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Score numa frase em (in ingles)

The mean score is 29.
Keep a score card today.
The score was kept on.
A Z Score is the.
Gives you a lower score.
Score one for Max Siegel.
TTV score of 25 and above.

The score is three to two.
A folly’s score, I admit.
The score would have been.
On that score, he succeeded.
This is a good Paydex score.
Stil working on that score.
The final score was 28 to 26.
He’d bring a score of guards.
He knows the score, does Jimmy.
The story merits its high score.
Oh I've no doubts on that score.
FICO score of about 700 or above.
You get to score more that way.
Klout score was an impressive 52.
Pills and capsules by the score.
Pure glucose has a score of 100.
A score of years are blown away.
Oh! be easy on that score, Miss.
This was going to be a big score.
I believed that she would score.
We had a few ideas on that score.
The higher your score the better.
Check out the SCORE program by SBA.
Two score and twelve were told off.
Esau intended to settle the score.
Please be reassured on that score.
Abram was five score years of age.
Hope I can get good score for this.
I can still remember ten score of.
I am ending my three score and ten.
Take sales skills with a score of 5.
You have a score of scores counted.
What was your test score again?’.
Scoring a meal on the second hit.
Scoring his play wasn’t always pleasant.
Scoring points was the closest he came to.
Apparently, scoring in the top 10% on the G.
He made a joke about scoring brownie points.
Oscar nomination for best scoring of a musical.
She’s scoring points here, the differences.
Lacking the scoring punch and flair that Adams.
Atlanta came back with another scoring drive and.
Besides, scoring during this stop would be risky.
For some reason I started scoring with headers and.
Even if the guy was scoring bogeys ‘by the pack’.
He was the highest scoring player in the match with 20.
Terry marked his debut by scoring a magnificent hat trick.
The scoring was pretty close as the competition progressed.
Most matches consecutively scoring the winning goal.
He was magnificent, scoring goal after goal and inspiring.
His goal scoring reached ever-greater levels of perfection.
Do you think you will be able to keep up your torrid scoring.
Atlanta came back with a 10-play scoring drive and went up 7-0.
Kahneman's book, I renamed my scoring system the trade Apgar.
I could see why Terry assumed GI Jo-Jo was scoring drugs for Ian.
The scoring system in basket ball, on the other hand is the most.
In fact, Terry marked his debut by scoring a magnificent hat trick.
Think of your favorite NFL team scoring a touchdown in the playoffs.
Not scoring any points with me, honey, he says over his shoulder.
Like lightening the Dweller attacked again this time scoring her flesh.
Credit scoring is an unbiased way of deciding who should receive credit.
Laxman ended the day at 275 not out, scoring more than what the entire.
Orr remains the only defenseman to have ever won the season scoring title.
It would also be nominated for an Oscar for the best scoring of a musical.
I forget who the team was but we wind up scoring like 10 runs in this one.
His songs are more emo, so I’m sure he’s scoring big with the women.
The league’s scoring system should be reviewed as well as player rankings.
The offense has a higher chance of scoring when it crosses the 50-yard line.
It showed her six-year-old son Axel on the football pitch after scoring a goal.
But he did most of the scoring, as I was still hurting from Sylvia's rejection.
Give students a scoring system, ask them to score their papers and hand them in.
Apgar's simple scoring system has improved infant survival rates around the world.
She owed heaps of money around the place and didn’t look like scoring another job.
Someone had just scored a.
I’d scored a direct hit!.
He scored a couple of times.
The lion in me scored another.
We could’ve scored more runs.
The doctor has scored once more.
The American student scored nine-.
A run scored, making it a 7-6 game.
He scored 100 not out off 66 balls.
The plaster was scored with claw-.
It was the only point Robert scored.
The San Francisco Giants scored two.
In the real world I scored two goals.
He had scored and it had been so easy.
Tendulkar scored ten, others even less.
He had scored a homerun with his niece.
He even scored himself a preacher man.
But you never know, I might have scored.
Dravid scored the highest at twenty-five.
He scored 9,300 points, which was 2,000.
Then shortly thereafter, they scored again.
I scored my fifth goal in style that night.
It had definitely scored ‘another coup’.
On the table above, these are scored out of 5.
Scored some points with that one, she thought.
I scored in the one forty five range on the I.
Kennedy felt that he had scored a palpable hit.
First shot and I scored on a ricochet, Kirk.
Deep vertical lines of tension scored my brow.
In the remaining ten minutes we scored again.
Female: Heather Richardson (USA) scored 147.
Woundwort scored it across with his foreclaws.
The men watched as the other team scored their.
Each area which scored 8 or higher is an area of.
The runners moved up one base, another run scored.
I slashed at his suit but only scored the surface.
My strength was fading, and every blow scored deep.
What I should have said is, Regina scored some GHB.
Max Stanford had scored his second goal of the night.
He scored only one goal for his great club and that.
By the scores of dozens.
But scores of arrows had.
Some scores with me and you.
Tired of scores taking the.
A few scores, here and there.
The judges’ scores went up.
There were scores of accidents.
If you look at the scores of a 72.
You have a score of scores counted.
But hoping we could get good scores.
Teig saw scores of them as he looked.
Which three areas got the lowest scores?
This results in different credit scores.
Scores of people passed by in their metal.
Louie’s bombing scores were outstanding.
Scores more could be on the scene within.
Which three areas got the highest scores?
He watched in envy at others’ scores fell.
Scores of self-improvement books are built.
Near-perfect SAT, LSAT, GMAT, and GRE scores.
Westgate Mall, Signature Mall, and scores of.
Any dust marks resulted in lower audit scores.
The Civic Center hosts scores of concerts and.
For the first time, I got good scores in Math.
But, although there are scores of interpreta-.
But opening the new loan lowers their scores a.
There were dozens of them, scores, including Mr.
And at the same time there emerged from scores.
Is it any wonder that the SAT scores are so low.
Upper Street, past the scores of small bars and.
I was trying to catch up with the cricket scores.
That answer leaves all veracity scores unchanged.
Thus emotions scores in mental becoming physical.
I add up the scores and then I pick the top stock.
Setting yourself on fire scores about seventy-six.
He sold information, alibis, scores, and made it.
And turned her into scores of women from his past.
Scores of people through the years had fal en in.
A link severed scores of generations ago during a.

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