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Shape numa frase em (in ingles)

The shape the.
a cube in shape.
The body shape.
the shape is his.
(shape 3-A, 3-B).
(shape 2-A, 2-B).
my name and shape.

the shape of love.
the shape of a man.
the shape it takes.
It took the shape.
The Shape of It….
the shape of a heart.
He was out of shape.
shape of a butterfly.
The plans took shape.
The shape of a town.
the shape of a cross.
An unfamiliar shape.
clasp and shape, as.
The shape it takes.
the shape of a bell).
I’m in good shape.
with no shape at all.
have always had shape.
elements by its shape.
The next best shape.
Shaping this world.
It was shaping up nicely.
Innocence shaping - No child is.
shaping their behavior, 80–81.
in shaping his or her personality.
shaping out almost satisfactorily.
was the shaping catalyst to carry on.
Some summer this was shaping up to be.
the preliminary shaping of edged tools.
pulling, shaping, out-of-shaping them,.
of creation forming and shaping this life.
I’m still shaping the work programme.
mouth, or the shaping of his great hands,.
The shaping of such a strategy calls for.
This night wasn't shaping up the way he'd.
 Shaping conversations said about you by.
Think of this draft as shaping your material.
shaping the Twenty-first century they state:.
It was shaping up to be a fun day and even Mrs.
being so far from the actions shaping his world.
I pity the fool, who is shaping his soul to hell.
A good look at how things are shaping up in the.
were shaping up with regard to his friend’s case.
Things are shaping up as well as we could wish for.
Its not likely given the way things are shaping up.
a role in the shaping of the new political landscape.
� This was shaping up to be a most interesting case.
the wedge, and I definitely point this out: shaping a.
Shaping the aftermath, though, would be more delicate.
And John was shaping up the mound when Tom stopped him.
· This week: Shaping the Inner World by the Word of God.
So he is shaped.
bus shaped name tag.
It is also shaped by.
had shaped my childhood.
Is an apple shaped room.
stone, smooth and shaped.
as service that is shaped.
shaped things of dull yell.
should have been oval shaped.
Will's mouth shaped the word.
These were shaped something.
hexagonal shaped colored dots.
He touched the heart shaped.
Each one shaped to perfection.
His panther shaped face with.
teddy bear shaped Candle on it.
A rueful smile shaped her lips.
It was shaped like a large paw.
And shaped into a new creature.
least the world as shaped by men.
dragon has a funny shaped hat on.
Her shaped lips were painted red.
They were shaped differently too.
But Saruman had slowly shaped it.
They were two barrel shaped goons.
My treatment shaped up immediately.
creatures have been shaped by their.
It was shaped like a carving dagger.
Dim shapes stirred.
He blinked, shapes.
And two dark shapes.
the world shapes man.
With strange shapes.
And shapes the shores.
Meaning shapes reality.
He saw the two shapes.
Roll into egg shapes.
The outlined shapes of.
colors, shapes and sizes.
Then the shapes slowly.
Their shapes are grown,.
about shapes and numbers.
The pyramidal shapes of.
stones with pretty shapes.
about lay sleeping shapes.
colors, shapes and forms.
But the weird shapes form.
Fragments of shapes, hewn.
There were shapes in the.
the dark shapes will fill.
Face Shapes and Skin Types.
distorted shapes and colors.
New shapes towered over them.
Then gradually shapes formed.
Very big, threatening shapes.
The shapes of some of which.