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Ripple numa frase em (in ingles)

1. Then a ripple effect all around him.
2. There was a polite ripple of laughter.
3. There was a little ripple of laughter.
4. Every drop of water creates a ripple.
5. A minor ripple had already reached it.
6. There was a ripple of laughter at that.
7. We heard it flow, we heard it ripple!.

8. Do you understand that word "ripple?".
9. Not even a ripple when lightning hits it.
10. For several days, he raised not a ripple.
11. A ripple of anticipation went through me.
12. A ripple of ah's ran thru the court.
13. The ripple moved steadily downward as the.
14. Then, up ahead, the water started to ripple.
15. There was a ripple of good-humoured applause.
16. An endless ripple in a shoreless lake that.
17. Norah noted the ripple under the calm surface.
18. A ripple of concern spread through the parents.
19. A ripple of added excitement passed through Moshe.
20. Joey felt a ripple of warmth spread over his ribs.
21. Light spread in a massive ripple around the aliens.
22. I snorted causing the odd smelling water to ripple.
23. Does the connection and ripple reflect your action?
24. There was a ripple of mirth, which the court checked.
25. The timer employs a 14-stage binary ripple counter.
26. Then a ripple of laughter snaked its way around the room.
27. As the three strained to watch, there was hardly a ripple.
28. There was a ripple of laughter, as they nodded understandingly.
29. This Emperor’s statement immediately caused a ripple in the.
30. He got to his feet, and in a ripple of dark energy he moved out.
31. No, says Loki, and the air seems to ripple with his voice.
32. But he heard it when the ripple was replaced by a sloshing wave.
33. In that case I would not have been able to ride the ripple and.
34. There was an ominous ripple in The Force, the same ripple that.
35. The consequences of said reaction ripple out years into the future.
36. An endless ripple in a shoreless lake that transforms into nothing.
38. This can have a gigantic ripple effect on the rest of your finances.
39. But despite the tenderness, tension continued to ripple through him.
40. Otherwise there was hardly a ripple in the collective consciousness.
41. If he’d lived a month or so A startled ripple went over the crowd.
42. By reading the anger and frustrations that ripple through the void.
43. A ripple of stunned silence reverberated around the once unruly horde.
44. Sometimes, "What was that ripple?" one of us would say in a low voice.
45. He paused there, and I could feel the surprise ripple through everyone.
46. He slashed his sword in an arc and disappeared in a ripple of darkness.
47. Our positive energy creates a ripple effect as we interact with others.
48. There was a ripple in the glassy metallic surface as a forearm and then.
49. You could see the water ripple in the stream, but you couldn’t hear it.
50. This will most likely have a ripple effect on interest and exchange rates.
51. His persuasive eloquence had not caused a ripple in the Pictish conscience.
52. Fans stopped in mid-swish and a ripple of excited murmuring ran through the hall.
53. His copper coloured suit appeared to ripple as if it had the fluidity of mercury.
54. He has broad shoulders, narrow hips, and his abdominal muscles ripple as he walks.
55. The amazing thing was that it came up so gently and barely made a ripple or a wave.
56. So Ripple #1 appears to me headed in the direction of more pain and suffering, and.
57. There was a ripple of shock around the room which stopped when Henry raised his hand.
58. There was little more than a ripple on the water table that stretched out before us.
59. There was the conventional ripple of laughter, but Alicia noted a bitter undercurrent.
60. One so large they could enter without creating much more than a ripple in the corner.
61. Fine muscles ripple just beneath his skin, shifting and twitching against her caress.
62. Ripple #2, going in the opposite direction, is that there are also signs more and more.
