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Scour numa frase em (in ingles)

We scour the area, but can't find a drop.
We’ll scour the entire area between here and.
After hearing their news, he promised to scour the.
muffled or hid, but to sweep and scour will instantly.
Captain Altman and an associate began to scour the area.
Both of us began to scour the area, hoping for a sign.
He began to scour the appropriate shop windows in Slough.

As they began to scour the area I felt compelled to squash.
They scour the area for a couple of hours and find nothing.
I suggest we stop there briefl y and scour the road for.
hundreds of Federation soldiers have been sent to scour the city.
vessel with the search light returned and began to scour the area.
basis to scour the net and find interesting content to provide your.
continued to scour the house for anything that might solve the mystery.
Revenge of the Nerds: Tech Firms Scour College Campuses for Talent.
We’ll scour that alien mothership until we find him, said Mike.
Aronka OPP had an officer scour the surrounding area, but saw no animal.
Type your niche into Google and scour the websites to see which website.
Every citizen would scour the news for fast-breaking corporate developments.
Its flesh was a powerful scour, and Toughy had gathered some from the mountains.
Under ordinary circumstances they'd scour the woods for miles in every direction.
She knows more than any of us, and that boy will be the start of an ugly scour.
This is telling you not to scour the internet and bookshelves for extra-Biblical.
You can scour the Internet for all sorts of different business ideas and opportunities.
We shall have to scour the lands all round for many long leagues before any move is made.
As soon as Mayfair Medical was complete, she had had a team out to scour for the remains.
A search party was immediately sent out to scour the crater-laden surface for the cooler.
We will scour the nearby beaches and bays of Prince William Sound, searching for a black bear.
Half the regiments form bands and scour the countryside and put everything to fire and sword.
There is an ugly moment while I scour around fruitlessly for a way to smooth over my faux pas.
Jack began scouring.
scouring the bones clean,.
The Scouring of the Shire.
scouring the surrounding area.
scouring the tarp for any more.
VIII - The Scouring of the Shire.
scouring the hard read words within.
They had taken their time scouring.
here, scouring every village on the way.
Aleph spent hours scouring that document.
scouring the island for any sign of life.
The guards are scouring the sett for her now.
We watched them scouring the hills until dusk.
Packs of wolves were scouring desperately now.
Outside the SOCO team were scouring the grounds.
Martina was scouring the cliff beyond the meadow.
direction scouring the tops of the miniature trees.
scouring through the digital lens for a shot of it.
Scouring tables hadn’t put me in a friendly mood.
teams from all over the Nations were scouring the.
The police were no doubt already scouring the city.
‘Mrs Brabbam?’ asked Cora of her scouring cloth.
We have been scouring the hills looking for Bob too.
Scouring the country in search of Charlotte! Heavens.
Indeed, because so many investors are scouring the U.
land at their backs, they took to scouring the pools.
They should be scouring the blogosphere for knowledge.
Lil’ B and E had been scouring the streets for hours.
They left the car and began scouring the area for clues.
They scoured the.
He quickly scoured.
I scoured the cabin.
I scoured that place.
The two scoured through.
and the land they scoured,.
The beach would be scoured.
Pain scoured his low voice.
Scoured means to scrub, or polish.
I scoured the corridor for weapons.
The Gadget Man quickly scoured the.
Pale green tendrils appeared on scoured rocks.
The agent scoured a map of the state of New York.
In vain had she scoured the town for another job.
her place was scoured for remnants of the intruder.
He drew his sword, and scoured the trees around him.
The rain poured now, scoured at the roof of the car.
He climbed to his feet, and scoured the battle-field.
I have scoured Western Tanaria and have found nothing.
as easily have been scoured out by vast quantities of.
scoured the countryside for supplies and those in need.
scoured through his applications for one named LookinGlass.
Paul and Arthur scoured the land for holly and evergreens.
McBride explained how his men had scoured the local hotels.
scoured the downtown area for signs of the plague bacteria.
scoured clean by frost and ice, streak the walls of slowly.
The biting sand grains scoured him, but caused him no pain.
assured him that they had scoured the entire hotel and Tina.
the undead horde below scoured the grounds for any signs of.
A jackdaw hopped around, its bright button eyes scoured the.
He sucked acidic urine and scours into his lungs and.
This type of assistant scours the real estate pages looking for.
He scours the trees like he knows and his mouth curves at one corner in a slow smile.
This neighborhood was once an active port, but now feels, as she scours the dark, like a game preserve for muggers.
She also scours the local papers to see if there are any visiting celebrities, but they rarely attend and almost never perform.
The current swirls around the piers of a bridge and scours the mud out from underneath the pillars, leaving a depression filled only with water.

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scour scrub flush purge