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We scour the area, but can't find a drop.
We’ll scour the entire area between here and.
After hearing their news, he promised to scour the.
Both of us began to scour the area, hoping for a sign.
Captain Altman and an associate began to scour the area.
He began to scour the appropriate shop windows in Slough.
They scour the area for a couple of hours and find nothing.

As they began to scour the area I felt compelled to squash.
I suggest we stop there briefl y and scour the road for.
Revenge of the Nerds: Tech Firms Scour College Campuses for Talent.
We’ll scour that alien mothership until we find him, said Mike.
Aronka OPP had an officer scour the surrounding area, but saw no animal.
Type your niche into Google and scour the websites to see which website.
Every citizen would scour the news for fast-breaking corporate developments.
Its flesh was a powerful scour, and Toughy had gathered some from the mountains.
She knows more than any of us, and that boy will be the start of an ugly scour.
Under ordinary circumstances they'd scour the woods for miles in every direction.
You can scour the Internet for all sorts of different business ideas and opportunities.
We shall have to scour the lands all round for many long leagues before any move is made.
As soon as Mayfair Medical was complete, she had had a team out to scour for the remains.
A search party was immediately sent out to scour the crater-laden surface for the cooler.
Half the regiments form bands and scour the countryside and put everything to fire and sword.
We will scour the nearby beaches and bays of Prince William Sound, searching for a black bear.
There is an ugly moment while I scour around fruitlessly for a way to smooth over my faux pas.
Gathering some guards together he sent them out to scour the sett, pacing back and forth in agitation.
He wanted to flee to the place where her purse was found and scour the ocean to find her that instant.
He brought his own knife, though I had two, and we used to scour them by thrusting them into the earth.
Here and there, flocks of sheep scour the ground, they look undernourished and thin, their fleeces bitty.
Do you remember how the action of the waves, flowing in and out, seems to scour the sand from under the.
Identity thieves scour the obituary columns looking for information they can use to establish a new identity.
And if the share price goes down and keeps going down, we will continue to scour the internet for more validation.
A patrol could scour the ranch on horseback, following any of the herds without presenting the expected Melioran appearance.
Giving them orders to scour the crew quarters decks and appeal to whoever they thought would be sympathetic to their cause.
Find her! Scour the planet if you have to, but find her! he screamed at the man, who jumped up and ran out of the Hall.
I can scour the gutter press for evidence that this man is corrupt, that he is lower than me and really belongs in the sewer.
If properly encouraged, they would scour every sea, however distant, and ransack every port and harbor in search of the enemy.
The power could easily have been employed to scour the cottage from roof to hearth, but hands on work kept the women focussed.
Then the Dutch admiral drew up his government and left Henry Morgan in command while he went out to scour the world for recruits.
The headmaster continued, The heads of each department were enlisted to scour your submissions for any flaw, whatsoever, to no avail.
Leaning my elbows on the beacon housing, which jutted from the stern of the platform, I got set to scour that whole stretch of sky and sea.
The Scouring of the Shire.
VIII - The Scouring of the Shire.
They had taken their time scouring.
Aleph spent hours scouring that document.
The guards are scouring the sett for her now.
Packs of wolves were scouring desperately now.
We watched them scouring the hills until dusk.
Outside the SOCO team were scouring the grounds.
Martina was scouring the cliff beyond the meadow.
Scouring tables hadn’t put me in a friendly mood.
The police were no doubt already scouring the city.
Scouring the country in search of Charlotte! Heavens.
We have been scouring the hills looking for Bob too.
Indeed, because so many investors are scouring the U.
Lil’ B and E had been scouring the streets for hours.
They should be scouring the blogosphere for knowledge.
They left the car and began scouring the area for clues.
Set men scouring the streets and searching the quarters.
He walked in the house and quickly set out scouring the rooms.
As dawn neared, they could hear the hiss of water scouring a reef.
Again she set off, scouring her memory for details of the subway.
There's nothing unusual about vultures scouring the land for prey.
Scouring the ground around him, he caught sight of a weighty stone.
Summer was back full, boiling the clouds and scouring the metal sky.
We've had the Fairies scouring the forest and they've found nothing.
