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Scroll numa frase em (in ingles)

1. As we scroll down I've.
2. For the book ( scroll).
3. There was one scroll left.
4. They had taken the scroll.
5. She took up another scroll.
6. But the scroll was untouched.
7. The scroll had a horse on it.

8. The scroll landed at the curb.
9. The scroll also gave the con-.
10. He handed the scroll to Gregory.
11. Morse unrolled the third scroll.
12. Isaiah scroll, but NOT handle it.
13. And it’s not only the scroll.
14. Then he opened up the third scroll.
15. Huss held the scroll up in his hands.
16. Yes, the scroll, Huss muttered.
17. Then, scroll down to the Conference.
18. You just scroll to find your program.
19. When the scroll flashes at you in a.
20. Roche laid out a scroll on the table.
21. Maggie had brought the scroll with her.
22. The scroll inside her coat felt heavy.
23. She held up the scroll in explanation.
24. He wasted no time unrolling the scroll.
25. I’ll take the scroll, said Red.
26. To find inspiration within The Scroll.
27. This scroll is our copy of her will.
28. Every scroll had to be written by hand.
29. Todd was sold on the idea and the Scroll.
30. The scroll has been found and activated.
31. I saw him pull the scroll out of his belt.
32. First, to keep the scroll from unraveling.
33. Her hands searched her bag for the scroll.
34. But she said, Tell me about the scroll.
35. Hey, what’s that scroll doing here?
36. Scroll down to read the first few pages!.
37. A scroll saw is the best tool for this task.
38. He said you would want to see the scroll.
39. Protect the scroll until the numbers align.
40. She accepted the box and scroll, and bowed.
41. The scroll did contain a picture of a horse.
42. There was another scroll inside this one.
43. Dead Sea scroll caves found to date is also 11.
44. I felt kind of mad when I examined the scroll.
45. A tiny notch in the center of an ornate scroll.
46. Lucia took out a scroll and handed it to Ailia.
47. He watched the information scroll across his.
48. This scroll was remembered as one of their own.
50. This was the scroll that ended up with Hunting.
51. Find the scroll, commanded the voice again.
52. What about the scroll itself? I mean, if it is.
53. The scroll could not be given back to the Order.
54. I then scroll down and find a tiny search window.
55. She lowered the scroll and glanced over at Lucia.
56. I’ve already prepared the scroll to be emailed.
57. They decided to put the scroll in a sacred cave.
58. One of the clerks handed her a small vellum scroll.
59. Morse unrolled the second scroll on the piano bench.
60. She had brought this upon them; she and the scroll.
61. She reached into her coat and pulled out the scroll.
62. She nodded, broke the seal and unrolled the scroll.
63. In the original text, this would have been a scroll.
64. The scroll contained handwriting in black India ink.
65. After some time, a scroll was found in one of King.
66. He rolled the scroll back up, and put it in his bag.
67. Merdon grabbed the scroll and threw it on the ground.
68. And the heaven departed as a scroll when it is rolled.
69. While the scroll may well contain knowledge that the.
70. Only this scroll is the opposite of the book of life.
71. The letters don’t scroll, they’re carved in stone.
72. An alguacil read loudly from a scroll of condemnations.
73. Scroll down in the pop-up window and choose to add an.
74. You will find the scroll and words within ‘gallery’.
75. A record of our life is recorded in a book – a scroll.
76. Bear asked LP to get the scroll and put it in the Kombi.
77. Maggie reached into her coat and brought out the scroll.
78. LP was ready to press enter and save the scroll ….
79. Morse opened the second scroll, which read as follows:.
80. Scroll down and tap Settings under the Settings heading.
81. Whoever is left standing takes the fleece and scroll.
82. The symbol on the scroll vanished and S’us put it away.
83. She produced a scroll from thin air and handed it to him.
84. Jerome noticed the scroll, and he came to stand by Maggie.
85. By then the old man had come back with a scroll rolled up.
86. There is a scroll for every man that includes all his deeds.
87. He began to scroll through the data on the five abductions.
88. Prester John slowly opened the scroll and then brought the.
89. The scroll bar should be in the position indicated (Fig 39).
90. Morse rolled the scroll back up and placed it inside his bag.
91. He took out his sycamore scroll and placed it by the candle.
92. They scan, scroll, click, hit the back button, and hit the.
93. All you need do is sign the scroll and put on your bracelet.
94. He retrieved another scroll and box as Jess got to his feet.
95. Or tell it to scroll through a list of types of each garment.
96. Theres more, Mother said, further unrolling the scroll.
97. I scroll through the touch screen, and find the perfect song.
98. The scroll might well have burned in the fire, Maggie thought.
