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Roam numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. We roam in the snow.
  2. We went on to roam.
  3. Tell them that I will roam.
  4. Awaiting on the shore I roam.
  5. Ever since I started to roam.

  6. Ever since she started to roam the.
  7. You merely dream that you roam about.
  8. To leave their home–and where to roam?
  9. Why she left her home intermedium to roam.
  10. He kissed her throat, letting his hands roam.
  11. The urge to roam must have been overwhelming.
  12. Sometimes they would choose to roam and explore.
  13. They roam, fish, hunt and trap for a livelihood.
  14. Q: What is the cause of the urge to roam about?
  15. No more the mountains roam or sail the stormy sea.

  16. She felt like Tdeshi, and he let his hands roam her.
  17. There are legends of unnatural beasts that roam here.
  18. My mother began to roam the hallway as soon as soon as the.
  19. Child beggars in Nigeria roam the streets grabbing hold of.
  20. A Sheltie should never be allowed to roam around unless in.
  21. His eyes roam over the symbol of Abnegation, and he smiles.
  22. Strapping himself in again, he allowed the cat to roam free.
  23. The students continued to roam about the class room in total.
  24. A place where monstrous beasts roam and magical powers reign.
  25. Then letting his gaze roam the crowd again, he touched his chest.

  26. While his friend slept he would have some time to roam the woods.
  27. It is estimated that hundreds of these children roam the streets.
  28. Say, Roam the earth, and observe how He originated the creation.
  29. Now I had the freedom to roam as I please I set out to find Sofia.
  30. Say, Roam the earth, and observe the fate of those who came before.
  31. Roam also figured with his self-healing he would be a good protector.
  32. Only the guardians of the dracolich roam these halls, he explained.
  33. I’m off the clock, Roam said as he reached his hand out to her.
  34. Roam wasn’t afraid of the drag queens, but instead being around Dina.
  35. Monks were not supposed to roam about the streets of the town at will.
  36. Often times John, Jesus, and the apostles were able to preach and roam.
  37. They roam remote areas all across the country, mostly in western Canada.
  38. The valley was a place they often had to roam through because it was not.
  39. Oh I come from a land, from a faraway place, where the caravan camels roam.
  40. Dinosaurs and other monsters roam the jungles of this land that time forgot.
  41. At this time, Satan is still allowed to roam in the air in the second heaven.
  42. For this Cain was cursed and banished to roam unwanted for the rest of his life.
  43. She closed her eyes and let her mind roam lightly along the walls of her prison.
  44. Be patient, they will roam around until they find a way out, and this is it.
  45. Send him with us tomorrow, that he may roam and play; we will take care of him.
  46. Okay, whatever that is, attorney, you are free to roam around my hotel, Mr.
  47. Roam shrugged, I don’t know but I think he’s about to set his vest on fire.
  48. The foliage is dense almost anywhere you choose to roam, or perhaps to hide a body.
  49. They stopped, frozen on the spot, simply allowing their eyes to roam over each other.
  50. The two men could roam the beach freely, gathering up all the diamonds they could carry.
  51. Something about the open air and being able to roam around naturally helped the process.
  52. Why did the council leave him to roam the Earth when he knows where the bridge is?
  53. As if turning armed soldiers loose to roam and terrorize at will wasn’t bad enough, the.
  54. This time Rhuparos I will leave nothing of you to roam through these or any other region.
  55. According to them, European bison known as wisent roam on this field and piss on the grass.
  56. My grandmother said; it will protect me from all the evil creatures that roam the night.
  57. They roam the seafloor in herds, trampling up clouds of long-settled silt wherever they run.
  58. Quickly Slade and Roam rushed to Eliza’s aid as she cried and grabbed at her swelling wrist.
  59. She let her hands roam over his chest, then his abs before they slid up his sides to his spine.
  60. An office furthest the garage and a few supplies to roam with gave ultimate freedom and shelter.
  61. We might well have been in the Mourning Fields where the spirits roam in everlasting punishment.
