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Riot numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. No wonder we had a riot.
  2. There was a riot going on.
  3. His hair was a laugh riot.
  4. You investigation was a riot.
  5. You must have created a riot.

  6. Oscar read Nelson the riot act.
  7. Nevertheless, it remains a riot.
  8. The riot of the world and glare.
  9. And what about that riot?
  10. You have just planted a new riot.
  11. The selfish child in me ran riot.
  12. The Author in Tokoza on riot duty.
  13. A common man never initiates riot.
  14. Younis Khan never wanted any riot.
  15. The guy said, Sally, you're a riot.

  16. It was both a nightmare and a riot.
  17. She’s a riot when she gets going.
  18. Let me go I can try to stop the riot.
  19. The Author in Tokoza on riot duty 1989.
  20. This riot had never happened before….
  21. There was a riot, Lord Henry said.
  22. Some shots were fired, and a riot began.
  23. Riot police had to restore law and order.
  24. Hell, I thought the guy was a riot, myself.
  25. Why should that cause the masses to riot?

  26. We don‘t want a riot on our hands now do.
  27. Riot is Masaniello; insurrection, Spartacus.
  28. It was the big man who had started the riot.
  29. Uncle Henry, it’s a riot! Rollo said.
  30. But his heart was in a constant, turbulent riot.
  31. The army and riot police went into full action.
  32. He was holding an 870 riot gun across his chest.
  33. On the other side, the oasis was a riot of colour.
  34. Riot police was just as ubiquitous as the dark smoke.
  35. You would have caused a riot with this bathing suit.
  36. The Marines wore battle armor and carried riot gear.
  37. He h…has planned for another riot in the town.
  38. He could write an essay on the aftermath of the riot.
  39. Every man a hero! We shall have a mad riot of a time.
  40. Wrath spreads abroad the riot as wind spreads a fire.
  41. The Celebration on the way home in the limo was a riot.
  42. Our parents were killed in the riot, Usmaan said.
  43. I held my breath as the riot reached the Lyndon house.
  44. Take them all outside the castle, and feign a riot.
  45. In 1772 a riot took place in the principal settlement.
  46. Thus he incited the crowd to riot and they grabbed up.
  47. Listened for a few minutes as she read me the riot act.
  48. Aw--that's a riot, isn't it? laughed the President.
  49. Behind me there was a riot of feet clubbing the tomb entry.
  50. No way in the world could they do it without causing a riot.
  51. So in other words my boy Saharabad riot was all my plan.
  52. The sound of horse hooves could be heard even above the riot.
  53. It was broadcasting footage of the riot in a continuous loop.
  54. If he wasn't so stupid, I'd say he was trying to cause a riot.
  55. But what matters is who was actually responsible for the riot.
  56. The police showed up in full riot gear but it was just for show.
  57. Several of the monks were arrested, and a ful -scale riot ensued.
  58. Whatever happens in the riot we don’t have any control over it.
  59. Joseph stood to attention whilst his Colonel read him the riot act.
  60. I know Chuck thinks she's a riot, but he says you're the solid one.
  61. Nothing is more extraordinary than the first breaking out of a riot.
  62. If, in Bihar, it was a terror attack, in UP it would be a tragic riot.
  63. Outside there came a riot of noise as the warriors ran for their horses.
  64. I’m not sure if he wants to congratulate you or read you the riot act.
  65. Everything was blown away by an even bigger story the day after the riot.
  66. He is a hypocrite, a rascal who has himself roused the people to riot.
  67. He gets out and lays low with his riot gear until the call comes from DB.
  68. There was a riot of yelling, crashing and cussing pouring out of the saloon.
  69. In the beginning, the insurrection is a riot, just as a river is a torrent.
  70. A Federation Marine in full battle and riot gear is a formidable adversary.
  71. The riot was as real to him as the prison carts were to Stepan Trofimovitch.
  72. And hence we employed Junaid to convince Younis Khan for the Saharabad riot.
  73. Kept that line a long while until its moment came in the song Riot Act.
  74. Otherwise the riot was conducted after the most scientific military tactics.
  75. They are state of the art control pods designed to stand up to a prison riot.
  76. I really relied on Fardeen, Pratap, and those young guns to prevent the riot.
