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  1. That word is a seed.
  2. Hope Is The Seed *52.
  3. The holy seed will be.
  4. To give you that seed.
  5. The seed dying in the.

  6. Of the lotus seed head.
  7. The seed of vision has.
  8. He sows a seed of doubt.
  9. It is after all my seed.
  10. You are the seed of David.
  11. The seed has been planted.
  12. Here's the seed and the.
  13. We are the same seed God.
  14. The plant, leaves and seed.
  15. Satan's seed and Eve's seed.

  16. You are the seed of Abraham.
  17. The seed of fear has never.
  18. She will replant with seed.
  19. To seed a job and grow in.
  20. There is a seed of courage.
  21. They could see the seed of.
  22. The word is a seed (Mark 4).
  23. And the seed shall never die.
  24. We had but the seed of love.
  25. The Seed, that is the Flower.

  27. I might drop a seed, an idea.
  28. The seed has woe as we thinks.
  29. Islam is the seed of all seeds.
  30. Weather Service to seed some.
  31. She had planted a seed in my.
  32. Divorce has the seed of divide.
  33. With whom does the seed lie?
  34. Ego is a seed, a potentiality.
  35. The seed of life belongs to me.
  36. To have to sacrifice his seed!.
  37. Where I can seed the soil and.
  38. The health value of chia seed.
  39. Your seed must never be spilled.
  40. The Parable of the Mustard Seed.
  41. She threw more seed to the birds.
  42. The blood of Christians is seed.
  43. Blessing for the Sprouting Seed.
  44. Take the child and eat the seed.
  45. The seed of mistrust bears the.
  46. Don’t hold on to your seed!!!.
  47. The Parable of the Growing Seed.
  48. But you’re not sowing the seed.
  49. You said his seed you'd multiply.
  50. Every action sown, is a seed sown.
  51. It grew organically from that seed.
  52. This was the seed for Still Alice.
  53. Satan's seed wil be Cain and his.
  54. So the word of God is like a seed.
  55. Just as a seed will grow to be a.
  56. Soneji’s a nut case, a bad seed.
  57. Fertilizer and seed made available.
  58. Thus in the earth the seed expands.
  59. They expected the seed of the woman.
  60. You will destroy the seed and have.
  61. The Mustard Seed: Matthew 13:31-32.
  62. That would be bad seed, she said.
  63. Hope is the seed for all new blossoms.
  64. You just planted a seed in your mind.
  65. They wanted seed to replant the land.
  66. The seed of dislike for the man was.
  67. Every seed has an incubation period.
  68. And as a seed is the last of innume-.
  69. His seed came spilling deep inside her.
  70. It is like a seed growing into a tree.
  71. Yet nothing came from the bamboo seed.
  72. The one dollar bean, my precious seed.
  73. Some plant the seed of Christ in the.
  74. And hoped, and suffer’d is but seed.
  75. The Bible is easy if the seed is good.
  76. Once the seed is planted, it must be.
  77. Then We developed the seed into a clot.
  78. All he needed to do was plant the seed.
  79. Drop a little seed in her subconscious.
  80. She carried Our Seed and gave birth to.
  81. Oh, a strong decoction of seed vessels.
  82. Protect the seed bed from predators (e.
  83. NO! Jim shouted, He's the bad seed.
  84. The photo on the seed packet was a lie.
  85. Of this man's seed has God 146 of 168.
  86. We’ll plant the seed for the new year.
  87. The shell where the seed has broken to.
  88. And start all over again, with new seed.
  89. You have come to be the seed of the woman.
  90. The fruit cannot be better than the seed.
  91. Desire was the primal seed, the germ of.
  92. God Himself is the seed of enlightenment.
  93. Lies the seed that with the sun’s love.
  94. Christ would come through their seed line.
  95. Every seed is the miracle of God's grace.
  96. If seed like this is withered in its soil.
  97. And something might grow up from that seed.
  98. They were no match for Jane's magical seed.
  99. Must still think the seed is the old stuff.
  100. Yes, he sows about fifteen bushels of seed.
  1. Here is my gold nugget in seeding my female conversations.
  2. Also, performing a liver biopsy can cause further seeding.
  3. Follow proper seeding procedure, so that they would develop well.
  4. Furthermore, that would have resulted in uprooting the young seeding.
  5. After cloud seeding started, the heavens opened up and seasonal rain returned.
  6. With that, it is best to apply fertilizer after about 4 to 5 weeks after seeding.
  7. Everything is maintained with horses in his fields: fertilizing, plowing, planting, seeding, and weeding.
  8. Apparently hemp seeding of the lawn of the Drug Enforcement Agency (DFA) is frowned upon, even as a protest of a hemp ban.