  62. I used to go into the basement at night with a flashlight or candle and let my imagination roam.
  63. Roam and Slade hung out inside of the SUV watching the family share a moment outside of their home.
  64. She was one of the few females born of royal blood that his father allowed to roam the territories.
  65. But like a once-corralled horse set free to roam at will in the meadows, I was-- on this especially.
  66. Something about the open air and being able to roam around naturally helped the process.
  67. First, before the night could officially start for Roam and Slade they had to pick up Nate from home.
  68. This jungle is filled with wild animals and vampires often roam around in such areas for their preys.
  69. Roam had a gut feeling the smirk that David had yet to drop was connected to his controversial victory.
  70. She allowed her eyes to roam across the most chillingly surreal scene she hoped to view in her lifetime.
  71. Those who roam the highways to uphold the law and apprehend speeders on the road have quite a challenge.
  72. This girl is not from the city, she's wild looking just like the animals that used to roam the lands.
  73. He had been seen to arrive by the way of the boulevard Gassendi and roam about the streets in the gloaming.
  74. One of my brood mares escaped into the inner canyons of the Ernor hills where the wild horse packs roam.
  75. They roam the passageways, they travel through walls, they disappear instantly and reappear somewhere else.
  76. She allowed her thoughts to roam, trying to discover what was with her, but she could only feel the energy.
  77. Hearing them roam free and knowing he was still trapped in this claustrophobia-inducing cell was unbearable.
  78. She dressed in bohemian clothes, penned novels, painted, and yearned to roam forgotten corners of the world.
  79. He wasn’t sure how it happened, but Roam didn’t believe the senior class voted David as their prom king.
  80. I’ll send all the texts that I can, Roam promised, I think Slade is a bit too drunk for all of that.
  81. Visitors are allowed to freely roam between the layers, all of which are connected by way of the Master Ladder.
  82. Ever since she started to roam the Pugilist at fifteen, she must have for a long time did not refresh this song.
  83. Packs of feral young males splinter and scatter in every direction, sowing senseless violence wherever they roam.
  84. You walk the kitchen, Jane, Kaite, and Ren roam the house while you search for a sign of things, a note, something.
  85. Roam and Slade entered the building and instantly were rushed with memories of their time here at Moone Crest High.
  86. While his body carried out the action of walking, his mind, free to roam at will, relived his time with Brightness.
  87. If there is ever a time of year when the ghosts and goblins roam the streets of the modern world, that time would be.
  88. You know the one they give those kids in Africa to ensure that their the last little kids to ever roam their village.
  89. Dallas had bought me a wig and I would dress down and roam the streets checking out the mood of the people I would meet.
  90. Serviceberry, ceanothus, and a hundred other shrubs and forbs created a lush understory where a cat could roam for hours.
  91. Most of the people died and those who survived went mad and roam the barren streets of their cities frothing at the mouth.
  92. Before my guests came I might and did roam about as I chose, but it was never like to-day, never with that holiday feeling.
  93. In his head, he could roam anywhere, and he found that his mind was quick and clear, his imagination unfettered and supple.
  94. Morgan stuck close to the tent, though she was allowed to roam freely; he wondered if Wolfe had given her orders to watch him.
  95. They include the domestic dog and cat, wild dogs that scavenge around settlements, and stray and feral animals that roam urban areas.
  96. Roam spotted Nate in three of the portraits, the football team captain earning the titles of Most Athletic, Most Handsome and Best Smile.
  97. Over the next few days, Don Hume and Roger Morris slowly recovered from their seasickness, and the boys began to roam the boat together.
  98. My other two favorite spots to roam are the Luxembourg Gardens on the Left Bank, and the Parc Monceau, both originally meant only for royalty.
  99. Those First People honored the land, respected their environment, only using what they needed, and let his kind have their own territory to roam.
