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  1. King rifled through the pictures.
  2. He rifled through the Pole’s pockets.
  3. He rifled through a pile of resumes to find.
  4. I rifled through the pages and spotted nothing.
  5. Zechariah 14:2 says that the houses will be rifled.

  6. The farmers rifled through both men’s clothes, but.
  7. He shuffled into the kitchen and rifled through a few drawers.
  8. She reached over to her purse and rifled though the contents.
  9. He went to the box now on his floor and rifled though the files.
  10. Stacey opened the refrigerator and rifled through the cupboards.
  11. Walt rifled through his pack and briefly considered the white wax.
  12. Melvin rifled through the shelves, searching for the parts he needed.
  13. He rifled around in his pack, and Kiera walked over to him, curious.
  14. He rifled the first seven or eight cartridge-boxes without much danger.
  15. The Bible became more interesting as he rifled through the tissue thin.

  16. Then he rifled the safe, and gave all the money to the Catholic orphanage.
  17. I am convinced that these marks were left by the man who rifled the papers.
  18. He made and trimmed the straws while Paul and Annie rifled and plugged them.
  19. He rifled through Harry’s trouser pockets and pulled out a fold of fifties.
  20. It was stupid to feel guilty but Neville felt like a thief in the night as he rifled.
  21. Is there a crime to be done, a paper to be abstracted, we will say, a house to be rifled, a.
  22. The doctor rifled through his bag and pulled out a syringe, which he filled from a small vial.
  23. I then rifled through the chopper in search of supplies and anything that might prove useful.
  24. And if he didn’t have any of the Charisians’ rifled field guns, he knew where he could—.
  25. Indeed, upstairs, Vinnie stumbled from his bed and rifled through the small fridge in his office bar.

  26. Do you remember the names of the kids? Dart rifled through the desk, looking for a pen and paper.
  27. If that was one of the Charisians’ rifled pieces, though, luck might have had very little to do with it.
  28. Dragging him behind one of the hotel’s Dumpsters, Sunday rifled through his pockets, found his hotel ID.
  29. Then, when he had left, you rifled the jewel-case, raised the alarm, and had this unfortunate man arrested.
  30. After a long, awkward silence, he moved to her side as she rifled through the wardrobe, I'm sorry, Em, I.
  31. She stomped the ground forcefully and tried not to curse herself too strongly as she rifled through her imperfections.
  32. I didn’t turn any lights on, but I could tell the place had been rifled through, as if it had been a robbery gone wrong.
  33. He rifled his respectable chests of drawers in Coromandel lacquer, with swelling fronts, which had not been opened for years.
  34. Hastily, Mitchell rifled through the purse, and eventually found his name and address on a small piece of paper with the hotel letterhead.
  35. As he went to the phone in the kitchen, Don’s mind rifled through the myriad of frightful possibilities suggested by a call at such an early hour.
  36. Kneeling, she pulled out her portable file box, set it on the counter and rifled through her various signs for the Closed Until Further Notice sign.
  37. That meant many guns which would otherwise have been scrapped were likely to find themselves bored out, rifled, banded, and retained for service, instead.
  38. He stood beside his captain, bent at the waist to peer through an open gunport which happened not to have a six-inch rifled cannon poking out of it at the moment.
  39. Over unsounded gorges, through the rifled hearts of mountains, under torrents' beds, unerringly I rush! Naught's an obstacle, naught's an angle to the iron way!.
  40. The question for us now to solve is the sequence of events leading from a rifled jewel-case at one end to the crop of a goose in Tottenham Court Road at the other.
  41. Surely, within his hoard, Heckler possessed a shaving mirror? Feeling confident she rifled through his collection of oddities until she happened upon a silver, hand mirror.
  42. The extra width allowed for a firing chamber, slightly larger in diameter than the rest of the rifle’s bore, that tapered smoothly to meet the rifled portion of the barrel.
  43. The last time he’d spoken to the Captain General, Maigwair had waxed eloquent in his enthusiasm for the full-sized rifled angle-guns Fultyn had designed for the Army of God.
  44. Massie rifled through her clothing rod, eventually pulling out a pristine pair of True Religion jeans, which she instantly paired with a royal purple strapless Tory Burch tunic.
