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1. A 1996 rewrite of the Bob.
2. You don‘t have to rewrite.
3. And we will have to rewrite the.
4. Tonight, he would rewrite history.
5. Are you going to rewrite the exams?
6. This made it obvious to rewrite the Gene.
7. I’m not saying you have to rewrite history.

8. It is always a futile task to rewrite history.
9. Don‘t worry! You do not have to rewrite blog.
10. We can rewrite the equation for Qnew as follows:.
11. In the main, I am doing this rewrite from memory.
12. Sometimes I could rewrite it the next day and be.
13. We’re not trying to rewrite evolutionary theory.
14. Then rewrite the script in a way that empowers you.
15. When I sat down to rewrite an early draft of this.
16. This is why it is highly recommendable to rewrite.
17. What we have uncovered may rewrite Egyptian history.
18. Provided that I can rewrite the bit involving the wargs.
19. Gary first got a glimpse of this rewrite when he saw Ed.
20. Suppose that we rewrite a/I in a slightly different form.
21. Rewrite the expected performance requirements for all horses.
23. As rewrite assistant, his paws played across my computer keys.
24. You can easily rewrite an active sentence to a passive sentence.
25. In the second piece, rewrite with the John character becoming Jean.
26. A soul has persuation to rewrite the conscious with data sensitive.
27. But by the same rule we would have to rewrite Old Testament history.
28. They rewrite history to degrade the United States whenever they can.
29. Ah, Fannikins, our Robin Hood reborn will rewrite History itself!.
30. Unguru, On the need to rewrite the history of Greek mathematics.
31. I fear to offend, and this small letter will take many hours to rewrite.
32. Try to rewrite passages in a different tempo while retaining the flavour.
33. Complete rewrite using Quanta+ on FC3 with lot of corrections and updates.
34. I have taken to it so much that I am having to rewrite all my future plans.
35. But suppose we use synthetics to rewrite the June 95 and 100 calls as puts.
36. Finally, and along the lines of self-growth, I learned that I could rewrite.
37. Many times he would rewrite an ad over and over before he could be satisfied.
38. You are to rewrite the Whale Chase whether it needs chasing or not, says John.
39. One would not want some lunatics to rewrite history whichever way they wanted.
40. The old Soviet Union had historians whose full-time job was to rewrite history.
41. Rewrite your script and act out your role in a more empowering way (Reappraisal).
42. I had to rewrite parts of this book after I learned the truth about the holocaust.
43. For this reason article spinning software has been created to rewrite the articles.
44. Now rewrite the script so that the main character (you) is more wise and powerful.
45. Just like I had to rewrite parts of this book after I learned the truth about 9/11.
46. I thought I was supposed to rewrite the solid-gold-doubloon-on-the-mast scene, John.
47. Now rewrite the script so that the main character (you) is more authentic and loving.
48. Of course, you will need a computer and to carefully back up and rewrite the save files.
49. If we choose to express all contracts as calls we can rewrite each put as a synthetic:.
50. I thought, Why not rewrite the song? Have a girl who gave her man all her money to trade.
51. Prime-number factorization is when we rewrite a number as the product of prime numbers.
52. This is why authors will continue to appear and rewrite many of the same things time and time again.
53. Now, rewrite this twice, firstly at a fast tempo (300 words) and secondly at a slow tempo (700 words).
54. The historical consequences of harming the princess could be severe, maybe enough to rewrite history.
55. Compare Scripture with Scripture and see what changes are really being made when men rewrite the word of God.
56. On the need to rewrite the history of Greek mathematics, Archive for History of Exact Sciences, 15, 1975, p.
57. Personally, I believe that we need her here, at least for a few months, so that she could rewrite our air doctrines.
58. The last name was written in pencil, and Amy explained that he was to rewrite it in ink and seal it up for her properly.
59. And from that place, when you take massive action—with an effective and proven strategy—you will rewrite your history.
60. Kevin Bleyer – Me The People: One Man’s Selfless Quest To Rewrite The Constitution Of The United States Of America (2012: Random House).
61. It is your chance to respond differently to this hologram (to, in a sense, reclaim the power you gave away and rewrite the ending to this storyline).