  100. I wouldn’t need to roam the spring nights then, I wouldn’t need to live in birds and dogs and cats and foxes, I’d need only to be with him.
  1. His roaming eyes fell on me.
  2. The round me roaming end bit.
  3. His eyes were roaming over me.
  4. But we are roaming off the point.
  5. Isn’t it the Roaming Zubr?
  6. Henry was roaming around the café.
  7. The continents continued their roaming.
  8. The two became roaming prophets of doom.
  9. Can't have these types roaming our halls.
  10. Amarillo was infested with roaming freaks.
  11. And turned us into homeless roaming creatures.
  12. Say there was such a monster roaming the earth.
  13. Could a stranger be roaming around the forest?
  14. Nothing can stand in the way of the Roaming Zubr.
  15. I therefore spent the morning roaming about from.
  16. He had an Internet roaming card my office paid for.
  17. He sensed him roaming about looking for information.
  18. She used to spend hours roaming about the lawns and.
  19. There was another dog roaming freely in the yard and.
  20. He nods, his eyes roaming around the ground at my feet.
  21. Roaming forward to their terrifying encounter at Ags.
  22. There’re only a couple of guards roaming the place.
  24. The second Sattler finds out there's an Oddbot roaming.
  25. What are you doing roaming around like a lost child?
  26. Vaidehi was roaming around the jungles in a confused state.
  27. How far would mother and daughter have gotten roaming the.
  28. When I was roaming around the island, I saw several towers.
  29. Monkeys were chattering noisily, roaming free without care.
  30. After some roaming and looking she found one and loped for.
  31. Jessie wrote that she was beginning to enjoy this roaming life.
  32. Then Emory realized that he was responsible for the roaming bull.
  33. The winds intensified and thunders were roaming around on the sky.
  34. Vyry: Some are roaming around the Realms and some around the Earth.
  35. Yes, I’m sure they’re roaming all over the place as animals.
  36. The Roaming Zubr is a creature of these forests, but not just a.
  37. Roaming in thought over the Universe, I saw the little that is Good.
  38. The next moment, I can see they are eagerly waving to me, roaming in.
  39. What are you doing roaming around out in the street? Didn’t you.
  40. Van Thorn’s shoulder at some customers roaming about, just checking.
  41. They were nomads, roaming the face of this world as was their desire.
  42. He marveled at the wide variety of creatures roaming about the garden.
  43. We need you at Cadwy, not roaming around in the northern wild-lands.
  44. The sphere was roaming at incredible speeds along a network of pathways.
  45. He spent the entire night roaming the battlefields in different years of.
  46. He reported to Bryson the problem of the girl roaming about on the island.
  47. Roaming around I passed a window filled with flesh-colored plaster hands.
  48. One day as the heir was roaming the forest alone, he bumped into a Niptun.
  49. Don't drift off now, the other one is still roaming around here somewhere.
  50. I stretched my mind out, roaming lightly over all the Clan members in Block C.
  51. Even Poes-Woes had settled in, though she did miss her days of freely roaming.
  52. His heavy glance drowsily roaming about kind of defied their further questions.
  53. They stared at him with admiration, eyes roaming over every detail of his body.
  54. He licked, suckled, nibbled and teased her while roaming the curves of her body.
  55. But whenever you’re finished, I don’t want you to start roaming the mall.
  56. Mind starts chanting OM but soon deviates and disgresses, it starts roaming or.
  57. With the guards roaming about outside, this room could be a temporary safe haven.
  58. About ten of them roaming about the house and fifty dependents in the neighborhood.
  59. Maybe the faculty thinks we’re so stupid we might get lost roaming the corridors.
  60. Both Ryan and Cody lifted on high alert, their eyes roaming the now moving greenery.
  61. Johansen stared at her, his eyes avidly taking her in, roaming up and down her body.
  62. That creature’s probably roaming the streets out there looking for its next victim.