63. There was ripple of nervous laughter as he scanned the group and met each one’s eyes.
64. His withdrawal had a ripple effect, with several other nations pulling out their troops.
65. Her face remained a deserted isle, the eyes twin lagoons, glimmering with nary a ripple.
66. There was a general ripple of laughter and the Prof helped himself to more goat’s milk.
67. The blood pulsing though his temples made the guardhouse seem to ripple in the moonlight.
68. Will's father's face was a pond into which the two dark stone names sank without a ripple.
69. Each time the blades entered the lake, they disappeared almost without a splash or ripple.
70. Odin submerged without causing a ripple; his large frame emerged from the water with ease.
71. Once this optical illusion culminated, the sky seemed to ripple like a pond ‘neath rain.
72. He saw the ripple in her cheeks as her jaw clenched in anger, but it was a pathetic display.
73. Drops rolling down the window made the light ripple over the masks as though they were alive.
74. This means that only 40% of the wages will be spent to start the ripple outside the first box.
75. This harvest prairies and deserts, storms … Destroyed by the ripple in the seas of Anjazatna.
76. Lifting the lid, she ran her fingers idly over the keys, giving out a pleasant ripple of sound.
77. As he walked he could feel his hard and defined physique ripple under tight, figure-hugging cloth.
78. With a ripple of his cape, Solo Ki turned and cast his white orbs toward the top of Tetloan's head.
79. It shone for miles, reflecting green into the air from a ripple of trees in the garden of Zanphir.
80. A ripple of applause became a crescendo of cheers as the self congratulation reached dizzy heights.
81. Keturah said something and the great bulk of the whale shifted in the water without hardly a ripple.
82. His eyes searched for a ripple to spoil the illusion but found none; they just disappeared into its depth.
83. If he was going to drink my fancy ripple, he might as well be wearing the appropriate clothes at the time.
84. It stretched out like a hundred-year-old manicured lawn broken only by an occasional ripple of whitewater.
85. This will ripple throughout all the dimensions and we give thanks to you as we know you give thanks to us.
86. She began to move, stealing on, so to speak, without a ripple; coming alongside with the utmost gentleness.
87. Sophie looked away to the door and Hunter felt a ripple of magic in the air, he tensed, but nothing happened.
88. Hey ! Hey! Simmer down Kim! Colt said, even as I felt a barely restrained laugh ripple throughout him.
89. We can manipulate the coefficients to reduce the amount of in-band ripple; however, it is not worth the effort.
90. The ripple moved steadily downward as the now-moaning cataract charged toward the empty bottom in the distance.
91. There was a small ripple of laughter from those that thought what the DI had just said was meant to be humorous.
92. At first it glided over water which it overflowed with only a ripple at its base to indicate where the two met.
93. All of a sudden he was a tensed bundle of nerves and she watched muscles ripple all over his back and shoulders.
94. Robert Rhea, the great market technician of the 1930s, compared these three trends to a tide, a wave, and a ripple.
95. Carney gazed over at me with zero affect for a beat before I caught the slightest ripple of hairless skin at his temples.
96. It was so quiet that he could hear a little ripple where the water was split by a dead branch as the river slid gently along.
97. Once or twice I saw a ripple where he approached the surface, just put his head out to reconnoitre, and instantly dived again.
98. Casting his glance back up at the feed barge, Sterling didn’t immediately notice the ripple in the still water of the pen below.
99. Shivering into the scummed reflection, she looked frailer with each ripple of conversation and more diaphanous with every searching.
100. A ripple of discomfort crossed her mind as she remembered how easily the elders had discovered her feelings for her absent colleague.
