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  1. But the old rivalry resurfaced when.
  2. Another agency rivalry reared its head.
  3. Their rivalry was not only political;.
  4. The bidding ran on with warming rivalry.
  5. Sibling rivalry has always fascinated me, McClure.
  6. The rivalry would cease; the future was beginning again.
  7. But as with most sports, fierce on field rivalry quickly.
  8. There may have been a sort of chivalrous rivalry on both sides.
  9. Your insinuations as to rivalry are rather cynical, Hippolyte.
  10. Alex and his father had got to the stage of testosterone rivalry.
  11. The victim smells death and get filled with rivalry thoughts from.
  12. He loved both his brothers, and dreaded such rivalry between them.
  13. What I felt about it was nothing like rivalry, more just admiration.
  14. Take initiative, you may be dealing with rivalry and competition soon.
  15. Buthe knew this wasn’t the time for their rivalry, they had to work.
  16. This is where rivalry between siblings explodes, or where siblings band.
  17. In his mood of doglike submissiveness all feeling of rivalry had died away.
  18. Yeah, a little Wesley rivalry could give us just the edge we need in the war.
  19. TO, is there really a rivalry between the Clippers and the Lakers? I asked.
  20. Was it a type of staff rivalry instead—Donald wanting to be in Malik’s favor?
  21. It was the beginning of Ruby Tower’s campaign to sell the Millicent-Raven rivalry.
  22. There may be bitter rivalry between the two sides, yet they cannot hope to hold him.
  23. This was further aggravated by the inter-service rivalry within the German High Command.
  24. He was not naïve enough to deny the fact that such inter-service rivalry indeed existed.
  25. But this was due less to the men and their macho rivalry than to a growing sense of uncertainty.
  26. They wanted his reaction – to see how the next step in the Raven-Millicent rivalry would play out.
  27. Unaided she had fought her way to a position of keen rivalry now with the best men in the profession.
  28. The local deputy, who nosed out all rivalry everywhere, soon began to grow uneasy over this religion.
  29. Tensions rose and rivalry could be seen on the faces of these mates who had been backpacking together.
  30. Cain and able come from the Egyptian myth of Seth and Osiris: sibling rivalry: hatred between brothers.
  31. It is often described as a partnership, but it was marked by deep distrust, rivalry and self-protection.
  32. Yet, if you burn the clothes by mistake, you will soon feel sad and confused because of rivalry in love.
  33. Over the years an amusing and friendly rivalry had arisen between the two rock groups and their crews….
  34. He had been informed about the fierce rivalry within the Allied camp which he believed could be exploited.
  35. Since sibling rivalry is a natural occurrence then rivalry between sets of children is not out of the question.
  36. Let me think…‘there was never anything other than friendly rivalry between services at all ranks…’.
  37. The Romans were tolerant of any and all religions but very resentful of anything that savored of political rivalry.
  38. The two establishments rapidly developed a rivalry as to which could furnish the most outlandish and scurrilous tales.
  39. But the eastern perceptions of the rivalry often took on an element of snobbery, and this rankled western athletes and fans.
  40. Know that the worldly life is only play, and distraction, and glitter, and boasting among you, and rivalry in wealth and children.
  41. As there was some rivalry between the tax-collector and the colonel, both, to show off their talents, drilled their men separately.
  42. It was no secret that they had a friendly rivalry over her when they had first moved to Ashburton, but they'd never take it that far.
  43. For the sake of our nation, I hope that nobody will then try to block or delay those directives simply because of inter-service rivalry.
  44. What transpired over the next several minutes turned out to be one of the great varsity races in the history of the Cal-Washington rivalry.
  45. In fact, Mammy had spent her and white, and the neighbors idolized him and there was a never-ceasing rivalry as to whose lap he should occupy.
  46. Naturally there was a friendly rivalry, not only in making the most of the allotment, but in providing attractive meals and dainty special dishes.
  47. A feeling such as his was prefaced by talk of the rivalry of some Petersburg officer, of the suppositions and the counsels of Stepan Arkadyevitch.
  48. Wolves and orcs were housed in Isengard, for Saruman was mustering a great force on his own account, in rivalry of Sauron and not in his service yet.
  49. They didn’t know it yet, but that was nothing compared to the oestrogen rivalry that was about to be unleashed between Alex’s sister and his mum.
  50. The hatred Garcia had held towards Riker as a youth reignited as he contemplated ways to eliminate the Riker threat and the rivalry for Troi’s love.
  51. Dammit! Can’t we put an end to this stupid rivalry? We started it ourselves by attacking the Americans anonymously in Israel, using SAS commandos.
  52. He admitted, however, that, through his passion for Grushenka and his rivalry with his father, his brother had been of late in an intolerable position.
