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Shadow numa frase em (in ingles)

The Shadow Witch.
the shadow of Bes.
He was in shadow.
His shadow danced.
The shadow passed.
Shadow came down.
The Shadow Elves.

This is our shadow.
Was it the shadow.
Cast the shadow of.
The shadow is here.
A darkling shadow.
And as the shadow.
shadow of thy wings.
The shadow lingers.
time I see a shadow.
The man with shadow.
I think Shadow lied.
shadow of the corner.
The shadow crumbled.
The Shadow of Death.
shadow in the middle.
Usual y the shadow.
The Land of Shadow.
shadow over the city.
I was just a shadow.
walking with a shadow.
The shadow of Mount.
Except for her shadowing of Mrs.
By shadowing a team member for a.
You are meant to be shadowing Rob.
instantly shadowing his tanned face.
shifts shadowing the corrupt bastards.
A variant on this drill is called shadowing.
A man steps behind the witch, shadowing her with.
shadowing these killers,' she said, furious with her.
They ended up shadowing each other, offense and defense.
I watched his life slowly leak away, shadowing his eyes.
The graveyard was filled with night shadowing toward dawn.
the same mountain that is currently shadowing our high school.
Ask your sponsor if you could spend a day shadowing him or her.
The two men on a motorbike who were shadowing him saw nothing.
Ashi knew that cameras that had been shadowing them since the.
trees, how they cast a shadowing claim on the ground she walked.
Shadowing five students is no easy matter, as Robert soon discovered.
I turned around cagily, my mortal eyes shadowing to face my brothers.
Just the click and shadowing change of wind motioning the corridors.
Shadowing is portrayed as though there is a source of light and, as.
bewildered perplexity shadowing his face, while delicate stirrings of.
was a genial shadowing forth of all these dinners, and the progress of.
Hartle watched the distance stabilize as they settled in for shadowing.
I began shadowing everyone who might have helped him, Dorgan, Kahn, Langhorne, all.
No I mean from one of the things that have been shadowing us for the past hour or so.
Carl and Wil sat to either side of him, and Jean stood nearby with Terese shadowing her.
Interpol have listed a few persons who could be Farr’s contact, we are shadowing them now.
At midnight the wind blew softly in the window, whispering the curtains, shadowing the moonlight.
The only saving grace to see is the soul loosing its shadowing power caused by the body’s evil actions.
Wherever she went, she had two soldiers shadowing her, ready to protect her in case anyone tried to harm her.
His face shadowed.
His eyes were shadowed.
The hill was shadowed.
shadowed her every move.
' Her gaze was shadowed.
Shadowed, Will shivered.
"Have you shadowed her?".
of the dim shadowed alley.
sorrow that shadowed her face.
She studied his shadowed face.
O! Wanderers in the shadowed land.
K’undeekuh shadowed her mother.
All white teeth and shadowed cheeks.
And there the shadowed waters fresh.
shadowed by the blond hair of the wig.
He'd come in the shadowed night and.
curtain and there was Osama! Shadowed.
She was shadowed by her tall Guardian.
He nodded, his eyes shadowed with hope.
Swiftly above her, his head shadowed hers.
A shadowed hand brushed across her cheek.
Stunned, she stared at his shadowed profile.
There was moss growing in the shadowed corners.
Her face was shadowed and tense, even in sleep.
The outline of a man shadowed against the wall.
But Roy’s body turned slowly, shadowed and high.
The look in his eyes was shadowed with fear for.
Her former happiness was suddenly shadowed by the.
The shadows of.
Are only shadows.
him in the shadows.
The shadows were.
shadows of the East.
The shadows shrank.
ting in the shadows.
The war of shadows.
shadows in the night.
Shadows on the wall.
We love the shadows.
There were shadows.
And shadows of ebon.
So many shadows here.
The shadows of the.
shadows of the rocks.
Nothing but shadows.
In the misty shadows.
I move in the shadows.
hiding in the shadows.
shadows of the images.
From the shadows of.
Dark writhing shadows.
A Life in the Shadows.
shadows of the horizon.
lurking in the shadows.
There were no shadows.

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