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Shudder numa frase em (in ingles)

1. I felt a sudden shudder.
2. The words made me shudder.
3. Carl gave a little shudder.
4. A shudder went through her.
5. A shudder runs through him.
6. I shudder but shake it off.
7. It gave me quite a shudder.

8. Ahbaht tried not to shudder.
9. Kiera felt a small shudder.
10. She recoiled with a shudder.
11. Don't shudder! If you will.
12. The memory made her shudder.
13. Oh this one makes me shudder.
14. I shudder without meaning to.
15. The thought made him shudder.
16. She turned away with a shudder.
17. A shudder coursed through his.
18. Marius was seized with a shudder.
19. You shudder, and well may it be.
20. A shudder wracked his big frame.
21. Another shudder went through him.
22. A violent shudder seized Harris.
23. A shudder ripped through his body.
24. I couldn’t suppress the shudder.
25. That makes the darkness shudder;.
26. Ugh! The thought makes me shudder.
27. Yet it still made Blom shudder.
28. Obeast suppressed a small shudder.
29. Jon released a shudder of loathing.
30. Ralph repressed a shudder of terror.
31. The thought of it made him shudder.
32. She gave a kind of physical shudder.
33. When he saw me, he seemed to shudder.
34. With a great shudder that seemed to.
35. He didn’t move, breathe, or shudder.
36. A shudder ran down his back when the.
37. All at once a shudder ran through him.
38. Fauchelevent was seized with a shudder.
39. Jean Valjean was seized with a shudder.
40. A shudder raced over her for Gary's sake.
41. You, of course, shudder at these things.
42. Asleep or dead, I thought with a shudder.
43. Something makes me shudder, and I awake.
44. The thought of the Furies made me shudder.
45. I could see the shudder pass through her.
46. Suddenly he began to shudder from terror.
47. I stated with a shudder, "Suffocation?".
48. With a shudder of disquiet, the grownups.
49. I've heard her shudder over the poorhouse.
50. The long rope began to shudder and shudder.
51. A shudder ran through me, from head to toe.
52. I shudder to imagine what becomes of it.
53. He knew who it was and repressed a shudder.
54. Closing his eyes, a shudder ran through Bane.
55. Shall shudder in his grave with horror of it.
56. Then he kissed that ear, making her shudder.
57. With a shudder he held the cup out as if to.
58. A strong shudder shook the king of Aquilonia.
59. Then let the corrupt, dead-eyed West shudder.
60. He had seen the greybeards shudder when the.
61. There was a brief shudder as the drive engaged.
62. Outside, the streetlamps shudder in a late wind.
63. A little shudder of grief ran through his body.
64. I shudder as Zeke hangs my sling from the cable.
65. Standing there, her nerves could only shudder!.
66. It was the turn of Selene and Takina to shudder.
67. I actually shudder at the thought of vowing to.
68. As I finished I was in a sUght shudder all over.
69. The car gave a slight shudder, then another one.
70. I had to repress another shudder at the thought.
71. With a shudder, he remembered the quake and the.
72. I shudder to think about all the money I wasted.
73. A deep rythmic shudder went throughout the caves.
74. Brrr! It makes me shudder only to think of it!.
75. With a rending shudder the portal buckled inward.
76. But I do know that I shudder to think what those.
77. Gould to make another effort to repress a shudder.
78. The ground had picked up a new kind of shudder, too.
79. She had to stop, as pleasure made her body shudder.
80. He guessed at her shudder, and swore to do his best.
81. Obeast suppressed a shudder that crept up his spine.
82. I shudder to think what could have happened to you.
83. A shudder rippled through him and I held him tighter.
84. Ashi tried not to shudder when Janelle said she was.
85. This idea made me shudder and recalled me to action.
86. What if it was Jonathon? I asked with a shudder.
87. A shudder of his shoulders made the chair-back creak.
88. Merely the thought of this torture gives me a shudder.
89. She realised with a shudder of revulsion that he was.
90. He said to himself with a shudder, Good God! shall I.
91. A shudder passed through me at the mere sight of them.
92. A shudder raced down Janelle’s spine as she stiffened.
93. I shudder to think what will happen when they mature.
94. I shudder when I think of it, and I pray that it never.
95. His perfect ass sent a shudder of pleasure through her.
96. But what if I were mistaken? A shudder passed over him.
97. It gave even my hardened nerves a shudder to look at it.
98. A shudder rippled over them as the last drops slid down.
99. As he moved along, a shudder seized him at the thought.
100. That name sent a shudder over him, as though a flash of.
1. She was small and shuddering.
