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Shine numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. It is I who shine.
  2. Rain or shine, I am.
  3. At last, a way to shine.
  4. Our nature is to shine.
  5. It was my time to shine.

  6. That took the shine off.
  7. I will shine on the earth.
  8. That shine with fire power.
  9. The sun won't always shine.
  10. Stein was lost in the shine.
  11. Just think in a way to shine.
  12. Where we could simply shine.
  13. Today was his time to shine.
  14. Shine of candles of universe.
  15. They shine so very brightly.

  16. Then only can the Self shine.
  17. In your eyes there is a shine.
  18. Stars appear to shine with a.
  19. Does it still know to shine?
  20. I knew he went out with Shine.
  21. I shine my light over the room.
  23. His eyes began to shine again.
  24. He could in disputation shine.
  25. Yes, it doth shine that night.

  26. For that I shine with it unison.
  27. If only the sun would shine.
  28. Moments of truth shine through.
  29. They are the kingdom's shine.
  30. You shine brighter than the sun.
  31. Did the sun shine in your eyes.
  32. I try hard to shine, but those.
  33. The stars don’t shine anymore.
  34. Our beauty could then shine anew.
  35. Instead, a light begins to shine.
  36. Does everybody shine to you?
  37. One of them took a shine to Jane.
  38. That it may shine upon me always?
  39. That can't help but shine through.
  40. However, in a Shine of Energy God.
  41. Her innocence made her aura shine.
  42. And you will shine, I promise you.
  43. Your face is the mirror I shine in.
  44. That do shine inside of themselves.
  45. That seemed to shine, exclusively.
  46. The stone had begun to shine again.
  47. It will be ready and it will shine.
  48. And those who are wise shall shine.
  49. The lights above him make it shine.
  50. To watch it all shine by the spirit.
  51. If he does not shine he is darkness.
  52. Adam’s job was to shine the torch.
  53. It is this beauty She wants to shine.
  54. Shine on thee in thy solitary walk;.
  55. They shine and are bright with colors.
  56. And lights that shine are shut again.
  57. They began to shine a white-hot blue.
  58. Shine wanted to waste that fool bad.
  59. The smile on his face was the shine.
  60. The son seemed to take a shine to you.
  61. Okay, Jazz, this is where you shine.
  62. Shine, carrying a holy charge of soul.
  63. When the curtain rises, it will shine.
  64. Shine in all their brightest rays;.
  65. Fillegal must’ve took a shine to her.
  66. I am the soft stars that shine at night.
  67. You shine more brightly when you help.
  68. May they with crowns of glory shine.
  69. She was the shine when there was no sun.
  70. Tee and I lean over the hole, I shine.
  71. Oily or greasy skin has an overall shine.
  72. To shine upon the spun-gold of your hair.
  73. Now is the time to let your light shine.
  74. To shine with a light helter-skelter….
  75. Even sunlight could not shine through it.
  76. I let a smile shine through as I put in.
  77. The Earth will shine with a holy fire….
  78. Let thy light shine for the world to see.
  79. He had even suggested that the shine had.
  80. The stars shine now, in summers that bake.
  81. As the eternal golden city sings and shine.
  82. Feel the light, with what you shine within.
  83. Suddenly her face began to shine! It was.
  84. This stable would shine when she was done.
  85. Plastic aprons shine under the strip lights.
  86. A shine of hope struck the frowning bastard.
  87. The shine could be seen from the Martyr Road.
  88. They sang, Shine On, Shine On, Harvest Moon.
  89. Shine, Girl, Shine, and don't miss the train.
  90. The self-lighting sun-tube was in full shine.
  91. He did not notice the new shine to the collar.
  92. It gave the area a splendidly beautiful shine.
  93. The faces of the men lost their grayish shine.
  94. She wanted to start to shine in her own right.
  95. Within we’re all united with a God’s shine.
  96. Would shine all time, would shine through mist.
  97. But satire needs not those, and wit will shine.
  98. She knew the shine of intelligence in their eyes.
  99. Still, whenever I did see him he seemed to shine.
  100. Without you, their stellar path will never shine.
  1. The sun is not shining.
  2. And the sun is shining.
  3. The sun is shining and.
  4. The fire is more shining.
  5. MY shining stars on earth.
  6. A new sun was shining on.
  7. A spring sun was shining.
  8. The sun is shining for a.
  9. He rose with his shining.
  10. That we are shining in beat.
