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1. After a final salvo at journalists, whom he.
2. Aunt Sally tightened her lips and let go a salvo.
3. Certainly an interesting opening salvo, Faye Anne commented.
4. Instead of a salvo of shots, their response was shouted words in Chinese.
5. His opening salvo was not unexpectedly aimed at the legality of the action.
6. Fired from a mere 200 meters, her salvo hit at once, exploding the jet bomber.
7. Bismarck's first salvo fell short, the second was over and the third straddled.

8. The third salvo caught the men running in open fields, causing a mass butchery.
9. However, a few hits on his second salvo rewarded him, making him shout in triumph.
10. A first salvo of 127mm rockets then slammed in the water and against the submarine.
11. Anthony Nathan fired his first real salvo late on Friday of the trial’s second week.
12. Then they heard the metallic spit as the salvo went out and Bill shouted, Bombs away.
13. More explosions expanded about the city as the Americans pumped a second salvo into it.
14. It was the opening salvo of the competition, and was a whirlwind of sound and motion:.
15. The Nathaniel had saved his bacon with their highly accurate salvo of homemade grapeshot.
16. He pointed out the stranger as the latest salvo from the bar sailed past towards the piano.
17. I paused, Be it known that these past few days of destruction are only the first salvo of God.
18. But he was still sitting on his rock of a throne, preparing himself to answer this latest salvo.
19. The second salvo caused more casualties still and forced the Germans into taking cover wherever they could.
20. They’ve managed to take out our shields with that first salvo, but we do still have full weapon access.
21. According to the Germans, as the bow rose into the air, Hood's forward turrets were seen to fire one last salvo.
22. Over a third of the Morgs’ ships of the line were destroyed by the massive missile salvo from the Ambush Force.
23. We had gone down to the beach and were enjoying our swim when a salvo of Turkish artillery shells was fired at us.
24. The Black Pyrates did his Bidding whilst Horatio led the Men of the Hopewell in firing a Victory Salvo into the Air.
25. To the surprise of Rushmore, who held communist fighter pilots in low esteem, the first enemy salvo hit his plane, hard.
26. She replied by firing another salvo of unguided rockets at the bomber, which she would later learned was a Tupolev Tu-16.
27. The first salvo of cannon would likely send them scurrying to the rear and we would run them down on our horses and wipe them out.
28. Another salvo of three bombs exploded as Tom Bolles’s boys passed the finish line an astonishing five lengths ahead of Syracuse.
29. That didn’t save them from a third salvo or from the rain of arrows Nancy started shooting from her longbow at an infernal rate.
30. From the starting gun to the final salvo, they had rowed as if they could keep going at the same pace for another two miles or ten.
31. Cutting the radio link with Burnside, Yonan then hurried to pass his instructions to his subordinates and prepare for a missile salvo.
32. Falling into a mad spin, the bomber quickly broke off in multiple pieces as Ingrid fired a third rocket salvo against another bomber.
33. Taking rapidly a heavy list to port, the HYUGA was hit a few minutes later by the second and ultimate salvo from the Chinese submarine.
34. A second YF-83A also strafed the other group of soldiers with a salvo of 76mm rockets, making the rifle fire against the plane stop abruptly.
35. The salvo was devastating, but the survivors bravely stood their ground and hurled their stones at us while trying to find some sort of cover.
36. As this order was being executed, Bismarck's fifth salvo straddled Hood, scoring one or perhaps two hits with disastrous and incredible results.
37. A salvo of heavy antimatter missiles was then fired by the Morg fleet, hitting the surface of the planet and penetrating deeply before exploding.
38. We estimated that not more than ten thousand of them got away, and most of these were the ones that fled with the very first salvo from the cannon.
39. The explosives tore a huge hole in the side of the building, and the ensuing whine made it obvious that the droid was preparing for the next salvo.
40. First circling around the depot in order to line up parallel to the long piles of crates, Catherine selected half of her 75mm rockets for a long salvo.
41. We waited until the slingers had selected a stone and were just starting to swing their slings; then we loosed a telling salvo of arrows into their ranks.
42. As Ingrid was ready to deliver a second salvo on that bomber, she saw the top of its canopy fly off just before something zoomed upward out of the cockpit.
43. Five seconds, ten, fifteen, and the whisking sound as the bomb train went out, not in salvo all at once but each one a fraction of a second behind the other.
44. That AH-4 found the culprit Japanese mortar men after a minute of searching, blasting the enemy crew with a salvo of 3-inch rockets and silencing it for good.
45. Ghanzalvez couldn’t think of any other explanation for how no less than three of the heretics’ shells could have struck the same building in a single salvo.
46. Still they came on and received a second salvo before the cannon were pulled back about a hundred yards as we fired arrows into them while following the cannon.
47. A second salvo from the hidden French militiamen, who had each a spare musket ready to fire, followed less than ten seconds later, killing or wounding more Iroquois.
48. Fort Drum’s main guns were firing their fifth salvo when the lead enemy minesweeper started sinking, reduced to a blazing wreck by multiple impacts from medium guns.
49. The second salvo went off more intermittently than the first as some gun crews were faster than others, but the barrage of heavy lead had the same damaging effect as before.
50. Another torpedo of that last salvo, missing the HYUGA, went on and hit the destroyer AKIZUKI, which was approaching to rescue the crew of the flagship, seriously damaging it.
51. The youthful midshipman stared at him, eyes wild in a filthy, powder-stained face, and Haigyl pointed at the topsails edging closer behind another howling salvo of chain shot.
52. The first salvo had gone off with one big crash but now the artillery rippled all along and behind the front and you could seethe flashes going off like the devils light show.
53. The individual’s face on the screen briefly registered a surprised shock, as the bar-Trinity let loose with its full arsenal, in a perfectly timed deadly salvo of raw power.
