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Rivulets numa frase em (in ingles)

Dry tear rivulets flowed.
The drops turned to rivulets.
Rivulets of blood flowed beneath him.
Rivulets of sweat covered Casey’s back.
Rivulets of blood had run down it to the floor.
In fact, there were pools and rivulets everywhere.
horror and covered her hands with her mouth as rivulets of.

The Gaeans heard rivulets of water flowing through the rocks.
Sweat coursed down my back in rivulets under the tunic I wore.
The rain was running down the glass in tiny sparkling rivulets.
It was hard work, and the sweat poured off in little rivulets,.
Finally, the rivulets thinned, and the water upon his cheeks faded.
I couldn’t stop the tears that had fallen in rivulets down my face.
I watched the rivulets of sweat stream down this elder’s angry face.
The rivulets of congealed metal made it difficult to fathom its origins.
Rivulets of blood stained his whole body, from his shoulders down to his legs.
Murky rivulets and streams trickled through the compacted soil at their feet.
It was gray and dusty, and sweat had streaked long rivulets across his cheeks.
rivulets, like she was floating under water, the wind playing with her hair curling.
As he passed, Eilidh could see rivulets of sweat on the nuathreen’s face and neck.
The tears mingled with the blood on his face and rivulets of red flowed to the floor.
It mounded up high over the deck and cargo until it ran over the sides in continuous rivulets.
I noticed that this river was beginning to thaw and small rivulets were flowing around the ice.
Rivulets of rain ran freely down Ethan’s taut face when he said with the slightest hint of irony:.
Even with the air conditioner on ‗Eskimo‘ rivulets of greasy sweat trickled down his furrowed face.
The lady’s face was contorted, her cheeks deep red, with rivulets of sweat dripping down her forehead.
The sleet had turned into rain and he shuddered when icy rivulets of water trickled underneath his collar.

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