2. She was coming, her body shuddering.
3. The Belle was shuddering and shaking.
4. The woman took a deep, shuddering breath.
5. There was a groan, a shuddering, a curse.
6. Yes, yes, yours, she said, body shuddering.
7. It was myself! cried Hester, shuddering.
8. Suddenly the van lurched and started shuddering.
9. The king sank to the ground, shuddering in agony.
10. There she crouched, her shuddering belly splayed.
11. Harry was moaning, still shuddering and twitching.
12. He started as if they had been red hot, shuddering.
13. Con wrapped his arms around the shuddering young man.
14. Taking a deep shuddering breath, she shook her head.
15. Will was shuddering now, trying to hold in the tears.
16. Jasmine was shuddering against me, and clinging to me.
17. His body alternated between shuddering and stiffening.
18. It was a salty, shuddering substance for him to inhale.
19. As the warmth went into him, his shuddering became less.
20. Joey chewed the leaves, shuddering at their bitter taste.
21. Ironically, while shuddering terrifically a sensation of.
22. And the world stirred beneath her, shuddering in ecstasy.
23. At sunset on the seventh day the rocket stopped shuddering.
24. From the crowd on the pier came a long, shuddering murmur.
25. She was screeching, gasping, shuddering, gripping my head.
26. Taking a deep shuddering breath, he tried to calm himself.
27. He hears a shuddering exhale that could be a laugh or a sob.
28. Even the wing was shuddering madly, not unlike a great bird.
29. It was dark, thank God that day of fear shuddering to an end.
30. Fin gave a shuddering sigh when the bulb gave out a weak glow.
31. She heard and felt the shuddering harsh hacking through bone.
32. Shuddering internally, Archibald crossed the road and came face.
33. He saw me from far off, huddled on the bank, shuddering with cold.
34. Liz couldn't help shuddering as his cold eyes raked over her body.
35. I slumped back against the wall and took deep, shuddering breaths.
36. Her months of anxious waiting spent themselves in shuddering waves.
37. Her youthful body was shuddering all over as though in convulsions.
38. He broke off as an unearthly, shuddering wail froze him in mid stride.
39. It was at my chest, when the bar-Seth stopped and started shuddering.
40. I put my hand over my eyes as the sobs seeped from my shuddering chest.
41. All of a sudden they heard a howl away down hill, a long shuddering howl.
42. The muddy heap was shuddering and emitting faint whimpers as if in pain.
43. He let out a deep, shuddering breath, but held still under her movements.
44. Swaggering sailors from Cyrodiil were shuddering as they talked about it.
45. Just the few minutes out on the dry ledge had me shuddering with a chill.
46. He glanced back at the cryptic, gold-bound door, shuddering at what it hid.
47. The woman drew in another shuddering breath, but continued to hold his gaze.
48. He wracked and heaved as he tried to draw a shuddering breath into his body.
49. I knelt over the dead woman as a final, shuddering thought filled my mind:.
50. With a shuddering exhalation, the horse lifted his head and reared up a bit.
51. She collapsed on Chinedu's chest, then she felt him shuddering with pleasure.
52. Shuddering, I went on about my business, ignoring Doug as long as he stayed put.
53. Marcus drew in a long shuddering breath of pain and tried to ignore his whimpers.
54. I felt her shuddering body and likened it to what the trees experienced outside.
55. Isla pulled open the door, shuddering as a gust of wind all but shoved her inside.
56. Mosh took in a deep, shuddering breath, coughed, and raised his hand to his chest.
57. Here I have been shuddering for the last three days at the thought of your coming.
58. Her eyes, shuddering, appealing, gone, almost distracted, pleaded to him suddenly.
59. There was a long, shuddering gasp, and Brad said, Oh, God, Kate, it was wonderful.
60. He returned, shuddering, five minutes later, his arms soaked and red to the elbows.
61. Laura stared at the door for a few moments, taking in long, shuddering, deep breaths.
62. She started coughing again, her whole body shuddering this time with the convulsions.
63. Shuddering with revulsion, she cast the stick down and ran off towards the boathouse.
64. Darkburst's head broke the surface of the water and he gasped long, shuddering breaths.
65. Shuddering in disgust and anger, I discarded my clothing and headed toward the shower.
66. Mary held Zygmunt's hand tightly as she lowered her head and sobbed, her body shuddering.
67. Joseph’s eyes went moist; all these glorious colors were frosty, shuddering swansongs.
68. The ledge had grown wider, and with a deep, shuddering breath, she began to turn around.