  77. The party had all the best qualities of a riot and a night on the barricades.
  78. He marched them into his office, closed the door, and read them the riot act.
  79. A riot? Are you sure? Lord Henry looked out the window, then turned to me.
  80. Or she’d have just said the riot was boring because it didn’t come here.
  81. Lizzie smiled and waved and nearly caused a riot of hoots, laughs and clapping.
  82. He was issued the standard black military style riot gear and an assault rifle.
  83. It makes it far harder afterwards to run into any excess of riot and profligacy.
  84. It caused the curious constables to stall in the attempt to investigate the riot.
  85. We were not permitted to perform Jailhouse Rock or Riot in Cell Block No.
  86. He had been expecting something of a riot, and this orderly manner fascinated him.
  87. Rollo came charging out of the schoolroom, shouting excitedly, It’s a riot!.
  88. Pilot knew all too well that he Jews had a propensity to riot, and had rioted before.
  89. Members of the riot squad in the West Wales region were kitted up and close at hand.
  90. As soon as the signal was given, riot police smashed in the door with giant mallets.
  91. Joe could have caused to them to riot had he wished to do so, they were that excited.
  92. Soon the Riot Units became infamous for subduing protests using considerable violence.
  93. I had cast off all feeling, subdued all anguish, to riot in the excess of my despair.
  94. And I counted one hundred and thirty-five men coming out of the prison in riot gear.
  95. On cobblestones far down the street, the shadows quivered with the lights of the riot.
  96. The riot police was just about holding back this frenzied crowd that wanted her blood.
  97. They did not instruct my cousin to use deadly force while out on the riot that evening.
  98. We will riot them and this time it won’t be a fake one but a real and fatal one Faizan.
  99. But I promise you that this riot or any riot cannot create walls between our friendships.
  100. He made his way up to the promenade deck, where he found a riot of athleticism unfolding.
  1. That put a stop to the rioting.
  2. The buccaneers were rioting in Panama.
  3. The birds were fairly rioting by this time.
  4. There’s been rioting between men and women.
  5. Still the rioting people were in the entire area.
  6. He told them there was no more rioting in the streets.
  7. Julie looked up at Will with worry rioting across her face.
  8. Mercifully the rioting never did spread to his neighbourhood.
  9. Recently there had been fresh outbreaks of rioting in Athens.
  10. You cannot stop us from rioting, replied Abhay Pratap to me.
  11. I threw away money by the handful on music, rioting, and gypsies.
  12. They are little children rioting and barring out the teacher at school.
  13. Incidentally, a year after the disaster, rioting and looting is still going on.
  14. These rioting people were started attacking the police forces and the security forces.
  15. This led to much rioting and even murder and certainly police killings of the rioters.
  16. Washington to dinner at the White House in 1901, angry rioting broke out and 34 people were killed.
  17. Just wait, they will have their fleas driven out of them,—they won't think of rioting after that.
  18. By 1973 civil war seemed around the corner, with students and workers rioting against the military government.
  19. Tell me your secrets, and I’ll tell you mine, she said, trying to sound calm, despite the rioting inside.
  20. It wouldn‘t be very sporting on my part were I to gloat over the recent rioting in France‘s Muslim Communities.
  21. The rioting farmers prevented hospitals from receiving blood, and doctors from getting to work with their silliness.
  22. As if these new bouts of rioting weren’t enough to contend with, Greece was embroiled in bitter political row with Britain.
  23. It is still unknown whether the perpetrators were rioting in response to the disease, or as a result of being infected with it.
  24. What have you been about? Eh? The peasants are rioting, and you can’t manage them? You’re a traitor yourself! I know you.
  25. Surrounded by trellised honeysuckles rioting with yellow and white blooms, a table sat in a courtyard garden inside the palace itself.
  26. As we already know the Greeks are protesting, demonstrating, rioting and rebelling against the harsh austerity measures like never before.