62. Cries of terror filled the valley for days as Victor killed any creature that crossed his path, determined to let his rage rewrite the face of nature.
63. I would like on your side that you choose some open-minded senior officers who will then rewrite the military regulations along the lines of my executive order.
64. In the early days of option trading, one common approach to analyzing risk was to use synthetic relationships to rewrite a position in a more easily recognizable form.
65. Why not you ask me? Because the victor reserves the right to rewrite history! As Winston Churchill once said: History will be kind to me for I intend on writing It.
66. The way things went, the Time Patrol was probably going to have to erase or rewrite a few incriminating documents from the archives of Ville-Marie at the end of their mission.
67. What would that require? If I’d given the wrong answer, told him I wanted Worth to die—would that have offended him to the extent that he would choose to rewrite that part of me?
68. The reason for this attempt to rewrite history was that most researchers believed that during this warm period, one thousand years ago, much of the earth was substantially warmer than today.
69. It is more than a little strange to see conservatives rewrite history and claim World War II as their victory when it was won by the most liberal president the US ever had, with advisers often to his left.
70. I had it all prepared—everything has to be on the teleprompter at the convention—but I decided while driving there in the van to rewrite it, so I could try to get some kind of call-and-response going at the end.
71. For example, if you’re going to rewrite your will and your spouse is ill, the estate planner needs to know enough about Medicaid to advise you about whether it’s an issue with regard to your spouse’s inheritance.
72. I have decided to rewrite my trading plan (initial stop loss moved, the trade now has more risk than originally planned for), and I have decided that my belief is market fact, even when the market provides information to the contrary.
73. ANYWAY, HE WASN’T IN THIS FOR THE GLORY, was he? When he’d been twenty-three, just back from Korea and stuck on the city room’s rewrite desk, there had been no Ellies, no journalism school, and no such thing as a twelve-thousand-word feature.
74. On recollection it seemed to Ursempyre that the Patriarch was somehow swinging this whole affair, precariously navigating between duplicity and lawfulness, trying to rewrite the Law and everything it had stood for since the very founding of the Territories.
75. That influence could translate into something as benign as an object being dropped to the left instead of to the right of a person, or as catastrophic as an historical event being affected so drastically as to split the timeline or rewrite history in a major way.
76. This techno-singularity, the Adamachineve, that can rewrite its own code and conceive, design, mine, and manufacture its own needs and dreams, is the NuPandora's Box we are creating and placing before ourselves – a smart technology in the hands of a competitive culture under the sway of the brute force of monergy.
77. I’d wait for Nick to leave for The Bar, or to go meet his mistress, the ever-texting, gum-chewing, vapid mistress with her acrylic nails and the sweatpants with logos across the butt (she isn’t like this, exactly, but she might as well be), and I’d pour some coffee or open a bottle of wine, pick one of my thirty-two different pens, and rewrite my life a little.
78. Would it end, and would I go work on a lesser comedy, sitting bitterly in the corner of the rewrite room of My Mismatched Moms, eating a California Pizza Kitchen Thai Crunch Salad with peanut dressing on the side, telling people how great my show would have been? Or would I have to take a job as the obligatory ethnic host of House Hunters International, my voiceover gamely trying to maintain the tension of Which house will the couple pick? when everyone knows it’s the one the wife wants near the beach that’s perfect for entertaining?
79. Gary was tickled pink when he discovered this rewrite,.
80. If you have not begun to see significant results after 7 days, you will need to use another blank Stop and Replace sheet and rewrite all of your benefits,.
1. The rewriting of history.
2. The story was rewriting itself.
3. Stallman says he was rewriting.
4. It was the inefficiency of rewriting.
5. Let’s not start rewriting history.
6. There’s an art to rewriting what you don’t want into.
7. In rewriting Emacs for the Unix audience, Stallman stood a.
8. Rewriting and editing drafts wherever and whenever I could.
9. Thanks for the history lesson, but I will be rewriting it today.
10. Corry, The history of modern mathematics: writing and rewriting.
11. Mod_rewrite is the Apache module for rewriting dynamic URLs into static.
12. The officer was at pains to try and mask the rewriting and review process.
13. Isn’t rejecting that also rewriting the laws of physics? Kelvin asked.
14. There are liberal and progressive revisionists this very day who are rewriting our history.
15. The history of modern mathematics: writing and rewriting, Science in Context, 17 (1/2), 2004, p.
16. Rewriting the record with the old values won’t cause any change – only updating the counter for records updated.
17. They also have stories to tell and through our loving kindness, we can assist them in rewriting their stories of the past.
