subjects were revolting.
  8. Salamander coolly looked at the revolting little.
  9. It was utterly revolting, according to my sister.
  10. The Deprived, Revolting Evil: To torment a child.
  11. It was the prize that came from being Ms Revolting.
  12. As for boys, they certainly are revolting creatures.
  13. Killing these cowards became too revolting for them.
  14. There was a revolting odor that lingered in the darkness.
  15. Family restaurants can sell the most revolting food in the.

  16. It was revolting to see how she was an object in his hands.
  17. Michael gave her a revolting glance from the corner of his eye.
  18. It would have been as revolting to him as is cannibalism to us.
  19. Covetousness and a revolting greed gleamed joyfully in his eyes.
  20. Kat says, I thought they were insane, terrifying and revolting.
  21. The revolting zombie that was once named Rita roared in triumph and.
  22. Golyadkin on the shoulder, with a revolting effrontery and familiarity.
  23. Golyadkin junior ended with a most revolting shamelessness by giving Mr.
  24. Golyadkin’s twin, so revolting in the despicable meanness of his soul.
  25. It is revolting and unseemly! cried Hippolyte, jumping up in a fury.

  26. Though alien and revolting sometimes, she has so much to give to the world.
  27. He looked at Ivan with a revolting smile, and again made ready to draw back.
  28. Another way to keep the slaves from revolting and standing up for themselves.
  29. Revolting against the system was an idea that wasn’t hard to talk us inmates.
  30. One morning the news of a hideous and revolting sacrilege was all over the town.
  31. BELLO: (Whistles loudly) Say! What was the most revolting piece of obscenity in.
  32. The Deprived, Revolting Evil: To torment a child that dies without ever knowing.
  33. The other aid to her Ms Revolting Act was never to wash her Ms Revolting clothes.
  34. Love is ridiculous at our age, she shouted, but at theirs it is revolting.
  35. Golyadkin precisely the same, perfectly alike, and of a revolting depravity of heart.
  36. Once you have bitten into it you get this strong bitter taste that is quite revolting.
  37. He grimaced as the hungry mouths drew his strong, ancient blood into their revolting.
  38. It was intriguing to some and revolting to others, with his face changing all the time.
  39. The Ultimate Evil: The idea of never-ending conscious agony is so completely revolting.
  40. God is going to forever be tormenting most of humanity but this is so revolting that they.
  41. The Deprived, Revolting Evil: To torment a child that dies without ever knowing anything.
  42. I have to admit that I find Rancor's thoughts so revolting that I read his thoughts at.
  43. God is going to forever be tormenting most of humanity, but this is so revolting that they.
  44. No expression could be more incongruous or revolting than that a ‘spirit died or could die.
  45. You would think that there was an underground lab somewhere breeding these revolting creatures.
  46. I consider that in the majority of cases people are revolting to look at when they are laughing.
  47. In short, I will pai?s over the details, but it led to a very complicated and revolting scandal.
  48. She’d spoken in a low, neutral voice, as if she were telling a doctor about a revolting symptom.
  49. The revolting pong reminded him of an incident when, as a child, he found a dead badger in the woods.
  50. She no longer found Tragus so revolting that she needed to put herself into a trance and think of Tenes.
  51. The wounded soldier was so dirty, coarse, and revolting that his proximity to the Emperor shocked Rostov.
  52. What could he say? It felt revolting? Terrifying? Lonely? None of these answers would have done it justice.
  53. The wounded soldier was so dirty, coarse, and revolting that his proximity to the Emperor shocked Rostóv.
  54. There was something awful and revolting in the memory of what had been bought at this fearful price of shame.
  55. Ailia’s chest started revolting as she thought about the water and her most recent near-drowning experience.
  56. It was a sad and slightly revolting exercise for me but Anna took it in her stride and put her heart into it.
  57. There I was the witness of a revolting scene: the poor woman was deceived to her face, and I could do nothing.
  58. There was something very revolting and blasphemous in this representation of his mother as a half-nude beauty.
  59. She didn’t want to behave out of character but needed to hurry, which was something Ms Revolting rarely did.
  60. The Deprived, Revolting Evil: To torment a child that dies without ever knowing anything about God or His word.
  61. Magua alone sat apart, without participating in the revolting meal, and apparently buried in the deepest thought.
  62. The graphical nature of ‘getting a man on-board you’ sounds revolting, but Kate always counters with the fact.
  63. The Ultimate Evil: ―The idea of never-ending conscious agony is so completely revolting to our instinctive moral.
  64. It was not the money, but the fact that this money was used with such revolting cynicism to ruin his happiness!.
  65. To go into the street, to go a walk for appearance' sake was revolting; to go back to his room, even more revolting.
  66. There was one circumstance which struck Grigory particularly, and confirmed a very unpleasant and revolting suspicion.
