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Rumple numa frase em (in ingles)

1. I rumple them up and dump them in the corner of the closet.
2. Besides, he would tug at the ribbons of her bonnet and, no doubt, rumple her dress.
3. Scarlett wanted to respect and adore her mother like an idol and to rumple her hair and tease her too.
4. Wopsle referred to me, he considered it a necessary part of such reference to rumple my hair and poke it into my eyes.
5. So intent were the Federals in capturing young Meliorans they did not see a threat in the two old men or the rumple of blankets.
6. While she knitted and talked, Sammy tried vainly to stir some life into Rumple, who now occupied the best position by the hearth.
7. It was the third day in a row he’d worn this particular shirt, and the sweater-vest he’d been using to hide the rumples had itself begun to rumple.

8. Richard had seen them before, of course, but he’d never really seen them, their shambolic rumple and manifest travail (he was working his way through Faulkner at the time).
9. Now, Mum, with respections to this boy! And then he would rumple my hair the wrong way,—which from my earliest remembrance, as already hinted, I have in my soul denied the right of any fellow-creature to do,—and would hold me before him by the sleeve,—a spectacle of imbecility only to be equalled by himself.
10. The resultant stretch and rumple brought FA and LA into contact with the those other lonely forces so that through the progress of a now diatonic ascension and descension of any octave, having its existence among other octaves of similar nature, the forces could at last realize the imperative of their separation, i.
11. On Sundays, Ralph and Betty would sometimes host a few expat Aussie thespians such as the great actor Leo McKern, who later became famous as Number Two in Patrick McGoohan’s The Prisoner and as Horace Rumple in Rumpole of the Bailey; Bill Kerr, who I knew as the innocent stooge to Sid James’s scheming spiv in Hancock’s Half Hour; and Shirley Abicair, who sang bewitching songs on the television, accompanied by the zither.
1. I truly am madam he answered smiling, rumpling my hair.
2. There’s no help for it, Will, he said, rumpling his bright hair.
3. Farther east stretched cultivated fields, flowering fruit-orchards, a rumpling of gentle tree-crowned hills.
4. He clings to the swell of her hip with his other hand, rumpling her robe to feel the silk beneath and the skin beneath that.
5. But though all this may very well be true--so Jacob thought and spoke-- so he crossed his legs--filled his pipe--sipped his whisky, and once looked at his pocket-book, rumpling his hair as he did so, there remains over something which can never be conveyed to a second person save by Jacob himself.