18. After playing Alan the song as it was eventually released on Spike, I told him that I was still considering rewriting it.
19. We must also recognize the rewriting of history and the one-sided education of societal systems in our institutions of education.
20. In rewriting from the note-book Tolstoi often began the entry with these words, I have been thinking or I have it noted.
21. What will happen if we combine the two strategies? We can answer the question by rewriting the position using only calls or only puts.
22. Say the copy member contains all the code for reading, writing, deleting and rewriting records to a file but you only need to read the records.
23. The love for words has always been there, and after "rewriting" some books in her head, she finally decided to give it a shot and to write her own.
24. However, instead of simply rewriting history, her actions instead split the original timeline, creating a parallel world we now call Timeline ‘B’.
25. Thanks to him and his submersible, I was finishing my undersea research by the day, and I was rewriting my book on the great ocean depths in the midst of its very element.
26. In effect, he not only consented to rewriting the movie—an endeavor that, to most observers, seemed far below his station as a Pulitzer Prize winner—but also to break ranks with the guild.
27. There has been some discussion to skirt this drastic measure (the Senate rewriting their version of the Immigration Bill), but Senator Reid, the minority leader of the Senate, refuses to go along with any fixes.
28. Within these last five sessions, we offered to your mind the luxury of reprocessing every behavior of your first nineteen years, rewriting a totally new behavioral system according to your actual maturity and experience.
29. This helps the clients’ mind to reprocess experiences by rewriting the initial faulty behaviors and bypassing all the mistakes of the original parenting, thereby fulfilling the period of codependency, clearing the obsolete instincts, and building a robust behavioral system.
30. With the fireflies burning, dying, burning, dying, and his eyes glinting with three dozen fugitive bits of pale green color, he block printed for ten and then twenty minutes, aligning and realigning, writing and rewriting the facts that he had gathered all too swiftly during the season.
31. Our manifestation orbs have wireless technology, but we can pretty much tap into any electrical system whether it’s wireless or not, and if it’s a computer, we can affect it at the molecular level, changing electrical pathways, shorting out circuits or creating new circuits, and rewriting software in real time.
32. At this time a struggle over the Immigration Bill is being bandied back and forth, the House has its version and the Senate has its version, rumors indicate that Grassley’s unconstitutional insertion of Title III provisions will result, not in a House/Senate Conference Committee ironing out their differences, but the Senate Bill will be returned to the Senate for rewriting or to be killed.
1. The rules needed to be rewritten.
2. That order record will be rewritten.
3. That possibility itself would have rewritten history.
4. They had rehearsed and rewritten their act several times.
5. The New Testament and apocrypha are all texts rewritten.
6. Now the other constant was being rewritten, maybe erased.
7. Another completely rewritten draft, in DocBook XML (again).
8. But, Premillennialism has rewritten the Bible to suit them.
9. Don’t you think the Ten Commandments should be rewritten?
10. Story Ever Told rewritten, finally really putting to use some.
11. Observe that the term dG can be rewritten as the master public key, Q:.
12. He came in to sign a letter to the Mayor that I had rewritten for him the day before.
13. Like his writings, the legend of Lao Tzu has been recorded, written, and rewritten many times.
14. History will be rewritten so that its former existence will be blotted out from public memory.
15. The image that Cody had had from memory of Amori’s grandfather ended up needing to be rewritten.
16. See the current movie "Hero" a Chinese Movie which shows how history is rewritten by the victors.
17. Mortgages on buildings were still held by mortgage companies but rewritten to not include the land.
18. Our technical experts concluded that two of the individual reports had been doctored, that is, rewritten.
19. Add to that the fact that the Bible was translated, often badly, many times and rewritten or edited along the centuries.
20. I also wrote a novel called Kaotika which was rewritten about nine times and still remains an unpublishable train wreck.
21. Next were most of the same books both translated into Mongol and rewritten in the original language using the Uighur script.
