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  1. He was a rival of sorts.
  2. Thank you for reading Rival.
  3. From his long time rival he.
  4. Buddha is a clear rival to God.
  5. As of a rival lover thrust between.
  6. It held a rival Wool Fair once a.
  7. Shaldin still could not rival her.
  8. Rival channels, late to the party.
  9. Mine was starting to rival his own.
  10. To the installation of my rival at M.
  11. By eliminating the rival candidate.
  12. It was a breakfast to rival all others.
  13. I couldn’t even hate Chloe as a rival.
  14. She was worried about meeting her rival.
  15. Gangs gathered intelligence on rival gangs.
  16. They won’t hear talk of rival candidates.
  17. Was not thy lot, still thou dost rival me:.
  18. I do love her but she is no rival of yours.
  19. He had no rival among the gods his brothers.
  20. He had no rival among the gods His brothers.
  21. Rival houses lure them with better salaries.
  22. I would not deign to be Hassans rival either.
  23. The rival editor however had his own designs.
  24. Jessica Fletcher’s only rival let out a gasp.
  25. The way you women run down a prospective rival.
  26. But, he ended up seeking Ramasamy—his arch rival.
  27. Natala saw that she had not badly harmed her rival.
  28. There was anger in his eyes to rival his hatred now.
  29. Not that he will for an instant admit that his rival.
  30. In 1821 the HBC merged with its number one rival, The.
  31. There has been much bloodshed between our rival clans.
  32. Station rival ed that of the post Khan Machinma ceremony.
  33. He has a rival? That guy must be completely certifiable.
  34. He was pleased that the rival pastor should be gratified.
  35. She is with a rival, but trust me, she carries your son.
  36. Now she was about to enter another contest with her old rival.
  37. Other newscasters announced sombrely the demise of their rival.
  38. Only one he did not see, his chief rival, Mahotin on Gladiator.
  39. Julius Caesar defeated the Gauls and his personal rival, Pompey.
  40. His great rival, Jagan Reddy, by contrast, was flush with funds.
  41. It would exalt the backstabbers who rallied the moment a rival.
  42. He said there was some kind of rival group that was studying it.
  43. But unfortunately the rival editor played the game and held the.
  44. He found La Quinta by talking to people at the rival Holiday Inn.
  45. She looked around, trying to locate her long time friend and rival.
  46. Assembly and murdered leaders of rival parties such as the Kadets.
  47. The event of that day determined the fate of the two rival republics.
  48. And, next call of course was from the office of the editor of rival.
  49. It was this way or in a pissing contest between two rival firms later.
  50. He did not like him, and regarded him now as his most formidable rival.
  51. The rival editor knew he was very popular with his colleagues and they.
  52. His in a gang right? And a rival gang came for you to get to Dominic.
  53. Aha, you are right Matai, she does have appetites that rival any man's.
  54. Even my old rival from the Ares cabin, Clarisse, didn't seem to be around.
  55. He supplied information about rival drug gangs and Sparrow made a killing.
  56. Thus, ensuring his rival could not meet Meenu, he felt a sense of triumph.
  57. I attended a Rahul rally in Ghaziabad where he lashed out at his BJP rival.
  58. That’s 26 more records than her closest rival Tanja Brönnecke (Germany).
  59. Between these rival features the lips appeared very long and shapeless and.
  60. So I have a rival? Huh, and I thought I was one of a kind, Morgan said.
  61. You could design and make a work to rival even the Gospels of Saint Cuthbert.