1. The slight rippling of the.
2. To listen to the rippling rill.
3. I took a few steps in the rippling surf.
4. Our twin shadows dance on the rippling grass.
5. His muscles rippling underneath his tanned skin.
6. And flecks with gold the ocean’s rippling waves.
7. He was about to reply when a rippling pain ripped.
8. She noticed the ground was rippling in small waves.
9. What strange obsession was rippling within him? He.
10. Rippling with waves of blue, the wall consumed him.
11. I obliged, walking to the edge of the rippling creek.
12. Her stomach was a gargantuan mound of rippling flesh.
13. All that could be heard was the rippling of a brook below.
14. The rippling moved down his legs and his jeans split apart.
15. You see that part there? The rippling hasn't steadied yet.
16. I'm still feeling aftershocks rippling through me in waves.
17. The wind carried the final toll of bells rippling overhead.
18. He was a ball of masculine tension, rippling with male energy.
19. A huge sigh sent mountains of flesh rippling beneath her clothes.
20. And Lelechka poured out her rippling laughter in her hiding place.
21. A spacial disturbance, a rippling in space, moving towards the probe.
22. Tom rubbed himself against her, his muscles rippling with anticipation.
23. A wind whispered through the black branches, rippling the dusky water.
24. Here and there golden leaves tossed and floated on the rippling stream.
25. Rippling muscles threatened to burst from beneath his deep purple tunic.
26. They reached the small river and listened to it gently rippling past them.
27. Fin could see the creature’s strong muscles rippling under its scaly skin.
28. She could see the lake rippling gently, expanding her fingers of waves for miles.
29. The look of him; rippling and strong, lithe and leggy, powerfully quick to the prey.
30. All that was missing was the sight of her hair rippling out in the breeze behind her.
31. Her scaly skin was a dull orange, rippling with muscles as she moved across the ground.
32. Darkburst studied the rippling reflection of the moon in the dark waters of Migaro Lake.
33. There was no way I could avoid drooling over those rippling muscles and glittering eyes.
34. I seated on the side railing of a wooden bridge and heard the rippling sounds of a river.
35. He could see something rippling amongst the starred background, but nothing was resolving.
36. After hearty draughts, they both sighed contentedly, staring ahead at the rippling waters.
37. He saw how the different choices he had made had had a rippling effect down thru the ages.
38. His fingers moved, and a powerful rune exploded in his hand, the light rippling around them.
39. He managed to ask the Patriarch, his voice rippling with waves of incredulity and disbelief:.
40. Their image was troubled as in a rippling sheet of water and then all became stationary again.
41. The mental pain rippling to the surface exposed the emotions Davis so effortlessly controlled.
42. Bright green grass, rippling streams, weeping willows, rose bushes, and hills with a small waterfall.
43. How dare you! Lord Kikritan shouted, his robes rippling with the magic that crackled around him.
44. He would have to expose more than half his beautiful, rounded, and rippling butt in order to show her.
45. And it was then that she panicked, calling out desperately to rising and rolling fog and rippling waters.
46. He was almost a giant in stature, muscles rippling smoothly under his skin which the sun had burned brown.
47. The tall lich-troll directed his view upward as he attempted to focus on the source of the rippling energy.
48. Tail whisking flies off his back, shoulder muscles trembling and rippling to achieve the same on his flanks.
49. I gazed around the giant room decorated with rippling flowstone, huge columns, and magnificent rock structures.
50. The Breton woman sighed and looked out into the rippling pools, reaching ahead to dip a hand into the cool water.
51. Though he could not understand what the words were saying, he could feel their perfection rippling through the air.
52. He slid up to it, straightened out at the last minute and stuck the probe into the basket without rippling the hose.
53. The water seems extraordinary, inexplicable, rippling though there is no wind, and agitated where it should be calm.
54. As soon as I got out of the van I could hear the rippling sounds of flamenco music coming from one of the courtyards.
55. He got off the bed and stood up in front of her, the well-defined muscles of his butt and thighs rippling as he did so.
56. All was silent; nothing could be heard but the sheep coughing in the hut corner, and the water rippling down the pebbles.
57. He ran through the forest to the edge of the lake and looked out, attempting to locate Azura across the rippling surface.
58. He held a baseball bat in his right hand, lean muscles rippling his body, informing he could use the bat with deadly force.
59. She dropped her pistol and ran towards a mech at the front, its shield rippling with static that told her it was vulnerable.
