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Round numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. She spun round to Sam.
  2. Round and round he ran.
  3. This is only round one.
  4. Round trip is two ways.
  5. He had lost this round.

  6. Round and round we went.
  7. First round is on me.
  8. She dare not look round.
  9. A quick look round the.
  10. You! Go round up the.
  11. I make it all year round.
  12. By the Crier on his round.
  13. After the third round of.
  14. My friends went round to.
  15. I flew round to greet him.

  16. A gasp went round the room.
  17. Or whatever way round it.
  18. Julian looked round at her.
  19. It is the other way round.
  20. It wasn’t a round circle.
  21. Racheted a round into the.
  22. He sat up, and looked round.
  23. The second round of study.
  24. Three men came round the.
  25. There was a round of I’s.

  26. I could come round after.
  27. Adam put his arm round her.
  28. It was the other way round.
  29. The nearest one spins round.
  30. M: It is the other way round.
  31. There were a round of I’s.
  32. A round about snuck up on me.
  33. They do tend to crowd round.
  34. Ralph spins round to face him.
  35. Round and round the madhouse.
  36. I had a tour round the place.
  37. A shake of the head all round.
  38. He slipped his arm round her.
  39. God gave him rest round about.
  40. Instantly a small round oak.
  41. The round me roaming end bit.
  42. She could come round anytime.
  43. He went round and round, in.
  44. He swilled the brandy round.
  45. A priest doesn't talk round.
  46. I’ll see you round cowgirl.
  47. You've got this round, witch.
  48. That woman was round the twist.
  49. Each round key gets added by.
  50. Justin looked round for a tool.
  51. I could see him looking round.
  52. He didn't, however, look round.
  53. The second round left me mute.
  54. Anyone could get round that.
  55. He then looked round at Raiya.
  56. They were all perfectly round.
  57. Slowly a small round oak door.
  58. A very nice, round little girl.
  59. McLean fired a round into his.
  60. Pour the tomato round and serve.
  61. The Vicar’s coming round at 8.
  62. It was long, round and plastic.
  63. Once more the wheels went round.
  64. This will constitute one round.
  65. She had won this opening round.
  66. Round the raw grave they stay'd.
  67. Harkwell spun round to face him.
  68. Yes, he had forfeited the round.
  69. The largest of these was round.
  70. Your dad came round here a lot.
  71. It was round and there looked.
  72. We’re going round in circles.
  73. The natural limits of his round.
  74. I pressed the round button and.
  75. He turned round to the back seat.
  76. He went round and round in the.
  77. Full auto and a forty round mag.
  78. She is coming round to the idea.
  79. A round curtain rod without the.
  80. We had been that round way too.
  81. Q: It can be the other way round.
  82. It was round about lunchtime.
  83. Their heads are small and round.
  84. Come round, he called back.
  85. There was huge round of applause.
  86. Unbroken round me; and the jest.
  87. The next round would return $94.
  88. Seeing something round out the.
  89. Round Table plays a leading part.
  90. If the castle was round, there.
  91. We’ll think of a way round it.
  92. The round and round and round.
  93. They round the corner and come.
  94. Jil waited for him to come round.
  95. Max turned it round, and left it.
  96. The sadhu just turned round and.
  97. I haven’t gotten round to those.
  98. A few kilometres down the round.
  99. The officer spun round and gasped.
  100. Cut each round into eight wedges.
  1. Just as she was rounding.
  2. They are rounding up Jews.
  3. It was rounding some hills.
  4. She ran for a while, rounding.
  5. As one of the cars was rounding.
  6. Rounding a corner they saw lights.
  7. Rounding off special favours with.
  8. Where the rounding Pi curving lines.
  9. Ahead of me, rounding the corner, Mr.
  10. Rounding the helicopter, Locke stopped.
  11. Rounding the corner she picked up speed.
  12. This will come about with or without rounding.
  13. Her rounding eyes were fixed up on the ceiling.
  14. Nicole said rounding off the fabrication nicely.
  15. He said he was rounding up some of his old.
  16. Such functions can be used for rounding numbers.
  17. Rounding the grass clump, I saw that it was John.
  18. Rounding out my ammo were three mags for my pistol.
  19. They are rounding up suspects in Bamberg, a nearby.
  20. They are rounding up the Jews, Kantor said to himself.
  21. Rounding the last colossal bush, what was concealed.
  22. He also told me that they are rounding up Greek Jews.
  23. And it was a lark, I tell you, rounding up the cattle.
