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Run numa frase em (in ingles)

And I run,.
I need a run.
I could run.
On the run.
She had run.
I’d run a.
Turn and run.

He would run.
Run, and jump.
If you run a.
I’ve run it.
time on the run.
114 On the run.
tion he had run.
You could run.
genius to run it.
She had run out.
Run ahead of me.
the run and lost.
Time had run out.
Blindly, I run on.
# Run the backup.
She wanted to run.
to run in and out.
I started to run.
So I cut and run.
-Being on the run.
I hate running.
He kept running.
and running a war.
of running 35 mph.
Running, for me,.
They came running.
Then I was running.
I’m not running.
But he came running.
It’s running low.
I’m running late.
All running us down.
running for her life.
Tears were running.
He came running to.
Instead of running.
I heard more running.
Time was running out.
He continued running.
Left the car running.
running so long?.
The train was running.
It was about running.
Without running water.
He came running to her.
line running across it.
running to the bedroom.
It was running itself.
A nurse comes running.
’ He runs off.
A stream runs.
It runs right.
Runs along with.
It runs unabated.
He said he runs.
runs away with me.
if it runs on cogs.
on the easier runs.
It runs for miles.
Like EVA, it runs.
The other guy runs.
33 runs per innings.
The water runs out.
My cup runs over.
The timer runs down.
Thus runs the story.
the blood that runs.
runs with it on spec.
gun runs out of ammo.
Just as a car runs.
‘He runs the place.
Her temper runs deep.
which runs the planet.
It runs into my eyes.
The site runs itself.
nothing but milk runs.
She runs that family.
(n runs from 1 to 20.
So he ran.
A few ran.
I ran to.
I ran away.
He ran off.
It ran in.
We ran in.
I ran to her.
He ran back.
The kid ran.
It ran for.
He ran away.
He ran to it.
She ran her.
He ran to her.
I ran to them.
Doc Zab ran.
She ran back.
So he ran off.
A tremor ran.
His mind ran.
A figure ran.
And then I ran.
He ran and ran.
Owen ran his.
I ran across.
I ran outside.
She ran faster.
As he ran, he.
He ran to them.