69. She was still shuddering, almost in pain as the she felt the powerful man turn her over.
70. See you in hell, motherfuckers! Forward again on the cyclic, shuddering through the ETL.
71. She rolled over, listless at my touch, and began whimpering and shuddering in convulsions.
72. He halted, shuddering, bewildered, and fell back from the tips of his toes upon his heels.
73. Yazadril shook harder and harder, until he was shuddering head to toe and fell to one knee.
74. Shuddering you pull the notebook out of his hand, glancing at the last entry on the page:.
75. After a last shuddering jolt, again almost knocking him off his feet, all was finally still.
76. The shuddering echoes made him start and brought back his own situation vividly to the king.
77. Imbrahim drew a shuddering breath and then expelled it slowly in a manner that suggested a.
78. There was a deafening noise, and the rafts began hopping and shuddering under the castaways.
79. Zogar sent another call shuddering through the night, and it was utterly unlike the first cry.
80. As if aware of being mentioned, the sleeping baby gave a long, shuddering sigh but did not wake.
81. He was actually shuddering because of all the passages in the old testament she just described.
82. The great beast let out his life in a shuddering sob and stumbled, going headlong in mid-stride.
83. He was interrupted by a piercing screech and shuddering jolt in the train; and it began to slow.
84. He stooped down and stroked it, shuddering as his hands came in contact with its emaciated body.
85. I nodded mutely, aware that some part of me I could not yet fully feel was shuddering in horror.
86. He hoped Desa thought he was shuddering because he also thought it was such an abhorrent concept.
87. Rolling down his sleeves and shuddering in the morning air he took up with his singing once more:.
88. Catching hold of the straw either side of him, he steadied himself, taking deep, shuddering breaths.
89. Yyyouuu…we’re… He looked up and around, shuddering slightly at the chilliness of the cave.
90. There was a hard shuddering that threatened to shake us off our feet as the train began to slow down.
91. He picked it up, shuddering when he realised that it was addressed to him, he ripped it open roughly.
92. I wipe tears from my cheeks with the heels of my hands and struggle to control my shuddering breaths.
93. Taking a shuddering breath he backed out, his body tingling, the scent of aftershave alive in his nose.
94. A few of the dwarves were struck by the missiles and fell to the floor, shuddering with electric arcs.
95. He tore the glass across his arm again, shuddering with pain as the dirty glass sliced through his skin.
96. First, she removed the bloodied bandage from the soldier’s head, shuddering as it revealed his wound.
97. He came to a shuddering halt, his face wedged between the accommodatingly chubby thighs of the Watcher.
98. Literally till daylight I kept shuddering and felt it my duty to sit up, though I did absolutely nothing.
99. The next thing I was aware of was the lorry shuddering over the bumpy terrain which was Alex’s driveway.
100. And he did, his mouth hard on mine, sending a wave of reaction shuddering through me and down into my groin.
1. I shuddered at the thought.
2. I shuddered at that thought.
3. He shuddered at the memory.
4. Jeff shuddered at the memory.
5. Tommy shuddered at the memory.
6. Alan shuddered at the thought.
7. She shuddered at the thought.
8. He spat it out and shuddered.
9. The girl shuddered in his arms.
10. Janet shuddered in mock horror.
11. We shuddered as the tape ended.
12. Smith shuddered at the thought.
13. The ground shuddered as they.
14. The train shuddered and banged.
15. Kila shuddered and stepped away.
16. Hell no, my Dad shuddered.
17. Thomas shuddered at the thought.
18. She stared at him and shuddered.
19. Then he shuddered as two loud.
20. He shuddered as he saw the gun.
21. Mordor alone! ' Pippin shuddered.
22. He shuddered at the sound of it.
23. Sobs shuddered through his body.
24. The LIMO Shuddered slightly and.
25. Monte Cristo shuddered, and arose.
26. Colling shuddered as Jalesow died.
27. Rango shuddered to think about it.
28. I looked at the crew and shuddered.
29. Gu Yihong shuddered at the words!.
30. I shuddered in fear of her answer.
31. Emily shuddered at the sound and.
32. I shuddered with feelings of guilt.
33. Therese shuddered at her reflection.
34. When they disappeared he shuddered.
35. He shuddered and returned upstairs.
36. AL102 shuddered in the brutal storm.
37. Those who listened to him shuddered.
38. Below, bricks shuddered and shifted.
39. I looked at the waves and shuddered.
40. Jai shuddered at the callous imagery.
41. The mainmast bent and shuddered as.
