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1. But folks always treated him shoddy!.
2. Shoddy workmanship always annoyed Kara.
3. You cannot make broadcloth from shoddy.
4. There is a quaint yet shoddy little house of bricks.
5. Regrettably this often has the result of producing shoddy.
6. The shoddy box appeared in the middle of the room as if by magic.
7. They both had equal y shoddy transport and it quickly became apparent to.

8. However, the leaders can only go so far amid shoddy demand in the general market.
9. And the result today? Shoddy cars that cost a fortune to buy and another fortune to repair.
10. It produced drunk workers; who were unreliable, did shoddy work, and produced shoddy products.
11. He shook his head and without a word, waved at the guard to raise a shoddy, rust-ridden metal bar.
12. His hair was done up in shoddy spikes, the telltale white crust of Elmer’s glue drying on the tips.
13. After 7,000 years have passed: when Egyptians cheated their customers and sold them cheap shoddy goods.
14. He had examined the equipment of the other American crews and found it heavy, shoddy, old, and decrepit.
15. Crooked agents often stole funds intended for the Dakota, or supplied spoiled food and shoddy equipment.
16. This is not a shoddy return, especially when there is roughly another 4% of costs covered, equating to a 11.
17. Hanging up before Phil could argue, Darren sadly reflected that he'd just given Joe an extremely shoddy obituary.
18. Neither SEA 08 nor SEA 02 could countenance any longer paying a $25m premium to maintain such a shoddy second source.
19. But the market for men’s hairpieces locally was small and the quality of the product was more often than not shoddy.
20. Well, maybe he isn’t really Nobody, but he certainly looks like a nobody, dressed in shoddy clothes and a trench coat, i.
21. Now, let us say it is then revealed that the man is a minister of God and has traveled far and that causes his appearance to be shoddy.
22. For themselves, the philanthropic workers manufacture shoddy cloth - that is, cheap cloth made of old rags and dirt; and shoddy, uncomfortable ironclad boots.
23. The problem was, through more ill-conceived notions and shoddy paperwork, the Bots had also been mistakenly programmed to have a dangerous desire for change and growth.
24. The loss of his teeth, on the other hand, did not result from a natural calamity but from the shoddy work of an itinerant dentist who decided to eradicate a simple infection by drastic means.
25. It was his habit to steal anything not chained to something else, but even minus his shoddy disguise, she would have known from the way Nicky grilled him that this particular theft was premeditated.
26. When I arrived in February 1975, Admiral Rickover (SEA 08) had just forbidden Ingalls to build any more SSN’s due to their outrageous cost overruns and shoddy work (when compared to both EB and NNS).
27. A floating metal platform pulled along a chain across the river might simply have been described as a ‘chain ferry’ in shoddy travel writing, but we always are prepared to go that extra millimetre.
28. He reached for the inside of his jacket then, brought out his feathery hat, unfolded it and put it on his head all curled up, looking shoddy and wrecked, as if he had been carrying it in his pocket this whole time.
29. An alarm bell immediately rang in Bertrand’s mind: the men had hard expressions and their suits were clean and well pressed, contrary to the customarily shoddy looks of the mostly haggard and tired fathers that normally visited the nursery.
30. But presently he discovered with a shock that when she didn't clear her throat, and, after all, she couldn't be expected to go on clearing it without stopping, he could hear what his sister and Fanny were saying on the other side of the shoddy door, as distinctly as if he were in the room.
31. For about two years prior to its demise, investors were getting more and more nervous about the unruly unions, the shoddy workmanship, the short-sighted management and the increasing signs that the company could not make the cars the market wanted and was ill-prepared to make the profound changes needed.
32. Is there a map I could use? I wouldn’t want to end up in a minefield or something now, would I? he said and smiled, while the manager found the joke lacking and simply gave Ethan a shoddy, trodden piece of paper that was a rough drawing of the relative locations of the hotel, the river, the city center and the harbor.

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