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Routine numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. The routine is the same.
  2. We settled into a routine.
  3. He developed a routine of.
  4. Max was an animal of routine.
  5. This was routine work, and.

  6. Panic had turned to routine.
  7. One is more or less routine.
  8. They were to fly a routine.
  9. But, it was the same routine.
  10. There is comfort in routine.
  11. That was part of the routine.
  12. How routine it had all become.
  13. Life in Namangan was routine.
  14. They repeated the same routine.
  15. It did appear to be a routine.

  16. This had become a routine now.
  17. This is how the routine began.
  18. They were back to the routine.
  19. There is disruption of routine.
  20. Is it a routine for her?
  21. It all became sort of routine.
  22. The routine was always the same.
  23. It had become a morning routine.
  24. It was a routine I had done so.
  25. Soon, it became routine for him.

  26. Some repetitive routine is in-.
  27. It was routine and life in the.
  28. The work was boring and routine.
  29. A new daily routine established.
  30. Step Two: The Rewards of Routine.
  31. This will be your trading routine.
  32. This wasn’t going to be routine.
  33. But this wasn’t a routine doctor.
  34. A new routine was thus established.
  35. Louis settled into routine as well.
  36. You should never water to a routine.
  37. I fell into a routine pretty quickly.
  38. Routine, but never taken for granted.
  39. Everything had been strictly routine.
  40. Your routine should not be a routine.
  41. That was the part of morning routine.
  42. Long silences had become our routine.
  43. However, the birth was quite routine.
  44. The easiest way out is their routine.
  45. My teaching may be routine, but the.
  46. It had become a like a daily routine.
  47. In my bedroom it was the usual routine.
  48. Knowing her routine gives me pleasure.
  49. Take the cat in for a routine check-up.
  50. It was the routine that drove one mad.
  51. The next week followed the same routine.
  52. Discipline and routine have their uses.
  53. I’ll have to make an exercise routine.
  54. They know the routine, Samuel said.
  55. Finally finishing her daily routine of.
  56. Use a tested and proven workout routine.
  57. The general routine is according to the.
  58. They, started the ball-bouncing routine.
  59. The same routine and the easiest routine.
  60. It could be a routine check, though she.
  61. I say the routine but it was hardly that.
  62. This should just be a routine inspection.
  63. We use them for all our routine medicals.
  64. Even after years of the routine he still.
  65. She finished her routine, smiled then left.
  66. It was the routine end of a routine day.
  67. Don’t worry It’s just a routine check.
  68. The elephant was on next doing his routine.
  69. This was supposed to be a standard routine.
  70. I use a spreadsheet for my pre-open routine.
  71. She gave me the ‘snotty kitty’ routine.
  72. Day after day, it was the same ole' routine.
  73. LaTrue, leaving by car, would seem routine.
  74. Juvenal Urbino leave for his routine house.
  75. Harry, this is not a routine CSIS operation.
  76. Their life had a strange pattern and routine.
  77. Myth #4 (schizophrenics don't need a routine.
  78. Used to express routine or habitual things:.
  79. Have an autopsy done as a routine procedure.
  80. This called for a drastic change in routine.
  81. She nodded, being familiar with the routine.
  82. In the days to follow we fell into a routine.
  83. Still, this rundown was anything but routine.
  84. The familiar, happy routine, bang, it's gone.
  85. On a day like today Sergio followed a routine.
  86. Per routine, I fed the cats at five o’clock.
  87. He was giving a preamble to his break routine.
  88. Robbie’s visits were now part of the routine.
  89. Their routine went along unbroken for ten days.
  90. Familiar routine is balm to a fragmented soul.
  91. The three men were on routine church business.
  92. So, we got very good at our slapstick routine.
  93. And the solution for this is a work out routine.
  94. It's my routine so I'd prefer to stick with it.
  95. Helping him there was one of my routine chores.
  96. Raiya ran a search routine of the messages path.
  97. Not that I would be sniffy about even routine.
  98. This routine didn’t change when the baby came.
  99. When asked about this change of routine by her.
  100. Whoever grabbed Bree knew her routine, I thought.

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