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Save numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. He had to save her.
  2. I had to save her.
  3. That I may save it.
  4. I tried to save him.
  5. He had to save them.

  6. You want to save it.
  7. I need to save them.
  8. His Son to save you.
  9. Save us to the shore.
  10. She had to save Talus.
  11. No one will save you.
  12. And you can save her.
  13. I had to save Bessie.
  14. I had to save myself.
  15. How can I save her?

  16. This could save my ass.
  17. No one can save her.
  18. She had to save Elior.
  19. I will save my family.
  20. He can save the world.
  21. It will save our life.
  22. Wherever I will be save.
  23. We have to save her.
  24. To save our planet he.
  25. The Lord Will Save Me!.

  26. I had to save Cynthia!.
  27. I could not save myself.
  28. He needed to save them.
  29. She had a life to save.
  30. Maybe He could save me.
  31. Save a Fortune on Food.
  32. I was trying to save you.
  33. Those who can save us.
  34. I could not save him.
  35. Then I can save her soul.
  36. Save as many as you can.
  37. Use less gas, save money.
  38. I must save this family.
  39. And save tea for thirst.
  40. You will not save her.
  41. Cal will save me too.
  42. It could save your life.
  43. This will save you money.
  44. We've got lives to save.
  45. Save us? We have no food.
  46. I'll save you the trouble.
  47. Save every scrap you get.
  48. You can still save her.
  49. We have a baby to save.
  50. But save your pie for me.
  51. So you’d save time too.
  52. Not only we cannot save.
  53. Then you can save Cinder.
  54. Save me a crust of bread.
  55. Save gas Try and commute.
  56. Save it for another time.
  57. I need to save my mother.
  58. That will save me a trip.
  59. God save me from both of.
  60. He is with us to save us.
  61. Yes, it will save time.
  62. The afflicted you do save.
  63. It save more than enough.
  64. My tears can’t save you.
  65. Only I could save Allison.
  66. That Will Save You Money!.
  67. B-But, you can save him.
  68. If you want to save some.
  69. Your faith shall save you.
  70. To save him, you must die.
  71. They all did, save Cinder.
  72. She must save her brother.
  73. But he couldn’t save her.
  74. A war; to save love itself.
  75. That will save you a bunch.
  77. I did it to save my family.
  78. History can save your life.
  79. Probably to save that image.
  80. Save the Last Dance for Me.
  81. Thrifty Ways to Save Money.
  82. Sita and I wil save you.
  83. Wendy would save that card.
  84. Calling for me to save him.
  85. Who was going to save her?
  86. You only did it to save me.
  87. Maybe we can save the ship.
  88. I knew I would save Allison.
  89. Free will can neither save.
  90. We all rushed in to save her.
  91. I was going to save Allison.
  92. That he wanted to save her.
  93. He alone can save your soul.
  94. We need to save Mama Luna.
  95. He had come to save us both.
  97. D but I needed to save Paige.
  98. He will save you, I promise.
  99. I did try to save my crew.
  100. So, will you save them?
  1. I was saving for it.
  2. It was past saving now.
  3. I been saving him for ya.
  4. For not saving my father.
  5. This was her saving grace.
  6. Someone in need of saving.
  7. And our only saving grace.
  8. Thank you for saving me.
  9. He claims he is saving up.
  10. She was saving 10% already.
  11. Bru had been saving up again.
  12. Thank you for saving him.
  13. He is saving his people.
  14. But thanks for saving me.
  15. Thanks for saving my life!.
  16. Thank you for saving my life.
  17. Flower was about saving a life.
  18. Start saving early, and save.
  19. At least they're worth saving.
  20. Thank you for saving my dog.
  21. He died saving you, Teresa said.
  22. I was saving a life, after all.
  23. We know we should be saving.
  24. That’s an interest saving of.
  25. Saving the cart to the database.
  26. We will, thanks for saving us.
  27. Hey, we’re saving their lives.
  28. It does have saving graces though.
  29. You, my friends are worth saving.
  30. The top he was saving until last.
  31. Better to think about saving him.
  32. The strategy could be saving £1.
  33. Saving life requires great skill.
  34. Money Saving Tips to Buy a House.
  36. Being calm and saving is really.
  37. The Simple Truth • Saving Faith.
  38. Both my friends died saving me.
  39. Saving the solution as a scenario.
  40. Thank you for saving me, Andrew.
  41. Thank you for saving us, Sergeant.
  42. Saving Money when You have a Baby.
  43. Maybe he was saving me for last.
  44. Thank you for saving my husband.
  45. This post is all about saving your.
  46. Lend a hand in saving Mother Earth.
  47. Thank you so much for saving me.
  48. See the Use Time Saving Tips chapter.
  49. Saving money is a calm state of mind.
  50. I can’t imagine anyone saving her.
  51. I also learned who was worth saving.
  52. You owe me for saving your lives.
  53. Be in a mood of saving and watch as.