  9. As it probably would have been if he hadn't made that hack but just ascended when they found they would not be seeding the planet.
  10. They can begin seeding the planet with new ideas, new terms, learning and understanding the past and bringing it along to new ways.
  11. Testing the device proved to be the problem, they'd left the androids behind at 61 Cygni since they wouldn't be seeding that planet.
  12. Below are some of the highly recommended grass products for seeding and reseeding to have a consistent green grass color during winter or fall.
  13. After all, every now and again scientists are oh so excited when discovering facts that farmers had known, after plowing and seeding, for generation after generation.
  14. A portion of the wheat was sold, a portion was fed to livestock (which were also sold), a portion was used to make flour, and the rest was used for seeding the following year.
  15. Since then, rehabilitation teams have been busy seeding the ground with long grass and other plants suitable for that area, along with planting trees and seeding the lakes and rivers with fish.
  16. As for the large vegetable patch just outside the palisade, it had been carefully worked so that it would be ready for seeding during next spring, the group having arrived too late in the Summer to plant anything.
  17. Her hands had flown all around about and down, gentling this, holding that, throwing baseballs, swinging bright croquet mallets, seeding black earth, or fixing covers over dumplings, ragouts, and children wildly strewn by slumber.
  18. The cloud is then permeated with ‘seeding chemicals’ and the base of the cloud is sprayed with liquid Nitrogen, ‘Dry ice’, which when mixed with the seeding chemicals produces precipitation and lowers the now rain filled cloud.
  19. If that were true, then all of Ireland could have been conquered from my car, with a packet of plaques delivered here, and a toss of concepts and dire ideas planted there, seeding all Eire's pubs with darkness and stilling the air as if a final death had come upon the world.
  20. You may or may not choose to dabble in any or all avenues open to you and never choose a single 'role,' as we have chosen---all anyone knows for certain is what the First Water did at the dawn of the First Orchard: they opened the realms of the One up to the seeding of Reason everywhere.
  21. As such, the predetermined existence of subatomic-energy interactions over time and through the transcendent medium and catalyst of evolution seeding the intrinsic dissemination, as the definition of willed creation, of the higher-order spirit-energies of lower levels of base instincts and the higher levels of intelligence etc.
  1. The wind was seeded with Time.
  2. He had a deep seeded need to know.
  3. They were seeded by the same comet.
  4. Seeded and chopped up to 1/3 cups water.
  5. Finally, a tiny virus of worry seeded itself in.
  6. He will have to cut the corps what he has seeded for others.
  7. Human attitudes are first seeded by the undead: systematically.
  8. Each runner was seeded according to the computerized predictions.
  9. Or perhaps Life didn’t originate on Earth, but was seeded here via a.
  10. Over the decades, the jungle returned, seeded by patches of forest preserve.
  11. With this poem you revisit the idea that the galaxy is seeded and the T’Kon.
  12. He may have seeded his acquaintances with false information to misdirect his pursuers.
  13. Now all four travellers were worried as a variety of apprehensions was seeded in their minds.
  14. Add drained and seeded tomatoes along with salt, pepper, oregano and basil then stir and cook.
  15. Christianity was designed to confound these ancient messages, but other locales were also seeded.
  16. I would think I’d think of you with clothes on, unless I have some deep seeded homosexual agenda I was unaware of.
  17. But they saw nothing except a field mouse, which came out of its hole and began furricking in a path of seeded grasses.
  18. This is a Legal Sabbath – letting the law lay fallow and see what springs from its previously seeded annuals and perennials.
  19. Like it’s deeply planted within, seeded in my being, and no matter how hard I try, I can’t uproot it he complained, pausing.
