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Sally numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. Sally is a day trader.
  2. Sally sat for a moment.
  3. Sally was in our class.
  4. Sally was a noisy car.
  5. My name is Sally Nolan.

  6. Not Sally, then who is it.
  7. No one dared call Sally.
  8. Sally the maid came to me.
  9. Lewis chuckled at my sally.
  10. Sally reached in her purse.
  11. Sally just shook her head.
  12. And Sally, my son is a Jew.
  13. Jo nods, her eyes on Sally.
  14. I’m Sally, by the way.
  15. Sally sat back on the sofa.

  16. He kidnapped Sally for it.
  17. When Sally left I was alone.
  18. Sally, you really mean that.
  19. Sally was invited to speak.
  20. We went where Sally went to.
  21. Sally sat at Joey’s side.
  22. Sally was still in trouble.
  23. Sally had crashed hours ago.
  24. Pothers and her Maid, Sally.
  25. I’m glad that I met Sally.

  26. The Aunt Sally bit has stuck.
  27. Go on then, Sally said.
  28. She was a sweet girl, Sally.
  29. Sally was an ambitious sort.
  30. I doubt that, Sally said.
  31. Luoto gave me Mustang Sally.
  32. Thank you, Sally, he muttered.
  33. And in it lie a crying Sally.
  34. Huh? What is it Sally?
  35. Sally stood next to the Pinto.
  36. And old Sally Hayes's mother.
  37. He had left it here for Sally.
  38. I don’t know, Sally said.
  39. I hugged Sally, thanking her.
  40. Sally – you really mean that.
  41. More laughs greeted this sally.
  42. She once told Sally I was wild.
  43. Sally was once again on the run.
  44. Sally thought for a few minutes.
  45. What was that? Sally said.
  46. I heard about Sally, good luck.
  47. I could borrow from Aunt Sally.
  48. Sally than just a school friend.
  49. Sally looked at Daniel and Kate.
  50. Sally just shook her head at him.
  51. Look on the positive side, Sally.
  52. Me and Sally froze in out tracks.
  53. A coward murdered Sally and Adam.
  54. You talked Sally into coming.
  55. Send Sally in on your way out.
  56. I need one more minute, Sally.
  57. From out of the kitchen, Sally.
  58. We think it’s Sally Batten.
  59. Chapter 9: Sally – Abi arrives.
  60. Sally was a pistol but no Amelia.
  61. Sally asked in a bewildered voice.
  62. Sally just rolled her eyes at him.
  63. Sally had to turn away once more.
  64. Only a few months old! Sally.
  65. He gives Sally a quick check over.
  66. Looks over at Sally as she passes.
  67. Sally eventually saved the evening.
  68. Sally couldn't sustain her anxiety.
  69. This is my best friend, Sally.
  70. Within minutes, Sally is sleeping.
  71. It made old Sally madder than ever.
  72. And she’s thick, Sally said.
  73. The guy said, Sally, you're a riot.
  74. Joey felt Sally stiffen next to him.
  75. We included the letter from Sally.
  76. Your turn to wash up tonight, Sally.
  77. George, calm down, Sally coaxed.
  78. That’s not what you meant, Sally.
  79. Being hopelessly in love with Sally.
  80. Is Sally still in the queue?
  81. Sally sighed and sat up on her knees.
  82. I follow Sally into her cosy kitchen.
  83. Sally came to me ask me about Akito.
  84. Chapter 12 : Sally visits the Garage.
  85. And we could see— Sally began.
  86. My mom is Sally Jackson, I said.
  87. You must have a talk with him, Sally.
  88. Sally didn’t seem concerned though.
  89. Sally might forgive the transgression.
  90. A roar of merriment greeted this sally.
  91. Thanks for that information, Sally.
  92. It isn't that at all, old Sally said.
  93. Chapter 15 : Sally has a naff evening.
  94. Is that near Street? Sally asked.
  95. Oh-so-sincere stare directly at Sally.
  96. Sally, it isn’t your America either.
  97. Sally had heard enough and passed me.
  98. When I got there, Sally at the front.
  99. Sally just looked at him in disbelief.
  100. Yeah, Sally said and then laughed.

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