99. Scroll to the next page for more info about upcoming releases.
100. Wolfe retrieved another scroll and box, and handed them over.
1. While he was scrolling.
2. I hunched in my car, scrolling through my options.
3. This is a page that does not require any scrolling.
4. He was clicking and scrolling with the best of them.
5. While scrolling through a website, a window abruptly popped.
6. Monique was outside scrolling through her phone when I pulled up.
7. The scrolling sim-cast list halted for a moment, then continued on.
8. She seemed to do that by scrolling quickly thru a couple days of data.
10. A screen appeared before him, scrolling text invisible to his audience.
11. After a few seconds the scrolling stopped and a message appeared on screen.
12. Janeway turned back to Garcia who was still busy scrolling the map back and.
13. He’s sitting on his dormitory bunk bed, quickly scrolling through the news.
14. The data scrolling next to it informed him it was approaching them, and that at.
15. They were filled with lots of scrolling screens floating in formations in the air.
16. Sir, Data said, scrutinizing the information scrolling across his display panel.
17. She leaned back in her chair, scrolling her memory for any details that she could muster.
18. With his lucky numbers scrolling above, LP couldn't resist dropping a dollar down its throat.
19. Thom had attached captions to the labels on the impactors and Heymon was scrolling thru them.
20. Scrolling down to the S’s, she could find nothing even remotely resembling a file for Suprame.
21. Their table has been cleared and she's patiently scrolling through her phone waiting for Luke to return.
22. Christian heads over to the kitchen and picks up his BlackBerry, scrolling through some e-mails, I assume.
23. Words, numbers, and sentences continue to scroll by and match up with alien symbols scrolling towards the right.
24. Two minutes later they found Dylan, Kristen, and Alicia seated on the enormous leather sofa, scrolling through the channels.
25. I keep scrolling down until I see a picture of my father Samuel Reymon Ryans and just below it is a blank picture but a name.
26. He studied the information scrolling across the Kelvan interface and was surprised to find that Ilona didn’t show up at all.
27. Holding her hands in front of her like she was holding a ball of air, the Mother started scrolling through her various creations.
28. But since Gart was talking to Deanna, and drinking his coffee, he appeared uninterested in the words scrolling across the screen.
29. Tammas had left his tricorder on, in passive recording mode, and took a moment to read the scrolling information via his neural implant.
30. The front of the bar had been blacked out, except for a neon sign whose cold blue neon letters flickered 'The Blue Moon' in a scrolling script.
31. Scrolling leaves and grape clusters were welded on in an attempt to soften the hard steel lines, to make it look more artistic than utilitarian.
32. After a few moments of scrolling through the figures, the two friends turned away to face one another and tried to relax enough to enjoy their coffee.
33. Their bearish message doesn't sit well with him; he starts scrolling through his software menu and finds several oscillators, such as Stochastic or RSI.
34. If the restaurant offers WiFi, grand, but only if you stumble across it yourself; scrolling through your phone to try and look busy and important perhaps.
35. A B C D E F G H I J…U V W X Y Z 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0, This line scrolls by faster, then matches up with alien characters and symbols scrolling above it.
36. Scrolling text jolts your attention, an aging stage actor’s speech on the anniversary of the riots surrounding piracy hearings in the Morocco sparks more rioting.
37. I could allow scrolling that way as far as I need to include ten generations of a family and obviously there’s enough room to accommodate individuals down the page.
38. Of course it was necessary to provide the occasional frightened grunt or affirmation to indicate his rapt attention, but in reality he was scrolling through his email.
39. Scrolling down the page and passing images and real life videos of warriors firing plasma weapons and devouring victims, he saw where there was the small note about genothroid queens.
40. Defender (1980) established the scrolling shooter and was the first to have events taking place outside the player's view, displayed by a radar view showing a map of the whole playfield.
41. The circle and triangle were still there with the ‘CD’ still in the center, but there was a strip of red across the top of the screen, there were words scrolling across it in white letters.
42. On Saturday evening I’m sitting in my hotel room scrolling through a list of Belvun’s cities to find Ellaciss City, the city where the husband and wife I met on the hovercraft were originally from.
