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1. I heard a scuff as he turned around.
2. At street level, listening for danger, he detected a scuff.
3. You'll have to wear your good boots every day now and they'll soon scuff out.
4. Then a long silence, then the scuff of his shoes on the road back to the farm.
5. Strange things happened to my body, the least of which was stain and scuff marks.
6. There were a few stains that remained and I had to scuff my shoes through them until they were gone.
7. He followed their route, watching carefully for a leaf sunk into the earth and a scuff of soil from a boot.

8. So many different styles and types of clothing were on display I felt at home in jeans, shirt and scuff sandals.
9. In my cheap scuff sandals with car-tyre soles he reckoned I looked like a poor Arab, which pleased me enormously.
10. The only sounds were the quick scuff of feet on the sward, the panting of the pirate, the ring and clash of steel.
11. He leans forward, resting his elbows on his knees with his chin in his cupped hands, and starts to count the scuff marks on the floor.
12. Her hands were chilled and she paused to rub them together and to scuff her feet deeper into the strip of old quilting wrapped about them.
13. Stop this! Monica cried again, and then Suzie grabbed Monica by the scuff of her shirt and slammed her against the glass wall, breaking it.
14. At first, when the long hours of silence were rudely interrupted by activity out in the corridor, I did not believe in the sounds that came from the world outside of my cell: boots on ladder rungs, a scuff of rubber soles across rough concrete, and finally the sound of a key in a lock.
1. I here scuffing and banging in my room.
2. At the sound of Tom’s boots scuffing the stone flags, Briz and.
3. Marie walked, scuffing her shoes, turning first this way, then that.
4. I heard footsteps scuffing on the dirt and the metallic rustle of guns.
5. He heard Grandma's slippers scuffing in the hall, hurriedly, then scuffing back to the kitchen.
6. His shoes scuffing and scratching on the concrete steps, David thought about this morning’s argument with Connie.
7. Johnny might have heard Caesar scuffing up near the river bank, but he couldn’t be sure – it might have been Nigger.
8. I could just about stand in the hallway without touching the walls, but I couldn't walk there without scuffing my shoulders.
9. By scuffing a rough trail in the ground as he went, the way back to the wreck should have been easy, but somehow, Max lost the trail.
10. They set off in opposite directions, moving slowly and scuffing the turf as they went, ever-hopeful of finding another building’s outline.
11. Mary kept her eyes locked upon the trooper's scuffing his boots, up the wide street, and felt for the shape of the pistol in the bag by her side.
12. Dilcey, silent too, guided the child’s mouth back, quieting him in her arms as Scarlett listened to the slow scuffing of Mammy’s feet across the back yard.
13. Contour formed brass balls for feet were fashioned onto the corners as added protection from idle scuffing and a brass locking latch was fitted to the front center.
14. When an hour had passed she heard scuffing negro feet coming down the street, and looking out of the window, saw Prissy returning slowly, switching herself as before and audience.
15. There was a severely repressed uneasiness about Melanie and India that each groan of bare branches under the wailing wind, at each scuffing sound of dry leaves tumbling across the lawn.
16. His mate had suddenly stopped her scuffing and he could see the fear rising again in her, but she had not looked back, although the males did, at their females and then in the direction that he still pointed, and back again.
17. Quickly the males followed showing the grimaces of pleasure at the game that they felt that he had led them into, with the young, trilling little giggles of pleasure as they raced after, scuffing sand out of the many marks as they were made.