  27. Also, I delighted much in rioting, revelling, drinking, swearing, lying, uncleanness, Sabbath-breaking, and what not, that tended to destroy the soul.
  28. Opponents agreed; hardly anyone wanted the streets filled with rioting protesters, but peaceful demonstrations should not be impeded with brute force.
  29. A poll tax she advocated led to widespread rioting, and she was deeply mistrustful of Britain’s participation in the European Union, thinking it eroded its power.
  30. Scrolling text jolts your attention, an aging stage actor’s speech on the anniversary of the riots surrounding piracy hearings in the Morocco sparks more rioting.
  31. The luggage-loading platform has been moved outside the station, and rioting passengers have to be ordered to the correct check-in line or directed to the right bus.
  32. Every day public buildings are attacked, crippling public strikes bring the country to a stand still, and incessant rioting has turned the major cities into war zones.
  33. I consider it a monstrous ugly thing to have particles of pig rioting up and down my veins, turning into brains, coloring my thoughts, becoming a very part of my body.
  34. Our founders recognized that civil unrest with widespread rioting, looting, and violence would undermine the authority of the government and shake the confidence of the populace.
  35. The police arrived late, that is why they were neither able to save any of the society’s residents nor their own police officer who bravely grappled with the rioting mob alone.
  36. On one day of rioting, a young poet, named Paul Aime Garnier, was pursued in the Place Royale, with a bayonet at his loins, and only escaped by taking refuge under the porte-cochere of No.
  37. The Committee had already discussed matters concerning the operations of the UK Border Agency and, in a much lengthier session, they explored the causes of and response to the recent rioting.
  38. Is that their science? Is that their solution, genocide of 90% of the earth’s population? By bankrupting the US, chaos would descend upon the world, with mass starvation, rioting and looting.
  39. So, with all the horrors of Wild Week in mind, all its physical and mental suffering, all the ruin and rioting and bloodshed, I still can insist that I am justly proud of my share in bringing it about.
  40. Most of the wounded during the two days of rioting had been taken away already by their friends and relations, but several figures could be seen sitting up balancing their bandaged heads in time to the music.
  41. On 13 April 1919, with rioting sweeping through Punjab province (by no means did all Indians follow Gandhi’s line of non-violence), British General Reginald Dyer decided to use shock tactics to restore order.
  42. Another cartoon depicted senior police as snails, slow to investigate an indigenous death in custody on Palm Island, which resulted in rioting that burnt down the only police station, barracks and court house on the island.
  43. The authorities here, and across the water, have enough evidence against most of the terrorist leadership, from both sides, to convince anyone of their involvement in murder, explosions, rioting and no end of other criminal activity.
  44. Faced with the threat of another oil embargo by the Arabs and with rioting in the streets by every minority whose members had been deported from this country, who collectively made up the majority of Americans, President Quaid finally acted.
  45. Corbett have paraded the entire population of the Eudora Quarters in front of you, one after the other accusing these citizens of Eudora of murder, rioting in the streets, and general mayhem—well, sir, that’s because that is exactly what they’ve done.
  46. A helpless girl overwhelmed with grief, left to the mercy of coarse, rioting peasants! And what a strange fate sent me here! What gentleness and nobility there are in her features and expression! thought he as he looked at her and listened to her timid story.
  47. Some talked about the Moscow militia which, preceded by the clergy, would go to the Three Hills; others whispered that Augustin had been forbidden to leave, that traitors had been seized, that the peasants were rioting and robbing people on their way from Moscow, and so on.
  48. It is Europe against France; it is Petersburg, Berlin, and Vienna against Paris; it is the statu quo against the initiative; it is the 14th of July, 1789, attacked through the 20th of March, 1815; it is the monarchies clearing the decks in opposition to the indomitable French rioting.
  49. A good idea to be sure, but it also meant that white males in South Africa cannot legally be hired into 97% of available jobs, which simply means whites are not employable, and since skill plays no role in hiring, the whole country’s infrastructure is rapidly collapsing causing widespread rioting.