  67. She was a rail-thin, revolting creature who must have been taking a bath or something when she changed into a zombie.
  68. The cobwebs were revolting but she tried to ignore them and could only wipe them away from her face as best she could.
  69. I would that I could cause you to see that McGarvey felt his whole nature revolting against the notion he was defending.
  70. No not you lot it is something else it smells over ripe cloying and sticky a revolting terrible stench like rotten meat.
  71. There were revolting portraits of hags without teeth and men with knife-slashed faces, empty eye sockets and missing noses.
  72. The same thing was asserted of Nikolay Vsyevolodovitch, with the revolting addition of a tooth knocked out and a swollen face.
  73. As revolting as it was though, it was less so than the thought of invaders twisting about in my guts feeding on me from within.
  74. Star’s eyes were closed tightly and she had emotionally shut down - what had happened was too revolting for her to deal with.
  75. My god what’s that damn awful smell it’s revolting? Elijah smelled at his armpits then at Jonny and me before he replied.
  76. For the most part his old comrades seemed to have turned into losers, depraved bandits, revolting pimps or small-time crooks.
  77. Love is revolution: a revolting against selfishness, self-interest, hatred of others and lust of the world’s products for self.
  78. The practice of sacrificing human victims to a god is revolting to modern minds, but was fairly commonplace in the ancient world.
  79. Vile I tell you, absolutely revolting and disgusting…but nonetheless suitable for an abominable pagan barbaric practice like this!.
  80. There now, what is it? She attempted to tickle me under the chin while dribbling revolting baby noises through lipstick-smudged lips.
  81. She didn't think he would do such a thing, especially since he was more interested in the prisoners, but the idea was still revolting.
  82. Oh, gentlemen of the jury, that was cruel and revolting! And that old man was always complaining of the disrespect and cruelty of his son.
  83. There was a powerful stench that came from inside the crates; though it was mildly revolting, he thought it might help to hide his own scent.
  84. She laughed when the horse turned his head to sniff at her leg, wrinkling his nose at the unfamiliar, and to him revolting, smell of mothballs.
  85. And not just revolting in the smelly sense, but revolting in the sense that they were plotting to relieve Brumvack of his position and his power.
  86. For a few seconds they didn’t realize that I was there watching them all over one another, doing things that I thought men would find revolting.
  87. The Ezkozia nobles were always revolting, it seemed, and since they were divided into factions over which noble had the most valid claim to be king.
  88. The farming of the land, as he was managing it, had become not merely unattractive but revolting to him, and he could take no further interest in it.
  89. He would, for instance, ask whether so much as related to sacked towns, bombarded cities, ruined commerce, and revolting blacks, had been realized?
  90. Why libel French cleverness? It's simply Russian indolence, our degrading impotence to produce ideas, our revolting parasitism in the rank of nations.
  91. Janet sat on the pavement, attired in her Ms Revolting outfit, contemplating the delicate balance between being truly revolting and merely disgusting.
  92. I am not going on principle, not to take part in the revolting convention of memorial dinners, that's why! Though, of course, one might go to laugh at it.
  93. Or, secondly, give us a share in the product of your labor, that we may use it to keep you in bondage, and prevent you from revolting against our commands.
  94. What once seemed to me the most delightful existence in the world, an existence made up of dainty, æsthetic pleasures and passions, is now revolting to me.
  95. Notwithstanding the revolting horror of the exhibition, Munro and Heyward flew toward the festering heap, endeavoring, with a love that no unseemliness could.
  96. For one moment every one stared at him without a word; and at once every one felt that something revolting, grotesque, positively scandalous, was about to happen.
  97. I may say frankly, even at that time, if the truth is to be told, the society there, and even a^ inning money at cards, had become revolting and a torture to me.
