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Sensation numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. It was an odd sensation.
  2. It was a heady sensation.
  3. It was an eerie sensation.
  4. The next sensation was a.
  5. It was a burning sensation.

  6. It was a strange sensation.
  7. He felt a choking sensation.
  8. Ben feels the same sensation.
  9. Then the sensation he hated.
  10. No sensation of skin on skin.
  11. He developed an odd sensation.
  12. I gasped at the raw sensation.
  13. I felt a tingling sensation.
  14. The sensation is truly unique.
  15. Oh, the sensation is exquisite.

  16. Jason felt sensation start to.
  17. But the added sensation proved.
  18. She felt a sharp cold sensation.
  19. The sensation that he was right.
  20. It is a truly pleasant sensation.
  21. Sometimes the sensation made my.
  22. A strange sensation of unreality.
  23. It was the most unusual sensation.
  24. Instantly the sensation was gone.
  25. She didn’t enjoy the sensation.

  26. He had a certain sensation of cold.
  27. That was the vibrating sensation.
  28. There was no sensation whatsoever.
  29. The sensation was of truly flying.
  30. Death is the cessation of sensation.
  31. The chewing sensation was euphoric.
  32. What was Bloom's visual sensation?
  33. A cold wet sensation came over him.
  34. There was no sensation of movement.
  35. The warm sensation reached my heart.
  36. The sensation was dreadfully sudden.
  37. At last he recognized the sensation.
  38. I begged and pleaded for a sensation.
  39. He would recall the sensation from.
  40. She tries to push the sensation away.
  41. Words couldn't explain the sensation.
  42. It was a new, electrifying sensation.
  43. Boredom is an aristocratic sensation.
  44. The first sensation took a while to.
  45. It was a strange, violating sensation.
  46. Elation was the only sensation I had.
  47. Then came a violent gouging sensation.
  48. I fought off the sensation of gagging.
  49. The burning sensation was overwhelming.
  50. Which is a sensation they describe as.
  51. At first the sensation was subconscious.
  52. It was the most exhilarating sensation.
  53. For a moment I felt that old sensation.
  54. What was Stephen's auditive sensation?
  55. Impaired or absent sensation of stretch.
  56. Then she was aware of another sensation.
  57. His first sensation was one of blindness.
  58. A sensation of thirst came to her mouth.
  59. The fire of change and extreme sensation.
  60. My imagination magnified this sensation.
  61. The sensation left as quickly as it came.
  62. I hold my breath and savor the sensation.
  63. She’d never get used to that sensation.
  64. Then she had the sensation of being lifted.
  65. There is a sensation of panic in the race.
  66. He squeezed gently, enjoying the sensation.
  67. The sensation on his fingers surprised him.
  68. Indirect knowledge is based on sensation.
  69. This was the weirdest, scariest sensation.
  70. It is the 1 sensation you can’t recreate.
  71. M: You are mixing sensation with awareness.
  72. That sensation that ran through me spines.
  73. That itchy, uncomfortable sensation returns.
  74. Yes, I was feeling a burning sensation in.
  75. I’d had the same fleeting sensation then.
  76. No, I could still feel the racing sensation.
  77. A ticklish sensation in his stomach caused.
  78. It came in the form of a tingling sensation.
  79. Previously, I had felt a tingling sensation.
  80. Edmund felt a sensation of mysterious horror.
  81. Though I could feel no sensation of movement.
  82. Once through the trap door, the sensation of.
  83. My lips still felt the sensation of her lips.
  84. Tracey cried out in surprise at the sensation.
  85. He had the oddest sensation that he had been.
  86. That sent a nice warm sensation to my stomach.
  87. That sensation lasted for another five minutes.
  88. I do not think that any sensation lurks in it.
  89. She felt the prickly sensation of being watched.
  90. He’d never experienced this sensation before.
  91. And now there was a definite sensation of heat.
  92. And this time he felt no sensation of movement.
  93. He was trying hard to concentrate on sensation.
  94. The icy cold sensation he expected was not there.
  95. The sensation was erotic and he got an erection.
  96. His whole body was quivering with the sensation.
  97. It was a strange yet comforting sensation to be.
  98. A strange and pleasant sensation spread in her.
  99. She knew what he meant, but only as a sensation.
  100. I felt a stretching sensation, he was so big….

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