  63. Any screams would only indicate to those roaming the halls that there were people at.
  64. He's worried about the grizzly which has been roaming around the neighborhood for days.
  65. Cameron! I scolded, as his hands started doing some roaming, and washing started.
  66. What they found there was lots of dead American soldiers and many roaming KPRA soldiers.
  67. Hades: We have gotten new reports of Creatures of the Shadows roaming around these lands.
  68. Do we have some sort of cyborg or terminator robot roaming the streets of Tokyo?’’.
  69. His friend had told him it would make far more impact than him roaming from pillar to post.
  70. Anyway, he knew, since David was roaming around free and the gun still hadn’t been found.
  71. We can see many street children roaming here and there without the guidance of their parents.
  72. She has freed some pieces and is roaming, unsupervised through the station, she answered.
  73. DA 302 was roaming those skies and merrily soaring towards JFK with an indistinct evil intent.
  74. I was searching Sneha’s house hither and thither, and roaming around the Housing Board colony.
  75. But here – a Elusiver roaming about, a traitor in a world that’s been monitored and targeted.
  76. Across the moors ran several flocks of red deer roaming the moors and mountain slopes of the glens.
  77. Being out here alone was about as appealing as roaming an old battlefield during a full Spirit Moon.
  78. His roaming fingers banged into something, and a loud clang made him pull back with a surprised gasp.
  79. And what that means is that the real killer is alive and well, roaming the streets of New York City.
  80. It had been a long while for me too, but it came back to me now along with the free roaming joy of it.
  81. At a distance, the stranger had resembled one of the many lonely commoners roaming the fields and woods.
  82. She moaned into the kiss, forgetting the rest of the world as he melted her body with his roaming tongue.
  83. You went shopping for this building before we knew there was a man-slaying creature roaming the streets.
  84. Since then, he had lived a solitary life, roaming Boddaert's Realm in an uneasy search for he knew not what.
  85. John considered that he might have gone roaming through the woods, and he'd come back home later in the day.
  86. As a girl, she'd heard many campfire tales of ghosts, monsters and maniacs roaming the woods along the river.
  87. He was roaming around one night, away from his tribe, when he was distracted by a flame coming from a distance.
  88. A warm, humid climate brings to mind dinosaurs roaming lush fern forests and insects growing as large as cats.
  89. A great collective shock was had when it was discovered within the ship were hundreds of specters roaming about.
  90. Aquana wanted to stop but Xavier’s hurricane tongue kept roaming her body making her throw caution to the wind.
  91. Even worse, tonight the screams of many beasts, now feral and wild, could be heard individually roaming the land.
  92. They were kissing passionately, and his hands were roaming all over her as their lips pressed against each other.
  93. Randi and Rafael fell on the couch kissing passionately, his hands roaming across her body as she moaned against him.
  94. While international calls would be slightly expensive, they can still cost you less compared to international roaming.
  95. Mattie preferred to hang around too, and each afternoon by 5:30 she was roaming around, shoeless, looking for Samantha.
  96. The last three days spent roaming Paris and visiting other residences on sale had only been to support her cover story.
  97. When God asked Satan when he had been, Satan said, From roaming about on the earth and walking around on it (Job 1:7).
  98. This would be Will, roaming the apartment in long, urgent arcs, having intuited that she did in fact have something to hide.
  99. Although the species was eventually rescued, there will never again be the herds that were once seen roaming over the prairie.
  100. But she could not, for she had seen evidence of his words with her own eyes, roaming the forests and cities of the continent.