42. Her heart shuddered inside her chest.
43. Dounia shuddered and came to herself.
44. The audience and the jury shuddered.
45. The young man shuddered at the memory.
46. He shuddered, horrified at this omen.
47. I shuddered to compare my life with.
48. Murdoch shuddered at the very thought.
49. The carriage shuddered violently as.
50. He shuddered, and rubbed his eyes as.
51. Her whole body shuddered at the memory.
52. The servant shuddered and backed away.
53. Therese now shuddered at the prospect.
54. The wall shuddered and started to give.
55. I shuddered at the possibility of that.
56. Nord shuddered as he prepared for sleep.
57. He shuddered to think it could be love.
58. She shuddered at the sound and reeled.
59. He shuddered and his thrusts quickened.
60. She shuddered at the awful recollection.
61. Her body shuddered as breathing resumed.
62. The soft line of the horizon shuddered.
63. He shuddered, and hope seemed to wither.
64. She shuddered at the mention of the name.
65. She shuddered at her own choice of words.
66. He shuddered and looked in my direction.
67. He shuddered as he laid back on the bed.
68. Davis shuddered as the door slammed shut.
69. Carrie shuddered at the thought of Adams.
70. Woman understood woman! Aglaya shuddered.
71. She shuddered slightly and then shrugged.
72. He felt a glow in him as Diane shuddered.
73. Adam shuddered as he remembered the home.
74. The door shuddered as something bumped it.
75. The construct shuddered, groaned, and died.
76. The door shuddered again, louder this time.
77. It shuddered on its hinges with every hit.
78. Levi looked at the young man and shuddered.
79. Telkit uttered a shrill cry and shuddered.
80. She shuddered as she remembered that night.
81. She shuddered at the mention of Lex Wilson.
82. I shuddered and paled, sweating instantly.
83. I shuddered to think we almost took that.
84. He shuddered but keen and curious equally.
85. Jeff shuddered and nearly dropped his books.
86. He shuddered slightly as a cold chill ran.
87. A few minutes later and… He shuddered.
88. He shuddered at the sight of the huge fish.
89. My heart shuddered at the surprising touch.
90. She shuddered and turned away from that path.
91. Morrel shuddered; he thought he heard a sob.
92. Finally Thomas shuddered and opened his eyes.
93. Carthen shuddered softly, but didn’t wake.
94. He shuddered, staring at it for a long time.
95. Thomas shuddered and rolled over on his side.
96. The loader who'd nearly dropped it shuddered.
97. Big time, I shuddered at the thought of it.
98. Jai shuddered but he could not have said why.
99. I shuddered to hear the infatuated assertion.
100. She shuddered to think of the treatment an.
1. He shudders to think of it.
2. Between moans and shudders Anne.
3. Caleb shudders and lifts his hands.
4. This young budding woman of 14 shudders.
5. Cleopatra shudders at the thought that.
6. Moses shudders at the mention of the slaves.
7. I told him enough to bring back the shudders.
8. The floor shudders and a hum fills the walls.
9. She shudders and breathes shallowly in a sea.
10. The Fixer shudders as the image of Caesar salad.
11. One shudders at the thought that America itself has a.
12. Suddenly she gave several prolonged shudders and lay still.
13. She was wracked by short quick cries and shudders of revulsion.
14. David slumps over, and then his body shudders, and shudders again.
15. The Molter shudders when we touch down and Glacia deactivates the engines.
16. Well, I could probably eat a Twinkie, but fried pork rinds? She shudders.
17. Once the final shudders of their lust and desire had passed, she lay on top of him.
18. Even whispered it would cause shudders and convulsions among the more sensitive: MTV.
19. Another noise rocked the nearby trees, making her jump as shudders ran across her body.
20. The trolls, now that they knew the creatures weren’t real, gave in to their shudders.
21. He shudders, takes a cushion from his seat, hugs it close and lays his head on the table.
22. The tip of her cane shudders as it knocks against the runnels, finding every storm drain.
23. Did that mean that he would never see Kiri again? The thought sent cold shudders through his body.
24. Again, the noise of compressed air and shudders told him that his four torpedoes had hit the water.
25. There would have been laughter in the car, not silence, interspersed by pitiful shudders from the boys.
26. Small shudders really, just a warm up, she told herself with a grin and continued fucking Isabella’s face.
27. I could hear the weird hissing, chirping sound through the jungle behind me, and it sent shudders down my spine.
28. The thought of spending any more time with that monster made shudders of revulsion race up and down her back, but she stood.
