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Roam numa frase em (in ingles)

We roam in the snow.
We went on to roam.
The painted ones roam.
Jody, let's roam around.
roam wherever he pleases.
cattle that roam the plains.
Tell them that I will roam.

to roam the hallway unattended.
roam the hallways of the castle.
Ever since I started to roam.
to roam without being supported,.
Ever since she started to roam the.
You merely dream that you roam about.
into the canopy to roam among the beasts.
To leave their home–and where to roam?.
Why she left her home intermedium to roam.
45,000 Woolly Mammoths still roam the earth.
He kissed her throat, letting his hands roam.
Never try to roam like the insane elephant,.
The urge to roam must have been overwhelming.
away; it was such a danger zone to roam about.
lowed her eyes to roam across the expansive lawn.
not be allowed to roam the hotel… Yes, do that.
Q: What is the cause of the urge to roam about?.
Sometimes they would choose to roam and explore.
No more the mountains roam or sail the stormy sea.
Gave, once, her flowers to love, her ways to roam,.
She felt like Tdeshi, and he let his hands roam her.
There are legends of unnatural beasts that roam here.
I hate roaming about.
Roaming about amidst.
are still roaming about.
slips out and starts roaming.
roaming down my hips, thighs.
His roaming eyes fell on me.
The round me roaming end bit.
so students roaming the halls.
His eyes were roaming over me.
But we are roaming off the point.
Isn’t it the Roaming Zubr?.
Henry was roaming around the café.
eyes were roaming around the forest.
of roaming through another's house,.
while roaming the heavens with ships.
The continents continued their roaming.
once had bazillions of roaming animals.
She said, her eyes roaming the room.
The two became roaming prophets of doom.
a violent killer still roaming the town.
of radiation poisoned folk roaming the.
Can't have these types roaming our halls.
and yourself roaming about in the jungle.
15 There was a special squad of roaming.
who have owners while roaming the streets.
Amarillo was infested with roaming freaks.
roaming the building without a ‘dompas’.
with knowledge gained by our roaming scouts,.
daze, started roaming the labyrinthine bunker.
And turned us into homeless roaming creatures.
The moth roamed away.
His thoughts roamed.
I roamed around for an hour.
Silence roamed about inside.
I roamed hither and thither.
roamed the streets of Ankara.
His gaze roamed further down.
We roamed centuries together.
roamed the streets of New York.
Amori’s eyes roamed about.
His eyes roamed all over her body.
Corey roamed the interior of the.
that he no longer roamed in Kansas.
I roamed all over the Giza plateau.
that roamed the aisles of Molan Inc.
roamed through that land uncontested.
Eve roamed around the room, restless.
The whole day I roamed here and there.
Tom’s arrogant eyes roamed the crowd.
His eyes slowly roamed across the room.
he soon roamed those luxuriant streets.
herbivorous beasts that roamed the plains.
The cougar once roamed most of the Americas.
Wild turkeys, elk and deer roamed the land.
He roamed through the car’s, stroking them.
The other roamed her body like skittish ants.
Redeemers roamed the Empire and all trembled.
Wild sylphs and horses that roamed the valleys.
The terror roamed amongst the speechless guests.
roams about and rules in the forest of yog.
Kalahari Highway in the wildlife that roams freely.
wind that roams everywhere always dwells in the sky.
Then he has a beast of a dog which roams the garden.
Hish is the jaguar, who roams the earth and sees everything under.
How can ye say that Pyracy is dead when Robin roams the Seas? Lancelot cried.
Thence he passed to the huge and ferocious bird, the phororachus, and to the great elk which still roams upon this upland.
Many villagers believe that Christine Bouchard was killed by a vampire and still roams the northwest forest in search of her lover.
'The one who roams the woods around the bottomless pit that lies in a hollow over the hill beyond Nether Combe … that was his last story.
I ended by suggesting he still roams the mountains hunting the bears without mercy and if they come across him they will know him by the scores of bear claw necklaces he wears.

Sinónimos para roam

cast drift ramble range roam roll rove stray swan tramp vagabond wander