1. It was as if he smoothed a rumpled sheet.
2. It was rumpled and a bit worse for the wear.
3. He was wearing a rumpled plaid shirt and khakis.
4. His pen scribbled fervently on the rumpled paper.
5. He wore jeans and a rumpled shirt with specks of.
6. His hair was rumpled and his eyes bloodshot and narrow.
7. It was like catching a rumpled, drenched wad of material.
8. Behrmann was a nutty professor type complete with rumpled.
9. Someone else rumpled my hair, the hair of the idiot savant.
10. His hair was rumpled, and his eyes were shining suspiciously.
11. Caleb handed him a rumpled handkerchief, and soon Alfred was.
12. Well, sir, it was a bit rumpled, certainly, when I came back.
13. Sam naked on a rumpled mattress, startled, the sheets pulled off.
14. The man in the rumpled suit stumbled forward and opened the door for him.
15. The stress of this idle maneuvering had reduced Freeman to a rumpled heap.
16. I looked around the rumpled bed with its sheets tossed everywhere and smiled.
17. He had on a white short-sleeved undershirt pulled over rumpled gray trousers.
18. His empty, rumpled bed was there, but its occupant had flown before daybreak.
19. JOE MOLINARI was facing me, and the bedsheets were rumpled in a mess around us.
20. Your turn, he says a minute later, emerging even more rumpled than before.
21. The man’s rumpled, sandy-brown hair stuck out from beneath an old, ragged cap.
22. Finally, Mammy, coming down the front stairs, her apron rumpled and spotted, her.
23. He would have embraced her but, blushing, she stepped aside fearing to be rumpled.
24. He rubbed his eyes, swung his legs over the side of the rumpled covers on his bed.
25. Stu? the rumpled old detective asked unable to hide the surprise in his voice.
26. His hair was messy instead of artfully rumpled, and his shirt sleeves were rolled up.
27. She was rubbing her hand over the rumpled sheets, as if I was still in there with her.
28. I pulled out the drawing of Jane Doe, a drawing that was getting rumpled from handling.
29. I took his hand and led him to the bed that was rumpled from our night’s rest, and I.
30. The hair that had looked merely unkempt back then now edged toward attractively rumpled.
31. Blond and rumpled, Sally maintained her dazzling smile as she began waving to the troops.
32. His clothes were rumpled, his shoes were on the wrong feet, and his shirt was inside out.
33. I soon saw that the intruder had left other traces of his presence besides the rumpled papers.
34. My eyes took in the rumpled condition of the sofa that had a blanket tossed to one side of it.
35. He hadn’t shaved and his clothing was rumpled, as though he hadn’t cleaned up in a day or two.
36. It was littered with vodka bottles, clothing, rumpled sheets, wet towels and spilling-over ashtrays.
37. And now she assaulted her victims, bullied them, tugged at their shirts, rumpled their hair, asked:.
38. Guys who tried to look rumpled and worn and spent an hour a day trying to achieve that I don't care.
39. Bhaer's hair stuck straight up all over his head, for he always rumpled it wildly when disturbed in mind.
40. While Taj was still dressed in his familiar rumpled suit and faded tie, he seemed completely transformed.
41. Henry entered the room then, looking mostly the way he had when he left, though his hair was more rumpled.
42. Removing this carefully, so as not to make the tape look too rumpled, she inserted the key into the desk.
43. And how she tore her clothes and rumpled her hair and threatened to call the police unless you married her.
44. The bedcovers were rumpled as if slept in next morning, although we had not gone back into his room that night.
45. A rumpled Chinese jacket of black cotton funereally invested him, with wide black trowsers of the same dark stuff.
46. As she put her rumpled bank notes on the counter, she felt terribly conscious of the female clerk’s probing eyes.
47. The door slid open, admitting a doctor and a sour-looking mug in a rumpled flogger who could only have been a dick.
48. The two rumpled guys in the battered van looked like the characters from the childhood comic strip Mutt and Jeff.
49. Over Conklin’s rumpled, unmade bed was a framed Vargas girl, signed by the model, with a lipstick kiss next to the butt.
50. He was in the front hall zipping his windbreaker when Will appeared behind him, rumpled with sleep, the note in his hand.
51. The Hologis suit creates a springy sensation whenever I move, and sensors embedded in the suit give it a rumpled texture.
52. Clegg was sipping champagne on the rumpled bed in a white towelling robe, seated with his back hard against the headboard.
53. He was dressed in rumpled working man’s attire, wearing a short overcoat with a slouch cap pulled down tight on his head.
54. My clothes, in particular my shirt were all rumpled, something which normally would have bothered me, but not this morning.
55. Dark bags hung under his sharp blue eyes, and he was wearing a rumpled suit set off with shiny new handcuffs and leg chains.
56. His salt and pepper hair was military short and yet still managed to be messy, and his army fatigues were rumpled and stained.
57. Accepting the assistance again, Terence arose and looked down at the sand that covered his tweed jacket and rumpled wool trousers.
58. BLOOM: (In housejacket of ripplecloth, flannel trousers, heelless slippers, unshaven, his hair rumpled: softly) I treated you white.
59. Set into the wall was a mirror that was probably no mirror, and he could imagine three or four cops watching, rumpled, tending to fat.
60. For a boy who had worn the same rumpled sweater to rowing practice for a year, this was an astonishing collection of sartorial treasure.
61. She opened the door to find a dark, unshaven young man in rumpled clothes that reeked of yesterday's sweat and several days’ worth of alcohol.
62. Having run forward towards him, it rumpled its feathers, spread its wings wide apart, and began to twitter loudly as if being indignant over something.
63. Rumpled and put out whenever she did not do as he wanted her to do… once an evil spirit’s true identity is found out… they usually flee and run away.
64. Couples lay sprawled across the seats, their mouths locked together in endless union, their limbs entwined while feverish hands groped under rumpled blouses.
65. The girl looked pathetic and lost as she sat among the rumpled bedsheets, attempting to cover herself with a man’s shirt she’d been given by the detectives.
66. Thomas, who came pelting through the doors that separated the cars, looked rumpled and unkempt; he was also unarmed, which made Jess feel a little less foolish.
67. He was wearing the same three-piece white suit as yesterday, shirt now open and tie gone, and he was all rumpled and smudged with dirt and his hair was mussed.
68. The bed was rumpled, a horrid patterned duvet that you could tell from five yards hadn’t been washed in ages, and left a faint musty trace in the atmosphere.