  20. It also lends good evidence that the Milky Way was/is being seeded, at least in the Star Trek Universe, and this theme will also be seen again and again.
  21. The Tanshar Estuary was shallow and liberally seeded with treacherous mudbanks, so it made much better sense to deliver Earl Thirsk’s family to Erthayn.
  22. Small maple trees - Chinese maple which seeded prolifically, and delicate Japanese maple – both with gorgeous Autumn colours, and clumps of white birches.
  23. Across the dooryard the tractor cut, and the hard, foot-beaten ground was seeded field, and the tractor cut through again; the uncut space was ten feet wide.
  24. Recall that the ‘entity’—let’s just say God from now on—will have been initially both programmed and seeded by human knowledge, potentially all of it.
  25. Which Z will you be? Zizi, President of XpartY Z, sub-digitally pulsed hir ominous ad monition and question into every homozygoting apple seeded ear and eye up and down 533.
  26. You’re the keeper of the castle, So be a good man to your babies, The creator of the sunshine in their day, In the garden that you’ve seeded, Be a friend when a friend is needed.
  27. Anger seeded inside me once more as fear ebbed away and already I was adding these people to the list in my mind of those who would pay for what they had done to my horses, and to me.
  28. Charles looked over at me and nodded approvingly, Yes, since the machines will be seeded with mankind's knowledge, Kurzweil inferred that they must be of necessity ‘spiritual’ machines.
  29. Her blood had seeded life back into my lifeless daughter which Sonja confirmed by reopening her innocent eyes again and looking at her life giver, who then carefully placed her back down on the floor.
  30. True, and Jess thought his father would have been very pleased to have seeded the King’s Cross station with thieves and roughnecks if he could have got away with a volume or two from the Library’s grasp.
  31. The Treasurer never broke eye contact with the Inquisitor, but his mind saw the guards in Schuelerite purple standing outside the chamber’s door and the other inquisitors seeded throughout Zion and the Temple.
  32. Is this because he is happy to be with Sheena, or is there an implication that he was pretending all along? If it is the latter, then this needs to be much more firmly seeded throughout, as this is never the impression created.
  33. ThinAir Conspiracists fantasy cast a memetic attractor, an idea seeking minds to inhabit and, once planted, the seeded mynd acts according to their nu attractor that will, hypothetically, bring about yet to be determined effects.
  34. The very technology seeded all across the Universe by the Preservers that she now had full access to, thanks to the many Hades manifestation orbs that he had strategically placed throughout the Universe to run his part of the ‘kingdom.
  35. We kept on moving along these narrow trenches which now had sandbags on top of the parapet and we could see that grass had seeded itself between these and was now growing adding a splash of green against the muddy colour of the hessian bags.
  36. Something analogous occurs in grafting; for Thouin found that three species of Robinia, which seeded freely on their own roots, and which could be grafted with no great difficulty on a fourth species, when thus grafted were rendered barren.
  37. However, if we assume that life on earth was originally seeded by a passing comet, as the leading theorists have proposed, then it would explain how it might be possible that the Ioitan’s have had a similar biological evolution to that of Earth’s.
  38. Their roots had been seeded in primary school almost five decades before and had evolved through state education and university to form a basis for the select partisanship of an old boys’ club, founded on the early money of first and second generation New Zealanders.
  39. Then one day when heat shimmered over the valley, when the dandelions had seeded and the thistles had bloomed, when the corn stood heavy and the cricket tuned his evening fiddle, when spots in the lawn turned brown, where the sprinkler missed, when the baby waked and fretted, and swearing, sweating men turned to the west and wondered what had held up the sea breeze—Sir Christopher missed his supper.