60. The continuously fed, rippling beam clipped the hair on top of Joey’s head, sending a sting down his body that made him duck.
61. Light flickers through your lids into the darkness, the flashes forging your subconscious into images rippling out of one another.
62. Blinking away the glare I lowered my hand and beheld in astonishment the calm rippling surface of the sea stretched out before us.
63. Two were sitting in a dark green jetcraft, as it bobbed on the rippling water, while three more were sitting against the embankment.
64. I retold the story Paul had told me early this morning, keeping my eyes focused on the rippling creek as each word fell from my mouth.
65. Great rippling rings formed on the surface out beyond where the stone had fallen, and they moved slowly towards the foot of the cliff.
66. The bishop looked and looked, but only the water was rippling in the sun, and he could not make out anything with his unaccustomed eye.
67. His sleek sable coat glistened, the sunlight playing off his rippling muscles as he adroitly maintained balance with the shifting seat.
68. The water reflected the light coming in through the frosted glass windows, filling the room with the refractions of a rippling blue gem.
69. From the rippling sensation feeding through his veins, Philip understood for the first time what the expression blood boiling meant.
70. Not a bit on it, dear boy! It comes of flowing on so quiet, and of that there rippling at the boat's head making a sort of a Sunday tune.
71. Three miles away he came upon a fresh trail that sent his neck hair rippling and bristling, It led straight toward camp and John Thornton.
72. Thank you, said he, and replaced his beaver with a turn of the wrist that set all the gray and white plumes rippling round the crown.
73. No! the word barely left her lips as she stared in shock at the rippling water, still holding the rope that he'd forced into her hand.
74. The creature looked expectantly at Twoflower, its skin rippling and twitching as it sought to open its wings in the confines of the passage.
75. The rippling of the stream, which was the one sound audible, showed me where it lay, but the moment that I left its bank I was utterly lost.
76. I passed whole days on the lake alone in a little boat, watching the clouds and listening to the rippling of the waves, silent and listless.
77. His incredulous tone attracted the attention of students two tables away, and his thoughts must have been rippling through their minds as well.
78. She watched him at work for a while before speaking again as she was distracted by the rippling muscles of his arm as he swung the forge hammer.
79. He sat erect, his back straight as a rod, his boots fixed into the stirrups and his knees hugging the rippling flanks of the beast beneath him.
80. My legs had become as hard as boulders, their muscles seemingly capable of anything, rippling beneath my thinning flesh in ways they never had.
81. There was field upon field of ripening grain, with well-paved roads running between, and pretty rippling brooks with strong bridges across them.
82. Then a strange rippling occurred over her skin, and her arms fused with her body, her pale pink flesh stretching and becoming indented and scaly.
83. The robes around the Patriarch were absorbed into his flesh, which was now a rippling pool of molten metal, incandescent with a fiery aura around it.
84. Everyone sat around the tables and food was served, alcohol flowed and the conversation levels were high, waves of laughter rippling across the tables.
85. He nudged her with his heels and guided her out of the stables into the sunshine where her skin shone as the early rays bounced off her rippling muscles.
86. Variations on the market Multiplier In the text of Chapter 4 the effect of the rippling of a dollar thru the economy to create more business is presented.
87. I’ve also heard it described as rippling, so that in some places the Ems bulge out and can touch, but in others there’s a lot of distance between them.
88. The men reacted quickly––one disappearing back the way he had come and the other following us, his green and grey surcoat rippling past the new foliage.
89. O! Sweet is the sound of falling rain,and the brook that leaps from hill to plain;but better than rain or rippling streamsis Water Hot that smokes and steams.
90. A man stood at the rear entrance to the tunnel, almost blocking it with his seven-foot mass, his broad shoulders rippling with muscles straining under a white shirt.
91. When he was finished doing one hundred of them, he got up, expecting to see rippling abs that Lezura, S’us, Tylin, Yeltsa and the inn keeper would be drooling over.
