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Severely numa frase em (in ingles)

Allys looked at him severely.
He is now severely dehydrated.
His skull was severely crushed.
Marilyn stared at her severely.
He frowns at me, rather severely.
You shall be severely punished.
The machine punishes me severely.

I knew she was severely depressed.
I was severely ill for three days.
She had been severely traumatized.
She was beaten severely, as I said.
However, he is severely injured.
There are seven boys hurt severely.
I would not judge these men severely.
He had surely been severely outnum-.
It has to severely cut imminent risk.
And severely she was punished for it.
He felt severely disoriented, as if.
The inside looked severely neglected.
That night his dad beat him severely.
The uterus wasn’t severely damaged.
Professor (again looks round severely).
The jury, too, looked severely shocked.
She must have become severely lost in.
But my brain had been severely damaged.
Churchill is very severely taken to task.
She severely doubted Cody was it though.
You want Swann's wrist severely slapped.
Balder did have a severely retarded son.
No it’s not! Gehlen said severely.
Nikole, you have been severely injured.
She's severely ill and in a nursing home.
Faizan… he said coughing severely.
I believe that she was tortured, severely.
One pretty severely in the camp cleansing.
Your life there will be severely restricted.
During this life I was severely abused by my.
Troug’s view, since the child was severely.
Padawans and severely wounding several others.
You’re a stranger, uttered Marc severely.

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