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Shit numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. I was in the shit.
  2. He was in deep shit.
  3. Oh shit, he was by.
  4. What a crock of shit.
  5. What a piece of shit.
  6. We all in deep shit.
  7. I don't give a shit.
  8. Tai Chi and Yoga shit.
  9. Shit! Now Roy was a.
  10. I dont do that shit.
  11. Shit — she was gone.
  12. Cats have shit to do.
  13. I am sick of this shit.
  14. Shit, I looked a mess.
  15. I’m a piece of shit.
  16. We store shit in them.
  17. I drowned him in shit.
  18. You are such a shit.
  19. I didn’t give a shit.
  20. New Year, same old shit.
  21. This is some good shit.
  22. We chat shit about lit.
  24. I was even shit at that.
  25. That shit would haunt me.
  26. I know all of that shit.
  27. Go tear that shit up!.
  28. Any old shit and cheese.
  29. Shit of a month, really.
  30. We’re in deep shit now.
  31. The piece of shit is.
  32. Over some real dumb shit.
  33. I got this shit, Cash.
  34. Holy shit… how? I frown.
  35. Shit – I’ve left him.
  36. More ironic or some shit.
  37. They still stank of shit.
  38. Cock rot and shit stains.
  39. Shit, in that case, Greg.
  40. Always the same old shit.
  41. I hate this shit, Core.
  42. We are in deep shit Boss.
  43. His home life was shit.
  44. And he was bat shit crazy.
  45. Shit, he had to stop them.
  46. Shit, they got that right.
  47. Doing their shit for them.
  48. Sylvia was so full of shit.
  49. Shit! He ranted to himself.
  50. It’s all a pile of shit.
  51. He was done with that shit.
  52. They were too shit scared.
  53. But I hate the little shit.
  54. I was desperate for a shit.
  55. Shit, what the hell is he.
  56. Don’t fall for this shit.
  57. You lying piece of shit.
  58. I told him I aint got shit.
  59. He was also smart as shit.
  60. Jesus, cut the Mister shit.
  61. Yeah, it was pretty shit.
  62. Shit I had to do something.
  63. He said I was full of shit.
  64. It was shit on top of shit.
  65. Because this shit is real!.
  66. Shit, nobody wanted to die.
  67. This is the owner’s shit.
  68. It’s just the usual shit.
  69. Stuck with this kinky shit.
  70. He was a tough little shit.
  71. He beat the shit out of her.
  72. Because shit is going down.
  73. I can't deal with this shit.
  74. Shit, the girl had made him.
  75. He’s not? Shit, shit, shit.
  76. Oh shit! Who is this?
  77. What a chicken shit you are.
  78. That fat blubber fuck shit.
  79. It's green shit, for sure.
  80. All of the shit I had been.
  81. Her name is … is … Shit.
  82. What a crock of shit!.
  83. You piece of bloody shit!.
  84. Shit, vampires are for real.
  85. Help me clean this shit up.
  86. His second was shit, sniper.
  87. They were in deep, deep shit.
  88. Wake up and smell the shit.
  89. Kick the shit out of them.
  90. Can you believe that shit?!.
  91. They stink of urine and shit.
  92. We don’t know shit as it is.
  93. This shit is going to stop.
  94. I-I think I saw that shit.
  95. Holy shit your Drake Braxton.
  96. Oh shit, what is that?
  97. Shit, that’s where we were.
  98. Shit, he thought, I’m late.
  99. Shit, this girl was a machine.
  100. Then calmly to Amanda, Shit.

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