  24. Rounding the corner were several of the castle guards.
  25. Faith is leaving the road you know, rounding that bend.
  26. Then, rounding another corner, he stopped in his tracks.
  27. Rounding out my ammo were three mags for my pistol.
  28. The National Trust attendants were rounding up the last of.
  29. Rounding a bend in the road, she spotted Balin’s old cabin.
  30. She looked down the wash and discovered an old woman rounding.
  31. Of course the cost of rounding up fifty people was higher than.
  32. It was a bad question, since they were already rounding the bend.
  33. Are you out of your senses! Rana exploded, rounding on him.
  34. Finally he abandoned the chase and started rounding up the goats.
  35. I didn’t notice Dongho rounding the corner, but Eli luckily did.
  36. The next few days were spent rounding up as many as we could find.
  37. While thou, Time's spirals rounding, out of thyself, thyself still.
  38. The boats separate and row off, each on its rounding course to the.
  39. Rounding a corner, she was surprised to find herself back at the park.
  40. And when the police arrived they had no trouble in rounding them all up.
  41. Rounding a bend in the pass, I saw it before us, the wall of Kingdom Pass.
  42. They are rounding up Jews, arresting Jews, thousands of them, in Boston.
  43. The social net is not for rounding up the fallen, but to prevent any from jumping.
  44. Rounding the house, he went up the steps, noting that the door had been left ajar.
  45. Says she’ll help me get into the base, and Guido’s rounding up a few guys, too.
  46. Rounding a tree I saw a pool of water just where I had thought that there would be.
  47. Rounding off the results in the charts, 20 years’ worth of investments comes to:.
  48. He forced himself to take another step, and another, until, rounding the corner of.
  49. Then, rounding the corner to the break room, he pointed to the Mars map on the wall.
  50. And Jews borrowed a story about a man building a boat and rounding up a pair of every.
  51. Rounding off our family, of course, is Poes-Woes, who is as fluffy and spoiled and ill-.
  52. In sales, rounding off figures dilutes its impact so state numbers without rounding off.
  53. Rounding some bushes Dawn shot two more cats crouched together in the centre of the track.
  54. Rounding out the top five are the other two value factors—EV/EBITDA and shareholder yield.
  55. Rounding out the top five were all three composited value factors and price to free cash flow.
  56. Shouldn’t you be over there rounding up another partner, this is a little off beat for you.
  57. This was a fact even with the rounding concept – a necessary consideration in these machines.
  58. Rounding at her daughter’s bed, she knew that she just put them somewhere in Sophia’s bedroom.
  59. The farmhouse was ablaze and a band of adolescents was charging about wildly, rounding up cattle.
  60. Ava had never been south of the Yakhan before, unless you count rounding Dromedia point as south.
  61. Smooth (things, seekers after)–Easy to swallow because of rounding off the sharp edges of truth.
  62. Rounding the corner of the house, she quickened her pace, high heels tapping on the paving stones.
  63. Sarahs little belly is rounding out, but its still quite a while before the anticipated birth.
  64. Maria dove in and Colin was rounding the car when he heard Evan shouting that they were coming, too.
  65. Wolf got up and ran down the street, throwing a glance over his shoulder before rounding the corner.
  66. This level of resolution is lost on the higher time frame, which simply shows a gently rounding top.
  67. Rounding a sharp bend in the path, Soffen could not help but gasp aloud at the sight that greeted her.
  68. Henry’s forces came up shortly and after rounding up the prisoners, we turned back toward the capital.
  69. In April, the ETF began to slowly move higher, forming a rounding bottom formation, as shown in Figure 7.
  70. They are now busy rounding up the owner and his adult guests and gathering them on one of the stern decks.
  71. Ignacia laid in bed every night hoping, and not hoping, to hear his rusted wheels rounding on the high wire.
  72. His height was a little over six feet, but he seemed shorter on account of a peculiar rounding of the shoulders.
  73. Every day the police would try to move in rounding up whole families and relocating them to the western suburbs.
  74. It was the time when they were rounding up all their nationals from all parts of the world to make them into Nazis.
  75. After rounding a curve, he saw the name Crabtree on a mailbox, and he announced loudly, �We're finally here, kids.
  76. Obviously the problem has to do with rounding and I explained that limitation to the person who requested this report.
