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Settee numa frase em (in ingles)

I sat on the settee in the HIC.
Cuddled up on the settee, reading.
Come in and sit on the settee, Mr.
You didn’t seem uncomfortable on the settee.
He tossed the cushions onto the settee and grunted.
She moved away from the table and sat on the settee.
He moved the settee and was on his knees in a corner.

Mother of God, no! In here, in the parlor on that settee.
She set them down on the coffee table in front of the settee.
A young man was sitting, taking tea, on a sumptuous red settee.
When she had gone he let go of Amanda and lent over the settee.
She handed him a scotch and they sat down together on the settee.
Dare I guess? Freda patted the seat next to her on the settee.
Russell sat in his recliner and the two astronauts shared the settee.
Matt moved to the edge of the settee and in a barely audible voice.
Van Thorn violently slammed his fist on the arm of the settee, causing.
Thorn, who was sitting alone on a small settee in the far corner of the.
In the back corner was a deep goldenrod and emerald green brocade settee.
Altaf sat down on the settee with a thump and lent forward, head in his hands.
The empty remains of his meal were still on the settee from the evening before.
He sank with a deep groan on the settee and buried his face in his manacled hands.
It will be a tight squeeze, but no tighter than it was on Sir Richard’s settee.
He sank with a deep groan on to the settee and buried his face in his manacled hands.
He unclipped the device from his waist and held it close to the opening in the settee.
Outside on a settee, we could see in the corridor a man waiting, restless and ill at ease.
She had a little pet dog that never left her side and lay on the settee when it was vacated.
The top of the settee looked as if it had been ripped open, exposing the water tank beneath.
Looking around the cabin, one man noticed that the cushion on the starboard settee had floated free.
Must have been stashed in the settee by someone, Marcos said, uprighting the piece of furniture.
Billy kicked off his shoes and collapsed on the settee while Samuel started a log fire in the fireplace.
Ten minutes later, Marcos’ boss was forced to re-evaluate that statement as he surveyed the damaged settee.
They sat together on the settee in the lounge area, putting their drinks on the coffee table in front of them.
I’ve been sleeping on that settee, a few inches of wood and foam rubber above that thing, for the past two months.
Sue was sitting with a cup of coffee on the three-seater settee against the wall under the large double glazed window.
She pushed him into their room and placed him in the parlor by the settee where she sat and quietly removed her gloves.
She gave her hand for a moment, and then they went to sit down near the window, she on one settee and he on another opposite.
Carefully he started to bore through the plaster and lath back of the settee and to one side of where the divan must have been.
He sat on the settee in the opposite corner but he was still near enough for her to smell his after-shave or body lotion or whatever it was.
I sat beside their son on the settee, sipping weak tea and dunking rock cakes, wondering if they were insane, having me on, or delightfully liberal.
Tightening his lips hard to stop the curse that threatened to burst forth, he ripped across the material with the knife, exposing the interior of the settee.

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