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  1. I look at the shooter.
  2. The shooter was a pro.
  3. This shooter too used old.
  4. It might injure the shooter.
  5. Your shooter was in the area.
  6. This shooter knows these guys.
  7. There was a second shooter.
  8. Just a shooter for his brother.
  9. Have A Shooter! Have A Shooter!.
  10. The chubby card shooter did the.
  11. By definition, the shooter was crazy.
  12. The shooter might still be out there.
  13. Shooter frowned at the verbal assault.
  14. The shooter was Colonel Roland Winters.
  15. You see Kaite pinned down by a shooter.
  16. The shooter still hadn’t offed himself.
  17. You think Lafferty was the shooter?
  18. The shooter was a tall job said one peeper.
  19. That is what can happen to a stupid shooter.
  20. You’re sure it was the same shooter?
  21. Knox said, Did they get the shooter?
  22. No more questions about a second shooter.
  23. What if they think I’m the shooter?
  24. Thank you for being such a straight shooter.
  25. I don’t think an overpass shooter existed.
  26. Or had the shooter really tried to kill me?
  27. The shooter and hunter are mingled within me.
  28. Grant got up and switched his shooter game on.
  29. Trouble was, he had failed to see the shooter.
  30. The shooter had put real fear in their hearts.
  31. Sergeant Shooter sat at his side, taking notes.
  32. He was shot in the back by a dirty back shooter.
  33. Not much of a trouble shooter, Engler confided.
  34. Every 1st person shooter is 3rd personism played.
  35. What happened to your dad and the shooter?
  36. I look around wildly but I don’t see the shooter.
  37. And some kind of military training on this shooter.
  38. Perhaps Sergeant Shooter will be able to assist you.
  39. Whose side was the shooter on? Would he kill again?
  40. Did your shooter know Smith was a cop? Maybe he did.
  41. But then of course, the shooter got found and was a.
  42. Do they think the shooter is still in the area?
  43. What I have learnt as a shooter, I can use as a hunter.
  44. Now I said, Frank, this isn’t about the shooter cop.
  45. There was a second shooter, sir, Nolan interjected.
  47. William didn’t want to give the shooter time to reload.
  48. Was I looking at the only recorded image of the shooter?
  49. The identity of the shooter was also quite easy to guess.
  50. Maybe if we’re really lucky, it was left by the shooter.
  51. I brought him up to date on the shooter cop’s activities.
  52. He liked these more that the little pee shooter he sometimes.
  53. Catcher in the Rye in the back pocket of the shooter.
  54. We created a first person shooter perspective on the world.
  55. Shooter nodded, throwing the solicitor's clerk a concerned look.
  56. But the real pressure inside the SFPD is about the shooter cop.
  57. He had a thirty-eight in his hand that belong to the shooter.
  58. Sergeant Shooter slid into the parlour, giving me a sickly smile.
  59. You asked him what he thought about this Revenge shooter?
  60. It’s right after the shooter snatches the driver’s money bag.
  61. A professional shooter had killed a drug dealer inside a school.
  62. Zeeshan helped me get up while I was restless to see the shooter.
  63. The shooter was probably in the carriage when he fired the shots.
  64. Nobody seems to have told her to call me Shooter or why she should.
  65. Maybe he did see the shooter, huh? And that’s why he got shot.
  66. I’m not sure how widespread the shooter statements were.
  67. There’s probably another shooter to the right of the knoll teams.
  68. Movement became audible below as the shooter tried to find an angle.
  69. I said to Conklin, Look at how close the shooter gets to the vics.
  70. But I do know this much: One of them was the second shooter that day.
  71. We then see the shooter look into the spectators, then half.
  72. Perhaps the little boat wasn’t such a worthless pee shooter after all.
  73. We have an active shooter at Twelve Twenty-one Twelfth Street Northwest.
  74. When I talk about myself, I deliberately mix the terms hunter and shooter.
  75. What are you doing here Shooter, she said as she opened the door to.
  76. A stock boy and a customer, but neither of them got a look at the shooter.
  77. What you didn’t read is that Jackson Brady thinks Jacobi is the shooter.
  78. He didn’t see the shooter in his dream, because he was shot from behind.
  79. Shooter scratched his nose before lifting his shoulders in a helpless shrug.
  80. I began to wonder about the man I had fought with, about the shooter, and.
  81. I told him that the shooter never got in, that he had just stood by the door.
  82. Jacobi said he thinks the shooter is on a mission, maybe a suicide mission.
  83. I thought I recognized the shooter as he high-tailed it out of the impound.
  84. The shooter then appears to get hit in the left shoulder, which.
  85. Understand what I’m saying? They weren’t afraid of the shooter, of A-Rey.
  86. I thought you folks could’ve used a little help catching the cop shooter.
  87. Then again, how did that psycho shooter find us in the complete dark too?
  88. Sergeant Shooter didn’t answer, pointing instead at the roof of a nearby bank.
  89. Conklin said, Sergeant Rinker, what’s this about a lead to the shooter?
  90. Or was the shooter inside that car, waiting for an opportunity for a clear hit?
  91. The shooter spun around with a high hook kick that Murdam easily backed away from.
  92. Jack fired again hitting the car’s shooter causing him to withdraw into the car.
  93. The Post story this morning had described that as the shooter covering his tracks.
  94. The conclusion was one primary shooter, and the rest were to make the escape possible.
  95. The unknown shooter proved then to be an expert shot indeed, kil ing or wounding in a.
  96. I'm a pretty straight shooter if I have a beef with someone I tell them in a nice way.
  97. Feeding the ball to the shooter on a hot streak is a time-honored court strategy.
  98. Shooter put his hand on the top off my head, guiding me into the back of the police car.
  99. Red Fox, with his military skills, was the sharpest arrow shooter and a skilled fighter.
  100. So with each shooter there was a spotter/timer holding the radio phone (and telescope?).

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