  77. When volatility bottoms, it stays at depressed levels for extended periods of time, forming a smooth, rounding pattern.
  78. I stand to lose nearly all my cash, all I’ve saved by doing odd jobs and rounding up stray cattle for the Maynwarings.
  79. In fact, both numbers are the same, the difference being due to a rounding error in our calculations (the true delta is 61.
  80. Rounding the corner, there was a magnificent bronze and black Celtic Knot Irish Cross Plaque with the name of the Church, St.
  81. Hold on Andrew, I’m almost there! she said rounding the broken edge of the outer wall; the moon disappeared behind it.
  82. Rounding out the Leaders & Success page are two profiles of outstanding people, past and present, and how they succeeded.
  83. We can also calculate the weightings for each stock (with small rounding errors) if the ABC Index is capitalization weighted:.
  84. Rounding a corner, a group of lion men raised their bloody heads from feasting only to then growl and launch at her protectors.
  85. This method is not exact because there is likely to be rounding error, and the vega does change slightly as we change volatility.
  86. They are rounding up thousands of people who have spoken out in support of the Boblovian Insurrection, as they are calling it now.
  87. I stuck to the brush at the side of the road, rounding the clearing until I arrived at the blind side of the house on higher ground.
  88. I was one second from a weepy public meltdown; then I saw a kid in a red All Saints lacrosse shirt rounding the confections counter.
  89. They crossed the conservatory of a lobby and were soon out and rounding a corner, striding up Clarke Street toward the River Bridge.
  90. Their ever-more-lowly mud-brick forms slowly rose up the low elevation that was a continuation of the headland they were now rounding.
  91. And like circles on the water, which, as they grow fainter, expand; so his eyes seemed rounding and rounding, like the rings of Eternity.
  92. The red earth gave way to green vegetation in spotted areas, and after rounding a corner they came out onto a beautiful green grassy plain.
  93. Rounding the corner of the bar, he came to an abrupt halt and stared hard at the floor for a few moments, his face twisted in concentration.
  94. Conan looked to see Amalric's lancers rounding the western ridge, but they did not come, and the pikemen began to reel back under the shocks.
  95. Practice arching (rounding) your back up as you bend your head down, then drop your back down to the opposite position and lift your head up.
  96. It certainly pointed a moral, the idol with feet of clay, and then seventytwo of his trusty henchmen rounding on him with mutual mudslinging.
  97. Currently, the United States makes up 35 percent of that index, with Japan, the United Kingdom, France, and Canada rounding out the top five.
  98. Rounding a thick bed of reeds, Brock slid to a stop and heaved a sigh of relief when he saw Grey clinging to a rock in the middle of the river.
  99. We joined him there and found him rounding up all the men who could move and soon had them leaving the likely trap and on the way toward Reggio.
  100. Destruction of the Dark Brotherhood has been the touted objective, but they secretly have been funneling resources into rounding up the Manes.