  53. It naturally led to great rivalry between the two women, of which they were both conscious, though they always had the friendliest smiles for each other.
  54. Casaubon; digestion was made difficult by the interference of citations, or by the rivalry of dialectical phrases ringing against each other in his brain.
  55. But in this brotherhood of Jesus there is no place for sectarian rivalry, group bitterness, nor assertions of moral superiority and spiritual infallibility.
  56. All those who have attended to the subject, believe that there is the severest rivalry between the males of many species to attract, by singing, the females.
  57. Puller himself had often been guilty of such inter-service rivalry in the past, something he now realized fully as he watched Ingrid command her joint task force.
  58. Until finally; the rivalry between these Polis became so savage; that these early cities spent most of their wealth fighting against each other, and destroying each other.
  59. Caris and Philippa had become sisters-in-law when Caris married Merthin, but their past rivalry had continued to make Caris feel awkward in Philippa’s presence for some years.
  60. Instinctively, as it were, a feeling of dislike and rivalry seemed to prevail between ourselves and such of these truculent gentry as it was our fortune to come into contact with.
  61. In the disorder of the past year, when the central command fell apart and the revolution degenerated into a bloody rivalry of leaders, it was impossible to determine any responsibility.
  62. But of late it has been thought that the last three were rival kings at Thebes; and that they upheld Amen in rivalry to Khuenaten and his successor, who were cut very short in their reigns.
  63. As for the rivalry of the two ladies, as the prosecutor expressed it—that is, of Grushenka and Katya—he answered evasively and was even unwilling to answer one or two questions altogether.
  64. Much of the information on Ebright’s early years at Cal and the rivalry with Washington—including the vicious and bloody quote—comes from an interview with Ebright conducted by Arthur M.
  65. As always happens in such cases rivalry sprang up as to which should get paid first, and those who like Mitenka held promissory notes given them as presents now became the most exacting of the creditors.
  66. Apparently, the old American inter-service rivalry was at play here, with that Admiral Felt feeling that, as a more senior officer, he should have been the commander of the Palestine Interposition Force.
  67. As always happens in such cases rivalry sprang up as to which should get paid first, and those who like Mítenka held promissory notes given them as presents now became the most exacting of the creditors.
  68. Yamamoto couldn’t help frown on seeing that the attacks by his navy planes and by army planes were not being coordinated, more than probably due to the running inter-service rivalry between the Army and Navy.
  69. The East versus West rivalry carried over to football with the annual East-West Shrine Game and added interest every January to the Rose Bowl—then the nearest thing to a national collegiate football championship.
  70. The rollicking fun of the juniors, the rivalry among the seniors, the school elections, the football match, are told in such a forcible manner that the tale will prove a source of delight to all boys—young and old.
  71. My rivalry with Malka-e-Noor continued, but after the shock of being beaten by her when she first joined our school, I worked hard and had managed to regain my position on the school honours board for first in class.
  72. Our biggest failings by far are in joint operations and tactics: this stupid inter-service rivalry between the Army and Navy has already cost us dearly in terms of duplication of efforts and lack of coordinated action.
  73. Of course, Marilyn loved being around the Kennedys—the joyous laughter, the intense rivalry, the crazy drama that informed everything they ever did… the many children, more than she could count… and all of the dogs.
  74. So abundantly had they been favored by heaven they had, instead of being humbled, exalted themselves above measure, until their ambition had grown into habitual rivalry for distinction in high places, and at the feasts and banquets.
  75. Since rivalry between the sisters had ceased, they had been gradually recovering much of their former good understanding; and were at least sufficiently friends to make each of them exceedingly glad to be with the other at such a time.
  76. He had also been ready to offer some advice if need be, but the old demon of inter-service rivalry had reared its ugly head again, derailing the meeting and turning it into an acrimonious exchange, with little concrete being accomplished.
  77. Sexual selection will also give characters useful to the males alone in their struggles or rivalry with other males; and these characters will be transmitted to one sex or to both sexes, according to the form of inheritance which prevails.
  78. And who better to return? Yet it did seem curious to select him for the same planet: there would normally be rivalry with different architectural styles, not that he was fixed within a certain style, contrary to most people’s perception.
  79. Some argue that colonising was just about getting hold of economic resources, some say it was more about international rivalry, others say it was about missionary work and – of course – the Europeans’ belief in their own racial superiority.
  80. He had personally no wish to continue this silly rivalry with the Americans and was honest enough to accept the fact that the British Empire, for all its expanse and flashy titles, was no match for the United States in terms of sheer industrial might.