92. Soon all the boats but Starbuck's were dropped; all the boat-sails set—all the paddles plying; with rippling swiftness, shooting to leeward; and Ahab heading the onset.
93. Then about the dark corner of the building he was approaching poked a hideous, wedge-shaped head, and after it flowed coil after coil of rippling, darkly glistening trunk.
94. Quewanak appeared in person for the first time in forty million years; a very small green dragon, but glowing with health and vitality, his scales sleek and his muscles rippling.
95. He felt the strange pulsing, rippling, twitching sensation pour up over his back, heard a tearing sound and felt cool air on his skin as his tattered shirt dropped into the dirt.
96. Now, there was this mysterious, rippling membrane, spreading slowly outward from where the wand crossed its threshold, until Bathory was standing in what appeared to be a bubble.
97. Here was the love she had waited for her whole life, and it was huge, hot, rippling with desire, and struggling to hold itself back from taking her right there and then on the sand.
98. Hazel, however, returned and sat pensive at the lip of the hole, looking out at the silent, rippling veils of rain that drifted across and across the little valley between the two copses.
99. Ah, you should have seen us putting out our tongues and dragging ourselves toward the rippling river-bank! Our eyes and ears were full of water, but our tongues were hard and dry as horn!.
100. Past effects future and vice versa, as the Now radiates in all directions; the future rippling back to the present back to the past and forward into a non-parallel past that has yet to be.
