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Secondary numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. The secondary number is 2.
  2. The secondary trend is a.
  3. Everything is secondary to you.
  4. But such thinking is secondary.
  5. This is a secondary adjustment.
  6. Malenkov was a secondary threat.
  7. He was a secondary school student.
  8. There’s also a faint secondary.
  9. Other matters were quite secondary.
  11. There, he could set up a secondary.
  12. The secondary exit could be anywhere.
  13. I’m still in Secondary, actually.
  14. A secondary target had been identified.
  16. The beauty of the tattoo was secondary.
  17. However, there are potential secondary.
  18. The others are secondary hallucinations.
  19. There were smaller secondary arches on.
  20. Personalities are secondary to the goal.
  21. A preference for the secondary valleys.
  22. There are often secondary benefits that.
  24. Its purpose is to create secondary beauty.
  25. Begging is also a secondary characteristic.
  26. Where was I? Secondary hallucinations, yes.
  27. But such thoughts were secondary right now.
  28. The benefits of having secondary storage:.
  30. We are now on secondary power across the ship.
  31. Then the skin follows as the secondary medium.
  32. I’ve others addressing my secondary concerns.
  33. Make perception primary and thinking secondary.
  34. Did you guys graduate Secondary together?
  35. Production of real wealth is merely a secondary.
  36. Amanda was a 10th grader at CABE Secondary School.
  37. Secondary infection means that there is another.
  38. X1, the secondary winding of which can support a.
  39. Secondary lenders can now be easier about lending.
  40. All living organisms are secondary to civilization.
  41. But it was said that was a secondary consideration.
  42. Secondary memory - This is most often some sort of.
  43. This should be considered the secondary adjustment.
  44. In the secondary market, a bond's price fluctuates.
  45. There are primary, secondary and higher realizations.
  46. This was only secondary to why he’d bought the boy.
  47. This is what happens when secondary beauty is created.
  48. The secondary meaning,"hollow way," "low path," comes.
  49. Is secondary and conditional upon non-payment by the.
  50. I’d heard of secondary explosions in the Middle East.
  51. Shells from the Secondary and Tertiary Formations, (T.
  52. Specific causes are secondary to the overarching goal.
  53. If Cruce was free, I’d become a secondary concern.
  54. Providing live rock has a secondary benefit of being a.
  55. The "Invariant Sections" are certain Secondary Sections.
  56. This is what is important; everything else is secondary.
  57. Joseph’s Secondary School, where she was also educated.
  58. You'll have only painting and secondary and the packing.
  59. The secondary blood trail might mean there’s another.
  60. Back ratio: This is the secondary adjustment on the upside.
  61. Divert all other inbound traffic to their secondary ports.
  62. We have primary and secondary radar detection facilities.
  63. Main focus is on learning and everything else is secondary.
  64. Another reason, and often a secondary to the first, is no.
  65. The secondary product is the hidden part of the profession.
  66. For Stallman, the software issue was secondary to the copy-.
  67. For them, the objects are secondary and primary Space itself.
  68. The state of mind: ‘there is a world’ is secondary, for.
  69. That factor is however only a secondary one to our successes.
  70. The secondary target was the adoption clinic and its records.
  71. Realistically the hangout functioned as a secondary building.
  72. I can see that the body is secondary, not primary, and cannot.
  73. These goods, however, are secondary concerns for Corporatenism.
  74. Secondary and tertiary targets were further south in Pack One.
  75. There is a huge difference between primary and secondary beauty.
  76. Publishers only care about green and the artist comes secondary.
  77. We can assume the evolution of the secondary to the involution.
  78. Considering that the study found that 40 percent of secondary.
  79. A number of secondary symptoms are associated with fibromyalgia.
  80. When we choose a primary relationship, we make others secondary.
  81. I lived with my family until I finished my secondary schooling.
  82. Center for Education Statistics found almost half the secondary.
  83. Nature is a secondary luxury; to be ignored as much as possible.
  84. When he spoke to her it was as if everything else was secondary.
  85. When I was a student at Natabua Secondary School in 1954, one of.
  86. The secondary burner usually operates at a temperature of 900°C.
  87. Publishing revenues in elementary and secondary declined as well.
  88. This is what brought him back to Ithaca, the island of secondary.
  89. The main airlock is here, with a secondary one near the cockpit.
  90. Even back in secondary school, the one that got the most Valentine.
  91. Rainbow, different brilliancy of the primary and secondary, xxi, 379.
  92. This new kind of the secondary radiation stimulates vital processes.
  93. Of course, she was married, too, but that seemed a secondary concern.
  94. We are not the primary beneficiaries of the Gospel, but the secondary.
  95. You have achieved your secondary objective of that lecture as well.
  96. Secondary syphilis is associated with foot drop and wide based gait.
  97. The secondary formation of the state of Indiana is abundantly evident.
  98. Once the secondary trend is over, the primary trend movement resumes.
  99. Private interpretation(s) should be secondary to reporting (the) news.
  100. Marijuana is the most common secondary drug of abuse among METH users.

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