  50. But unlike in the times gone by, led by the Sangh Parivar, the Gujarati Hindu retaliation that followed accounted for 790 Musalmans (falsified by the Congress chamchas in the TV circuit as 2000-odd to politically hurt the irrepressible Narendra Modi, the Chief Minister of the State) in which rioting 254 Hindus too were dead, which fact was equally glossed over by the pseudo-secular media.
  51. Heaven and Earth shall pass away; but my words shall not pass away and be diligent to yourselves in case at any time your hearts be overcharged with rioting and drunkenness and cares of this life and so that day comes on you as unaware; because as a snare shall it come on all those who dwell on the face of the whole Earth; Therefore watch and pray always so that you may be counted as worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass and to stand before the Son of Man.
  52. Terrorism, like rioting, is undoubtedly inhuman and can have no justification, but as mentioned earlier, it is by no means a Muslim monopoly (the popular statement All Muslims are not terrorists but all terrorists are Muslims is indeed the biggest lie) and several injustices against Muslims in different parts of the world or geopolitical strategies of big powers like the United States of America have led to terrorism by Muslims (just like the attack on the S-16 coach in Godhara or the killing of Swami Laxmidanda Saraswati sparked off rioting by Hindus against Muslims and Christians in Gujarat and Odisha respectively) and it has not been just out of general intolerance of other religious communities.
  53. If, sir, the construction which I have taken of the sense of the House and of the Government be not correct, whence comes it that we have such cases before us as that of Daniel Buck? Whence comes it that we hear of Treasury instructions, not issued in the first instance for the purpose of expounding a law touching the clearances of vessels, that uniformity may prevail in the different districts, but supplementary instructions, becoming in practice the actual law of the land? In other words, if my construction be not correct, whence comes it that every principle formerly called federal—every principle of Executive energy and power—has been strained of late to an extent heretofore unparalleled? Whence comes it, that in the archives of this Assembly, we find copies of licenses given by the Executive power of the nation—to do what? To permit one part of this confederacy to supply another part with bread! We have had Executive licenses, graciously permitting that a portion of our citizens should not starve while the rest were revelling in plenty, and suffering for want of a market! Let us suppose, that in the fragments of history of the ancient nations of the earth, of those periods which are most involved in obscurity, we should find an Imperial rescript to this effect, what would be the inevitable conclusion of the historian? That, if the Chief Magistrate of the Government could at pleasure starve one part of the people while another was rioting in plenty, that the individual who held this power was the greatest despot on earth, and the Government a purely unmixed despotism.
  1. Cuban-American crowds rioted, battling police.
  2. We rioted toward the studio late in the afternoon.
  3. It came as no surprise that blacks had rioted on such a horrific level.
  4. Pilot knew all too well that he Jews had a propensity to riot, and had rioted before.
  5. But the nervous excitement that rioted through his blood stimulated him to Herculean efforts.
  6. That was when the Jewish population rioted and attacked the Romans and other non-Jews in Jerusalem.
  7. Then as now, TV did not like anti-war protesters, nor any other sort of protesters, unless they rioted.
  8. The people rioted, the troops refused to obey the tsar’s orders, and the whole country seemed likely to collapse.
  9. De Gaulle saw France through the boom years of the sixties but he was badly thrown when French students rioted in 1968 and resigned the following year.
  10. When the jihadi driven amongst the Indian Musalmans, in lieu of the Babri debris, turned some of Bombay’s buildings into rubble, the equally bigoted Shiv Sainiks rioted to pay them back with Islamic body bags.
  11. Turned out not be the case, for the second day we were there, leftist students at the local National University rioted in protest of our presence, throwing a lot of rocks and injuring a good number of my shipmates.
  12. A voice kept remarking that Prime Ministers and Viceroys spoke in the Reichstag; entered Lahore; said that the Emperor travelled; in Milan they rioted; said there were rumours in Vienna; said that the Ambassador at Constantinople had audience with the Sultan; the fleet was at Gibraltar.