  62. Doubt and questioning is not a rival, they are a relation of mutual promotion.
  63. Nangong Aristocracy which had wealth that could rival a kingdom suddenly sold.
  64. In the first war, Olympus and Othrys were the two rival capitals of the world.
  65. They destroyed all the labs in the turf wars that broke out between rival gangs.
  66. There, we also had the pleasure of meeting our rival, the king of Widdion, Cesp.
  67. The newspapers of the rival Conservative Party exulted: Churchill is out [of.
  68. Suddenly I was brought into the foreground as a sworn foe and natural rival of M.
  69. Don’t move him! answered a deep bellow that seemed to rival a dinosaur’s.
  70. Dawes, grunting with pain like a beast, was kicking the prostrate body of his rival.
  71. He bullrushed his longtime rival, shouting, Don’t no white THE IDENTITY CHECK.
  72. The gifts to Odin, Thor and Sif were made by two rival clans of dwarfs in a contest.
  73. He said that this rival group had done something weird with Sunil Yohannan‘s head.
  74. Only his cross-town rival Jataka stood in the way of his controlling all the streets.
  75. He held a sword of unparalleled rival and something in me stilled at the sight of it.
  76. After a pause I said, ‘No one at the Give and Take could rival those guys in your.
  77. Sooner or later, Takanobu would come to evict his weak rival from Hara Castle as well.
  78. So, how does he convince her about his own merits, and the black heart of his rival?
  79. The principal witnesses, especially the two rival ladies, had already been questioned.
  80. Analyzing the strength and the position of your rival is the most vital thing that you.
  81. I supposed since he was a cripple, he was not seen by his brother as a potential rival.
  82. Temujin was captured by a rival tribe, the Ta'yichiut, when he was about twenty years of.
  83. The rival newspaper also had the story and their editor had an understanding with their.
  84. Ken couldn’t believe his eyes as he watched his rival rapidly spiral his glider skyward.
  85. Instead, she had to put up with the blatant partiality showed by her man towards her rival.
  86. There was a feeling of connection between the rival men, more than ever since they had fought.
  87. His friends in the rival newspaper had confirmed that he was to be offered editorship of the.
  88. The editorship with the rival newspaper looked a step ahead in his career and naturally meant.
  89. I had to admit it was the most prudent way of removing a potential rival and almost bloodless.
  90. It is totally possible for you to grow your list to a size that will rival the circulation of.
  91. Mayank was going to the rival newspaper? The editor as usual had not checked the mails in the.
  92. Soon he had become Chief Rabbit, having killed both the previous Chief and a rival named Fiorin.
  93. I saw the stable block, paddocks and further off, a mansion that would rival any great lord’s.
  94. Is this where she finally tells me that I’m her number two? Who is my rival? Show me my rival.
  95. No I don’t see that… what I see is those eyes of yours, so green they could rival a ocean.
  96. A few rival shipping companies were already crying foul about this, which suited Tina just fine.
  97. But it was not long before Mia saw her companion as a rival and, more to the point, a food rival.
  98. Yes there was always that chance we could have been killed by rival drug dealers or gangsters.
  99. All of which was true but I was her little puppy dog following her whims, hardly a rival to Sandro.
  100. His government faced the serious charge of having provided lax security to his main political rival.

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    Infelizmente ainda não possuímos quaisquer frases de exemplo para esta palavra.