43. Scrolling across on the bottom of the screen in a sickly blood-red, the words ‘Singer Gwenny Knox found dead in apartment’ would plant itself in Diana’s mind and haunt her for the rest of her life.
44. Maran Tolvek ‘B’, who was manning the workstation with young Cadet Lakshmi Saduranidrasekar ‘A’, looked carefully at the technical text now scrolling on one of the screens of the workstation linked to the TEEN TEAM.
45. The game places you in control of one of the two gung-ho super action-star heroes as they face hordes of bad guys, dodge screen-fulls of enemy bullets and take on the most gigantic sprite based bosses a side scrolling game has ever seen.
46. And then there was this: FBI-speak scrolling down her screen endlessly for what seemed hours — psychological profiles, sociological analyses all struggling to explain why they did it, what sort of people they were but never how to catch them.
47. Scrolling through the messages that had already been read, Wickland discovered an invitation from a local bed-and-breakfast, Four Oaks, offering reduced rates for locals over the summer, hoping to attract a more passive clientele than the usual tourist crowd.
48. The volumes in the move up were so extreme they tended to distort the volumes elsewhere during the session, and in fact scrolling forward, the volumes at the bottom of the price waterfall were well above average, but distorted by the volumes in the bullish trend.
49. What terrors gnash their teeth out here? What was Papa so anxious to protect her from? They make one turn, then a second, and then Madame Manec steers her left where Marie-Laure does not expect her to, where the city walls, furred with moss, have been scrolling along unbroken, and they’re stepping through a gateway.