  11. His pale eyes were shining.
  12. The Shining City on a Hill.
  13. All the shining lights in.
  14. Silence, in her, was shining.
  15. Shining with all his might;.
  16. They were shining with tears.
  17. The stars were shining here.
  18. New colors shining with pride.
  19. They were subdued and shining.
  20. He was shining, but not in a.
  21. They are all shining examples.
  22. She remarked his shining eyes.
  23. Shame shining in his dull eyes.
  24. A shining example to the world.
  25. The Shining by Stanley Kubrick.
  26. Even the sun was shining today.
  27. Cause there’s a light shining.
  28. His eyes were shining with fire.
  29. In shining beds of tulip leaves.
  30. Her eyes were alive and shining.
  31. When the sun is shining through.
  32. As swiftly as thy shining Flivver.
  33. Looking over at the sun shining.
  34. And so shining were his scruples.
  35. The sun was shining on what ap-.
  36. Barely any wind, the sun shining.
  37. Yes! she said with shining eyes.
  38. There was a glorious moon shining.
  39. The Creature of the Shining Beams.
  40. The shining river clothed in ice;.
  41. With shining spirit of a clear mind.
  42. A bold idea was shining in his mind.
  43. He was her knight in shining armor.
  44. She looked at me with shining eyes.
  45. Alex looked at me, his eyes shining.
  46. The sun was shining down upon Mars.
  47. He could see a single star shining.
  48. White, one could say, shining white.
  49. The shining steel and burning flame.
  50. The sword was hardly shining at all.
  51. Because its light was not shining.
  52. Our love comes shining red and gold.
  53. Carreen’s eyes were shining oddly.
  54. The sun was shining on hundreds of.
  55. Stars were shining above; but over.
  56. Behold! the moon was shining bright.
  57. Where souls spark with their shining.
  58. The shining eye and capstone, which.
  59. And shining spears were laid in hoard.
  60. I hold shining of your ardor the glow.
  61. The stars only sat in the sky, shining.
  62. Now no more shining towers rose inland.
  63. Bharat shining is the main difference.
  64. Despite that it was curly and shining.
  65. Shining like the moon in its fullness.
  66. Her eyes were shining in the darkness.
  67. He gazed back at me, his eyes shining.
  68. The Guardian paused, its shining face.
  69. So keep shining! You are washed in MY.
  70. When Pharaoh saw the sun shining that.
  71. He laughed, his eyes shining with mirth.
  72. I woke up to the sun shining on my face.
  73. Her face glowed, her eyes were shining.
  74. Three shining mackintoshed figures are.
  75. Her eyes were shining with a soft light.
  76. When there came a shining or a presence.
  77. She dropped and cracked its shining mould.
  78. Tim woke with the sun shining in his eyes.
  79. The moon was shining through my bedroom.
  80. Running his fingers through her shining.
  81. They grooved in tracks of shining white;.
  82. Yet it is as clear as shining after rain.
  83. The love that moves the stars to shining.
  84. A shining example of what’s wrong with.
  85. I’m shining the light around the cave.
  86. Suzy’s eyes were shining with excitement.
  87. It’s shining like a Las Vegas banner.
  88. The shining dark eyes I barely recognized.
  89. Are you ready? His eyes were shining.
  90. It was like a massive, shining black hole.
  91. With brightness shining more and more.
  92. The moon, the stars, and shining night—.
  93. The sun was shining, clear but not too hot.
  94. It was the weekend and the sun was shining.
  95. At that moment, a pair of shining red eyes.
  96. Why, you're actually SHINING! What's up?
  97. Liz shining through the tarnish of his life.
  98. The afternoon sun was shining through the.
  99. For the messenger (cpth) is the shining lamp.
  100. We are beguiled by the shining trinket 164.
  1. No light shone from it.
  2. Dew shone on their mail.
  3. After the sun has shone.
  4. His dark blue eyes shone.
  5. He shone it into the van.
  6. It shone now as if verily.
  7. Yellow eyes shone upon Sam.
  8. Stars shone brightly in a.
  9. The sun shone on her face.
  10. His eyes shone clearly and.
  11. She had always shone for him.
  12. He smiled and shone with joy.
  13. His eyes shone, and he smiled.
  14. He shone his torch on the wall.
  15. His muzzle shone bright black.
  16. He shone his torch in her face.
  17. The Light shone in their eyes.
  18. As his small eyes shone with.
  19. In his eyes shone moon and sun.
  20. Perspiration shone on her lips.
  21. He shone his light into the pit.
  22. The candle only shone over Katsu.