  1. One of Cordus’s rivals, maybe.
  2. His creepiness rivals this tomb.
  3. You both are rivals, and love Hermia;.
  4. He will show his rivals a thing or two.
  5. We had beaten our rivals and would be.
  6. Her rivals intervened? Yes, that would be good.
  7. As he thought about fighting these latest rivals.
  8. Marza Deepoon Lain rivals every-1, in her own mind.
  9. Vronsky looked round for the last time at his rivals.
  10. What will the two rivals choose as a final solution?
  11. This he would do intentionally to embarrass his rivals.
  12. The title of the first was Philatka and Miroshka Rivals.
  13. Why, D? Sir Richard and Forrest are corporate rivals.
  14. She has a guardsman whose tool rivals that of his horse.
  15. He clearly saw them as rivals for the old man's affection.
  16. The rivals seemed more than a little jealous of one another.
  17. No other rivals could crack Microsoft’s dominance until now.
  18. It was known that two women rivals were to appear in the case.
  19. Mother and daughter become rivals for the love of the same man.
  20. They say that the rivals are reconciled, thanks to the angina.
  21. They had not yet reached Minas Tirith or become rivals in her wars.
  22. This Ink received the Diploma and Medal at Centennial over all rivals.
  23. That last night we met up with our CBC rivals who were staying in the.
  24. It was not as if there’d be a shortage of rivals for her affections.
  25. Then follow many adventures in the West Indies, where the rivals meet.
  26. Many of us are business rivals, but we are also friends and colleagues.
  27. It is a mythical world that rivals the Chronicles of Narnia written by C.
  28. Rivals, maybe, but how could that be, if Eric is a leader and Four is not?
  29. The next day the two rivals had a lively altercation in Napoleon’s presence.
  30. With each stroke the boys took their rivals down by the length of another seat.
  31. Merthin realized that these two women saw themselves as rivals for his affections.
  32. She did not care for rivals, and therefore ladies were not invited to these evenings.
  33. And even the women! Yes, even the women, her contemporaries, and at one stage her rivals.
  34. Absolute dictators, absolute monarchs, absolute rulers cannot tolerate rivals of any sort.
  35. The demands of your career are therefore strong and you are fending off competitors and rivals.
  36. Terry took his chance and pulled out a long screwdriver and buried it in one of the rivals back.
  37. The two offices have been bitter rivals for years because of sometimes overlapping jurisdictions.
  38. The previous year he had rowed as one of Joe’s rivals in the junior-varsity-turned-varsity boat.
  39. Then suddenly, as before under the eaves of the Emyn Muil, Sam saw these two rivals with other vision.
  40. I’m programmed to always seek competitive advantages, skills that will help me outperform my rivals.
  41. But Al Fatah’s rivals within the PLO, and some historians too, thought Arafat was seriously overrated.
  42. The Bourbon estate was a revered dynasty for it had thwarted armies, would-be rivals, despots, and kings.
  43. In good faith he had ridden into Ophir, and had been confronted by the supposed rivals allied against him.
  44. My father would sometimes claim that rivals murdered his grandfather, but it was just a stupid accident.
  45. More to the point, he probably saw them as rivals for the Gascoigne inheritance and that was very worrying.
  46. The man who defeated seventy-two well-prepared rivals in the Poetic Festival was one of these good Chinese.
  47. Even so, Ryanair has averaged 20% net margins over the past decade, versus low single digits for its rivals.
  48. Diners Club rivals focused successfully on building their networks by signing up new merchants and customers.
  49. His estate rivals that of the Akira Family, not counting government property under the Royal Family's control.
  50. Clearly, in the run-up to the general elections, the AAP leader was getting under the skin of his bigger rivals.
  51. Constantine had reunited the Roman world after defeating his rivals, with the help, he claimed, of the Christian God.
  52. Whether there was any truth in the rumour or not, it was certain that Dorgan was of the stamp that could brook no rivals.
  53. I mean he has gotten into scuffles, had quiet rivals, but nobody at least to my knowledge wanted to do him official harm.
  54. The manufacturers of a rich nation, in the same manner, may no doubt be very dangerous rivals to those of their neighbours.
  55. Confronted with photos and corroborating evidence of their sins, her rivals shut down and retreated into a smoldering truce.
  56. John Malone, Chairman of Liberty Media, is a great capital allocator, and rivals Warren Buffet as one of the best of all time.
  57. Galtsin, a friend of Vronsky's and one of his more formidable rivals, was moving round a bay horse that would not let him mount.
  58. Thus was hatched a plan to lure their rivals into palaver with the pretense that Upaya had been snared via Kama’s love-mantra.
  59. Galtsin, a friend of Vronsky’s and one of his more formidable rivals, was moving round a bay horse that would not let him mount.
  60. Buffett favours companies that have a competitive advantage, offering products or services that can't easily be replicated by rivals.
  61. Rivals were being made and clicks were being formed even as they sat there sizing each other up, all born in a spirit of competition.
  62. That was the tail end of my time in the weed business and I headed to prison as a result of taking out our rivals in Mawson years earlier.
  63. He was convinced that the hawala charges had been a conspiracy by then prime minister Narasimha Rao to edge out all his political rivals.
  64. I knew little about sports but Fred’s devotion to his Detroit team obliged me to know the basic rules, our team members, and our rivals.
  65. The story was very pretty and interesting, especially at the point where the rivals suddenly recognized one another; and the ladies looked agitated.
  66. This free competition, too, obliges all bankers to be more liberal in their dealings with their customers, lest their rivals should carry them away.
  67. In addition; once these corporations destroy their smaller rivals and competitors; people have no recollection of there being any better way to live.
  68. The problem is not so much one of performance, because 100VG certainly rivals 100Base Ethernet in that respect, but, instead, of marketing and support.
  69. Communist China and the Soviet Union should have been close allies, but by the 1960s they were deadly rivals, hardly speaking to each other except in threats.
  70. If, however, business is faltering or the stock is underperforming its rivals, then the managers and directors are misusing the cash by refusing to pay a dividend.
  71. By means of them, our merchants and manufacturers, it is pretended, will be enabled to sell their goods as cheap or cheaper than their rivals in the foreign market.
  72. A short dismal time later, after all of his unpromising rivals had been heard and dismissed, we found young Steve curled up in the lid of a flight case, sound asleep.
  73. He had stood in the high places so long, and had ground so many foes underfoot, that he unconsciously assumed himself to be above the machinations of inferior rivals.