  1. Is rounded with a sleep.
  2. I rounded up all of the.
  3. They rounded a corner, on.
  4. They rounded up the aliens.
  5. His footsteps rounded the bed.
  6. Richard rounded on the masons.
  7. They rounded the corner and.
  8. Tammas rounded on the Captain.
  9. He rounded the wrong corridor.
  10. Graisse rounded the next corner.
  11. Then a rounded stone was found.
  12. Bigwig rounded on him, snarling.
  13. He had rounded up all but three.
  14. I rounded a long sheet of plywood.
  15. Rounded to 3 significant figures.
  16. Some are angular, others rounded.
  17. With its rounded edges and hard.
  18. A square item with rounded corners.
  19. Rounded cutoff points were applied.
  20. He rounded out the portfolio with 7.
  21. Hilma's eyes rounded with amazement.
  22. The woman rounded on me in surprise.
  23. He was rounded up and brought to me.
  24. She had rounded out, her belly was.
  25. Coming up empty, he rounded on Luke.
  26. We rounded the next bend in the path.
  27. The party goers, rounded up by the.
  28. Just then the dog rounded the corner.
  29. Llurdis rounded on her, face clouding.
  30. She rounded a curve and surprised a.
  31. They had rounded Stars on their face.
  32. Haven’s eyes rounded in recognition.
  33. If they can invest in a well rounded.
  34. Rounded by years of a mother’s love.
  35. When he had gone, Midge rounded on her.
  36. They rounded a headland and Ava gasped.
  37. Her shoulders are not rounded on the.
  38. Fifty minutes later as he rounded the.
  39. We rounded the building at the same time.
  40. As he rounded a corner into a room far.
  41. You can see where her eyes were rounded.
  42. When the men rounded the corner, he ran.
  43. On the instant, the dragon rounded a hill.
  44. It rounded the bend, following Penn’s.
  45. The Tower Guard rounded up the population.
  46. As Chevalier rounded the corner, he stopped.
  47. Who the fuck is Ian? he rounded on me.
  48. For simplicity, we have rounded these to 7.
  49. It rounded on the child with a fierce hiss.
  50. They went on to the next block, rounded a.
  51. At the entrance he rounded and called back.
  52. Deer and Rabbits that had rounded out the.
  53. I became a mature, rounded off human being.
  54. For she his hairy temples then had rounded.
  55. It was an almost perfect cube with rounded.
  56. The car rounded the corner and headed south.
  57. The jeep rounded an abrupt bend in the road.
  58. His head was down and his shoulders rounded.
  59. Okay, he said as we rounded the corner.
  60. Both are rounded and both hairy but thinning.
  61. Robert suddenly grinned as they rounded the.
  62. And to the north rounded hills as yet unmoved.
  63. He rounded a corner of the Maze, then another.
  64. The drums pounded, dancers rounded the flames.
  65. When I rounded the corner, he had her lifted.
  66. The guards came closer and rounded the corner.
  67. As the figures rounded the corner, he sprang.
  68. What is it? I asked as I rounded the bed.
  69. These people should be rounded up and branded.
  70. Drop by rounded spoonful’s onto waxed paper.
  71. On our planes it’s rounded off, quite simply.
  72. While they were playing the staff had rounded.
  73. His eyes moved over to Em, to her rounded belly.
  74. She rounded the couch, but Donald wasn’t there.
  75. But now, having cleared the road and rounded St.
  76. As he rounded his desk and assumed his regular.
  77. A guard rounded the corner, seemingly in a trance.
  78. Age caught up with us as we rounded the next bend.
  79. She rounded on them, furious at the interruption.
  80. A train crashed past as she rounded the next bend.
  81. She stood up, rounded the chair, and embraced him.
  82. As they rounded the corner Selma could just see.
  83. Near the end of the second day, we rounded a rock.
  84. They rounded a corner on the far side of the chasm.
  85. Colin rounded the car and climbed behind the wheel.
  86. These would come until they rounded the next bend.
  87. All the clones have been rounded up in this area.
  88. And… She rounded on Tammas and pointed at him.
  89. They had just rounded a spur when Jacques (who was.
  90. The palate is also covered with hard rounded knobs.
  91. The slightly rounded end faced the beach with four.
  92. He rounded the corner and walked toward the two men.
  93. She sent Miklos and Eugenia aloft with the rounded.
  94. As they rounded the corner back to Emily, they gasped.
  95. His tires squealed a little as we rounded the curves.
  96. I have rounded up the slaves to question them about.
  97. The lighthouse beam rounded again and struck the rock.
  98. Iain’s car was a small rounded cheerful red vehicle.
  99. As they rounded the hallway, Richard could see Skinny.
  100. One of them pointed with the rounded stub of an elbow.
  1. As I shot, the rounds.
  2. Do six rounds of breath.
  3. We will have two rounds.
  4. Rounds came and rounds went.