  81. I will note, too, in passing, that although many in our town knew of the grotesque and monstrous rivalry of the Karamazovs, father and son, the object of which was Grushenka, scarcely any one understood what really underlay her attitude to both of them.
  82. Gambit could go away from the chief grocer's without fear of rivalry, but not without a sense that Lydgate was one of those hypocrites who try to discredit others by advertising their own honesty, and that it might be worth some people's while to show him up.
  83. The rivalry of the European states in constantly increasing their forces has reduced them to the necessity of having recourse to universal military service, since by that means the greatest possible number of soldiers is obtained at the least possible expense.
  84. The rivalry between the two styles of RTS play - WarCraft style, which used GUIs accessed once a building was selected, and C&C style, which allowed construction of any unit from within a permanently visible menu - continued into the start of the next millennium.
  85. As in nearly all American military planning and operations, inter-service rivalry had quickly shown its ugly head in Washington, with the Navy insisting that the deputy force commander should be a Navy officer, due to the large number of ships attached to the force.
  86. Anne enjoyed it thoroughly in all its phases—the stimulating class rivalry, the making and deepening of new and helpful friendships, the gay little social stunts, the doings of the various societies of which she was a member, the widening of horizons and interests.
  87. At that time, those who have neglected the entrance into the presence of the Great God will realize their loss and will witness that all what they have attained of this life and their rivalry for having more of its pleasures bring upon them nothing other than great rue.
  88. However, our sources in Washington all agree that she was able to reorganize and coordinate in a masterful way the efforts of the American missile program, which was prior to her taking command parceled out all over the place and was plagued with inter-service rivalry.
  89. And he was not going to have his vanities provoked by contact with the showy worldly successes of the capital, but to live among people who could hold no rivalry with that pursuit of a great idea which was to be a twin object with the assiduous practice of his profession.
  90. And can it be a dream, that in the end man will find his joy only in deeds of light and mercy, and not in cruel pleasures as now, in gluttony, fornication, ostentation, boasting and envious rivalry of one with the other? I firmly believe that it is not and that the time is at hand.
  91. The story fit in with a larger sports narrative that had fueled newspaper and newsreel sales since the rivalry between two boxers—a poor, part-Cherokee Coloradoan named Jack Dempsey and an easterner and ex-Marine named Gene Tunney—had riveted the nation’s attention in the 1920s.
  92. Apparently, Admiral Kimmel and General Short still clung to the belief that the Japanese attack would come on the original date of December 7 and thus were taking their sweet time in preparing themselves, while the Army and Navy units in Hawaii kept up their petty inter-service rivalry.
  93. He talks about recent regional victories, about the now age-old rivalry with California, about the program’s national and international reputation, about the many championships that Washington men and women have won, the dozens of Olympians, male and female, that the program has spawned.
  94. Sibling rivalry: this challenge is very critical, if a younger one is more fit as the president of the firm than the elder brother, then there would be a huge problem and of rivalry in the family, it could lead to a small war, hence, the family could scatter, and then the family business would eventually crumble.
  95. There had arisen of late something like a secret antagonism between the two brothers-in-law; as though, since they had married sisters, a kind of rivalry had sprung up between them as to which was ordering his life best, and now this hostility showed itself in the conversation, as it began to take a personal note.
  96. The very existence of this spirit of rivalry favors the chances of war: the nations, no longer able to support the increased armament, will sooner or later prefer open war to the tension in which they live and the ruin which menaces them, so that the slightest pretext will avail to kindle in Europe the conflagration of a general war.
  97. But what strikes one as particularly strange is that while they deal in extravagant eulogies, and ascribe all manner of imaginary ideas and qualities to Cervantes, they show no perception of the quality that ninety-nine out of a hundred of his readers would rate highest in him, and hold to be the one that raises him above all rivalry.
  98. She was represented as the victim of a rivalry between the two brothers; and nobody suspected what had really happened, nobody understood that, as Raoul and Christine had both disappeared, both had withdrawn far from the world to enjoy a happiness which they would not have cared to make public after the inexplicable death of Count Philippe.
  99. Weighing, however, the matter one night soberly in my mind, and seeing that whichever of the two candidates was chosen, I, by my adherent loyalty to the cause for which they were both declared, the contest between them being a rivalry of purse and personality, would have as much to say with the one as with the other, came to the conclusion that it was my prudentest course not to intermeddle at all in the election.
  100. Borthrop Trumbull—nothing more than a sincere sense of his own merit, which, he was aware, in case of rivalry might tell against competitors; so that if Peter Featherstone, who so far as he, Trumbull, was concerned, had behaved like as good a soul as ever breathed, should have done anything handsome by him, all he could say was, that he had never fished and fawned, but had advised him to the best of his experience, which now extended over twenty years from the.

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