  23. The stone shone faintly in the.
  24. Lanterns shone brightly, and a.
  25. Their necklaces no longer shone.
  26. The true moon shone down on the.
  27. Her neck shone with perspiration.
  28. His eyes shone with a white Light.
  29. Jim’s eyes shone with excitement.
  30. The moon shone on as she gazed up.
  31. The last of the setting sun shone.
  32. Her skin shone in the candle light.
  33. His hair shone like burnished gold.
  34. The ball in all its splendour shone.
  35. Walt’s eyes shone with excitement.
  36. A powerful light shone down on her.
  37. He looked to the moon as it shone.
  38. The sun shone on al of us that day.
  39. The red fires shone between it and.
  40. They shone far off in the moonlight.
  41. He shone his light in her direction.
  42. The moon shone in the midst of the.
  43. But somehow there shone in his look.
  44. The hot sun shone on him mercilessly.
  45. The policeman shone his torch inside.
  46. Frosty the night; the heavens shone;.
  47. His face shone with audacity and joy.
  48. The old man's face shone at this news.
  49. He was grinning, and his eyes shone!.
  50. The sun shone bright with clear skies.
  51. A ray of Divine Mercy shone upon them.
  52. His eyes shone with a blaze of hatred.
  53. The tonsure shone in the candle-light.
  54. The sun shone on it and lighted it up.
  55. They shone the torch into the darkness.
  56. Not a light shone from spire or tower.
  57. It shone like a beacon in the darkness.
  58. They shone with strength, with resolve.
  59. Lexus; it shone in the morning sunlight.
  60. In the centre upon his forehead shone.
  61. His eyes shone with feverish brilliance.
  62. A ray of light shone down and when he.
  63. The sun shone on another Sunday morning.
  64. But low in the South one star shone red.
  65. Still the white Light shone in his eyes.
  66. The stained glass windows shone no more.
  67. Save the massive fortress that once shone.
  68. He then exhaled, and a white glow shone.
  69. The sun shone on the tops of the willows.
  70. He shone the light in Junyas face, and.
  71. The star shone out briefly and faded again.
  72. Her skin shone and her blue eyes sparkled.
  73. Further away the stars shone more clearly.
  74. Sergeant’s rank pins shone at his collar.
  75. I shone my flashlight down around the hole.
  76. The sunlight shone on her fine, blond hair.
  77. He turned on his torch and shone it inside.
  78. Caroline had been in her element and shone.
  79. The light on Dog’s helmet shone in my eyes.
  80. And his bald spot shone over his whole head.
  81. Some were brightly painted, and shone with.
  82. The sun shone straight into Pierre’s face.
  83. Herist’s mark of treason shone in the rain.
  84. A light film of sweat shone on his forehead.
  85. His black, sleek hide shone in the sunlight.
  86. The rising sun shone red upon the man's skin.
  87. His eyes shone straight into the barrister's.
  88. The dawn shone full on the front of the man.
  89. Down the line the red and green lights shone.
  90. The message that shone in front of them read:.
  91. She was the sun that shone in my life as well.
  92. Her eyes shone with happiness and anticipation.
  93. Her eyes, white as silver coins, shone at him.
  94. The lights of Nephi shone off in the distance.
  95. Eventually it shone from a perfectly blue sky.
  96. Its eyes reflected the moonlight and shone red.
  97. It was a lovely day and the sun shone brightly.
  98. Their eyes shone gold in the dark, like cats’.
  99. The causeways shone brightly in the midday sun.
  100. I shone the torch in the direction of the sound.
  1. It shines from within me.
  2. As the moon shines with glee.
  3. Shines deep within the night.
  4. The sun shines in her smile.
  5. Shines that soft, solemn joy;.
  6. Look! Look how it shines!.
  8. Shines in the female firmament.
  9. Compassion shines from his eyes.
  10. God shines upon the world like.
  11. The cross alone shines rosy-gilt.
  12. A treasure,that glows and shines.
  13. The yarrow really shines when it.
  14. If the sun shines, start training.
  15. The Blade that was Broken shines.
  16. A tint of red shines through the.
  17. Or is he a silver moon that shines.
  18. The time that always shines bright!.
  19. Truly, the moon shines with a good.
  20. It is Prana that shines in your eyes.
  21. It shines gold in the dying sunlight.
  22. The sun shines most days on the High.
  23. That shines and smiles as eternal Sun.
  24. To flesh run… whither shines the sun.
  25. The sun shines and it's all just peachy.
  26. The moon shines down in shades of gold.