  5. After a few rounds of the.
  6. Its clips held seven rounds.
  7. After a few rounds of this.
  8. Minus the rounds, of course.
  9. She shot off fifteen rounds.
  10. These ones held sixty rounds.
  11. He was here on morning rounds.
  12. We made the rounds of doctors.
  13. A total of sixteen rounds then.
  14. Few rounds reached his position.
  15. They would sword all five rounds.
  16. The Time stop lasts for 3 rounds.
  17. We all gave the hag a few rounds.
  18. The magazine was two rounds short.
  19. She’s been making the rounds.
  20. Two rounds of shooters and their.
  21. Frank gave them a few rounds each.
  22. Five thousand five hundred rounds.
  23. We had different rounds for the gun.
  24. Ending of the rounds of falsehood:.
  25. He had fired three rounds when the N.
  26. For a few rounds with anyone wil ing.
  27. It is the firemen going their rounds.
  28. Fiona just beat Mary in ten rounds.
  29. This was his idea of rounds anyway!.
  30. Bartenders served rounds on the house.
  31. He was making his usual rounds, when.
  32. Fire off a few rounds as he goes past.
  33. Bok had reloaded with incendiary rounds.
  34. The rounds aimed at the small building.
  35. Fifty rounds of the fight have elapsed.
  36. I did it, so it had forty rounds total.
  37. He was doing his rounds with a watering.
  38. He made the rounds of the farm yesterday.
  39. Just a nurse doing her rounds, he guessed.
  40. CINT(number) rounds off the integer number.
  41. The old Jeep rounds a corner, out of sight.
  42. Three rounds in the face and he was quiet.
  43. Next time I’ll pump five rounds in there.
  44. More applause, epic rounds and rounds of it.
  45. And it still takes 2 rounds to break free.
  46. Making Rounds with Oscar: The Extraordinary.
  47. Dom reloaded his rifle with five more rounds.
  48. Typically, we have 5-6 rounds of interviews.
  49. I shot a few more rounds before I ran empty.
  50. We had different rounds for the gun.
  51. David Dosa – Making Rounds with Oscar: The.
  52. He grabbed it and loaded the last two rounds.
  53. The guns were reloaded with incendiary rounds.
  54. She waited until the nurse finished her rounds.
  55. These clips could hold up to fifty rounds of 7.
  56. Aiden realized as he made the rounds searching.
  57. He loaded them and took plenty of extra rounds.
  58. Will you still be making the rounds today?’.
  59. Then all five of us did the rounds of the town.
  60. Three rounds blew holes in the wall to my right.
  61. One said, Unloaded all me rounds, Don Jataka.
  62. The American-180 fired thirty rounds per second.
  63. Lydgate said no more, but went out on his rounds.
  64. Rounds things off better when there’s a third.
  65. I was none the wiser after making all the rounds.
  66. Who gets a recommendation for the next rounds of.
  67. Sixty-seven rounds in total, all interchangeable.
  68. It rounds out the quintet of pestle-and-mortar-.
  69. The woman took four rounds with a grunt and wince.
  70. They left the building and continued their rounds.
  71. The letter made its rounds and was read repeatedly.
  72. Rounds a number away from 0 to the nearest integer.
  73. Every kid six rows deep did two rounds of The Wave.
  74. It was a nine millimeter and held seventeen rounds.
  75. Rounds began to ‘cook off’ in the burning Humvee.
  76. We charge double for the rounds and the use of our.
  77. Children accosting the mailman, on his rounds, for.
  78. Panny shot a number of rounds into the door between.
  79. People were buying rounds for strangers just because.
  80. Start with three rounds and add one round every week.
  81. Those rounds, with Taxi and Tarantula watching and on.
  82. The officer of the guard made altogether three rounds.
  83. They had also taken thousands of rounds of ammunition.
  84. It has a drum that on average holds thirty-two rounds.
  85. I searched it to only find thirteen rounds, and they.
  86. I successfully killed it after firing off three rounds.
  87. It is bullet proof and you are out of artillery rounds.
  88. Cut into rounds or fingers and place onto a baking tray.
  89. I refilled my mag with normal rounds and loaded the AR.
  90. Both were capable of stopping high power pistol rounds.
  91. The enemy returned fire with several rounds of bullets.
  92. While all this was going on, Limpy was out on his rounds.
  93. I shot the rest of the Tacitus’s rounds and dropped it.
  94. He risked the rest of his money over the next two rounds.
  95. The USP is a pistol that holds twelve rounds in its clip.
  96. After several rounds, golf was still on the ‘throne’.
  97. It was a lance-rifle, fifty-caliber and held forty rounds.
  98. I was able to sing the song after about five rounds of it.
  99. It could stop all metallic rounds from hand-held firearms.
  100. Rounds a number away from zero to the nearest even integer.

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