  45. Their iron armor wouldn’t stand up to Dreadnought’s rifled projectiles, but it was more than enough to resist the thirty-pounder smoothbores which were the ICN’s standard heavy guns.
  46. He’s got maybe eight or nine thousand of the new rifles—the original Dohlaran design, not the one from Saint Kylmahn’s—and a grand total of eleven of the new rifled artillery pieces.
  47. The GTO’s driver, a pro, who’s real name was Angelo Quintano, slid behind the passenger seat of the red Camaro, rifled through the glove box, then paused to remove a plastic bag from his pocket.
  48. They were fairly sharply pointed double-ended ovoids—in fact, they looked a lot like an ancient American football—and they oriented in flight to travel point first and spin rather like a rifled bullet.
  49. There could be no doubt that Beddington had obtained entrance by pretending that he had left something behind him, and having murdered the watchman, rapidly rifled the large safe, and then made off with his booty.
  50. The poor wretches soon appropriated everything, but unfortunately they applied this permission universally, and on subsequent marches, when the men laid their packs by the roadside to collect later, they frequently found them rifled.
  51. They were wire-wound steel cannon, yes, yet they were little more advanced in terms of accuracy than those of Old Earth’s mid-nineteenth-century rifled guns, with none of the advanced fire control systems a later age would have taken for granted.
  52. More rifled six-inch angle-guns were supposed to be on their way to him as soon as possible, but the unfortunate truth was that the Army of Thesmar’s priority remained clearly secondary to the other forces Charis and Siddarmark had in the field.
  53. Rockets are never going to be as accurate as rifled bullets or shells, but we need to be confident all of them will fly to at least approximately the target we want to hit, and that makes the nozzles’ performance—and durability—even more important.
  54. This defect of the tension of the curve of the projectile in the rifled cannon of the sixteenth century arose from the smallness of the charge; small charges for that sort of engine are imposed by the ballistic necessities, such, for instance, as the preservation of the guncarriage.
  55. Admittedly, the field guns were still the naval thirty-pounders and fourteen-pounders mounted on field carriages Charis had provided, rather than the four-inch rifled guns equipping more and more of the ICA’s field artillery regiments, but they still gave his artillery park a massive punch.
  56. The troops Bahrnabai Wyrshym had tried to get out had covered no more than a hundred miles, less than half the distance to Jylmyn, before they’d been run to earth by the Army of Hildermoss’ Cavalry Corps: five regiments of dragoons armed with rifled carbines under General Fraidareck Shyrbyrt.
  57. Every one of its eighty thousand infantrymen was equipped with a bayoneted rifle, over a third of them breechloaders; every one of its twelve thousand dragoons was equipped with a rifle or a rifled carbine; and his divisions were equipped with over two thousand mortars and almost six hundred field guns.
  58. In short we went on board with the Frenchmen, who, after having ascertained all they wanted to know about us, rifled us of everything we had, as if they had been our bitterest enemies, and from Zoraida they took even the anklets she wore on her feet; but the distress they caused her did not distress me so much as the fear I was in that from robbing her of her rich and precious jewels they would proceed to rob her of the most precious jewel that she valued more than all.
  1. No more rifling.
  2. She started rifling through her pack.
  3. She started rifling through her backpack.
  4. The thought of rifling through Aaron’s.
  5. He was rifling through the nightstand when I heard.
  6. Despite their rifling, her guns were still muzzleloaders.
  7. Frustrated, I began rifling through some other stuff in.
  8. The theory is that the rifling in the barrel of each gun, she.
  9. I’d say I’d walked in and found Callie McCallister’s boyfriend rifling through my stuff.
  10. Without waiting for an answer, Nora dashed into Lucia’s wardrobe and started rifling through the clothes.
  11. After some time, Mitchell watched a barrage of rifling shots surpass his head for singles in the middle innings.
  12. I suppose you’d call it ‘pre-rifling,’ and his idea was to combine the seal and the rifling in a single shoe.
  13. Continuing his rifling through papers and reading and signing off others, the Chief Secretary simply said: Yes Roger.
  14. Talaric looked up from the pile of scrolls he was rifling through at the sound of pounding on the walls of the alcove and hallway.
  15. Tom, rifling through a stack of file cards, barely looks up when the twelve jurors and two alternates solemnly take their positions.