29. Screams rang through the hallways outside of the prison area of the ShinRa building, drawing shudders from the people who passed it.
30. The violent shudders reminded Michael of an earthquake, or at least what he thought was an earthquake, having never witnessed one before.
31. She was such a novice at lovemaking that any action on her part brought about great gasps and shudders, and it made him all the more excited.
32. With little shudders of disgust they allfollowed Zaphod down the incline into the crater, trying very hard not to look at its unfortunate creator.
33. He stares not at this world, and not at the demons or their world, but at some distant unfathomable gulfs that Michael Garrett shudders to think about.
34. KA-BOOOOOOM! The shell fired by the militants explodes near the tail section, the plane shudders violently and cases of liquor tumble in every direction.
35. The impact of each footstep shudders through me and I turn the next corner, where there are two guards standing by the doors Nita and the invaders broke.
36. I took her hand in mine, and bid her be composed: for a succession of shudders convulsed her frame, and she would keep straining her gaze towards the glass.
37. I took her hand in mine, and bid her be composed; for a succession of shudders convulsed her frame, and she would keep straining her gaze towards the glass.
38. Fédya sighs with relief; locks the door behind Iván Petróvich; takes up the revolver, cocks it, puts it to his temple; shudders, and carefully lowers it again.
39. The tracksuit and trainers were off in seconds and I gave my full attention to his relief, to be rewarded very quickly with all the usual shudders, gasps and sighs.
40. But the way souls could be plucked from hollowed out rib cages of those yet living, was something that had always inspired great shudders in his broad Nordic frame.
41. Marya Timofyevna, not expecting such an angry outburst, began trembling all over in little convulsive shudders, as though she were in a fit, and sank back in her chair.
42. The three children who had not seen her before felt shudders running down their backs at the sight of her face; and there were low growls among all the animals present.
43. His left arm was numb and something was wrong with his spine: when he ran like this the contact of his heels with the pavement sent jarring shudders climbing up his backbone.
44. With one hand grasping at her breasts and her hips rising to meet the other between her legs, Emily was finally rewarded with the violent shudders of ecstasy both she and Byron craved.
45. She shudders, thinking about where the toothbrush has been, but her need to clean herself, to descale her mouth is greater than her distaste for the strange, thin man in the laboratory.
46. H--how did you know? Kathy gasped in surprise, her voice becoming tad more steady, as her hiccupping shudders began to fade away, and the prescription pain medication began to take effect.
47. They say boys have no nerves, but even at this distance of time Alec shudders to recollect his sensations on that night of horror caused by the poor crushed thing he lay shoulder to shoulder with.
48. Then his head rolled back, his eyelids fell, and the Capataz de Cargadores died without a word or moan after an hour of immobility, broken by short shudders testifying to the most atrocious sufferings.
49. He wipes his chin with the back of his sleeve, shudders, and looks up from the patch of grass that he has been staring at for the last few seconds, desperately trying to control the movement of his stomach muscles.
50. She is not more solemn on a blank February afternoon, when the world outside in its cold wrapping of mist shudders through the sodden hours, than she is on such a day of living radiance as this third one of our journey.
51. She was limping painfully, getting slapped with branches and stuck in thick strands of spider webs that sent shudders through her, as she wiped desperately before one of the huge things could gain a foothold on her skin.
52. He horsed back on the stick in violent reflex, wheels brushing leaves, and felt the first nibbling shudders of a stall as the tiny plane traded what little airspeed it had for barely enough altitude to keep from crashing into the tree tops.
53. I know this, I have always known it, and I will not now, at an age when it is my hope to grow every year a little better, forget it and be as insolently intolerant as the man who shudders at the name of Heine, will not read a line of him and calls him _Schmutzfink_.
54. The lieutenant also said he is f-cked by this incident because he f regularly appropriated the f leftovers of the leftovers out of the fridge when the other did not watch and he would f never be able to f eat again in his life! Any f white sauce makes him throw up and gives him f violent shudders.
55. With memory set smarting like a reopened wound, a man's past is not simply a dead history, an outworn preparation of the present: it is not a repented error shaken loose from the life: it is a still quivering part of himself, bringing shudders and bitter flavors and the tinglings of a merited shame.
56. Instead she will, for a year, continue to range the hills here with me, trying to listen politely to my admonishments while inwardly she shudders at the loneliness and vastness of the forests and of life, and then her parents' lease will be up, and they and she will drift down into some little town in the Harz where retired officers finish lives grown vegetable, and the years will pounce upon her and strip her one by one of her little stock of graces.

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