  98. Then followed a rapid and revolting scene: before Pyotr Stepanovitch could take aim, Fedka swung round and in a flash struck him on the cheek with all his might.
  99. The prospect of finding himself in the water and swimming, overwhelmed by ignorance and darkness, probably in a circle, till he sank from exhaustion, was revolting.
  100. Once he sank his teeth, beast-like, into the flabby substance of his foe, revolting as the stuff writhed and squirmed like living rubber from between his iron jaws.
  1. Revolted at what she was.
  2. Still the thought revolted her.
  3. But her pride revolted at this.
  4. I repress the urge to look revolted.
  5. They would have revolted had they.
  6. They felt threatened and not revolted.
  7. Then the woman in her awoke and revolted.
  8. Davidson’s game, but it still revolted him.
  9. His stomach was revolted by the situation ahead.
  10. I do not think your love revolted them, my dear.
  11. I thought you would be revolted, Jane, when you.
  12. She was revolted by the amusement her fear gave him.
  13. The bacon, too, piled up on the counter, revolted her.
  14. Should I tell him? Her stomach revolted at the thought.
  15. His instincts involuntarily revolted at their bare idea.
  16. Why have the people not revolted and done away with her?
  17. He could really imagine that day, when the peasants revolted.
  18. My house stank, he said, doing his best to look revolted.
  19. Regularly he revolted against outworn techniques and materials.
  20. Schmidt glanced that way, instantly revolted by the midget’s.
  21. My stomach almost revolted, but I managed to keep my gorge down.
  22. She drew herself up as though revolted, and then took a deep breath.
  23. Roosevelt then told rebels in Panama he would help them if they revolted.
  24. To see men inflicting such wounds on one another intentionally revolted her.
  25. But his whole nature revolted; his aged paternity would not consent to this.
  26. Eventually they revolted, and, since they far outnumbered us, they prevailed.
  27. Is it gin? Asked Shoop dryly, making revolted smacking noises with his.
  28. The idea of worshipping somebody who killed others revolted and frightened me.
  29. For the first time his soul revolted against the dull inelegance of Capel Street.
  30. As this poem was written after the Spanish-Americancolonies had revolted against.
  31. I believe that perhaps they felt threatened precisely because they were not revolted.
  32. Shrink me, he said trying to stand but failing as his weakened muscles revolted.
  33. This morning, after a day spent with Seb and his friends, his entire being was revolted.
  34. For thousands of years; billions of humans have revolted against their cruel oppressors.
  35. Wolf in the Dell holds the pistol out to me with two fingers, as if revolted by its touch.
  36. Anyway, the townspeople would have revolted against any bishop who tried to get rid of Caris.
  37. The indifference that could sleep while her outraged husband was looking for her revolted him.
  38. But Yulia Mihailovna would not agree to it: her proud spirit revolted from paltry compromise.
  39. Who is this guest at this hour!? I was shocked and many speculations revolted in my mind.
  40. Where I differed with them was that I saw clearly and was sometimes revolted by the decadence.
  41. The way in which he had been managing his land revolted him and had lost all attraction for him.
  42. That is impossible Ishvara stated revolted, as if I had blown his male ego into smithereens.
  43. Still, Afro-Cubans again revolted and drove out Spanish authorities from two thirds of the island.
  44. Sicilian slaves revolted in 104 and 103 BC, this time under the leadership of Athenion and Tryphon.
  45. This tone, and the way in which she said ‘we’ in speaking of herself and of him, revolted me.
  46. The expression of that base and cringing smile, which Pierre knew so well in his wife, revolted him.
  47. But for this prince he was an inferior, and his contemptuous and indulgent attitude to him revolted him.
  48. Harvey-Browne, revolted at the notion of being torn from her celebrity in the very moment of finding him.
  49. Antiochus desecrated the temple in Jerusalem and then killed tens of thousands of Jews when they revolted.
  50. Tetrarch Archelaus was deposed by the Romans on April 11 of Year 6 and the Jews of Jerusalem them revolted.
  51. My body’s ache for him grew with every moment that I was within his vicinity but my mind revolted at the idea.
  52. Poseidon, suddenly being revolted by the words of his brother: All we have is a prophecy, we have no real evidence.
  53. Slumping down to the grassy floor Amori groaned with the action as her sore leg muscles revolted against the movement.