  54. I wish Kyoshiro were here, saving me.
  55. In his mind, he was simply saving.
  56. Money Saving Tips for the Unemployed.
  57. Been saving this one for a while guys.
  58. You are saving on necessary expenses.
  59. Been saving that one liner, have you.
  60. Therese is saving a slimy ol’ snake.
  61. Celebrate the saving of the innocents.
  62. He’s just saving face at this point.
  63. I'm saving her for someone with class.
  65. All she cared about was saving Sierra.
  66. But of course she was saving for this.
  67. The commune is about saving the planet.
  68. The question is that of saving Russia.
  69. He was credited with saving many lives.
  70. Eternal salvation, not eternal y saving.
  71. The straps themselves were saving her.
  72. It’s my only shot at saving my child.
  74. Whitton had been saving them for later.
  75. Except when it came to saving Sharon's.
  76. Thank you for saving my life,' he held.
  77. I’ve been saving it for a special.
  78. We were saving it until you got home.
  79. Eternal salvation, not eternally saving.
  80. Had he made a mistake by saving Maria?
  81. I’m saving the lives of thousands.
  82. Children’s education, saving for, 217.
  83. This means, instead of spending, saving.
  84. All that matters now is saving his life.
  85. I have focused them on saving themselves.
  86. I could have been saving Javerian lives.
  87. Start saving for your child's education.
  89. Filipinos are wise in saving their money.
  90. It’s the same with saving, he told me.
  91. That Nature, Nature was their saving word.
  92. I wasn’t prepared to die saving badly.
  93. All hope of me saving Sofia was now gone.
  94. Not redemption or a saving that goes on.
  95. The managers thought they were saving a.
  96. Saving too much is a good problem to have.
  97. Thanks for saving our butts back there.
  98. Saving The Ocean: Scourge of the Lionfish.
  99. This leads to saving of development time.
  100. Surplus on personal scale is saving money.
  1. I saved it for you.
  2. ALL are to be saved.
  3. We are saved by the.
  4. I had saved his life.
  5. We saved it,' I said.
  6. El Elyon had saved us.
  7. He had saved her life.
  8. I saved it for Samiya.
  9. The life of the Saved.
  12. God had saved her life.
  13. We could have saved a.
  14. She had saved her life.
  15. The keep could be saved.
  16. I believe it saved you.
  17. You are saved by faith.
  18. For Love has saved them.
  19. You have saved my life.
  20. Her keep had been saved.
  21. I never saved any of it.
  22. So he saved his own life.
  23. The glass had saved her.
  25. We are saved, as by fire.
  26. I saved it in a Reading.
  27. He had been saved from.
  28. He saved us from war.
  29. I’d saved Zia and my.
  30. You saved my skin there.
  31. And they saved the world.
  32. Oscar had saved his life.
  33. They cannot be saved if.
  34. Your faith has saved you.
  35. You saved me that morning.
  36. But their Earth was saved.
  37. Both the saved, and the.
  38. My armor has saved me.
  39. I saved some guy’s life.
  40. It saved him from despair.
  41. My actions had saved them.
  42. No flesh saved would not.
  43. I do not want to be saved.
  44. Cynthia had to be saved!.
  45. It saved me from the cave.
  46. Lord and you will be saved.
  47. He believed he was saved.
  48. I could have saved you.
  49. At least she had saved one.
  50. Mabel, she saved my life.
  51. He saved my life yesterday.
  52. That's what saved his life.
  53. Billy, she saved my life.
  54. Thus, he had saved my life.
  55. I’ve saved that for last.
  56. Nathan had saved the night.
  57. Through that, He saved us.
  58. I saved him, he said.
  59. The Number of Lives Saved:.
  60. That saved a wretch like me.
  61. In a way, this saved you.
  62. This guy had saved his life.
  63. It saved a million lives.
  64. It may have saved his life.
  65. Farley of course saved the.
  66. No flesh saved would make.
  68. Neil saved it just in time.
  69. The boots had saved my life.
  70. He had saved Arthur’s life.
  71. Sarah saved her the trouble.
  72. God had saved him from his.
  73. But God saved the situation.
  74. Ceder, you saved my life.
  75. Then, a Human will be saved.
  76. Bruno saved rest of the Jews.
  77. Those with less saved more!.
  78. I do not deserve to be saved.
  79. That’s how you saved me.
  80. I saved the best till last.
  81. You, and your house are saved.
  82. Yes, he saved two brothers.
  83. PAGE is ALWAYS saved at index.
  84. Saved by the Station Cleaner.
  85. But he saved me from a fever.
  86. If God saved and sealed the.
  87. And they saved the others.
  88. The tribe has been saved,.
  1. It saves a lot of.
  2. It saves time that way.
  3. And it saves on condoms.
  4. This saves you from the.
  5. This saves a lot of money.
  6. Saves nine, why not ten?
  7. Saves any hassle later on.
  8. Saves an awful lot of time.
  9. But if Father Sun saves me.
  10. That saves lots of shampoo.
  11. It saves me from asking Mrs.