  74. After the disaster of the Great Leap Forward (see the earlier section ‘China’s Great Leap Backwards’) Mao’s rivals on the Politburo decided he needed to retire.
  75. Shall we both course it?’ answered Nicholas, seeing in Erza and ‘Uncle’s’ red Rugay two rivals he had never yet had a chance of pitting against his own borzois.
  76. He did not love any one, looked upon all men of note as upon rivals, and would have willingly treated them as old male monkeys treat young ones if he could have done it.
  77. Shall we both course it? answered Nicholas, seeing in Erzá and Uncle’s red Rugáy two rivals he had never yet had a chance of pitting against his own borzois.
  78. These our merchants and manufacturers are willing should come as cheap as possible to themselves, and as dear as possible to their rivals and competitors in other countries.
  79. He searched the Internet for answers and found that one of SRRS’s rivals had announced that it was bringing an electronic device to the market that was superior to SRRS’s.
  80. They have in hand the annual income figures for the past 6 years for their town and for their traditional rivals at Carfad-Sur-La-Mere and want you to make a statistical comparison.
  81. We modern humans created a war economy and a war culture that worked for 60,000 fucking years: because it took that long for us to kill off our cousins, our rivals the Neanderthals.
  82. They differed strikingly from those on the leviathans of recent travel and were little, if any, superior to those on the packet ships, the active rivals at that date of the steamers.
  83. Lucy made room for her with ready attention, and the two fair rivals were thus seated side by side at the same table, and, with the utmost harmony, engaged in forwarding the same work.
  84. Heavygame shots liked to be in a position to cap the tales of their rivals, and journalists were not averse from sensational coups, even when imagination had to aid fact in the process.
  85. It's also important for a competitor to employ psychology as a weapon against his rivals; once of the basic, unwritten rules of the Iditarod is to force your rival into making a mistake.
  86. This may, no doubt, give encouragement to some particular class of workmen among ourselves, and, by excluding some of their rivals, may enable them to raise their price in the home market.
  87. It is to sell the one as dear, and to buy the other as cheap as possible, and consequently to exclude, as much as possible, all rivals from the particular market where they keep their shop.
  88. It was a misfortune, their father had said, that they served masters who were rivals, but each had a duty to do his best, like soldiers who found themselves on opposing sides in a civil war.
  89. This amendment did away with the system of the president and vice president being the two candidates with the most votes, because it had become apparent that two rivals were not the best team.
  90. On their entrance to the ballroom, at their first appearance, they saw another couple, also from up the State, who were their rivals for exclusive Philadelphia favor, and also possessed of millions.
  91. His industry was paramount to their recent successes in the market and, he decided, if they were unwilling to part with him again so soon, he reconciled himself to beginning fresh with one of their rivals.
  92. At this juncture the Pequod's keels had shot by the three German boats last lowered; but from the great start he had had, Derick's boat still led the chase, though every moment neared by his foreign rivals.
  93. In the long-run, therefore, the operations of this bank increased the real distress of the country, which it meant to relieve ; and effectually relieved, from a very great distress, those rivals whom it meant to supplant.
  94. Napoleon subsequently advised the two rivals to do their best to pull better together for the future; but how much they profited by this recommendation may be gathered from Belliard’s despatch to the Emperor on the battle of Viazma.
  95. To what a state I have fallen! My old-time peers and rivals would stare indeed could they see Thoth-amon of the Ring serving as the slave of an outlander, and an outlaw at that; and aiding in the petty ambitions of barons and kings!.
  96. Thus, as the Hindu hopes for freedom rose, so did the Muslim fears about the domination of their religious rivals in free India increased, and it seemed as if the wheel was about to turn the full circle for the Hindus and the Musalmans as well.
  97. Protective of manufactures it cannot be, because it is indiscriminate in its provisions and uncertain in its duration; and this uncertainty depends, not on our legislative discretion, but on the caprice of foreign powers; our enemies, or rivals.
  98. Frequently the light was seen burning late at night in Rushton's office, where Nimrod and his master were figuring out prices and writing out estimates, cutting down the amounts to the lowest possible point in the hope of underbidding their rivals.
  99. The ship owners, the East and West India merchants, and what cause have they for war? The enterprising citizens of the United States have been their rivals and superiors in a lawful and profitable commerce; and, lastly, political characters of high consideration.
  100. I fancy that even among the Masons there's something of the same mystery at the bottom, and that that's why the Catholics so detest the Masons as their rivals breaking up the unity of the idea, while it is so essential that there should be one flock and one shepherd.

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