  13. There was also a large Chamber call’d the Tangier, where the miserable Debtors were kept (only distinguish’d from the Felons by the Fact that they wore no Irons), another Chamber call’d the High Hall, which was use’d for Recreation, and a stinking dark Cellar where intoxicating Liquors were sold, and Multitudes of Prisoners rioted merrily, inflam’d by what was doubtless tainted Gin (and which, you may be sure, they paid dear for).
  1. The Muslims riots in America.
  2. The Truths of Saharabad Riots.
  3. All Union led riots are Leftist.
  4. Riots occurred and several wars.
  5. International at the time of the riots.
  6. Uprisings, little revolts, small riots.
  7. You may have heard about riots several.
  8. Resultantly riots erupted all over Zulimistan.
  9. It frequently just erupted into brawls or riots.
  10. Then the Rodney King riots in Los Angeles happened.
  11. Riots, looting, end of the world, rape in the streets.
  12. Who in your eyes are the masterminds of riots?
  13. On the Underground and not many riots lately, so it did.
  14. There were Hindu-Muslim riots in September 1924 in Lucknow.
  15. It had been a few months now that the black riots happened.
  16. But these riots had finished her entire family within a day.
  17. The Muzaffarnagar riots only exposed the fault lines further.
  18. Where are the mass protests and flaming riots in the name of.
  19. Riots were the only way to achieve that attention and support.
  20. Riots were reported in at least two other states in the south.
  21. A hope that someday the riots would be history in this country.
  22. It should be noted that during the Lhasa riots many Han Chinese.
  23. This time, however, the news was talking about the riots in Russia.
  24. Actually, a lot of things had changed in Saharabad after the riots.
  25. Last year Britain saw the worse racial riots for almost a decade.
  26. The ship was sailing plungingly; astern the billows rolled in riots.
  27. Constant protests over the war, SDS riots on Sproul Plaza in Berkeley.
  28. The epoch, surnamed "of the riots," abounds in details of this nature.
  29. And during the unconsciousness, I could see shadows of previous riots.
  30. They had died days ago with the riots in the nearest towns and cities.
  31. There will be riots, marches, speeches, scandals, conflict, and debate.
  32. I had to flee Jerusalem last Tuesday, when the city erupted in riots.
  33. Dalit families who were affected in the riots were promised protection.
  34. This fear of scarcity causes unrest, riots, and even war, which enables.
  35. They published extra editions for the afternoon to report on the riots.
  36. But Junaid cunningly convinced him and at last, we framed him for the riots.
  37. The city observed a close due to growing tension and possibilities of riots.
  38. Let’s have a brief look at the London riots, he said facing the camera.
  39. No less than a score of riots and much bloodshed resulted from this decision.
  40. She reported on the Watts riots in LA and the conglomeration of riots in the.
  41. But the riots on the streets had started to cause these wealthy merchants to.
  42. And the people that were affected by the riots would never expect that it all.
  43. He had also lobbied for Modi with the British government after the 2002 riots.
  44. You resigned from the police force after the black riots happened in London.
  45. The Muzaffarnagar riots drew the politically influential Jats into the BJP fold.
  46. But the riots swelled with little planning and were quelled with little injury.
  47. They are in such a mess that the ordinary Joe is rising up in riots to protest.
  48. Unfortunately, very little could be done to protect them when the riots first.
  49. But now I know that they used me to put curtains on their involvement in riots.
  50. Even better than anything they have experienced in last year's f riots in Soweto.
  51. Modi has at least been subject to intense scrutiny for his role in the 2002 riots.
  52. Monitoring an event or series of events such as the riots was reasonably successful.
  53. They are scared that if you do not, there will be anarchy and riots in the streets.
  54. You just need to watch some of the food riots going on around the Earth to see that.
  55. They did not disappoint us being much more hardened and experienced in riots than us.
  56. After weeks of crackdowns, shortages and mass riots, the situation appears to have.
  57. The whole city was under siege by riot police who were prepared for more riots and looting.
  58. Peaceful rallies normally turned into riots when we or the journalists arrived on the scene.
  59. There were increasing riots in South Africa, and they were ruthlessly put down by the police.
  60. The details of what constitutes a ladder has been the spark of many fierce battles and riots.
