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Shit numa frase em (in ingles)

I was in the shit.
He was in deep shit.
We all in deep shit.
What a piece of shit.
What a crock of shit.
Oh shit, he was by.
I don't give a shit.

Shit — she was gone.
I dont do that shit.
Shit! Now Roy was a.
Tai Chi and Yoga shit.
Cats have shit to do.
I’m a piece of shit.
We store shit in them.
I am sick of this shit.
Shit, I looked a mess.
I drowned him in shit.
You are such a shit.
We chat shit about lit.
I didn’t give a shit.
This is some good shit.
New Year, same old shit.
Any old shit and cheese.
I was even shit at that.
I know all of that shit.
Go tear that shit up!.
That shit would haunt me.
Shit of a month, really.
And he was bat shit crazy.
Over some real dumb shit.
The piece of shit is.
Shit – I’ve left him.
We are in deep shit Boss.
I got this shit, Cash.
Holy shit… how? I frown.
Shit, in that case, Greg.
I hate this shit, Core.
More ironic or some shit.
We’re in deep shit now.

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