  1. I roamed around for an hour.
  2. I roamed hither and thither.
  3. His gaze roamed further down.
  4. His eyes roamed all over her body.
  5. Corey roamed the interior of the.
  6. I roamed all over the Giza plateau.
  7. Eve roamed around the room, restless.
  8. The whole day I roamed here and there.
  9. Tom’s arrogant eyes roamed the crowd.
  10. His eyes slowly roamed across the room.
  11. The cougar once roamed most of the Americas.
  12. Wild turkeys, elk and deer roamed the land.
  13. The other roamed her body like skittish ants.
  14. He roamed through the car’s, stroking them.
  15. Redeemers roamed the Empire and all trembled.
  16. Wild sylphs and horses that roamed the valleys.
  17. Abanir still roamed around, searching for Rabel.
  18. The terror roamed amongst the speechless guests.
  19. Carroll’s eyes roamed over the red brick garage.
  20. Carrie watched as her father’s eyes roamed over.
  21. My mother stretched her muscles then roamed around.
  22. Gaddest: To have roamed about the land; to go away.
  23. Amongst them roamed a range of fell chaos creatures.
  24. All my life She's been there, while on land I roamed.
  25. A man should have roamed carefree in the turmoil.
  26. When they roamed over David’s body, they drew his.
  27. When the three of us roamed the Fraternity, only.
  28. Numerous Russian stragglers roamed about the streets.
  29. Back home, coyotes, lean and rangy, roamed the canyons.
  30. I roamed around the castle for a couple of hours before.
  31. Grizzly bears once roamed an area about half the size of.
  32. The monk stil roamed the city and now he was going to be.
  33. In the seas sharks and the huge Tylosaurus roamed eating.
  34. The Native American Tribes that roamed the foothills and.
  35. I roamed about the terrestrial worm hole for a roughly an.
  36. My eyes roamed over the purple walls of my childhood bedroom.
  37. Cheetahs once roamed large tracts of the African plains and.
  38. But, you guys once roamed the British Isles, or at least.
  39. Visualizing the greatest creatures that ever roamed Earth.
  40. She was already ancient when only the Mi’kmaq roamed these.
  41. We roamed through history, saw the makings of a wonderful land.
  42. Into whatever country was good they roamed just as they pleased.
  43. It was actually set in the midst of an area where wild game roamed.
  44. Bison numbering in the tens of millions once roamed the High Plains.
  45. His eyes roamed all over my body and he started to walk towards me.
  46. One must know that the pugilists that roamed the Martial Fraternity.
  47. All day Buck brooded by the pool or roamed restlessly about the camp.
  48. His eyes roamed over her body, clad only in her green bra and panties.
  49. He roamed the floor for the next two hours, sharing joints and gulping.
  50. One of the shelters had a huge cat room where the residents roamed free.
  51. It was thought that they had roamed in packs of sixty or more at a time.
  52. What magic trick? Although she had long roamed the Pugilist realm.
  53. A flood of marine shapes colonised the roaring seas, monsters roamed the.
  54. By-and-by Jo roamed away upstairs, for it was rainy, and she could not walk.
  55. Mei roamed the Pugilist doing whatever she cared to do in the past, she really.
  56. He had roamed the cities of Zamora, and known the women of Shadizar the Wicked.
  57. He roamed about the house, and the women ran for it when they heard him coming.
  58. Hot and possessive, they roamed over her mouth before his tongue plunged inside.
  59. It occurs to him that he has roamed the world as he now does her body, searching.
  60. Locke roamed these streets for thirty years and never saw what Hamilton mentioned.
  61. Jesus roamed the Earth around the hills of Judea, it was the language of the Roman.
  62. My hands roamed all over him, and he grabbed them with his good hand with a chuckle.
  63. Does she know what’s truly going on? Morgan asked as his eyes roamed over Amori.
  64. Back in the day, we all at one time was a little midget, or child that roamed around the.
  65. But there was a time when he roamed the county in various small cars of one sort or another.
  66. Packs of wargs roamed at will, inflicting damage by guerrilla raids, quickly in and out again.
  67. Demons that roamed the other realm and together they would dominate the world, obliterating it.
  68. The bears that roamed the hillsides were as big as houses, but they were very gentle creatures.
