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Send numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. I wil send the A.
  2. So we send it out.
  3. He can send m a.
  4. But he did send an.
  5. I can only send Afu.

  6. I will send Olaf in.
  7. When you send 2 0 2.
  8. And I send him money.
  9. LORD to send them out.
  10. Why would she send a.
  11. He mashed the Send key.
  13. I could send it to you.
  14. You send them an email.
  15. Send the new girl home.

  16. He will send them away.
  17. We send you a tribute.
  18. You can send out solo.
  19. I send a quick reply:.
  20. And he shall send his.
  21. Now to type it and send.
  22. I'd rather send a card.
  23. I will not send you on.
  24. They are warm and send.
  25. We will send her now.

  26. Ill send them all back.
  27. Send ten more to assist.
  28. We had to send her home.
  29. John asked Jim to send.
  30. Nor did he send me away.
  31. Did send a dismal sheen:.
  32. Did send a dismal sheen;.
  33. I better send for her.
  34. Okay, I will send him in.
  35. Send them all over their.
  36. Send them to the harbour.
  37. Even if we can send the.
  38. I send off a quick reply.
  39. She won’t send you back.
  40. Send them to look for him.
  41. Pray that God would send.
  42. You don’t have to send.
  43. Maybe send it back to.
  44. You can send energy to it.
  45. You will need to send an.
  46. I've decided to send in.
  47. You know where to send it.
  48. Send me the files through.
  49. I won’t send you home.
  50. No need to send out scouts.
  51. Then, we’ll send in the.
  52. Send this file to a friend.
  53. I need to send the call.
  54. Send Frankie or Henry back.
  55. From here I can only send.
  56. Then they decided to send.
  57. I’d send her to the bank.
  58. Well I did send a note off.
  59. You should never send the.
  60. Rather than send them to St.
  61. But, for my sake, send it.
  62. Send him west towards the.
  63. She'll send you back to me.
  64. I will send your bag to you.
  65. And I send her money too.
  66. Send love notes to your mate.
  67. I will send a courier ahead.
  68. Send the report only after.
  69. Please don’t send me home.
  70. Some will say to send them.
  71. Shall I send them back?
  72. They send him to different.
  73. Send a message to our ships.
  74. I'll send in some breakfast.
  75. Should we send for him?
  76. She grunts as I send it off.
  77. I'll send you some pictures.
  78. Ah, Henry, send in Chief….
  79. I will not send you away.
  80. Send him in on your way out.
  81. They send her Christmas and.
  82. But I can’t send them away.
  83. My Infinite I could send an.
  84. Do this: send the emails to.
  85. How Can a God of Love Send.
  86. Let’s send a clear message.
  87. Send copies of this to your.
  88. Maybe I’ll send him a text.
  89. You didn’t send this child.
  90. Please don’t send me there.
  91. Jesus said, Behold, I send.
  92. Where would you send me?
  93. To send a mailing to 10,000.
  94. Would she weep and send away.
  95. I have to send her money too.
  96. I thought I send this by to.
  97. Will you send Soames and Mrs.
  98. Why send it to Hades?
  99. We’ll send David out into.
  100. You didn’t send this one.
  1. She was sending me signals.
  2. Kato, I will be sending Mr.
  3. Why is Rooney sending him?
  4. He fired, sending the slugs.
  5. We were sending Tom on a ski.
  6. Sending them across the oceans.
  7. He was sending a message to me.
  8. You don't mention sending that.
  9. The Book is sending us a message.
  10. Sending them to a rough-neck bar.
  11. There’s no sending him anywhere.
  12. The ME is sending them to the lab.
  13. J&B started sending lawyers from D.
  14. The idiot keeps sending letters.
  15. They were sending a clear message.
  16. May God be praised for sending her.
  17. Chevalier sending Allen away only.
  18. The Company is sending on this ship.
  19. And behold, I am sending forth the.
  20. Sending those back to nothing that.