1. It rippled in the wind.
2. A wind rippled the lake.
3. A surge rippled through me.
4. The water rippled feet below.
5. Laughter rippled around the room.
6. Laughter rippled through the crowd.
7. The grass rippled in rainbow colors.
8. Its surface rippled like oil in water.
9. Nervous laughter rippled around the room.
10. A few chuckles rippled through the group.
11. Rippled reflections danced on the surface.
12. The water rippled with the ringing sounds.
13. Bald curiosity rippled through their minds.
14. Gasps rippled through the surrounding trees.
15. Not that I’m looking at his rippled biceps.
16. A foolish grin rippled across his wide face.
17. Fearful whisperings rippled across the hollow.
18. His muscles rippled and his stomach was flat.
19. His muscled rippled, whetting Tracey's appetite.
20. Waves rippled as her dress was ripped even more.
21. Behind me, a loud screech rippled through the air.
22. Peals of laughter rippled throughout the crowd as.
23. Her cheeks rippled as her teeth ground behind them.
24. A series of confused no’s rippled around the group.
25. A shudder rippled through him and I held him tighter.
26. Another flutter of nerves rippled through his limbs.
27. A smile rippled across her lips as she said his name.
28. The liquid glass surface rippled and was again still.
29. Beneath the rags rippled muscles he never knew he had.
30. Laughter rippled through the crowd as Nadhir translated.
31. Mary rippled the reigns and the horses shuffled forward.
32. He rubbed his thumb over the pages, rippled by the ink.
33. A shudder rippled over them as the last drops slid down.
34. Waves of pale greens and yellows rippled on the smooth.
35. The liquid surface of the mirror rippled with her passage.
36. Behind us we saw the surface of the sea rippled by the wind.
37. The dappled blue of the water’s surface rippled constantly.
38. Silence rippled through the crowd before voices bubbled again.
39. The ice buckled, and rippled almost all the way to the shore.
40. Tension rippled through his shoulders and was forcibly relaxed.
41. As he swam, he felt the smooth, rippled surface of a rock face.
42. Coppery glints rippled to and fro on the wealth of her gold hair.
43. The wheat field rippled with moonlight on it, making it into a sea.
44. The air rippled as the magic shockwave contracted, transforming the.
45. A chuckle rippled from the audience to the jury and then to the Judge.
46. He wore only a small loincloth and heavy muscles rippled as he moved.
47. Within seconds the crowds rippled with a sombre, respectful applause.
48. That rippled the fur on the maitre d’s neck, but he let us in anyway.
49. The surface rippled and once again the bowtop caravan came into focus.
50. That’s enough, Cora, he said, and the words rippled with his will.
51. She could see the surface of the water, and the rippled form of the moon.
52. Was Tamara sleeping with Malcolm? Gags rippled around the table again.
53. For al of the sensual wonderment that rippled over his every sense there.
54. The slender crescents rippled in the night sky like a reflection on water.
55. The cub’s dark mane and the butterfly’s violet wings rippled in the wind.
56. The noise fell, replaced by a buzzing sound that rippled through the stadium.
57. Its body surface rippled with undulating waves of escaping gasses and fluids.
58. He rippled the edge of the deck nervously, and the little snapping noise drew.
59. The Gate rippled, a wave of power echoing through all of them and Aesa shivered.
60. Tremors rippled through his body, so violent, my teeth vibrated with the contact.
61. The resulting explosion rippled from the source like waves from an exploding star.
62. She watched as the muscles in his chest and arm rippled with the stretching motion.
63. The water rippled elegantly; the bright moonlight reflected upon the lake's surface.
64. He is shirtless and looks pretty damn good that way, a V-shaped physique, rippled abs.
65. They were transfixed on the scene below as it rippled in rhythm with Kaya’s heartbeat.
66. Every few seconds she flinched and her body rippled and shook like that of a nervous mare.
67. The firelight made the folds of their kimono sharp, and rippled in black hair and silk belts.
68. The wall was removed, and the wavelets rippled placidly between the two pavilions on the lake.
69. Looking at him he noticed the way his muscles rippled as he wiped a cold cloth to his sisters.
70. Erin couldn’t help but stare at the bands of color that rippled across its black exoskeleton.
71. Joe crossed his legs professionally and his fingers rippled through the green-typed green pages.
72. I felt my body clench up, and Khaled Hosseini The Kite Runner something cold rippled up my spine.
73. Hoffman waited out the titters that rippled across the gallery, then asked his witness to continue.
74. The multicolored aurora of the now almost constant solar flares rippled silently across the skies.
75. Telkit’s chest rippled into pieces, but he attacked even still, punching the machine in the head.
76. He took the cup and looked inside, yellow fluid rippled slightly with the motion of the moving cup.
77. Hidden below the layer of hair his muscles bulged and rippled with the slightest twitch of a finger.
78. On the soundtrack a chain-saw engine sprang to life and a gasp of horror rippled round the auditorium.
79. A wave rippled through his upper body, starting in his mid-section and ending at the tip of his tongue.
80. A thought wave rippled through the class, pulsing my name as everyone became aware that I had changed.
81. Lightly rippled water, a few bright white puffballs scattered here and there in the sky with the sails.
82. Momentarily startled, Truman failed to react, then a faint smile rippled across his face only to vanish.
83. But he made a sad business of it with his unsteady hand, and a smothered titter rippled over the house.
84. All grew quiet; only a sheep was heard to cough in a barn, and below, the water rippled over the stones.
85. The muscles of his heavy bronzed arms rippled as he pulled the oars with an almost feline ease of motion.
86. Gasps rippled among them, and Joey could have sworn he saw one of the animals put a hoof to its open beak.
87. The Hab canvas rippled under the brutal assault as the internal supports bent and shivered with each gust.
88. And the white cotton shirt couldn’t hide the muscles that rippled on his stomach as he resumed his seat.
89. The force of the shots rippled the massive expanse of the tannin’s back, as if giving it a back massage.
90. Locke’s spine rippled, the nerves inside it trying to reject the unmandated thought coming from his mind.
91. The creature crouched there with just the slightest suggestion of breathing, as its sides rippled in and out.
92. More than half a mile was passed, before the rill rippled close around the base of an extensive and dry rock.
93. The water of the lake was dark, the surface lightly rippled by the light breeze that was flowing from the east.
94. Withstanding forces far greater than it was designed for, it rippled violently against the airlock seal-strip.
95. I should have ripped you to pieces when I had the chance, said Dane as tension rippled throughout his frame.
96. His muscles rippled under the swording body suit, and his broad shoulders stood out in contrast to Xil's physique.
97. The water rippled as the waves came and went, sucking at the shingle of the beach with a regular, reassuring sound.
98. I couldn’t have controlled the convulsions that rippled through my body if I tried and I wouldn’t have wanted to.
99. Stretching the strong limbs that were now his, he nodded in satisfaction as powerful muscles rippled beneath the skin.