54. I speculated that the bow would probably be of more use and he had to agree, although he did feel that receiving a salvo from his jagun would be quite demoralizing to an enemy.
55. Half a minute later, a second salvo of six giant shells slammed in the ground east of the Marines’ positions, killing more KPRA soldiers and initiating the start of a retreat.
56. As he was still speaking on the radio, one of the Migs came back towards him and fired a head-on salvo, pulverizing Rushmore’s canopy with 23mm shells and killing him instantly.
57. As they started raggedly forward, we loaded the cannon with shrapnel and, as soon as they came into effective range, fired a devastating salvo into them that shattered whole ranks.
58. The F-15Js, their radars still impaired by the jamming from the Chinese KJ-2000 airborne surveillance aircraft, fired in turn a salvo of AIM-120 AMRAAM long range air-to-air missiles.
59. Severely handicapped by their degraded computers and their sick crews, the Morg cruisers fared badly against the massive missile salvo fired by the Human cruisers of Konovalov’s force.
60. Then, a series of bright flashes announced the arrival of the combat robots all over the camp area, followed by the noise of a short but very intense salvo of automatic fire from the robots.
61. The shells and propellant charges in the trucks soon started to burn and explode as Gertrude performed a third pass, targeting the guns that had escaped her bombs with a salvo of 75mm rockets.
62. As the six inch guns of the fort continued firing on the enemy minesweepers, the two main turrets pivoted again, aiming at the lead battleship and soon firing a salvo of four fourteen inch shells.
63. While his warning probably saved many of his remaining pilots from crashing down into the sea later on, that moment of inattention cost him dearly, as a salvo of 76mm rockets bracketed his aircraft.
64. To that end I opened up with a salvo from one of my favorite old English brewers Charles Buxton: The rule in carving holds good as to criticism; never cut with a knife what you can cut with a spoon.
65. The Elusivers had not succeeded in destroying the temporal field device despite how close their adapting salvo had got, close enough to destroy everything but the very foundations on which they were fixed.
66. As the leaders swept under the railroad bridge at a mile, officials on the bridge set off a salvo of three bombs, signifying that the boat in lane three, Washington, was ahead with another mile still to go.
67. Water spray blasted upward terrifically where an energy salvo shot off from the city plowed into the watery position of where the ship would have been before it diverted from its course at the Captain’s bequest.
68. Out of control and with one engine on fire, the bomber entered a terminal spinning dive as the gray P-40F that had shot at it flashed by, already firing another salvo at the bomber that had followed behind the command plane.
69. Speeding past the surviving bombers while crossing their path, Ingrid then came back at them, losing her speed advantage then due to her turn but not before she could line up a third bomber in her gun sight and fire a devastating salvo.
70. After three registration rounds, the first salvo fired for effect was enough to convince the attacking KPRA infantry to the North to turn around and flee before it experienced the same fate as the regiment that had attacked the right flank of the Marines.
71. The human casualties, both civilian and military, were also mounting steadily, with the Hezbollah still offering ferocious resistance to the Israeli armored push inside South Lebanon and firing the occasional salvo of long range artillery rockets against Northern Israel.
72. Most of the 24 rockets hit their target, either in the superstructures or against the hull, exploding with a firepower equivalent to the main armament salvo from six destroyers and chewing up the already damaged superstructures, killing a number of the anti-aircraft gunners.
73. Before the second salvo could fall, what looked like a fire lance coming down from the sky struck, creating a carpet of small explosions among the Chinese infantrymen running into the ravine to the north of the hill with the intent of climbing the northern slopes of the position.
74. In another part of the constitution it is, indeed, expressly declared that Congress shall make all laws for the disposal of the Territories; but there is a salvo, that all acts done and contracts made previous to the adoption of the constitution, shall be as binding as if done afterward.
75. Not quite satisfied with his response, I fired another salvo of a question at him, ‘then how do you recover your huge investment in politics, or do you just sponsor people and relish in the tag of a God-father, just for the fun of it? Why do you want to know everything my little Angel, he queried jokingly, even as he held my left hand.
76. As soon as a threat laser beam is detected, the grenade launcher mounted in the direction of the threat will automatically fire away a salvo of special, multispectral smoke grenades able to obscure the targeted building or vehicle to the laser aiming device, thus breaking the lock of the laser-guided bombs that were dropped and sending them astray.
77. On his way home from the motel Murray had stopped at the Salvo Op shop and purchased a briefcase it was a bit battered but would serve his purpose nicely, he had then called into a chemist and bought four hypodermic needles, for his insulin shots he told the girl behind the counter, he now thoroughly cleaned the briefcase inside and out and wrapped it in a plastic bag, the syringes he took out of their packaging, wiped them clean and placed these in a separate plastic bag as he finished Shirl came from the bedroom and they went down in the lift to the restaurant.
1. You'd cause more damage to the VC jettison�ing the whole damned pod full of rockets on their heads than salvoing the rockets at them.

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1. What happened is that the area around your headquarters was blasted by salvoes from the stun canons of my cruiser, Obergruppenführer Hausser.
2. They had done a very good job while they lasted, but the massive saturation salvoes from South Lebanon had finally overwhelmed the Iron Dome system months ago.
3. Ken Dows watched with growing worry the approach of the Japanese battle fleet, which was still exchanging salvoes with the surviving guns of the American coastal forts.
4. Calling for successive lines of barrage fire, Ingrid made a total of 72 16-inch shells fall on the enemy, with the last two salvoes targeted at the hidden enemy positions behind the hills facing the Marines.

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