  54. David, even though he had already been anointed king of Israel, at no time revolted against Saul, the incumbent king.
  55. And he dreaded that mind: it revolted him: he shrank forebodingly from the idea of committing Isabella to its keeping.
  56. And so they went on flogging one another until some fool revolted, and, shouting to his comrades, bade them leave off.
  57. And he dreaded that mind: it revolted him: he shrank forebodingly from the idea of committing Isabella to his keeping.
  58. Why are they called: revolts? Because when a mass becomes so disgusted that they are openly revolted by some injustice.
  59. Janet had to close her eyes, revolted by the thought of seeing three innocent children being possibly abused and killed.
  60. The raucous feeding revolted Ziggy, and he staggered from the scene of carnage with bile in his throat that tasted petrified.
  61. Now when this that was done came to the king's car, he thought that Judea had revolted: upon which removing out of Egypt in a.
  62. The populations of entitled youth within their borders had revolted and countries had burned in anarchy, as governments had toppled.
  63. Jews wrote to you in the extremity of trouble that came on us in those years, from the time that Jason and his company revolted from.
  64. Wherever the rulers of a nation or kingdom have exploited their subjects, those subjects have revolted in anger, creating a revolution.
  65. The event was so shocking, that there were moments even when her heart revolted from it as impossible: when she thought it could not be.
  66. Following that train of thought I have a feeling when I remember last night's events, or have them recounted for me, I will be revolted.
  67. Patty stood up, spinning around the room, saw parents with frightened, revolted faces, saw Diane hustling Libby behind her, toward the door.
  68. The Duke of Whitten Hold has been arrested by his own army after the peasants revolted and the soldiers submitted to their strength of arms.
  69. Often, before his captivity, Dantes' mind had revolted at the idea of assemblages of prisoners, made up of thieves, vagabonds, and murderers.
  70. For from any seed of freedom can sprout the liberating tree of revolution, because as soon as you think you need freedom, you have already revolted.
  71. The pedagogue that morning, so artlessly interested in her conversation with me as to forget he had not met her before, had manifestly revolted her.
  72. When they revolted violently, Luther wrote that any of the rebelling peasants should be killed immediately because their violence had earned them damnation.
  73. He had read of model prisons with electric bells, of executions by electricity, recommended by Tard; but this refined kind of violence revolted him even more.
  74. So justly angry was she, so rightly revolted, that as she hurried downstairs she actually forgot her determination that Job should never see her in her decay.
  75. Then for the first time my senses revolted against me as the dud lingered on and refused to budge even after two hours of soaking in the surrounding scenery by me.
  76. But, seeing the calm, serious faces of the judges and the jury, who received the verdict as something quite natural, she revolted and cried out that she was innocent.
  77. Long before Brumvack happened on the scene, though, the common trolls—ancestors of the Rabid Band—had revolted, killed their leader, and distributed the food equally.
  78. In Itailia, the Napoles barons supported by the Aitasantu had revolted against their King Ferdinando in 1485, but with the support of the city of Firenze he defeated them by 1486.
  79. He wondered if, after years of railing against iniquity, his mind had at last revolted and was vomiting back every loathsome thing it had been forced to think about over the years.
  80. Casaubon had taken a cruelly effective means of hindering her: even with indignation against him in her heart, any act that seemed a triumphant eluding of his purpose revolted her.
  81. Apart from a sexually aroused Panos leaning on a wall and some super-contorted nude poses of Ceres, he saw two self-portraits of Lea that revolted him and made him wonder what they meant.
  82. In those portals now, madam, Lebyadkin may have spoken about an honourable young lady, in the honourable indignation of a soul revolted by wrongs, and his slanderers have taken advantage of it.
  83. At the approach of our troops, revolted villages returned to their duty, while Prince Galitzin defeated the usurper, and raised the siege of Orenbourg, which was the death-blow to the rebellion.
  84. Argos, Zingara, Ophir, Zamora and the Shemite countries were treated as subjugated provinces, which was especially galling to the proud Zingarans, who often revolted, despite savage retaliations.
  85. Hypocrisy in anything whatever may deceive the cleverest and most penetrating man, but the least wide-awake of children recognizes it, and is revolted by it, however ingeniously it may be disguised.