100. Waving, too, were the wider expanses of pale green cressweed; but these rippled with the current, lightly and quickly.
1. The wind blew cold ripples.
2. The water ripples in the wind.
4. And the lament carries and ripples.
5. Ripples radiating across his chest.
6. Only ripples on their web are alive.
7. Be aware of the ripples you are causing.
8. Park had a few ripples but seldom a storm.
9. The neck-breaking motion caused no ripples.
10. Oak unwillingly searched the ripples below.
11. The water ripples from boats in the distance.
12. The moonlight breaks in ripples on the ocean;.
13. What we call thoughts are just ripples in the.
14. An idle breeze moved filmy ripples now and then.
15. Black jackets, white shirts and steroid ripples.
16. The water ripples in tempo with nature’s song.
17. Any act has mensional ripples in poly-directions.
18. Ripples went up his arm and have him goose bumps.
19. The analogy I use here is of the ripples in a pond.
20. The ripples below her flowed quietly like a stream.
21. It swam further, making small ripples on the water.
22. When a stone is hurled into a pond, it creates ripples.
23. The water ripples softly as the glass touches and fills.
24. It caused Guo Yuxia deep blue ocean to react with ripples.
25. The billions of souls on Earth are just as surface ripples.
26. The ripples broadened and rebounded off the opposing shores.
27. Splashing my bare feet in the edge of the summer ripples on.
28. The way the ripples caught and refracted the sun soothed him.
29. The bottom was sufficiently muddy, he felt the swan's ripples.
30. Ripples disturbing his reflection were a subtle reminder that.
31. It has not acquired one permanent wrinkle after all its ripples.
32. The green slime rose and fell in ripples, but nothing else moved.
33. They started dying in the first few days after I saw the ripples.
34. Ripples were growing closer to their feet as they climbed higher.
35. The ship stirred ripples through the wake of the gas giant’s rings.
36. The ripples in the water then started to shoot quickly in our direction.
37. You climb a stony lithe and sit, your feet dangle high over the ripples.
38. The passing seasons are but ripples ever repeated in the long long stream.
39. It's ripples lapped against the hull once they were out beyond the docks.
40. The bright sky-eye was reflected in the grey ripples of the Endless Ocean.
41. The evening sun glittered and flashed over the ripples as a boat sped past.
42. That would be like dropping a stone in water without creating any ripples.
43. If there’s a breeze, it ripples lazily through the cane, never in a hurry.
44. Standing there not knowing what to expect he stared at the ripples from the.
45. Blue plastic sheeting was blown buy fans to represent the ripples on a lake.
46. Pneumo knew that this would make ripples all up and down the intel community.
47. The little ripples you see on this water, they get forty feet high out there.
48. The big ripples spread over the surface of the water and quickly passed away.
49. The sea washed up on the beach in small waves no bigger than ripples on a pond.
50. The setting sun’s reflection was languidly wobbling on the river’s ripples.
51. Small ripples on the lake brought warm sensations as they skittered across them.
52. Joey… Lezura whispered; blue light washing over her in ripples of static.
53. The river still flowed on, and slowly drove its ripples along the slippery banks.
54. Andrina walked across the puddle, sending little ripples across it with her heels.
55. He could see all the tiny ripples that each drop of rain cast on the ocean surface.
56. Since our body systems are intertwined, a blow in one area ripples into the others.
57. Those three broader lines in the middle, with rhythmic ripples, show the overtones.
58. It will take another 50-100 years for the ripples of these effects to fully surface.
59. It did nothing more to cause ripples of popping honoi in the bodies of the Zeromuos.
60. The reality however, is the one ocean with ripples on its surface that we call waves.
61. Actually, toward the end of your time in the cocoon, you begin to see ripples in the.
