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Ring numa frase em (in ingles)

1. So he let it ring.
2. It had a ring to it.
3. You gave me a ring.
4. Of the ring of fire.
5. Her soul was her ring.
6. Also there is a ring.
7. The key is a ring.

8. It was the same ring.
9. We hear the bell ring.
10. He lacks the One Ring.
11. I placed the ring on.
12. It was a ring, once.
13. Of a Mobius Ring and.
14. Molly held up her ring.
15. I saw his thumb ring.
16. It's an old Norse ring.
17. He gave me this ring.
18. Once in the show ring:.
19. He wore a ring on his.
20. Then the shots ring out.
21. My mind goes to the Ring.
22. He did not ring that day.
23. Bilbo had used the Ring.
24. It is on the ring road.
25. Her phone began to ring.
26. She has a wedding ring.
27. Clear out of the ring.
28. I ring the bell and wait.
29. The start of a new ring.
30. With every ring of time.
31. To command over the ring.
32. Tanner looked at his ring.
33. Does that ring a bell?
34. Still ring within my ear.
35. She let it ring and ring.
36. The phone started to ring.
37. There was a ring at the.
38. It picked up in one ring.
39. No ring on the left hand.
40. III - The Ring Goes South.
1. There was a ringing in Mr.
2. She was ringing the nurse.
3. The phone did stop ringing.
4. It was a telephone ringing.
5. I hear ringing in my ears.
6. The echo is ringing in my.
7. Is that the phone ringing?
8. The ringing in their ears.
9. The phone was still ringing.
10. The buzzer was ringing again.
11. It was his telephone ringing.
12. The ringing phone cut her off.
13. It's been ringing on and.
14. Nobody answered to her ringing.
15. His cellular phone was ringing.
16. The phone did not stop ringing.
17. Matthew heard the bell ringing.
18. She stared at the ringing phone.
19. Ringing the bell was a test of.
20. He listened to the phone ringing.
21. George's phone was ringing again.
22. The hidden phone stopped ringing.
23. The ringing phone interrupted him.
24. Piping o’er the rushes, ringing.
25. In a ringing voice he declaimed:.
26. My ears are still ringing a bit.
27. The warning bells are now ringing.
28. She was woken by her ringing phone.
29. It was like a muffled bell ringing.
30. Dr Tanmay’s phone started ringing.
31. Where are you ringing from?
32. There was a loud bell ringing sound.
33. The phone kept ringing and ringing.
34. He waited for the ringing to stop.
35. The ringing phone was not giving up.
36. The phone started ringing downstairs.
37. The ringing in my head stopped dead.
38. The church bells were still ringing.
39. She was woken by her phone's ringing.
40. The press have been ringing up the.
1. I have rung a few bells.
2. Tim's phone would have rung.
3. He’s rung here four times.
4. Alarm bells should have rung.
5. His harp beneath that sky had rung.
6. His phone hadn’t rung all morning.
7. And over the waves its warning rung.
8. She leaned her head against a metal rung.
9. I think the name must have rung a bell.
10. You could’ve rung the chime, you know.
11. She gripped each rung as though her life.
12. I too had once rung at the monster's door.
13. His cell phone on top of the television rung.
14. Sonja's cellular phone rung in her Coach bag.
15. It was very kind of you to have rung, Ron.
16. We would have rung but we have been tied up.
17. Boom! The sound of a 45 rung in John’s ears.
18. A quick firm pull and she felt the rung break.
19. She rung it and placed it on Kate’s forehead.
20. Pulling on the rung, she felt it move slightly.
21. Her grip tightened on the metal rung, warming it.
22. I’ve blown the whistle and I have rung the bell.
23. It was half-past eight, and Everard hadn't rung up.
24. Krystal stood on the bottom rung of the rope ladder.
25. Rung 2: Pay off your credit card and any other debt.
26. The performer laid her hands on the top rung of the.
27. Oh! if only I could die! Have they rung for dinner?
28. He’s rung me a couple of times to keep me in touch.
29. But moving around the beam illuminated a rung of steps.
30. When the phone had rung across the street in the night.
31. One of the occupational therapists had rung Bill Clayton.
32. He was still deep in his thoughts when the telephone rung.
33. Before Junya got a chance to respond, his cell phone rung.
34. I used my upper body strength and climbed to the top rung.
35. Suddenly that sorrowful voice laughed and rung in his ears.
36. His hand found a rung Will had nailed away among the leaves.
37. It could have rung while I was dealing with customers, it.
38. Now the curtain had been rung down forever, the footlights.
39. Then, when he’d rung again she’d switched off her phone.
40. Now at first I thought that Toto had rung it with a biro, but.
1. And rings in the sink.
2. The rings are in the.
3. From Lord of the Rings.
4. His phone rings and he.
5. The C light Mobius rings.
6. Nick rings at the weekend.
7. Rose rings are in the sky.
8. It rings in Mary’s ears.
9. The world is made of rings.
10. The term rings a vague bell.
11. At a moment the phone rings.
12. My private line rings again.
13. Tánya raps twice and rings.
14. The phone rings in the hall.
15. The taxman only rings once.
16. Dave rings just after eight.
17. Actually you have two rings.
18. After 5 rings he heard his.
19. Eight times, rings the bell.
20. At the very small was rings.
21. My private number rings, shit.
22. After twenty rings he hung up.
23. The snowy prayer, that rings.
24. Setne twisted his pinky rings.
25. She answered two rings later.
26. Later on, the doorbell rings.
27. The Mobius rings and spheres.
28. Mark rings the doorbell again.
29. He said it rings all the time.
30. In this box are seven rings.
31. The rings of Uranus are very.
32. Of The Rings? still nothing.
33. There were three rings to pass.
34. No hymn rings so with joy as:.
35. After four rings, he picked up.
36. And after two rings he answered.
37. Moments later the doorbell rings.
38. The telephone rings for a while.
39. We had the rings and the relic!.
40. And the Mobius rings and spheres.
1. I rang the bell again.
2. A shot rang out and.
3. One day the phone rang.
4. And then the phone rang.
5. A fourth shot rang out.
6. The bell rang for Terce.
7. Two more shots rang out.
8. A shot rang in the night.
9. A great church bell rang.
10. Just then the phone rang.
11. Then my cell phone rang.
12. The man rang the police.
13. Just then his phone rang.
14. The phone rang after that.
15. He rang; a woman with a.
16. The jurymen rang the bell.
17. Still, no shots rang out.
18. Just then, the phone rang.
19. The lacquey rang his bell.
20. It vibrated when it rang.
21. He rang me from Hamilton.
22. He rang the doorbell and.
23. The rail rang and snapped.
24. You rang, boss? he.
25. His words rang in her ears.
26. I rang the bell and waited.
27. When the gong rang, they.
28. The cell phone rang again.
29. He rang Green immediately.
30. The phone rang and rang.
31. It rang again immediately.
32. It rang for a few minutes.
33. They rang back soon after.
34. Gary’s mobile phone rang.
35. Then the song rang out,.

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