  16. I’ll look for rifling patterns back at the lab, but I have to tell you ahead of time—these puppies have some pretty tough jackets on them.
  17. Beyond him again, Duncan could look into the vault opposite, which was filled with savages, upturning and rifling the humble furniture of the scout.
  18. The bullets matched the rifling of the barrel so perfectly they slid virtually frictionless inside it while maintaining the gas tight fit of an air bearing.
  19. In choppy English, the officer told them that the crewmen had been rifling through the captives’ wallets, which had been confiscated when they came on board.
  20. Heavy metal dustbin lids, essential against rifling hyenas, were like gold dust when Figgy invented the most effective dove trap in the entire history of dry places.
  21. The scrolls he was rifling through contained all matters of interesting past historical information, but none of it was seemingly relevant to what he needed to know.
  22. It shapes and regulates them, and I suspect the reason is to impart a spin to the entire rocket, the way rifling grooves spin and stabilize a bullet or an artillery shell.
  23. He would stare at the murmuring sea for hours at a time, lost in the many faces looking back - including his own - and rifling through memories both pleasant and horrifying.
  24. I was rifling through the victim’s clothes, finding not a scrap of ID, when Claire Washburn, my closest friend and San Francisco’s chief medical examiner, walked through the door.
  25. Rifling through his father’s closet and picking out a few of his nicer shirts and pants, he then drove to the four-star Excelsior Hotel in downtown Provo and reserved the presiden-tial suite on the 14th floor.
  26. The children went to him like bees to a honeypot, and establishing themselves on each knee, proceeded to captivate him by rifling his pockets, pulling his beard, and investigating his watch, with juvenile audacity.
  27. On the other hand, it’s enough softer than wrought iron that it should expand into the shallower rifling grooves we’re using without the need for the pre-rifling Brother Sylvestrai’s suggested or the heretics’ studded shell bodies.
  28. Relentless loved apples, what horse didn’t, but this! What kind of a mountain demon sneaks into a warrior’s camp in the dark of the night to feed the warrior’s warhorse apples and engage on rifling through the warrior’s saddlebags without taking anything from them?
  29. We’ll have to cast our projectiles with the same grooved bases and fit them with a seal, after all, but Brother Sylvestrai suggested we could still dispense with the rifling studs the heretics rely on if we used a wrought-iron skirt or shoe the same diameter as the shell but stamped around its rim to take the rifling.
  30. Its rifling was more precise than anything even Taigys Mahldyn’s shops could have cut, the barrel lining was chrome plated, the stock was precisely tailored to his height and reach, and the cartridges in its magazine—loaded with a smokeless propellant centuries in advance of anything pre-Merlin Safehold could have produced—drove its massive bullets at well over two thousand feet per second, with a muzzle energy of better than five thousand foot-pounds.
