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  1. Instead, marooned with the riff raff.
  2. All the riff raff and unholy scum that.
  3. Even if he passed on the riff, he needed the juice.
  4. The thirty-second riff ended and no one had answered.
  5. He raised his pipes to his mouth and played a quick riff.

  6. The opening guitar riff of The Rocking Boulders’ early song Striped.
  7. Jake had switched guitars and was playing a riff on an electric guitar.
  8. Today that same joke is more twisted so you riff on him being the biggest.
  9. The lead guitar riff that followed was not keeping up with the energy I was feeling.
  10. As the opening riff of Army Recruiter blazed out of the speakers, she turned around.
  11. They made a great fuss and gave him lots of attention whenever he played the slightest riff.
  12. A Philadelphia horn section reworked motifs from my records with a guitar riff becoming a horn line or vice versa.
  13. I bobbed my head in time with its opening machine-gun guitar riff as the last few seconds on the countdown clock ticked away.
  14. I could tell you it had something to do with the Lenny Bruce riff about how a word might be repeated until it lost its power to wound.
  15. A couple of minutes later Jack had me plugged in and I was instinctively playing the riff I used to reserve for dates that I was trying to impress as being third base-worthy.

  16. She wouldn't hurry to get back into the rounds of practice and recording sessions, the arguments over why this or that word didn't quite convey the meaning and this or that riff was too twinkly or too dominant.
  17. I rang again and, as the second riff was ending, the girl who had flashed me on my last visit, appeared at the door wearing a flimsy pink mini-negligee, carrying a giant blue martini glass and appearing completely inebriated.
  18. It was the opening riff of Petty’s “American Girl” that had triggered the guitar line in “Lipstick Vogue” as much as hearing The Byrds’ song “I See You,” although I’m not sure I would have admitted as much at the time.
  19. My initial guitar riff was one I borrowed from The Who’s I Can’t Explain, but I was glad that Pete Thomas and Bruce Thomas later came up with a more syncopated way to play it, especially after I found out that The Clash had pinched the same riff for Clash City Rockers.

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