  61. Because it doesn’t want the world to know that race riots are tearing this country apart.
  62. They didn’t take part in the riots when Jack returned but they were dangerous just the same.
  63. Yes, all had service pistols but most saw it as a last weapon and it was seldom used in riots.
  64. In the aftermath of the recent riots in London and elsewhere strong critical comments continued.
  65. On the other hand, with riots, it is the normal Joe on the street against the country's police.
  66. I was at a peaceful demonstration, but in a police state, you do not have protests, but riots.
  67. Rising food prices are like a silent tsunami, shaking governments and stoking riots in their wake.
  68. Even so, in 1959 major riots broke out when Congolese nationalists held independence demonstrations.
  69. Almost all the riots were caused by the Apartheid laws which makes parliament ultimately responsible.
  70. When the 2002 Gujarat riots occurred, Nitish Kumar was a minister in the Vajpayee-led NDA government.
  71. Austerity has no characteristic reasoning other than establishing riots for disorderly public outlook.
  72. In the decade after 2002, the Congress’s principal attack on Modi had been his handling of the riots.
  73. In the Civil War draft riots in New York City, Irish mobs targeted Blacks as well as draft authorities.
  74. Mr Faizan, Do you intend to prevent riots or it was a publicity stunt in view to near elections?
  75. Because the police force should have, right from the start dealt with these riots as black mob attacks.
  76. Riots and shootings gripped the city for days and footage of the carnage appeared on television worldwide.
  77. Washington’s compromise speech, missionary uplift’s house of cards crashed during the Atlanta Race Riots.
  78. By using whatever means they had to, they put a stop to the endless riots and brought about an unsteady peace.
  79. Those riots may spread for a while but I believe that they will eventually be quashed in a horrible bloodbath.
  80. This programme will ask weather these race riots will become the norm as they have in major cities in the USA.
  81. The wariness stemmed from the hostile media reaction Modi had encountered in the aftermath of the Gujarat riots.
  82. The Chicago race riots of 1919 were sparked off by a black man straying onto the whites-only part of the beach.
  83. This particular news report was a post-mortem on the UK black riots that had caused chaos across the land last year.
  84. What is the use of creating riots in Muslim states…? After all why should we assassinate innocent Muslim leaders…?
  85. Modi was always convinced that a large section of the English-language media would never make him forget the 2002 riots.
  86. Those memories you have, of the riots, world wars, violence upon each other and all the other things in your history are.
  87. The Boggs saw all this and then came the summer of 1967 with the riots in Detroit and the devastation of the neighborhoods.
  88. On 16 August 1946, Jinnah declared direct action day and violent riots broke out with thousands dying all over the country.
  89. My smile although shortened when I heard the word ‘Manav Kalyan Party’, the same party which was accused for the riots.
  90. But I’m glad we went to the Festival that year, though, because riots caused performance cancellations the following year.
  91. When Modi was sworn in as Gujarat chief minister in December 2002 after the riots, he invited Rajat to be his special guest.
  92. Most definitely not, and with riots going on for more than fifty years there will always be a small percentage of atrocities.
  93. In fact, there is also no other place where the SAP suffered more damage to its reputation as during the riots or at the riots.
  94. If we listen to this school, The riots which complicated the affair of 1830 deprived that great event of a portion of its purity.
  95. We looked powerful from outside but from inside the country was still tangled with the same stories of corruption, crime and riots.
  96. It happened when he was asked a question about his wife Jasodhaben and when an interviewer tried to push him once again on the riots.
  97. All Riots Casspirs had a silly (non-bulletproof) roof to stop incendiary bombs (and stones) which made me duck under them all the time.
  98. The suggestion by the government following the riots that tore streets and communities to pieces to shut down social media were dropped.
  99. The son of a maltjobber and moneylender he was himself a cornjobber and moneylender, with ten tods of corn hoarded in the famine riots.
  100. In October 2013, I travelled to Bareilly, a town that had seen a month-long bandh the previous year after riots broke out during Ramzan.

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