  21. So, he was sending me back to Earth.
  22. Sending 5, 100-byte ICMP Echos to 172.
  23. Spamming is the practice of sending.
  24. He will also be sending me mail here.
  25. One by one by one, Jess kept sending.
  26. They’re sending me to New Jersey.
  27. He's sending him to help the cook.
  28. You take care of sending the traffic.
  30. And sending a respectable letter.
  31. They were sending out a holding party.
  32. He remerged sending broad handfuls of.
  33. Zoe frowned, sending her freckles south.
  34. Now try sending 'er round t'other way.
  35. She will be sending all of her healers.
  36. I smiled after sending the text message.
  37. They're supposed to be sending us there.
  38. That’s the signal you are sending out.
  39. Magestic is sending me stock market tips.
  40. A quiet moan filled his ears, sending a.
  41. He knew someone was sending up packages.
  42. He was sending it to Canada or something.
  43. When Symbolics stopped sending over its.
  44. They’re sending me back because of air.
  45. Are you sending those men back in?
  46. Stock Trader: LOL, thanks for sending this.
  47. Sending the Predators didn’t make sense.
  48. Where are they sending you? I asked.
  49. No, the message my eyes were sending was.
  50. It was as if God was sending them an angel.
  51. What if she was sending a picture to him?
  52. Sending one part every two days will give.
  53. We planned on sending a message of our own.
  54. Most likely he was sending a note to say so.
  55. She was on the point of sending again for Mr.
  56. Many responded, sending chickens, rice, etc.
  57. We’re sending a car around for you, Bru.
  58. The higher self is sending special questions.
  59. I'm sending over a first louie named Parker.
  60. Well there is one thing worse: sending arms.
  61. You’re not sending the horses off yet?’.
  62. Have you ever heard of the Pentagon sending.
  63. The bastard! Sending goons to kidnap my kids.
  64. Within seconds of sending the message Rafael.
  65. It seems the Gods were sending out a warning.
  66. I heard some officers talking about sending.
  67. We’re sending someone there to fetch you.
  68. The doctor? You're sending for the doctor?'.
  69. Sending out the specimen-collecting pods now.
  70. I am sending this notice to all senior staff.
  71. Sending them all together was more efficient.
  72. But I started sending my slides to galleries.
  73. Avion tempered by the sending of the departed.
  74. She picks up on the cue her husband is sending.
  75. Sending help soon came to mean sending troops.
  76. One of which was sending Toby back to Toronto.
  77. I have a problem sending children into battle.
  78. Why, she was practised at sending people away.
  79. The wind catches the material sending it back.
  80. Claire was sending her to a bank in Hapeville.
  81. I’m sending you a chart to show what I mean.
  82. So rather than blatantly sending the visitor.
  83. Harold's shoulder, sending him flailing to the.
  84. Klete is sending out a repair team as we speak.
  85. He will be sending his own man to meet with us.
  86. You’re sending her to Central Booking?
  87. The One Lord has interfered by sending prophets.
  88. So sending the horse without her hadn’t worked.
  90. Sending out an announcement will get you started.
  91. First, by sending back to the country a part of.
  92. We should stop sending the money to the federal.
  93. I am sending her to the hospital for a few tests.
  94. He is sending you this message because the time.
  95. First I had Augusta sending death stares my way.
  96. On my phone, sending it now, says McSpadden.
  97. After sending off the telegram, she went to dress.
  98. Sending the cat back the way it had come, Thomas.
  99. However, sending up a prayer, putting it in the.
  100. The hotel is sending people up, Barimus says.
  1. I sent him to bed.
  2. I will sent her in.
  3. I sent him my fear.
  4. So I sent Janet in.
  5. He sent me a check.