  86. He cursed himself for his refusal of their offer, even while his stubborn manhood revolted at the thought, and he knew that were he taken forth and given another chance, his reply would be the same.
  87. Inside you will find a faint aura that is so empty, so rotten, so horrible in visage and content: that you will be revolted at the filthy monster hiding inside the sac of radiating artificial energy.
  88. I was told of an incident which happened to an intrepid stanovoy, who, on arriving in a village where the peasants had revolted, and whither troops had been sent, undertook, like the Emperor Nicholas I.
  89. When he saw that beautiful yet cunning beauty thrown out of Aslan’s office, blood flowing from her nose and smearing her face, far from being revolted, he admired her gracefulness and was lured by her charms.
  90. As a failed megalomaniac: Hitler couldn’t stand Wilhelm’s guts… little did he know that it was the undead scum hiding inside Wilhelm’s and then inside his own guts that he was revolted by and corrupted by.
  91. As I leaned back and took a look at the establishment and all that went with it as a whole, I froze a snapshot of it in my mind and realized how truly revolted I was to be there in the company of so many charlatans.
  92. Why? Because there was no reason to try and discipline weak, cowardly religious fanatics who could be easily killed; yet did not have the brains to realize that every time they revolted they would be killed again en masse.
  93. I made up my mind not to stop Lambert in his vile suggestions, for he disclosed them to me with such simplicity and did not Raspect that I might be revolted by them ; I did mutter, however, that I should not like to marry her simply by force.
  94. I was indignant at what the Frenchman had said of me, though I could not help secretly admitting that he had done nothing but put into language what I myself had already felt, but the words of the marquis had confounded and revolted me by their grossness.
  95. Then he thought to himself, ‘I have to admit though that she is really beautiful, and I am in the prime of my youth, but I’m above committing such a forbidden act, my spirit feels revolted at the thought and my heart has escaped from it as I do from the flaming fire.
  96. Following the First Punic War, Carthage and Rome agreed to maintain separate spheres of influence in Spain; but after the Spanish city of Saguntum allied with Rome and revolted against Carthage, the invasion of Saguntum by Carthage prompted Rome to again declare war on Carthage.
  97. Proctor said that liberal church leaders associated with that seminary were more enlightened than the many black pastors who revolted him as given to gaudy dress, unbridled egotism, and self-aggrandizement; they exploited women willing to do anything to be close to the ‘pastor.
  98. My ancestor perished on the scaffold for conscience sake,[71] my father fell with the martyrs Volynski and Khuchtchoff,[72] but that a 'boyár' should forswear his oath—that he should join with robbers, rascals, convicted felons, revolted slaves! Shame for ever—shame on our race!.
  99. We were the very first that revolted from them, and we are the last that fight against them; and I cannot but esteem it as a favor that God has granted us, that it is still in our power to die bravely, and in the state of freedom, which has not been the case with others who were conquered unexpectedly.
  100. But what is the Moscow public? It is but a hundredth part of that public which, while considering itself most highly enlightened, esteems it a merit to have so lost the capacity of being infected by art, that not only can it witness this stupid sham without being revolted, but can even take delight in it.