  27. The morning star which shines brightly.
  28. And who shines now but Henry's enemies?
  29. A nearness in the far, the sun as shines.
  30. What light shines at night! He never knew.
  31. See how the brass shines where it is cut.
  32. The sun just shines on her old white head.
  33. The light of it shines far over the land.
  34. There is no nighttime when He shines less.
  35. It shines brightest when you and me are.
  36. You fall in love with what shines in the.
  37. It always shines with sparkle of her eyes:.
  38. The Sun shines its rays, Sparrows fly high.
  39. Shines golden, and the brimming water warms.
  40. He shines his light on the spot above and.
  41. The love life shines and so does the career.
  42. But I see the one that shines the brightest.
  43. Walk in the light, the Son still shines today.
  44. Divine light shines in their faces of saints.
  45. She thinks the sunlight shines out me bootlaces.
  46. But this Light that shines on me shines on you.
  47. And living in love, one’s beauty shines forth.
  48. Beauty, fondly remembered, shines on the crest.
  49. The eternal wisdom shines within the concourse.
  50. She wields a sword that shines with silver light.
  51. That is the SIN of a son who shines too brightly.
  52. My sight has lost all the shines in the atmosphere.
  53. M: Being shines as knowing, knowing is warm in love.
  54. As soon as the mind is ready, the sun shines in it.
  55. Her skin shines like marble in a Vatican courtyard.
  56. Here the sun shines with a friendly, gentle warmth.
  57. His glory shines from the east even unto the west!.
  58. At noon, the Sun shines straight on top of our heads.
  59. But in that split second, when the light shines on.
  60. Your countenance is as the sun shines in his strength.
  61. There is one that shines the brightest I am also told.
  62. Filtering through the curtains it shines on your hair;.
  63. All my days turn dull without those shines and sparkles.
  64. As the saying goes make hay while the sun shines.
  65. Well, of course, youth shines, he reminds himself.
  66. When the Lord shines his face on me, I will look first.
  67. When thus the mind becomes completely silent, it shines.
  68. This is where the power of the touch screen truly shines.
  69. Your love becomes a beacon that shines with cheer for me!.
  70. When the sun shines, I hang them on that pole to air them.
  71. The light shines forth, and the darkness cannot conceal it.
  72. However, when the sun shines, you make the most of that too.
  73. Even there, the splendor of Imperial China shines impressive.
  74. You know how the snow glistens at night when the moon shines.
  75. Grace is the inner beauty that shines as a guiding light for.
  76. And that bright red head shines as if there was a light on it.
  77. When the sun shines brightest, that is your time, when the sun.
  78. Wake me when the moon shines here, he said pointing to the.
  79. He looks up and shines his flashlight up onto the supports of.
  80. But where this setup really shines is on the bigger time frames.
  81. They are My fragrant roses, My light that shines in the darkness.
  82. He feels the changes within him the instant the full moon shines.
  83. Yes, certainly, the sun shines, and the park looks very cheerful.
  84. He looks over, shines his flashlight over the trapdoor, wide open.
  85. He points to the left, where a green light shines above a wide door.
  86. Experience shines in discipline and courage to crush the false ones.
  87. Light shines beautifully through the cobalt-blue glass of each vase.
  88. He overcomes all difficulties and shines – always comes out on top.
  89. Well, it would make a cow laugh to see the shines that old idiot cut.
  90. Lamp–Top of a candlestick where the fire burns and the light shines.
  91. And Mother Moon would answer: Yes, my dears, only now it shines for.
  92. Every time the sun shines on my back all afternoon I get hot pants.
  93. You say The morning becomes clear that is it brightens and shines.
  94. In general at that time the sun shines an average of eight hours a day.
  95. Light that Shines in Darkness, The, Tolstoi’s drama (Drama), pp.
  96. His spirit, they say, shines with the glories of a thousand heavens.
  97. The moonlight shines and billows; the broken clouds scud above the trees.
  98. End of Project Gutenberg's The Light Shines in Darkness, by Leo Tolstoy.
  99. We wait till the light shines in the west once more, then we shall see.
  100. The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.

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