50. NEWS wasn’t scrolling across the picture either,.
1. As he scrolled down through the.
2. He scrolled down to the comments.
3. She scrolled down the rest quickly.
4. We scrolled through several articles.
5. I scrolled back over the past two days.
6. The dreams that came scrolled off all the.
7. A message scrolled across Sabrina’s display.
8. Munoz scrolled through the electronic document.
9. Sullivan scrolled furiously through his tablet.
10. I scrolled the combination and opened the case.
11. Sullivan scrolled through his electronic tablet.
12. She scrolled down to the next sequence of files.
13. He scrolled through his call log and then paused.
14. She scrolled over to the column on the far right.
15. Wickland scrolled through the messages in the inbox.
16. The computer terminal screen scrolled to a notation.
17. I looked the black box over and scrolled the screen.
18. We scrolled through whatever the Chronicle had on file.
19. She scrolled a little farther to the bottom of the page.
20. I scrolled to the first chapter and pointed to the screen.
21. She flicked open the phone, pressed photos and scrolled.
22. She scrolled through the rest but nothing looked suitable.
23. He pointed to some more thumbnails and I scrolled over them.
24. He scrolled down to the one from The Ghoul and read carefully.
25. Alicia scrolled through her mental list of avoiding-gym excuses.
26. Hardin scrolled to the black dot that represented Davis’ house.
27. Back in my office and in front of the laptop, I swiftly scrolled.
28. Stacey peered over her shoulder as she scrolled down through them.
29. She took out her phone and scrolled through messages Now come on.
30. Chang scrolled to the end of a catalog page and said, Check this out.
31. She scrolled through the track list for a few seconds, smiling and nodding.
32. The desk's flat screen display scrolled through his itinerary for the day.
33. The woman glided on her scrolled buttoned boots to the door of Luna’s cell.
34. I whipped my cell phone out of my handbag and scrolled for her phone number.
35. This is freaked out, Smith said to himself as he scrolled further down.
36. Akito was using it as an elbow rest as he scrolled through the morning paper.
37. I scrolled through my contacts list and found the number of the Kraft School.
38. Her eyes scrolled through them again, picturing his mood as he typed them out.
39. Bear's was the first he read, bringing a smile to his face as he scrolled down.
40. Flipping open the phone, she scrolled through the options, and pressed a button.
41. I continued to go through the staggering stats with amazement then scrolled back.
42. The box was empty, but I read the words scrolled in dust: You are the chosen one.
43. I scrolled through his journal until I came to his entries for the previous summer.
44. I looked to my phone and scrolled to look for her number, while his hands worked my.
45. As he scrolled through the information, one number grabbed his attention from the rest.
46. I scrolled back to the top of the list to look at the transactions from earlier in the.
47. He squinted as he hurriedly read the message scrolled in tiny print on the little paper.
48. He scrolled through his files, made notes, logged on the Internet, and verified information.
49. I see your Grace has messages scrolled all over the plaster, I take it you have read them.
50. With that, he clicked off, and I immediately got out the Blackberry and scrolled to ‘bank.
51. I did the same drill on Alice and Jake Daltry, and reams of information scrolled onto my screen.
52. Lindsey scrolled through the report, a concise but subjective reading of Keller’s mental state.
53. He scrolled down a list of email addresses, finally clicking on one near the bottom of the screen.
54. She scrolled through her contacts two, three times, in the hope that a new name would come up.
55. Daringly, he scrolled through the history to see what sort of damage may or may not have been done.
56. The weather was awful and for lack of anything better to do he scrolled through his text messages.
57. Dan scrolled down until a picture presenting the Statue of Liberty came up, and clicked its torch.
58. On impulse, she scrolled through her contacts and found Eric’s number, stored there just in case.
59. Miney hand-swiped away her economic recipe that she had scrolled in encrypted code to keep any 595.
60. She scrolled down, and tapped on the one she was looking for and smiled at stupidly down at the message.
61. He scrolled through the list of survivors from the original Iotia boarding of the Philadelphia Freedom.
62. Gadai scrolled through the list of files contained on the thumb drive, feeling a growing sense of elation.
63. Eventually, the pipe man located the problem, but not before the scrolled plaster was adorned with holey.
64. As Joe traveled north and west across Oklahoma and eastern Colorado, a sepia-toned landscape scrolled by.
65. Chang scrolled backward, from brand-new to recent, and stopped on Sad Couple With Something to Be Sad About.
66. He scrolled down to the hit counter on the YouTube page, showing the video had been viewed 210 million times.
67. Perhaps you have scrolled back on some charts and identified the wonderful opportunities staring back at you.
68. She opened the little scrolled piece of paper and began to read, Dear little sister, these rings are for you.
69. He doesn’t delete his browsing history, she thought as she scrolled down the list of recently viewed websites.
70. Her hand closed around her phone and she took her chai latte to a table nearby and scrolled through her messages.
71. It was Moby Dick's open mouth and scrolled jaw; his vast, shadowed bulk still half blending with the blue of the sea.
72. She swiped and dabbed and scrolled, first through the phone options, and then the text messages, and then the e-mail.
73. As the world around him scrolled by slowly, and the blazing sun crept closer to the treetops, he heard the whistle again.
74. Cooper didn’t answer me right away; his eyes stared at the screen of his computer as he scrolled through it, page by page.
75. She scrolled through questions about all the various crimes the agency investigated until she found what she was looking for.
76. He took the classified sections of the newspaper and carefully scrolled his eyes for a job opening in the advertisement section.
77. There were names like ‘Lone Wolf’ and ‘Mother Wolf’ but as Smith scrolled down further, something grabbed his attention.
78. Ellanara took the paper and gasped at the sight of the two ornately scrolled silver rings that slid out of the paper into her hand.
79. His early entries were bland and blameless, but as I scrolled down to the more recent entries, I found many mentions of our parents.
80. When I create web pages, I allow each to be able to be scrolled down, but not across the page for a few reasons that I won’t get into.
81. She took out her phone and dialed, first Westwood, about the hotel, and then she scrolled through her contacts and found her local number.
82. Through their silence, Mitchell nonchalantly scrolled through the morning edition of the Miami Herald, hoping he wouldn't find an article on Jose Carassco.
83. The dome of the chapel was of an aged, white plaster veneer and there were words scrolled around the dome that read, ‘Until the Savior comes, we fight on.
84. He was about to unmute it so they could hear the news reader, when a headline scrolled across the bottom of the screen: Galilean’s Declare Independence.
85. She clicked open all of the other spreadsheets and scrolled through each name because she had paid the price that came with not looking at everything once before.
86. Meanwhile, Vinnie scrolled down on his video surveillance equipment and switched the camera view to the 11th-floor hallway, where he watched the elevator doors shut.
87. He pulled up the directory on his mobile and scrolled down till he found the number he was looking for, ‘Sir James Lovatt,’ the Chief Constable of the West Wales police force.
88. The elaborate wallpaper was scrolled in small scale floral patterns; finely detailed vines and birds were set against a background of red, blue and green, overprinted with shades of cream and tan.