  1. The same thing applies to revolts.
  2. Uprisings, little revolts, small riots.
  3. Still, revolts broke out in several missions.
  4. But nature revolts, and my soul sickens at the bare.
  5. It revolts me too, Furl said, sensitive to Caldon.
  6. We don’t have to worry about general revolts, they will come.
  7. It is the same repeated, stupid vicious cycle with social revolts.
  8. It revolts me to say this, but I’m with Nicky Chaos on this one.
  9. These crises in Greater Syria coincided with revolts in Iraq in 1920.
  10. The Roman answer to popular revolts was always brutal and merciless.
  11. The soul has that measureless pride which revolts from every lesson.
  12. The fading Spanish empire hoped to prevent further revolts on the island.
  13. Just as all the peasant revolts and uprisings are never mentioned in history.
  14. He next wondered if there were never any revolts or civil wars among the Mongols.
  15. Would that all were like you! But what revolts me is the idea of marrying a woman.
  16. None of the revolts lasted even a month, and some involved only a few dozen rebels.
  17. When things went sour, Eleanor separated from him and actively led revolts against him.
  18. But the aristocrats there are picky about weapons being made, after the revolts and all.
  19. Stalin used the Red Army and secret police forces to crush dissatisfaction and revolts in.
  20. Unfortunately, our historical files don’t give precise years for those famines and revolts.
  21. But, empire is a fragile balance, and Darius had to suppress numerous revolts throughout his domain.
  22. And similar revolts resulted from the conversion from the traditional Roman Pantheon to Christianity.
  23. Why? Because all of these revolts and uprisings and rebellions were successfully, and brutally crushed.
  24. Then how one of the other victims, Lightower, also had a connection to Berkeley and the student revolts.
  25. Nineteenth-century South America was notorious for its endless wars, revolts, and revolutions, for example:.
  26. The leader of the patriots said that Khan Henry was weak and that the Khanate would be torn apart with revolts.
  27. There were also several minor revolts in California, somewhat like Texas, insurgencies by foreign invaders from the US.
  28. Ignorance and Karma come from our unconditioned surrender to the intellect; Zen revolts against this state of affairs.
  29. Why are they called: revolts? Because when a mass becomes so disgusted that they are openly revolted by some injustice.
  30. In those revolts the cause is more correctly described as demands for better living conditions, than any desire for democracy.
  31. The gang were arrested in less than 36 hours, in a prisoner revolts abortion, as one of the leader, 8412 prisoners morning started crying.
  32. Soldiers of revolts, standers by gaping graves, lowerers-down of coffins, Journeyers over consecutive seasons, over the years, the curious.
  33. In all, there were a total of seventy screens showing historical scenes up to the last Jewish revolts against the Romans in the second century C.
  34. Revolts, in the present state of society, are so much the fault of every one, that they are followed by a certain necessity of shutting the eyes.
  35. I suppose that is possible, but I would think the other Khanates would be too busy fighting revolts of their own to help put down a revolt in Anahuac.
  36. In Egypt there followed serious revolts in the urban and rural areas in 1919-20, which resulted in the British surrender of the protectorate over Egypt.
  37. The student revolts of the sixties struck a spark into tinder that was, in the mood of a substantial minority at that time, waiting for the fire of revolution.
  38. This has resulted in a whole slew of destabilizing forces, destabilized governments, wars, insurrections, revolutions, failed revolutions, palace revolts, etc.
  39. The democracy and freedoms he introduced were a total reversal of the old communism that crushed numerous independence movements and revolts with the force of.
  40. The imagination revolts before the catastrophe which is coming at the end of our century as the goal of the progress of our era, and yet we must get used to facing it.
  41. Again, Chrissie tenses as her stomach revolts to the sound of his voice, her knuckles white, gripping on the sheet of the bed in which she is lying, she fights for control.
  42. All revolts against the present status quo and all revolts that ever happened against what the present status quo stands for: are carefully deleted from all history books.
  43. Amalric and Valerius moved out from Tarantia with twenty-five thousand men, leaving as large a garrison as they dared to discourage revolts in the cities during their absence.
  44. Ever since 1830, petty partial revolts had been going on here and there, which were quickly suppressed, but ever bursting forth afresh, the sign of a vast underlying conflagration.
  45. If unrest in Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Palestine, Morocco, Africa, and India wasn’t enough, the Europeans were having to face nationalist revolts in almost every other corner of their empires, too:.
  46. As for describing those people with the word (Ya'jooj & Ma'jooj), it is for they inflame the disturbance between the prosperous and needy classes, and set ablaze the revolts within the one nation or amongst the nations.
  47. Those famines caused in turn a number of peasant revolts that rose in response to the lack of care from Emperor Yizong’s government and to the crushing taxes he was imposing on his subjects to sustain his own, luxurious lifestyle.
  48. For 12,000 years, all the people who wanted a change… all the revolutionaries, the revolts, and uprisings: were stupid enough to try to defeat a pyramidal hierarchical oppression, by replacing it with another pyramidal hierarchical system.
  49. With grand and lofty natures, the revolts of the flesh and the senses when subjected to physical suffering cause the soul to spring forth, and make it appear on the brow, just as rebellions among the soldiery force the captain to show himself.