  1. All of them with M16 rifles.
  2. There were two extra rifles.
  3. They carried rifles and wore.
  4. We'll go out with our rifles.
  5. All of them with combat rifles.
  6. Leave the rifles here, Lt.
  7. They all carried assault rifles.
  8. On one racks are twenty rifles of.
  9. The assault rifles barked viciously.
  10. Their rifles fell out of their hands.
  11. The Asians turned their rifles at him.
  12. Their rifles were aimed at her heart.
  13. Marines stopped the car, rifles ready.
  14. Instead of rifles they carried tools.
  15. Rifles and other military weapons at me.
  16. The two men wrestled a case of rifles.
  17. Four men, armed with rifles, piled out.
  18. Now they do it with high-powered rifles.
  19. Ten 22 target rifles and six air rifles.
  20. They chambered their bolt-action rifles.
  21. Not taking his eyes from the rifles, he.
  22. M-16 rifles coughed and rattled everywhere.
  23. Long weapons, like swords, axes, rifles etc.
  24. They had rifles slung over their shoulders.
  25. Also my servants came presently with rifles.
  26. Then, she carefully removed two M-16 Rifles.
  27. They grabbed the cage, their rifles in hand.
  28. SG 550 assault rifles that can blast off 700.
  29. They see both of his rifles inside the closet.
  30. Then three rifles fired from inside the stable.
  31. Good thing these rifles are still in here!.
  32. Garcia took one of the rifles she was carrying.
  33. All the others kept their rifles pointed at us.
  34. We once again check the magazines in the rifles.
  35. I am! I hope these rifles are still here!.
  36. Other rifles had to be used for better accuracy.
  37. The bullets fired from the rifles of the armed.
  38. These rifles seemed to be made for the types of.
  39. Startled, they jumped up and grabbed their rifles.
  40. They both leaped as the rifles slid towards them.
  41. They were carrying rifles and had a dog with them.
  42. Of course, the rifles had been divided between St.
  43. She pulled out the telescope and one of the rifles.
  44. Sam and I have sniper rifles pointed at your heads.
  45. Some maniac just unloaded two rifles without aiming.
  46. Around him sounds the din of boots, clatter of rifles.
  47. Kylmahn rifles four five-days earlier than predicted.
  48. On the tops of the rifles there were normal looking.
  49. They’re useless against assault rifles and mortars.
  50. Sure there were plenty of automatic rifles you could.
  51. They popped rifles up on their shoulders and took aim.
  52. It was a brand for motorcycles and hunting rifles, too.
  53. Some human chawbacons with assault rifles and dynamite.
  54. We need all hands to man rifles and prepare for a fight.
  55. Four stood their ground and raised their assault rifles.
  56. Two guards, with rifles pointed at him, approached Roger.
  57. The city warriors all had rifles or automatic weapons of.
  58. All we had were our rifles, some grenades, and our knives.
  59. Their hunting rifles could kill any animal, including the.
  60. Cully (late 13th King's Royal Rifles), 76 Milkwood Road, S.
  61. Two Israeli security guards armed with rifles walked by him.
  62. Lt Rattigan pointed to the four who still had their rifles.
  63. Within an hour we had brought up the rifles and a shot-gun.
  64. Nonetheless, shes one of the more accurate rifles Ive.
  65. He loaded one of the rifles and placed it within easy reach.
  66. There is a deafening noise of at least 2 rifles being fired.
  67. Drest in blue, bearing their trusty rifles on their shoulders.
  68. Mick handed the local man the old rifles and pistols, wiping.
  69. Soldiers appeared at the top of the steps, rifles at the ready.
  70. Practice sessions with rifles and handguns were really just a.
  71. The rifles were down there, silent for the first time in years.
  72. Hundreds of soldiers marched into the court with their rifles.
  73. Stand to grab your rifles come on get the fucking lead out.
  74. Rory looked around and saw two rifles standing behind the door.
  75. But then they would assuredly have taken their rifles with them.
  76. Twenty assault rifles would be of great help, would it not?’.
  77. The rifles fitted nicely into our boxes which defied the rumour.
  78. Beside him there were another three rifles amongst the villagers.
  79. Travis and Lesperance stood with smoking rifles, cursing steadily.
  80. This is an arms factory making phaser rifles at a phenomenal rate.
  81. They pointed their rifles at the bus as the dozen workers got out.
  82. When Uncle Dylan emerges again, he is carrying two automatic rifles.
  83. All had R1 (SLR) rifles, and only live ammunition designed to kill.
  84. They could not stand the new rifles brought out by that poor Decoud.
  85. They heard tires jarring to a stop, and the sound of rifles cocking.
  86. The men dropped their rifles as they reached to dislodge the knives.
  87. The rifles suddenly swarmed with fish who seemed to have come to see.
  88. They were traditionally dressed but were armed with automatic rifles.
  89. When you return and you have posted a guard over the rifles, I want.
  90. Maybe that was for shotguns and rifles, to keep them out of the dirt.
  91. My mind was racing as to what we could do, where had I put the rifles.
  92. As I was coming out of the cave, I saw two goons, both with rifles.
  93. So of course it must be sacred! HUH? High-powered rifles are sacred?
  94. Both men carried rifles, the one on Cliff’s shoulder shiny high-tech.
  95. The officer was immediately followed by two sailors armed with rifles.
  96. It was also quite noisy, with other apprentices already firing rifles.
  97. Eggers gave the command to shoulder the rifles, then escorted Nancy out.
  98. Two women carrying rifles moved by in silence like ghosts in the night.
  99. Their blue eyes constantly scanning their surrounds, rifles held ready.
  100. Atop the palisade fence, men patrolled armed with rifles, bows and pikes.

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1. He put down the rifle.