  6. But his that sent me.
  7. And He sent me away.
  8. So he sent him out.
  9. Tell him I sent you.
  10. She sent her power in.
  11. She had sent me away.
  12. And sent to her grave.
  13. So I've sent it again.
  14. She sent him a badly.
  15. I sent the kid home.
  16. Lord has truly sent him.
  17. Tell Girlie I sent you.
  18. He sent her a sharp look.
  19. I was sent on the most.
  20. Yesterday, I sent to Mr.
  21. He sent down His Spirit.
  22. Your ship sent this one.
  23. I sent him away with a.
  24. He sent her a reply and.
  25. I’ve sent a Helios to.
  26. Because God had sent him.
  27. Alice and Cassie sent me.
  28. My mother sent the fish.
  29. God has sent you messages.
  30. And when they had sent.
  31. I was the last to be sent.
  32. He sent us to prepare him.
  33. Someone sent it after you.
  34. Again, Van Buren sent Scott.
  35. Your aunty Stella sent me.
  36. They got sent to prison.
  37. Little gusts of wind sent.
  38. Word has been sent to the.
  39. He sent his mum real crazy.
  40. Facebook and sent emails to.
  41. He was sent to me, Danny.
  42. He never sent Wes a present.
  43. Some had been sent off on.
  44. He sent for an interpreter.
  45. Mick was sent back to his.
  46. Your Spirit Guide sent me.
  47. My brother sent me a copy.
  48. I sent gifts, he mused.
  49. And He that sent me is with.
  50. Teams were sent out to spot.
  51. That sent me to a dark place.
  52. Why have You this evil sent.
  53. He sent out a stern command.
  54. He has sent me on an errand.
  55. They sent me in here to.
  56. I was sent here to break you.
  57. I have sent you to this land.
  58. You were sent to be with her.
  59. Klowa was sent up to see her.
  60. She sent him a sidewise glance.
  61. Sam from the docks sent us.
  62. We sent out for the best food.
  63. When God sent his Angel to me.
  64. I sent her a thankful reply:.
  65. Maybe he was sent from Ithaca.
  66. They have sent too many at us.
  67. She sent a freeze bolt at him.
  68. I was sent to Aiden in Austria.
  69. She sent me a copy of the will.
  70. I sent flowers and condolences.
  71. Captain Hawes sent a boarding.
  72. Her parents had sent her away.
  73. An uppercut sent another flying.
  74. So, I was sent there on my own.
  75. A few novels have been sent.
  76. She sent off arrow after arrow.
  77. Four men were sent to beat him.
  78. She sent text messages by the.
  79. The miracles that God had sent.
  80. That was why he had been sent.
  81. This might have sent him into.
  82. I mean the one who sent them.
  83. My lover, she had sent me away.
  84. They had sent the entire fleet.
  85. Eli sent Samuel back to his bed.
  86. He knew she will sent more men.
  87. She sent the last girl… away.
  88. Cobb could have sent Bill Ward.
  89. God sent His Son to bless the.
  90. We’ve been sent by the leader.
  91. That Athena had sent her to him.
  92. She hoped Nick hadn’t sent him.
  93. He has sent the rich away empty.
  94. Father hath sent me, and I live.
  95. I sent some of the guys out.
  96. She’d sent the terns as guides.
  97. So I got sent off to El Salvador.
  98. A gift you have sent to yourself.
  99. Messengers were sent to his tent.
  100. I will have the rest sent to you.
  1. It sends me to sleep.
  2. Oh! Max sends his love.
  3. She sends you her regard.
  4. It sends the wrong message.
  5. Charity only sends them a.
  6. Jesus Sends Out the Twelve.
  7. Your papa sends his love.
  8. Your mother sends her love.
  9. Sends them to the rightabout.
  10. She sends her heartfelt thanks.
  11. He sends us daily intelligence.
  12. Or transmitted wave that sends.
  13. Jesus Sends Out the Seventy-Two.
  14. So when this Ancient sends the.
  15. This sends the Dow to new highs.
  16. God sends a prophet to warn them.
  17. He sends both of you his regards.
  18. Sends selected items to the trash.
  19. My lodger sends me into bankruptcy.
  20. This sends him into the water again.
  21. The Captain sends his compliments.