  12. The tiniest hole saves them.
  13. Fred Chickweed Saves the Day.
  14. He [God] rescues and He saves.
  15. Could be the new trend, saves.
  16. But I am glad that he saves us.
  17. It saves a lot of time and money.
  18. But he saves the needy from the.
  19. That saves both water and energy.
  20. Saves up a miracle of bad advice.
  21. The glycemic index saves diabetes.
  22. He saves men, women, boys and girls.
  23. Saves a lot of crashing and burning.
  24. And saves the world from living hell.
  25. I am JESUS, the only name that saves.
  26. It saves us all the trouble of detail.
  27. Suppose it saves you from needing to.
  28. This both saves money and reduces risk.
  29. This not only saves gas, it save time.
  30. We will promise Master, if he saves us.
  31. It saves us the trouble of finding you.
  32. It is your faith that saves your souls.
  33. Her grip is fast and saves her comrade.
  34. Well thanks, sweety, that saves us.
  35. The Officer’s Ingenuity Saves His Men.
  37. It saves time and bandwidth, and gives.
  38. A free Firefox extension that saves you.
  39. As now improved, saves one third the time.
  40. Structure: It saves 80% of the collected.
  41. This saves me a trip to the operating room.
  42. Well, my being here saves you the trouble.
  43. And the saves are not on adults but very.
  44. There Jesus saves me and keeps me clean;.
  45. It saves your most precious resource – time.
  46. Page 2 saves a busy executive or investor time.
  47. On the other hand, their patriotism may saves.
  48. This saves you the backbreaking job of weeding.
  49. This technique also saves time during meetings.
  50. She saves you about two hundred dollars a week.
  51. It's great exercise and it saves a ton of money.
  52. Saves you time on having to read stacks of old.
  53. It saves on the re-painting, was the answer.
  54. Even if it only saves and warns a few, it would.
  55. It saves money on printing and distribution costs.
  56. He saves fifty-three months and $1,357 of payments.
  57. This is the blemish that saves you from blasphemy.
  58. Knowing the importance of self saves from humiliation.
  59. It saves the milk, which their price would not pay for.
  60. Once you start recording it saves directly to the memory.
  61. A Coal and Gas Range With Three Ovens That Really Saves.
  62. You are the angel of the Lord�s presence, who saves me.
  63. I prefer doing things in pairs, it saves a lot of time.
  64. You are the angel of the Lord’s presence, who saves me.
  65. It is the obliviousness of our children that saves us.
  66. No harm in that; saves me lugging them around, she thought.
  67. Not bad! Dave has fun with the money, but also saves 10%.
  68. So, if it saves the court time, I’m guilty of doing this.
  69. It’s no’ about who saves Christian and kills the Hag.
  70. God saves you, delivers you, heals you, anoints you, calls.
  71. Keep an eye out for anything that is compact or saves space.
  72. God judges sin, but God saves and delivers the righteous.
  74. Visibility saves SAP lives at accident and other crime scenes.
  75. Did you know that a checklist (having a process) saves lives?
  76. It saves time when you don't wash your face or have breakfast.
  77. Onni, who was coming back down the stairs, it saves us from.
  78. That saves my friend the trouble of blasting him with a missile.
  79. God always saves the best wine for last, and as we approach the.
  80. God saves from within; they disciplined themselves from without.
  81. It saves on your electric bill and on your clothes wear and tear.
  82. God, which saves from the sin, but also as a healing grace which.
  83. This not only saves a lot of space but preset VR1 to get over 24.
  84. This saves a lot of time if you have just sold hundreds of items.
  85. I always think it saves bother to marry first and tell afterwards.
  86. But when the affliction occurs, God Saves His believing worshippers.
  87. You know it saves the bother if you find them both near your house.
  88. You know when Celeste saves the little boy after he breaks his arm.
  89. Beauty is confidence in health, it saves a lot of money and efforts.
  90. Local Samaritan Saves Driver of Overturned Bee Truck read the.
  91. He truly is precious to us who believe for He saves us from eternal.
  92. This is such a small process, but saves me considerable time each day.
  93. Keeps hands out of the water, no wiping of dishes, saves 1/2 the time.
  94. Stick that sucker in someone who’s been stung and it saves ’em.
  95. I don’t want to be a drama queen, but hel it saves me a lot of snag.
  96. Education can civilize, but it is being born of the Spirit that saves.
  97. This advantage saves you a ton of time, money, aggravation and stress.
  98. There are two kinds of Fears, one that is natural and saves your life.
  99. As we progress, this knowledge ahead of time saves lives and resources.
  100. It saves an average of twenty to thirty dollars a week or $1,300 a year.

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