  50. Outlying Nemedian garrisons were stormed and put to the sword, foraging parties were cut to pieces; the west was up in arms, and there was a different air about the rising, a fierce resolution and inspired wrath rather than the frantic despair that had motivated the preceding revolts.
  51. Archive photographs showed starving peasants, worker demonstrations, armed revolts, assassinations, cavalry charges into crowds of defenceless men, women and children, mass executions, and trains loaded with white-faced hungry people being transported to exile in the remote regions of Siberia.
  52. But the upper classes have poisoned, and twisted, and deleted the actual truth about all of the lower class movements and revolts and rebellions that have sprung up spontaneously all over the Earth for thousands of years… ever since the filth system of pyramidal civilization was ever invented.
  53. Revolts have illuminated with a red glare all the most original points of the Parisian character, generosity, devotion, stormy gayety, students proving that bravery forms part of intelligence, the National Guard invincible, bivouacs of shopkeepers, fortresses of street urchins, contempt of death on the part of passers-by.
  54. There exists, at the extremity of all abasement and all misfortunes, a last misery which revolts and makes up its mind to enter into conflict with the whole mass of fortunate facts and reigning rights; a fearful conflict, where, now cunning, now violent, unhealthy and ferocious at one and the same time, it attacks the social order with pin-pricks through vice, and with club-blows through crime.
  55. Even to the point of lining its most traveled tourist road with literally thousands of crucified, dying slaves from one of their many, onerous, boring, repetitive, slave revolts… I mean; how important is the butchery of a thirty thousand slaves; to the mighty Roman Empire, that vanquished entire foreign nations and armies? Roman slave revolts are almost never mentioned in modern history books.
  56. All the struggles of dynasties and of the various parties, all the executions, which are connected with these disturbances, all the suppressions of revolts, all the employment of military force for the dispersion of popular crowds, the suppression of strikes, all the extortions of taxes, all the injustice of the distribution of the ownership of land, all the oppressions of labour,—all this is produced, if not directly by the armies, at least by the police, which is supported by the armies.

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1. It did not revolt me.