2. It was a sniper rifle.
3. But the rifle had an.
4. Dar picked up his rifle.
5. Rifle shot to the head.
6. A series of rifle shots.
7. Then she saw the rifle.
8. The guy raised his rifle.
9. He held his rifle in a.
10. He had his rifle pointed.
11. She handed Smith the rifle.
12. He had a rifle in his arms.
13. A rifle was aimed towards.
14. I put the rifle on the desk.
15. An ancient rifle lay inside.
16. He pointed his rifle at them.
17. I thrust the rifle toward her.
18. His rifle at sling, and his.
19. Wrapped in calico was a rifle.
20. One held a rifle in her hands.
21. Emily pulled her rifle out of.
22. So they put a rifle in my hand.
23. He had a backpack but no rifle.
24. My hands tightened on my rifle.
25. His rifle discharged as he fell.
26. Gird to rifle through his wallet.
27. I pointed the rifle at his face.
28. I kept my rifle pointed in his.
29. In her hands was a sniper rifle.
30. It fires a 22 caliber long rifle.
31. A rifle was stashed under the bed.
32. The rifle was ripped out of her.
33. Cameron had a M82A1 sniper rifle.
34. An ancient rifle lay inside of it.
35. His rifle was pointed at my chest.
36. There’s the rifle in the corner.
37. The man with the rifle handed his.
38. Joey hoisted his rifle at the thing.
39. The man beside me dropped his rifle.
40. He clutched the rifle in his hands.
41. He held the rifle in his cold hands.
42. The bang of the rifle made him jump.
43. It had nothing to do with the rifle.
44. The M200 is a sniper rifle and the.
45. I rested my rifle and said to Elijah.
46. Nick rested his rifle on his shoulder.
47. On this day, Jalal had his deer rifle.
48. With a tug of the trigger the rifle.
49. The rifle roars with a deafening crack.
50. He motioned us forward with his rifle.
51. A rifle was slung across his shoulder.
52. Can either of you handle a rifle?
53. Colt and a 50 caliber Springfield rifle.
54. That is, until the rifle began to drip.
55. Nobody lifted a rifle, nobody took aim.
56. Stokes dismounted and grabbed his rifle.
57. I stood to see Janet chamber her rifle.
58. My guide helps me with the rifle strap.
59. I had never handled a rifle in my life.
60. Will's father lifted the rifle, beaming.
61. The heavy rifle was slowing my stride.
62. It’s suppose to be his assault rifle.
63. The rifle in his hands seemed a cap gun.
64. Michael ripped the strap off his rifle.
65. Lepine reloaded his rifle at least once.
66. We need to search him and get his rifle.
67. I shoulder my rifle and my pack and the.
68. Kalver slung the rifle over his shoulder.
69. In his hands he was holding a deer rifle.
70. He took the rifle from me and examined it.
71. Thank goodness it was you with the rifle.
72. He certainly knows how to handle a rifle.
73. He had an old-fashioned rifle in one arm.
74. The rifle hadn’t been her first solo job.
75. Sue followed us with her rifle raised on.
76. I found a great assault rifle that I liked.
77. You mean the rifle and the Beretta?
78. I test the weight of the rifle in my hands.
79. He swung his body around, with the rifle.
80. I grabbed his rifle and kept it at my feet.
81. Tuesday to neglect in handling his C8 rifle.
82. Bryce raised his rifle and started shooting.
83. A rifle is a machine that wounds and kills.
84. She pointed to his rifle and reached for it.
85. There was the sound of a second rifle shot.
86. Dom reloaded his rifle with five more rounds.
87. Rory put the rifle on the floor and stood up.
88. Even without a rifle, he said to one of his.
89. The dull thwack of a rifle butt in a stomach.
90. When a door slammed it was like a rifle shot.
91. He carried a rifle with a bayonet on the end.
92. The second coyote stood sidewise to my rifle.
93. He fidgeted with his rifle as he took a few.
94. But they will not need light to use the rifle.
95. I have put my smile on the bullet in the rifle.
96. He grabbed the rifle up and chambered a round.
97. You hear me? he said holding the rifle in.
98. I crawled to Coombs and kicked his rifle away.
99. He held a rifle waist high, pointed at my head.
100. It attaches only to the main body of the rifle.

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