69. He also noticed that she was in a state of some disarray – hair ruffled, face flushed, dress rumpled around her thighs – and with a distant glaze across her eyes.
70. The fabric of the law of seven had to have been stretched and rumpled in order to become the diatonic law of octaves with which we are familiar here in our own universe.
71. A man in threadbare clothing, rumpled hat and slippers on his bare feet, and his face full of red lines, pushed his way through the crowd and walked toward the prison door.
72. She is on the side of tidiness and cleanliness and not on the side of slovenly lassitude that leaves things jumbled and rumpled, scattered with no conscious care and placement.
73. The tall colonel, livid, with his coal-black ringlets and moustache, crouched, as it were, to look into the eyes of the short, thick-set, red-faced prisoner with rumpled white hair.
74. His hair was badly rumpled, his eyes bloodshot and his equilibrium wasn’t the best, but his dimpled genuine smile radiated a warm invitation to the comfort she always found with him.
75. With some difficulty he managed to pull himself from the comfortable position he had maintained on his sofa and smoothed his jacket as though it was unpresentable in its rumpled condition.
76. It caught the doe by the neck and killed it with one powerful shake that lifted the smaller animal entirely up into the air before dropping it in a rumpled heap on the grassy forest floor.
77. Even their rumpled clothing reflected their frantic condition, and the tension of knowing that they were walking a tightrope upon which the slightest misstep could well cost them their lives.
78. But Amory Gould was nothing if not hard-nosed, and was already turning slightly away from the crowd, and without looking down beginning to remove the cufflink from his rumpled but still beautiful sleeve.
79. Of course, Celeste, who didn’t have much interest in clothes, probably didn’t even register the difference between Perry and rumpled, unshaven Ed, with his old musty-smelling, olive-green fleece over his T-shirt.
80. Raul had inherited from his grandfather dark good looks, typical of the family, and his share of Herrera charm, which he maintained with pride, feeling dirty and uncomfortable at the first sign of stubble or rumpled clothing.
81. Before she could ask as to their circumstances a door opened and an older man in a rumpled suit walked into the cell bay that was empty except for the two guards that stood up to attention at the other man’s appearance within the room.
82. But as she was staring at the rumpled sheets on Ben’s bed, with the airplane pattern, and remembering him asking for new sheets—plain sheets—about a year ago, she notice a wadded plastic bag jutting out from underneath the bed frame.
83. They sleep in the first unused bedroom they happen upon, drop their rumpled clothing on the floor, take a fresh change from the closet when they leave in the morning, and spend much of their day attending entertainments without paying the admission.
84. Pocket, with the normal perplexity of his face heightened and his hair rumpled, looked at them for some minutes, as if he couldn't make out how they came to be boarding and lodging in that establishment, and why they hadn't been billeted by Nature on somebody else.
85. His bushy hair had been cut and smoothly brushed, but didn't stay in order long, for in exciting moments, he rumpled it up in the droll way he used to do, and Jo liked it rampantly erect better than flat, because she thought it gave his fine forehead a Jove-like aspect.
86. For she looked as if she had gone backstage, shrugged on a rumpled tweed walking suit, one size too large, gravy-spotted and grass-stained, and then purposely rumpled her hair, painted her lipstick askew, and was on the point of exiting the stage door when someone cried, "You're on!".
87. There was a brief pause during which time Feltus considered the possibility that Underwood, sensing the forces lining up against him, had already fled the scene of his foul deed, but his fears were laid to rest five seconds later when a rumpled and tired-looking Terence opened the door.
88. Prohartchin's bed, rumpled up the bed a little, took the famous box, put it at the foot of the bed; and on the bed laid the sister-in-law, that is, a dummy made up of an old kerchief, a cap and a mantle of the landlady's, such an exact counterfeit of a sister-in-law that it might have been mistaken for one.
89. Didn't that Dough-Boy, the steward, tell me that of a morning he always finds the old man's hammock clothes all rumpled and tumbled, and the sheets down at the foot, and the coverlid almost tied into knots, and the pillow a sort of frightful hot, as though a baked brick had been on it? A hot old man! I guess he's got what some folks ashore call a conscience; it's a kind of Tic-Dolly-row they say—worse nor a toothache.
90. She was suddenly, painfully, aware of her damp and rumpled,.
91. Clothes drop to the floor, a rumpled hill of cotton and wool,.
1. It was the third day in a row he’d worn this particular shirt, and the sweater-vest he’d been using to hide the rumples had itself begun to rumple.

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