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Scene numa frase em (in ingles)

  2. What a scene it was.
  3. It was a nasty scene.
  4. It was quite a scene.
  5. It was a pretty scene.

  6. In the scene I loved.
  7. Hugh took in the scene.
  8. The scene below is new.
  9. This was quite a scene.
  10. The scene of the crime.
  11. It was the final scene.
  12. It was a curious scene.
  13. God appears on the scene.
  14. It was a dreadful scene.
  15. Her social scene was a.

  16. It was a horrible scene.
  17. Says he fled the scene.
  18. Now the scene had changed.
  19. It’s not a great scene.
  20. The scene put a smile on.
  21. The scene seemed to freeze.
  22. LAPD arrives at the scene.
  23. The scene got bad, man.
  24. His scene was coming soon.
  25. Inject danger to the scene.

  26. This is a crime scene now.
  27. The scene was wrong, the.
  28. The entire scene gave me.
  29. He left the scene quickly.
  30. Then the scene would blur.
  31. Mack was first on the scene.
  32. Both sit above a scene of.
  33. This is a crime scene, Sir.
  34. This was now a crime scene.
  35. Grue was first on the scene.
  36. Let's do that scene again.
  37. That this is a crime scene.
  38. The scene was pure madness.
  39. It’s a scene from a film.
  40. He took in the scene below.
  41. Please, no! Not this scene.
  42. Sorry about the mob scene.
  43. Don’t create a scene here.
  44. The scene shifted to a birth.
  45. The scene told its own story.
  46. He eyed the scene curiously.
  47. I nodded and left the scene.
  48. This erotic scene was only.
  49. I remember the scene in my.
  50. It made me scene upon scene.
  51. Connie marveled at the scene.
  52. I followed the scene; this.
  54. The scene showed a crossing.
  55. What Scene, what goal to take.
  56. I am not in the scene at all.
  57. All parties at the scene in.
  58. He’ll die during the scene!.
  59. The scene inside that house.
  60. This is the scene of the crime.
  61. It was a scene that would go.
  62. Godwyn could picture the scene.
  63. The old man surveyed the scene.
  65. There is a scene in a hospital.
  66. Junior watched the whole scene.
  67. Ted was now part of the scene.
  68. This courtyard scene is primo.
  69. The announcer set the scene:.
  70. Truck - 2 arrived on the scene.
  71. This scene is what many Irish.
  72. It would have caused a scene.
  73. Then Deepak reentered the scene.
  74. I stood and walked to the scene.
  75. Damian sees her and this scene.
  76. It was a horrible scene indeed.
  77. A frightful scene met his glare.
  78. It was the scene of the murder.
  79. Send over the crime scene guys.
  80. People she knew from the scene.
  81. It was a sad little scene, Unc.
  82. The scene was a very short one.
  83. Diaz left a note at the scene.
  84. Revise the scene when necessary.
  85. Every scene in the book has a.
  86. The scene was all too familiar.
  87. It was an ugly, horrible scene.
  88. I had illegally fled the scene.
  89. This is a very interesting scene.
  90. Johnson was unmoved by the scene.
  91. It was a fairly intricate scene.
  92. Officially, it was a crime scene.
  93. The sick room scene was the same.
  94. Yes, near the scene of the crime.
  95. Puts him at the murder scene.
  96. This is crime scene evidence.
  97. Whatever Arjun saw, that scene.
  98. I expected a scene of some kind.
  99. He works for us behind the scene.
  100. Elowen easily pictured the scene.

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