89. The elaborate wallpaper was scrolled in small scale floral patterns with finely detailed vines and birds set against a background of red, blue, and green, overprinted with shades of cream and tan.
90. It seemed all heads and eyes were intent on a harried man in a dark, drab boiler suit sitting at a table, checking tags and glaring at a little computer screen on the table as he scrolled through a seemingly endless list.
91. Westwood went back into his database, to the unfiltered list of calls, and he scrolled back nine weeks, and said, How much limbo should we give him? How fast would he have come up with the idea of changing his name and number?
92. Westwood scrolled again, backward through the next seven days, and then forward again, checking against the list of area codes, and he said, I blocked two guys the previous week, for a fourteen-day total of six, but still no one from Arkansas.
93. There were a few boys too, in dark pants, white shirts and mostly undone ties, lounging on a wooden staircase with a scrolled banister, or carrying a basketball and pushing open the double doors in the rear to what looked like a fairly large quad.
94. What the fuck?! I miss you?! Let me know when you’re alone so I can hear your voice?! What the fuck kind of shit was this? I scrolled down and saw that she and Q had been texting since 8:26 this morning when I left the house to pick up Quan.
95. The squat turreted sides held up between them a mass of masonry with bunches of grass growing at the top, and a grey, heavily scrolled, armorial shield of stone above the apex of the arch with the arms of Spain nearly smoothed out as if in readiness for some new device typical of the impending progress.
96. A phone number and contact details scrolled along the bottom of the screen as the presenter went on to describe the bird sanctuary, giving a potted history of the Arlosh Warbler and interviewing the obviously irate chairman of the sanctuary committee who waffled on about desecration of protected sites and the like.
97. Through and through; through every plank and each rib, it thrilled for an instant, the whale obliquely lying on his back, in the manner of a biting shark, slowly and feelingly taking its bows full within his mouth, so that the long, narrow, scrolled lower jaw curled high up into the open air, and one of the teeth caught in a row-lock.
98. The sky, the land, the people, the flushed pink bricks here, scrolled electric-blue ironwork balconies there, a mandolin ripe as a fruit in some man’s thousand fingerprinting hands, billboard tatters blowing like confetti in night winds—how much was Picasso, how much George Smith staring round the world with wild Picasso eyes? He despaired of answering.
99. In it were the following fresh ingredients: a candy-box of a bandstand where men stood on Thursday and Sunday nights exploding music; fine, green-patinaed bronze-copper benches all scrolled and flourished; fine blue and pink tiled walks — blue as women's newly lacquered eyes, pink as women's hidden wonders; and fine French-clipped trees in the shapes of exact hatboxes.
100. In it were the following fresh ingredients: a candy-box of a bandstand where men stood on Thursday and Sunday nights exploding music; fine, green-patinated bronze-copper benches all scrolled and flourished; fine blue and pink tiled walks—blue as women’s newly lacquered eyes, pink as women’s hidden wonders; and fine French-clipped trees in the shapes of exact hatboxes.