2. Before the 1896 revolt U.
3. Revolt of the Dwarves, 304.
4. We rage and revolt against God.
5. Her feelings were all in revolt.
6. It is the essence of revolt and.
7. Some were but most were in revolt.
8. Anyway there was a revolt from the.
9. But it's against the law to revolt.
10. There is no rational impetus to revolt.
11. I can start a revolt among the slaves.
12. In such a case your mind will revolt at.
13. Frémont in a revolt against Mexican rule.
14. Your Khan is a weak ruler; he invites revolt.
15. Such is the course adopted in cases of revolt.
16. Revolution is precisely the contrary of revolt.
17. Since when does the wallpaper revolt you?
18. That is why a revolt is also called an uprising.
19. In revolt, his hand clamped her shoulder, hard.
20. Following the revolt, the Spanish, unwilling to.
21. From this point of view, the revolt of masses is.
22. The revolt was quickly and bloodily suppressed by.
23. Tirathaba in order to revolt from the Romans, but to.
24. You’re worried about setting a day for the revolt.
25. Of what is revolt composed? Of nothing and of everything.
26. Aye, I was threatened with revolt and bloodshed unless I.
27. John Brown's slave revolt never got going, but during his.
28. Zeke and his mother joined up with the revolt, I say.
29. The revolt was brutally crushed, but a group of rebels fled.
30. A final slave revolt at last forced Spain to abolish slavery.
31. The upper class would stage a revolt and rule by armed might.
32. Suddenly there is revolution, revolt, uprising, and violence.
33. He was staggered at such a revolt against his preconceptions.
34. That is why we do not revolt from money, because it is our IT.
35. Many mixed blood leaders were prominent among the slave revolt.
36. Revolt, thirty years ago, was regarded from still other points.
37. My mother was going to die and the people were going to revolt.
38. I watched the movie Youth in Revolt yesterday, and in addition.
39. However the word came, revolt ran like a flame along the borders.
40. Now it was almost noon on the morning after the revolt had begun.
41. Revolt, as we have said, is sometimes found among those in power.
42. That was the true spark of the revolt that led to the eventual.
43. They proposed to bring things to a head through political revolt.
44. We were uncrushed however and the revolt and his rapid departure.
45. That genocide led to the most successful slave revolt in history.
46. Common sense and conscience revolt at this extravagant conclusion.
47. They thought that this would teach the slaves not to revolt again.
48. And beat the gong of revolt, and stop with fugitives and them that.
49. The Holy Empire was getting paranoid about revolt among the masses.
50. This led to a serf (helot) revolt, which required years to overcome.
51. The Jewish Revolt which occurred in 66 AD is a direct result of the.
52. It is an insignificant gift, and my revolt is equally insignificant.
53. Hasmonean Kingdom following the Maccabee Revolt that began in 167 BC.
54. Look! Your enemies are in revolt, and those who hate you are rebelling.
55. Andijan revolt and the massacre, shootings and bombings in Tashkent….
56. It was as if settlement had been invigorated, not harmed, by the revolt.
57. Revolution would be quick in such a land if the peasants were to revolt.
58. Here he married Miss Krínski, a few months before the revolt broke out.
59. This revolt was occasionedby the arbitrary exactionof taxes by Charles V).
60. The tension of choosing him instead of Ali culminated revolt killing him.
61. The same time also did Libnah revolt from under his hand; because he had.
62. But it also expresses a revolt of the body against the psyche: I am not.
63. A revolt by Cuban army sergeants in 1933 brought Fulgencio Batista to power.
64. Still, from what she was hearing, there were many who had enjoyed the revolt.
65. Aerion calls it a veiled attack on House Targaryen, an incitement to revolt.
66. Well, if it isn’t the hero of the Tenocha Revolt, Aztahua greeted me.
67. Do you think there is any possibility of a revolt against the Khanate?
68. You will have the revolt before you decide to build fairness in your economy.
69. It was clear to me that any revolt at this time was most unlikely to succeed.
70. The deplorable politics led to revolt by the Italian people from 90 to 88 BC.
71. Columbus did his best to quell the revolt, but Isabella and Ferdinand sent an.
72. They are telling the people what they want to hear to prevent any armed revolt.
73. They are very brave, and it was their idea to start a revolt among the animals.
74. As Virginia Governor, he called out the militia to crush Gabriel's slave revolt.
75. It could lead to a revolt of Alit’aren, which would surely be an Age of Chaos.
76. Yes, you did, but it will take more than a televised tax revolt to overthrow.
77. And the reason Poland’s mass revolt succeeded was not because of their leader.
78. Jaime the Third of Ezkozia was killed putting down another revolt of his nobles.
79. Instead of anything resembling the revolt of the Maccabees the passage picks up.
80. People go to bed betimes in the Marais, especially on days when there is a revolt.
81. Certain men, certain castes, rise in revolt against this book,—I understand that.
82. Speaker, are we to be thus amused? Common honor and common sense revolt at the idea.
83. Will they be willing to join us in a revolution, a revolt against my brothers?
84. Chica told us that he had promised a truce for any creature connected to our revolt.
85. The revolt in the capital had been suppressed after a night of fighting in the streets.
86. Not only that, some French colonists and soldiers chose to side with the Haitian revolt.
87. Both in lyric mastery and in his spirit of revolt, Esproncedaholds the place in Spanish.
88. In 1487 he put down a revolt of a man claiming to be the nephew of the late King Ricardo.
89. The revolt had, for the past two days, deeply agitated, enraged and engrossed the mind of M.
90. He felt uneasy about this, but until he saw signs of revolt, he was unwilling to intercede.
91. The whole world is in revolt today because the necessary adjustments are not on one's head.
92. These events then led directly and immediately to the revolt against Rome and the eventual.
93. A mass worker revolt against a Russian dictatorship with a huge military army to back it up.
94. He’s a kook and thought the country was going to revolt when Bush stole the first election.
95. Babylon had proved their staunch opposition to Rome in the revolt against Trajan [my italics].
96. That way the young Maya men were too thinned out to stage any sort of revolt back in Anahuac.
97. Is that how they keep down revolt then? the Elf quizzed as she pulled on the new costume.
98. Qumran and not Patmos, prior to 62-66 CE/AD, before the start of the revolt, which led to the.
99. Driven to madness, the land was in a constant upheaval of frantic revolt, savagely suppressed.
100. She kissed me often on the cheek, not any more my hand, knowing she would no longer revolt me.