22. I've lost track of how many times we've rewritten our plans,' he paused, 'Though, The Leader always delivers so they say.
23. Has the prophecy been validated or rewritten? The three armies were present today, but they chose to take the same side to defeat evil.
24. It could be rewritten in exactly the same way, but I want you to try and impose a specifically female style to differentiate from my versions.
25. The story of the Ten Commandments inscribed on stone by God’s "finger" ( hand) can now be seen as completely misinterpreted and rewritten symbolism.
26. The New Testament and apocrypha are all texts rewritten from or based on Yahad/Essene texts rewritten to support the strong lies about the false god and.
27. If the rewritten position conformed to a strategy with which the trader was familiar, the trader might then be able to determine the risks of the position.
28. In fact, I think the whole quote should be rewritten to say, Even the ugliest person’s cellulite is more attractive than the most beautiful supermodel’s lower intestine.
29. The foregoing example was admittedly created so that when the position was rewritten in terms of synthetic equivalents, its risk characteristics were relatively easy to identify.
30. If we had rewritten the position so that it consisted only of puts, the result would have been the same because a call and put butterfly have essentially the same characteristics.
31. In fact, in many textbooks, US and Western Civilization history have been entirely rewritten to inculcate the collectivist philosophy and to downplay the powerful motivation of independence.
32. We now know all we need to know to calculate the conditional probability P(T|B) for our conditional probability relation can be rewritten to interchange the roles of the two outcomes, giving.
33. All accurate, and honest historical accounts of what happened throughout human history have been regularly and systematically purged, and wiped out of history books, twisted, changed, covered up, rewritten, whitewashed, and reversed.
34. Who could have predicted that the ‘relativism’ of morals and rewritten history now propagated by ‘liberals’ and their influence in our schools could have such far-reaching and negative effects upon the policymaking of those now in big government or upon the perception of so many citizens?
35. But, Millennialists have rewritten the Bible to say the world will be converted by Christ in person by restoring the Old Testament Law in the Millennium, and all the nations will be converted, yet the Millennium ends with Christ holding up in one city, Jerusalem, with Satan and ALL THE NATIONS MILLENNIALISTS SAY WOULD HAVE BEEN CONVERTED BY.
1. There were also the rewrites, ubiquitous within the trade, I was to learn.
2. Christianity incorporated excerpts, recasts, and rewrites of earlier Hebrew texts, concepts, and.
3. The film’s producer, Jerry Wald, asked Arthur Miller if he would mind doing some rewrites on the script.
4. I wouldn’t call that evidence, not when considering the number of rewrites and translations the texts in the Bible went through.
5. But with only a music video directing credit under his belt, Darren had to swallow both pride and common sense on a great many crucial details, such as casting and rewrites.
6. When the drive rewrites a frame, it does not overwrite the bad frame by rewinding the tape; it simply writes the same frame to the tape again, immediately following the first one.
2. In 1881 he rewrote Simon Boccanegra, which was.
4. The book was written with Gil Morales, who rewrote, revised, and updated my earlier work.
5. Then they rewrote their assignment solely on their observations of the objects themselves.
6. I showed him his mistakes and rewrote his report asking a few questions to clarify some things.
7. It is beyond obvious that Christian founders stole and rewrote Hebrew texts to create the great.
8. They later rewrote it to serve the purpose of legitimizing and reinforcing the new Roman fantasy.
9. Laplante could not come from the year 2012, unless she rewrote history by her actions in 1940-1941 and set the world up for the war of 1986.
10. Believing that, I sat at the typewriter, and in the next seven hours wrote and rewrote the last third of the screenplay plus portions of the middle.
11. My actions in 1940, when I was not yet aware how and why I had ended up there, probably rewrote history and set the stage for the nuclear war of 1986.
12. At the railyards and docks, they switched mailing labels, rewrote delivery addresses, and changed the labeling on boxcars, sending tons of goods to the wrong destinations.
13. Who wrote, 'Malt does more than Milton can, to justify God's way towards Man?' I rewrote it and added, And Freud spoils kids and spares the rod, to justify Man's ways toward God.
14. Florentino Ariza first made some corrections between the lines, erased them, rewrote them, had no more room, and at last tore up the page and wrote a completely new message that she thought very touching.

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