I’m scouring the coastline for terrorist infiltration, he cracked.
As you can imagine, we’ve been scouring the briefing books and Int.
After numerous hours spent scouring the entire store, the search was finally.
Despite scouring the net for several hours again - it definitely was not there.
The two women made the turn down the gravel road, their eyes scouring the yard.
There are a few authority blog aggregators out there, scouring the sites on a.
Bane kept screaming in front, but why? Scouring the water for that grotesque.
He whistled and continued scouring the latest reports as Lindsey choked back 171.
We had two teams over there, scouring for shells, suspicious footprints, anything.
We have two dozen men scouring the site of the abductions but I have another idea.
Can be helpful when horses are scouring or have diarrhoea and helping reduce fever.
I leaned over the table I was scouring to listen, but Paddy soon drowned them out:.
She handed me some gloves, some scouring powder and a bucket of water, and I went to.
Daniel went back to Gervais’s office and found several of his colleagues scouring it.
I waved at them with a frown before scouring the funeral home for other familiar faces.
The beach would be scoured.
Scoured means to scrub, or polish.
I scoured the corridor for weapons.
The Gadget Man quickly scoured the.
Pale green tendrils appeared on scoured rocks.
In vain had she scoured the town for another job.
The agent scoured a map of the state of New York.
The rain poured now, scoured at the roof of the car.
He drew his sword, and scoured the trees around him.
He climbed to his feet, and scoured the battle-field.
I have scoured Western Tanaria and have found nothing.
McBride explained how his men had scoured the local hotels.
Paul and Arthur scoured the land for holly and evergreens.
The biting sand grains scoured him, but caused him no pain.
The flowing river scoured the earth from under the central.
A jackdaw hopped around, its bright button eyes scoured the.
Saldon scoured the buildings and found some oil flasks nearby.
His soldiers and his sailors searched the heavens, scoured the.
When they asked for my location, I frowned and scoured my memory.
He scoured the reflection—the ivory carpet of the bedroom beyond.
She scoured the treeline but even after a long pause no wolf emerged.
He scoured the forest around him, still curious as to where Pine was.
They scoured the world for anything that would keep them on top: Newer.
Moist eyes scoured the vicinity, seeking to identify the furtive sounds.
Daphne scoured the area from beneath the trees and tried not to be afraid.
With lights beneath their guns they scoured around them in a sweeping arc.
Loose stone scoured weals on her breasts and tummy and the fence zapped her.
Sophie's people scoured Vienna but the stranger had disappeared without trace.
The Captain quietly sipped his coffee while Jacques scoured the report intently.
When she was through my skin felt as though it’d been scoured with a currycomb.
We spent a day in Texcalla and scoured the market for gifts for all my relatives.
Rewards had been offered, the country had been scoured, but no Injun Joe was found.
Scoured by the desert wind, the paint had been all but been sandblasted off in places.
It was as though the flesh had been scoured from his face and then doused in gasoline.
For the next hour, they scoured the maps and Internet resources, seeking an alternative.
I scoured my memory but other than recalling geographically my location at that time, I.
They knocked over trash cans and scoured the neighborhoods for small dogs and errant cats.
Slightly ashamed of herself, she scoured the image for any sign of Mark Watney’s dead body.
To their left a line of naked fence posts stood casting lumpy shadows over the scoured earth.
Myserrah scoured the City, endangering its security, to enlarge his troop far beyond what the.
He sucked acidic urine and scours into his lungs and.
This type of assistant scours the real estate pages looking for.
He scours the trees like he knows and his mouth curves at one corner in a slow smile.
This neighborhood was once an active port, but now feels, as she scours the dark, like a game preserve for muggers.
She also scours the local papers to see if there are any visiting celebrities, but they rarely attend and almost never perform.
The current swirls around the piers of a bridge and scours the mud out from underneath the pillars, leaving a depression filled only with water.
Don Quixote, a Spanish gentleman, has his head turned as a result of excessive reading of romances, and, attended by his fat, vulgar squire, Sancho Panza, scours Spain, righting wrongs and rescuing fair damsels, in the fashion of the knights of old.

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