  69. His hands roamed around, and in the darkness, rested upon a series of scratches in the padding.
  70. As they roamed about the club, people kept coming up to chat with her and offer her compliments.
  71. Glad to be free, he roamed around on his own whilst she sat down on a fallen tree-trunk to rest.
  72. We lived at the edge of a canyon where coyotes roamed and could be spotted at dawn on our street.
  73. But the echoes of His footsteps still roamed in His Land, each grain of sand carried His imprint.
  74. My father met her among the myriads of streets absorbed in Delhi where she roamed freely, barefoot.
  75. I realized, however, I preferred our two-room home and the freedom of those hills in which I roamed.
  76. The floor, though hard and dry, sings memories of carpet, of furniture that once roamed these halls.
  77. Going back into phase shift, she left Ekart’s office and roamed through the rest of the third floor.
  78. Long since he had broken his shackles and now roamed at will among the tombs and abandoned sepulchres.
  79. You wouldn't believe how many milk-producing creatures freely roamed about the surface of this planet.
  80. The second line of defense was SAP COIN who roamed on the South African borders preventing infiltration.
  81. It would be easy for us to wonder where the fruits of the spirit were when cave-men roamed Earth.
  82. They had roamed the land for millions of years, but had never evolved beyond the violent lives they led.
  83. And Raoul thought again of the yellow stars that had come, the night before, and roamed over his balcony.
  84. I've roamed in the unknown countries south of the black kingdoms of Kush, and east of the Sea of Vilayet.
  85. I roamed about the restaurant, admiring Kurosawa’s bold and colorful renderings of the warriors of Ran.
  86. They moved westward early, and roamed over Eriador as far as Weathertop while the others were still in the.
  87. The homeless roamed this part of McAllister freely, but it was also the hub of government and legal activity.
  88. Sometimes it felt as if he had more than two hands as his fingers roamed her nakedness to touch and tease her.
  89. Their conversation roamed from his and his sister's odd upbringing, to his own completed Cambridge coursework.
  90. I roamed the streets for hours to tire myself out but nothing seemed to help once I was back in my empty home.
  91. When Trevain Murphy entered the room, Corallyn’s judgmental eyes roamed over him languidly from head to foot.
  92. Thus he roamed about in misery for a year, and at length came to the forest where Rapunzel, lived in loneliness.
  93. They roamed from one end of the cavern to the other and from side to side examining and touching the collections.
  94. Cautiously leaving the safety of the fences they roamed out across the lush grass again, heads down as they grazed.
  95. The fires had been burning ever since, with and without the aid of what destitute maniacs still roamed the streets.
  96. When Tops first instituted the cards so many years ago, someone roamed the store asking if you applied for the card.
  97. Escort girls from the Godly Succubi roamed the halls of the factory, pleasing and teasing whatever man they came across.
  98. Thus he roamed about I in misery for some years, and at length came to the desert where Rapunzel lived in wretchedness.
  99. They roamed at will southwards, and eastwards even as far as the Misty Mountains; but they were now few and rarely seen.
  100. At night, the Toral slept under the fruit trees, and during the day they roamed the boundaries of their marked territory.
  1. A ragged peasant roams the Krapivensky district.
  2. Kalahari Highway in the wildlife that roams freely.
  3. Then he has a beast of a dog which roams the garden.
  4. Hish is the jaguar, who roams the earth and sees everything under.
  5. How can ye say that Pyracy is dead when Robin roams the Seas? Lancelot cried.
  6. Thence he passed to the huge and ferocious bird, the phororachus, and to the great elk which still roams upon this upland.
  7. Many villagers believe that Christine Bouchard was killed by a vampire and still roams the northwest forest in search of her lover.
  8. I ended by suggesting he still roams the mountains hunting the bears without mercy and if they come across him they will know him by the scores of bear claw necklaces he wears.
  9. On all sides roams the harmless rover,.

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