1. Your scrolls will be ready.
2. Now they needed the scrolls.
3. Square scrolls yes, but with.
4. Christ anywhere in the scrolls.
5. The Dead Sea Scrolls make it.
6. Apocalypse and Dead Sea Scrolls.
7. The Dead Sea Scrolls Connection.
8. Scrolls, and Saul of Tarsus (St.
9. The Scrolls full of God's Breath.
11. That of the story of the scrolls!.
12. But beware! warned the scrolls.
13. Dead Sea Scrolls and the Gospel of St.
14. Ah well, you want to see the scrolls.
15. Scrolls or no scrolls, he was going.
16. Morse put the scrolls away in his bag.
17. Scrolls and the Yahad/Essene of Qumran.
18. Morse unrolled the first set of scrolls.
19. Now that he had part of the scrolls, and.
20. He laid out the scrolls and the Talmud too.
21. There‘s nothing more here on these scrolls.
22. Jeremiah also had his section of the scrolls.
23. Thanks to the Dead Sea Scrolls and the flood.
24. Did you bring your section the scrolls?
25. Dead Sea Scrolls, the New Testament, and Quran.
26. Square scrolls yes, but with only three sides.
27. I heard he came with scrolls and papyrus only.
28. But what of his knowledge of the scrolls, and.
29. The Dead Sea Scrolls make that abundantly clear.
30. Hopefully, the place where Cameron’s scrolls.
31. Sea Scrolls, Community Rule, as well as much else.
32. I noticed you are reading The Dead Sea Scrolls.
33. And you have my bag, so you have all the scrolls.
34. Where are the corners of the scrolls? she.
35. All manners of books and scrolls filled the walls.
36. Once they found the scrolls and located the Well.
37. The Dead Sea Scrolls go to great lengths to avoid.
38. She was busy collecting her portion of the scrolls.
39. Consequently, we can use the Dead Sea Scrolls and.
40. Dead Sea Scrolls and the two hands of the ka symbol.
41. Where’s your piece of the scrolls? she said.
42. He had come back as foretold by the Holy Scrolls!.
43. The sacred scrolls were ready and had been replaced.
44. The Dead Sea Scrolls were buried in exactly 11 caves.
45. She knew where the scrolls were hidden, and Charles.
46. They buried the scrolls in exactly 11 caves during.
47. The Scripture scrolls themselves were preserved in.
48. Lucia remembered that Vilda had mentioned the scrolls.
49. It was where the scrolls had originally been created.
50. Ancient books and scrolls, Wisdom of the Ages! And I.
51. City, they could retrieve that section of the scrolls.
52. Sea Scrolls Community Rule), not seven churches.
53. Where are the corners of the scrolls? she asked.
54. He’d forgotten the warning of the scrolls where it.
55. Because Tabitha was also given a corner of the scrolls.
56. Jeremiah knew that, he would have the complete scrolls.
57. We cannot and I will not leave without the scrolls.
58. This is full of scrolls, he announced, looks.
59. Scrolls or no scrolls, he was going to have his coffee.
60. If she had just kept her mouth shut about the scrolls.
61. Jeremiah would defend their section of the scrolls with.
62. The Richardsons knew they would need the scrolls to the.
63. The Dead Sea Scrolls and Nag Hammadi Codexes prove this.
64. So, Delaney pointed out the position on the scrolls for.
65. Many also come from texts unique to the Dead Sea Scrolls.
66. Jeremiah had the bottom corner of the three-sided scrolls.
67. They would retrieve their section of the scrolls and meet.
68. The Teacher of Righteousness of the Dead Sea Scrolls was.
69. Well, Delaney figured, by looking at his scrolls, he would.
70. It was finally time to bring out his corner of the scrolls.
71. Doctrine of Two Spirits of the Dead Sea Scrolls and Didache.
72. Once Jeremiah knew that, he would have the complete scrolls.
73. Or was he not informed of what is in the Scrolls of Moses?
74. Where are the scrolls? Hunting Sticks just about tackled.
75. And then the scrolls read, Fear not the sins of your fa-.
76. Indian nation that they needed the part of the scrolls that.
77. From now on, the magical scrolls of the Well will be once.
78. He’d tried to confiscate the scrolls so that he could sell.
79. He stepped into the room and Euric looked up from his scrolls.
80. As excited as he was about the scrolls, and pleased with his.
81. Sea Scrolls and other testaments and gospels recorded at the.
82. Your aunt, my sister Tabitha, is also a member of the scrolls.
83. Perhaps your mother did not embed the scrolls in the ceiling.
84. Only he would know who were to find each section of the scrolls.
85. Nothing! Because Tabitha was also given a corner of the scrolls.
86. Morse unrolled the first of the scrolls on the organist‘s bench.
87. Now with the gold, and then with the scrolls of the ancient ones.
88. The authoring, gathering, and depositing of the Dead Sea Scrolls.
89. But trust in the fact that the quest to attain all three scrolls.
90. Cameron’s section of the scrolls were put away where only she.
91. The Essenes were the group trusted with the Dead Sea Scrolls that.
92. After that, you had to know what the writing on the scrolls meant.
93. He led Sheuli and Esther to the scrolls and let Sheuli touch them.
94. Yes, I know about it! That, and the sacred scrolls of the Well.
95. Catalogue of Women was one of my father’s most cherished scrolls.
96. What I’m trying to say is, I only have one corner of the scrolls.
97. The Scepter and the Star: The Messiahs of the Dead Sea Scrolls and.
98. Dead Sea Scrolls (600 BC–100 AD) at the site of Qumran where un-.
99. He had his lab technicians carbon date both the scrolls and the ink.
100. She’s the one who holds the key to the other corner of the scrolls.

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