  1. Then spit the seeds out.
  2. I am the bearer of seeds.
  3. Sowing the Seeds of Truth.
  4. Toss in the mustard seeds.
  5. But bares none of its seeds.
  6. Or how Barley seeds sprout.
  7. The seeds to poison wolves.
  8. When hot, add mustard seeds.
  9. But many seeds were planted.
  10. Beshivered into seeds of rain.
  11. Ensure the seeds are removed.
  12. They had to plant seeds and.
  13. The toxic assets (seeds) are.
  14. Add the cumin seeds and let.
  15. To matter to the seeds at all.
  16. Remove the seeds from pumpkin.
  17. Cover the seeds and press down.
  19. Islam is the seed of all seeds.
  20. He has the seeds of cruelty.
  21. Virtuous actions sow seeds of.
  22. Earth, seeds in roots of trees.
  23. Helen liked the seeds very much.
  24. Add the sesame seeds to the pan.
  25. And finding that of fifty seeds.
  26. You can readily try fennel seeds.
  27. It was a little package of seeds.
  28. Compositae, flowers and seeds of.
  29. Certain seeds may not grow in a.
  30. Seeds that will produce a harvest.
  31. And send its seeds into the night.
  32. In-between seeds that gave and give.
  33. Umbelliferae, flowers and seeds of.
  34. The seeds of decline have been sown.
  35. The Selected ones are the seeds.
  36. A handful of raw nuts and/or seeds.
  37. He returned with a handful of seeds.
  38. The birds and the waves carry seeds.
  39. Roll the salmon in the sesame seeds.
  40. Flax seeds are rich in soluble fiber.
  41. Stir in by hand, the sunflower seeds.
  42. They could have been seeds, or stars.
  43. Owner of all seeds in this land sown.
  44. It was the urge to eat seeds and nuts.
  45. Only his are the seeds of doubt and.
  46. The seeds came from a family friend.
  47. Bird this tree stopped sprouting seeds.
  48. Punished for sowing the seeds of hope.
  49. They saved all the seeds, crops, and.
  50. Add the pumpkin seeds and heat through.
  51. Place in the bowl with the cumin seeds.
  52. You spit the seeds out upon the earth.
  53. They will ask for seeds to plant food.
  54. Add mustard seeds until they splutter.
  55. Mix the seeds with the boiling water.
  56. But if it dies, it produces many seeds.
  57. Place all the seeds in a food processor.
  58. A similar study showed the seeds to be.
  59. Sprinkle the mustard seeds into the oil.
  60. Sprinkle in the seeds and cover lightly.
  61. Add the sesame seeds and keep stirring.
  62. Their fruit contained many winged seeds.
  63. Without water, seeds will not germinate.
  64. Top with toasted almonds and sesame seeds.
  65. You planted the seeds for a revolution.
  66. Only the seeds we should like to withdraw.
  67. Here, Mary, are some seeds you can plant.
  68. Ether, retained some seeds of cognate heaven.
  69. We have planted and watered productive seeds.
  70. Parch husked seeds on hot stones by the fire.
  71. Add mustard seeds and when the seeds start.
  72. A package of carrot seeds and a few turnips.
  73. I’ll begin with a closer look at the seeds.
  74. Onion seeds are sown directly into the ground.
  75. New Seeds of Contemplation, by Thomas Merton.
  76. But he got a small bag of seeds for Terminus.
  77. Good plant propagation starts with the seeds.
  78. Top with alfalfa sprouts and sunflower seeds.
  79. My tomato seeds sprouted and grew roots some.
  80. Rose offered Master Joe a small sack of seeds.
  81. Mix with dressing and toasted sunflower seeds.
  82. Ashi had been planting seeds in the cold frame.
  83. The dense cloud of seeds engulfed the howlers.
  84. Seeds generally take three weeks to germinate.
  85. And the yield of the seeds one could discount.
  86. Nuts and seeds are ranged very low in GI index.
  87. At the very least, sewing the seeds of dissent.
  88. Fruits and seeds for men and herbs for animals.
  89. All of these nuts and seeds should be eaten raw.
  90. These are the seeds that we sow into the future.
  91. The Fertilised Seeds of Spirit and Soul Infused.
  92. She nourishes the seeds and fulfills every need.
  93. He is the one who plants the seeds and so it is.
  94. Using hosiery, place some grass seeds in the toe.
  95. After sowing these seeds, cultivation must begin.
  96. You can utilize it by soaking the seeds in water.
  97. Cut each squash in half, but leave the seeds in.
  98. These conditions are created by sowing seeds in.
  99. They are pretty easy to remove the seeds if you.
  100. Bilo sprinkled on a level teaspoon of cumin seeds.

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