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Seriously numa frase em (in ingles)

He was seriously put out.
He is seriously bad news.
He looked at her seriously.
No one took her seriously.
He took the war seriously.
My aunt is seriously ill.
I didn't take her seriously.

He looked her over seriously.
M: You take it too seriously.
I mean that quite seriously.
But nobody took him seriously.
He was taking this seriously.
Only Una was seriously upset.
But to speak seriously, Tess.
It was a seriously boring day.
She glanced at him seriously.
Kiera looked at him, seriously.
What? Seriously? For moms? Yes.
You didn’t take me seriously.
He took the question seriously.
He looked at me very seriously.
You are seriously in trouble.
Did he seriously have to ask?
Jonno would take him seriously.
Some of them seriously hate me.
You couldn't take it seriously.
Seriously I couldn't believe it.
Dolokhov began to deal seriously.
You have to take this seriously.
Tom wanted to be taken seriously.
Seriously?! This is really great.
He took it more seriously than I.
Thom was clearly seriously vexed.
Seriously, you need to know this.
Dólokhov began to deal seriously.
So yes it must be taken seriously.
In the meanwhile think seriously.
She is seriously a heartless bitch.
Both of them are seriously wounded.
They take bears very seriously here.

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