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Romanian numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. About the Romanian.
  2. No, it’s in Romanian.
  3. She did not want Romanian.
  4. His father was Romanian and.
  5. Romanian traitors accepted it.

  6. Romanian pop over the speakers.
  7. He had a Romanian or Moldovan accent.
  8. The dictionary of Romanian language.
  9. Waves of Danube by the Romanian composer.
  10. Didn't I say he's Romanian? He's quite dark.
  11. Romanian Alliance for the Protection of Animals.
  12. Lefter, instead, there is only in Romanian.
  13. In Romanian television, there is not a single news.
  14. Words in Romanian like noroc (luck), bucurie (joy), and dragoste (love).
  15. You'll pay for that, Romanian shit head, the lantern jawed third man said.

  16. Germany had no oil reserves and the Romanian oil fields were constantly under threat.
  17. Romanian ran the club and Caramarin ordered a couple of Absolut vodkas in his own language.
  18. The people here are not well mannered and the Romanian family that live next door behave like animals.
  19. Six Alpha included Hanoi and the northwest railroad system, where flak was worse than Regensberg or the Romanian oil fields of WWII.
  20. He attempted to strengthen his flanks which were poorly protected by under-equipped Romanian divisions, the Achilles heel of Paulus's army.
  21. The bad news was that he was engaged to play nightly in a Romanian restaurant in Rome and he could not make it to Bologna until the eve of the dress rehearsal.
  22. The Palace of the Parliament in Bucharest, Romania, was mostly built between 1984 and 1989, during the rule of the Romanian Communist Party and its then head Nicolae Ceaușescu.
  23. In what is sure to be the social event of the season, Romanian Countess Elizabeth Bathory is scheduled to spend some time here in Excelsior during her tour of the American continent.
  24. As he knew all about staying out of harm’s way, we decided that in the morning we would leave on our new, risk-reduced Romanian route and toasted its success with something that had all the attributes of bleach.
  25. For now, it was stage two, (maybe it was three as there had been that sticky out bit that wasn’t a real country) as back in International Tandem-setter mode, we sped like a guided Rottweiler towards the Romanian border and our date with destiny.

  26. The rest of the transaction however, was completed without a word, numerous papers filled in, all with random bits of information, as we had no idea what they were looking for being as it was all written in Romanian, or Hebrew for all we could tell.
  27. And there is something more: Romanian politics,.

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