62. In a world of endless ripples, every act a butterfly winging chaos no matter the step.
63. The ripples on the water grew and came closer; some were already lapping on the shore.
64. At his touch the likeness disintegrated, expanding outwards into ever widening ripples.
65. She reached for her glass of water, waiting for the ripples to fade before taking a sip.
66. As soon as the wing had floated half way across the ripples, away from the boat a bright.
67. He had even brushed Lucy's hair, so that it lay on the pillow in its usual sunny ripples.
68. What do you want? I tap the tank with my knuckles, sending ripples through the water.
69. Small ripples in your area of influence, where you can emanate these ideals are important.
70. One tiny deformity, so fixable, would lead to ripples of misery, as Mullaney puts it.
71. But when you're by the river counting white swans you don't see the ripples from the black one.
72. There was no movement of the little ones ripples and the rabbit splashed back into its burrow.
73. And so the circle goes on ever widening, like as the ripples from a stone thrown in the water.
74. A hand swept over the lake, creating ripples on the surface of the water that produced images.
75. There was only a faint, far and fine net of ripples giving off sunlight in infinite repetition.
76. His thumb brushed across my skin, sending ripples of excitement through me where he’d touched.
77. Jezzabell's hand and they flew high, into the sky and watched the multiplying ripples carry the.
78. All he had to do was to wait for the ripples to reach the shoreline of my emaciated imagination.
79. As you throw a stone into a pond there is a series of ripples that continue out from the center.
80. Sun glinted on the top of the cooling pool, lighting off the ripples, a closing diamond pattern.
81. He stood motionless on the mud bank, until his tail created undulating ripples in the calm water.
82. The boy was asleep, and my plaintive cry went past him over the golden ripples towards Lauterbach.
83. The ripples ended and was replaced by a ray of moving light - What was she thinking in her mind?
84. These dynamic balances extend in ever-widening ripples to include every living thing on this earth.
85. Touched the barrier lightly and it coruscated about her hand, sending ripples out in all directions.
86. Joey pressed hard against Tylin, making her eyes fly wide and warm ripples run from her face to her toes.
87. The flames licked up around the main entrance, faint ripples of smoke crept under the door and into the room.
88. He recommended trading in the direction of the tide, taking advantage of the waves, and ignoring the ripples.
89. Cold little ripples of fear that started in the pit of her though the rest of her body streamed perspiration.
90. The deep wrinkles in their tanned weathered cheeks flowed across their hateful faces like ripples of disgust.
91. Slinks eyes rolled round and then he squinted at the large stony cave with three ripples of pebbles along it.
92. With little ripples that were hardly the shadows of waves, the laden mattress moved irregularly down the pool.
93. However, from the ripples and vibrations in the water below she knew something or things were swimming toward her.
94. I stared at the luminous ripples breaking over my hands, shimmering sheets spattered with blotches of bluish gray.
95. The Yellow-bell vibrated wildly; the ringing noise caused the water to send ripples across the glass like surface.
96. The figure stooped down, stretching out both hands and stroking the water making small ripples that flowed outwards.
97. He was putting all these dumb, show-offy ripples in the high notes, and a lot of other very tricky stuff that gives.
98. These are the seemingly random side effects that cause ripples in our own frame of reference, quite unbeknownst to Hartle.
99. However, I am excited and very curious about a game I see developing, if I‘m reading the ripples in the universe correctly.
100. An empty shoreline stared back, but a series of high, clumsy ripples from whatever had impacted the surface eddied towards her.

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