1. The scuffed shoes.
2. His scuffed brown.
3. Not Scuffed Flannel.
4. She scuffed at the dust with.
5. Make sure your shoes aren’t scuffed.
6. Their feet scuffed and dragged on the gravel road.
7. She scuffed at the thick grass with her boots and.
8. I scuffed as I walked trying to get the back of the.
9. Was she with you tonight? Was Scuffed Flannel here?
10. The tenant men scuffed home to the farms through the red dust.
11. In my jeans, scuffed desert boots and black shirt I felt like a tramp.
12. He threw it to the ground, and scuffed his boots over it on both sides.
13. The officer sits down, scraping his chair across scuffed grey linoleum.
14. He shook his head without looking back and scuffed off around the corner.
15. He took off his plug hat and scuffed his wrist across his steaming forehead.
16. The smaller kid pulled out a scuffed basketball and bounced it on the asphalt.
17. She looked at Scarlett sideways and scuffed her feet and twisted her thin body.
18. They pointed at the forest many times as they scuffed at the lines in the sand.
19. Good one, Dad! he screamed, holding up the scuffed ball where it had landed.
20. He indicated the scuffed up bag lying on the sand behind where Talaric had fallen.
21. And at the man’s feet lay a leather satchel, scuffed and muddied through much use.
22. Boots were scuffed on the inside and salted with horse sweat, and the heels run over.
23. Just before I came to a tangled patch of cedar roots, I saw a scuffed place in the dirt.
24. Despite the heat radiating from the stove, the scuffed and dented wood floor wept coldness.
25. Their boots scuffed the ground nearby, and I muffled my heavy breathing with the pillowcase.
26. A crushed twig, or a scuffed patch of earth was all he would need to send him off in the right.
27. Jeans, anorak and scuffed trainers suggested the legions of unemployed drifting up and down the coast.
28. Standing, he kicked at the straw floor, his fine riding boots dusty and scuffed from the long hike home.
29. Here? motioned Blue Bird, pointing at the ground where it was scuffed and pitted by recent foot marks.
30. My ribs were throbbing and my temple was scuffed from Sammy riding me to the road, but I had to act right away.
31. With confidence, Mitchell then placed the scuffed black helmet on after his name had been mentioned over the P.
32. We did another test in coaching class and then I scuffed to the ground blithely after changing into evening uniform.
33. Dave guides Carol through the same scuffed corridors that Billy followed when she kicked him off the ward earlier that morning.
34. I was staring at her shoes: ballerina pumps, heavily scuffed as if they had spent too much time shuffling around London streets.
35. My crumpled dull-green corduroys, white polo neck, leather jacket and scuffed desert boots paradoxically gave me a sense of superiority.
36. Tandrick scuffed his foot on the stones of the courtyard and Gesta gazed towards home, her hand on her cheek where Harlan had struck her.
37. The two detectives walk along empty corridors where the floor is scuffed and marked with black rubber skids from trolleys and wheelchairs.
38. Grey peaked cap on the back of his head, grey crumpled uniform over grey crumpled shirt, braided epaulettes, dusty, scuffed leather boots.
39. On several occasions Hammond had dragged young William into his office for wearing a pair of scuffed shoes or having his tie undone slightly.
40. Only now was he noticing the tracks that scuffed the dirt all around the clearing: wolf and bear and fox and badger, deer and squirrel and mouse.
41. Sexy in butt-hugging faded jeans, scuffed rope-soled boat shoes, no socks, denim sleeveless jacket hanging open to expose a tight, leanly muscled chest.
42. Defeated, I could have scuffed slowly the rest of the way, my resolve so much putty in my mouth, but no, on I rushed, hearing a babe's wail down the cold wind.
43. The land might once have supported---what was it called… agerculter? The growing of food---plants that could be eaten? But look now, he scuffed his feet in the dirt, stirring the dust.
44. When Devon steps out of the lift, he sees that there’s industrial carpeting here rather than marble floors; the cubicles look scuffed and the receptionist’s desk has a large dent in one side.
45. Having shed her coat, she was wearing only the thigh-length Rangers jersey and scuffed white go-go boots; with her sleepy eyes, she looked kind of like that one sexy Muppet who played in the band.
46. The only thing that both of our outfits had in common was the handmade Chelsea boots with Cuban heels that my father always wore and then passed down to me once they were a little scuffed but still serviceable.
47. Daniel hurried across to her and, together, they scuffed and followed until it was clear to them both that they had, indeed, found the foundation outline of a square area attached to the long side of the building.
48. It happened at Thirty-Fourth Street, and ever since, they’ve been minding their business like proper New Yorkers, perched at the far end of a scuffed plastic bench, ruffling wings every so often as though shaking folds from a paper.
49. Past the pale hairs that edged his eustachian tubes, past the trapped volume of air between ear and wood, the scuffed surface of the floor and its tough intractable heart, the narrow-gauge pipes, frayed wire, rat-runs along the joists.
50. But the wallpaper was faded and scuffed, and the moldings were cruelly terminated by crude partitions, and the elegant parlor doors had five-lever locks butchered into them, and spy holes, and brass numbers screwed on not exactly level.
1. The floors are streaked with years of shoe scuffs, the fabric seats are stained, and the windows have a rusted-shut look.
2. He’d been planning all along to wear black slacks – more leftovers from his courtroom days – and the shoes were a lot like the ones he already owned, without the scuffs, which meant he’d probably needed a new pair anyway.

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