  22. The infinity of minus sends to Hell.
  23. Our father sends his best wishes.
  24. With what God sends, little hostess.
  25. But first the soul sends it a request.
  26. Say, ‘He sends you his compliments.
  27. I hope Butterbur sends this promptly.
  28. It sends a thrill through my stomach.
  29. Swell, thanks, he sends his regards.
  30. He does work all the hours God sends.
  31. Jay Gould sends his Evening; Mr.
  32. This sends him crashing into the wall.
  33. Ah, it's Heaven that sends you here!.
  34. He still sends me names of historical.
  35. So when Joe sends his horse off to the.
  36. Caliph Haroun al Raschid sends greeting.
  37. God sends us to people who are in need.
  38. It sends delicious shivers up my spine.
  39. He sends his regards,’ my mother said.
  40. His expression sends a chill through me.
  41. And that by virtue of the pain he sends.
  42. He sends His angels to direct your path.
  43. A sleeping Boodh sends nations to sleep.
  44. The infinity of plus sends us to Heaven.
  45. I just hope T sends the money very soon.
  46. Everyone at the lab sends their regards.
  47. Once again Jesus sends out the disciples.
  48. Thanks! Oh and Emma sends her love too.
  49. She sends out an aroma of undefined love.
  50. The crash nearly sends the SUV into a spin.
  51. He sends messages about how he’s doing.
  53. Now begging letters he sends his son with.
  54. This device sends electrical impulses to.
  55. I have a friend who sends merchandise to me.
  56. While the ACC/PL sends projections to the.
  57. Jesus sends the crowd away and orders the.
  58. Joseph sends his sons to buy grain in Egypt.
  59. Flame sends up a stream of pale blue smoke.
  60. Apophis sends his demons to terrorize our.
  61. He sends me for that purpose, and here I am.
  62. He sends in another rocket for good measure.
  63. This sends my comparing mind aflutter.
  64. Yes, my elder sends me out into the world.
  65. The thought sends a chill spiking through me.
  66. Tell him silly Milly sends my best respects.
  67. She sends her love and bids you pray for her.
  68. The woman licks her lips and sends him kisses.
  69. Was falsely borne in hand, sends out arrests.
  70. He buys fish and sends it to Tokyo; quite a.
  71. The warmth of the oven sends chills through me.
  72. Here is your three thousand; he sends it back.
  73. A sympathizing friend sends the following gem:.
  74. But the movement sends pain shooting up my shin.
  75. It is He who sends the wind ahead of His mercy.
  76. The rebounding of the ball of neutrons sends a.
  77. A sudden cold wind sends a shiver down his neck.
  78. Jesus Christ sends out a call to attract those.
  79. By the way, Mary, Tom Crenshaw sends his regards.
  80. Sends Electromagnetic Information to Others, 234.
  81. Her grasping hand hits the phone, sends it flying.
  82. It’s bad enough he sends these insane letters.
  83. He sends for the shepherd and the shepherd tells.
  84. And whomever He sends astray-these are the losers.
  85. But he told me to say he sends his compliments.
  86. She even sends me food, what little she can spare.
  87. Of course, unless God sends us, this is not even.
  88. Snake Clan sends vibrations throughout the ground.
  89. You will be on when the studio sends it back to us.
  90. In the spring it sends down little whirligigs for.
  91. Bennett sends an e-mail to Evans the following day.
  92. It sends a message to the soul to clear up the fog.
  93. It is He Who sends down for you from the sky water.
  94. The USB recognises this and sends it to the program.
  95. This shell is his token and he sends me passengers.
  96. The moonlight sends its blue beams into the hallway.
  97. Don’t thank me, but rather the One who sends me.
  98. Madame Labas sends word that her daughter is pregnant.
  99. Luke tells us that Pilate sends Jesus to Herod to be.
  100. God sends the signal and man fulfills in His own way.

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