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Shuffle numa frase em (in ingles)

I hear the shuffle of feet.
You may now shuffle places, ladies.
The shuffle of boots down the stairs.
Shuffle the cards and meet each test….
Newer players like the iPod shuffle are.
He began to shuffle through the papers in.
You tend to get lost in the shuffle in big.

Only the slight limping shuffle could be heard.
They shuffle about and groan around their davits.
I shuffle toward the room where I was interrogated.
I could shuffle across a carpet and hold more charge.
He waited for the domestic creak and shuffle to subside.
The crowd started to shuffle away, their despair obvious.
He wanted to isolate his problems, not shuffle them around.
She heard the shuffle of papers and boots being kicked off.
Thus, only combat units will shuffle positions in this change.
But there are certain elements you will need to shuffle around.
Mitch, anxious and jittery began to shuffle on the gravel laid.
I shuffle toward him, closing the gap, less than ten yards away.
He was ordered to shuffle quick time back to his hut and as he.
They shuffle out of my cabin, Jeff grabbing his beer on the way.
Trying to think in the shuffle and buzz of the human ebb and flow.
He could hear David shuffle in the background, Omar had no friends.
She stares at me, ignoring the people who have to shuffle around her.
I was tipsy and just about managed to shuffle around on the dance floor.
They had tennis courts, shuffle board, miniature golf and swimming pools.
Another shuffle forward and I felt the rim of the bucket against my thigh.
She moves across the empty lot with the relaxed shuffle of a spent athlete.
Cora didn’t turn when she heard a shuffle at the blazing, sun-filled door.
She reached the stand and stopped, pausing her comments to shuffle the cards.
The members of the group turn and shuffle a little to let us into the circle.
We shuffle into the candlelit room and dispel the chilly air with our breath.
For now, people in wheelchairs don’t shuffle about with any sexual innuendo.
Maybe she called and it got lost in the shuffle around here, Jason explained.
Behind him he hears her shuffle, the rustling of fabric, the patting of her feet.
His legs tried to shuffle him back away from the cell but his feet would not obey.
There was a shuffle as the officer asked Devon for his permit papers, which he had.
His heavy steps shuffle across the metal deck back towards the stairs leading below.
Dennis, now more pissed than scared, tried to shuffle in his restraints and get loose.
As she rounded the corner, she heard the shuffle of running footsteps against gravel.
He was shuffling his feet.
Shuffling man looked over at us.
He stared down at shuffling feet.
They heard shuffling from within.
Then the shuffling sound continued.
Some shuffling, from the first seven.
This was a shuffling concession of Mr.
PT could hear HA shuffling behind them.
There was a lot of shuffling and staring.
She heard shuffling and more whispering.
He entered the side door, shuffling his.
There was a lull and the shuffling ceased.
That’s when I heard shuffling everywhere.
A mosaic of low life, shuffling in and out.
When they finished shuffling into place, Mr.
The crowd was now shuffling into neat lines.
Frankie told them, shuffling over to his desk.
There is no shuffling, there the action lies.
They moved off as a group, shuffling down a.
Shuffling through the multitude of options in.
He stood there shuffling his feet and finally.
And, then, I hear a shuffling movement behind me.
The man kept shuffling papers without looking up.
That was when she heard the shuffling sound again.
George made a show of shuffling papers on his lap.
Dunno, Jermaine said, shuffling in his seat.
The scraping of feet, all paper shuffling stopped.
He was shuffling a deck of plain playing cards in.
He stood behind the two girls, shuffling his feet.
Darek stopped when he heard a loud shuffling noise.
Pamela had just nodded and continued shuffling the.
All she can hear is shuffling, moaning and banging.
Soon a reluctant shuffling of footsteps grew audible.
She heard more shuffling, and then there was silence.
Every now and then he could hear a brief shuffling.
He heard shuffling noises as the phone was handed over.
His shoulders slumped as he moved on, shuffling forward.
At last he heard them shuffling back into the dormitory.
With a daze of thoughts shuffling through his mind, he.
Ted sat at his desk and heard shuffling off to his left.
Jill shuffled in her seat.
I shuffled it in my hands.
Trask shuffled to the door.
Bellack shuffled in his chair.
He shuffled his papers again.
I shuffled over to the windows.
Feet shuffled and eyes darted.
He shuffled his feet and sighed.
Salamander shuffled in his chair.
And shuffled down the stairwell.
The child got up and shuffled in.
Knut slowly shuffled to the rail.
Will shuffled a foot and stopped.
We all shuffled out into the heat.
Johnny uneasily shuffled his feet.
He irritably shuffled his papers.
Council, and shuffled up the stairs.
The boys shuffled toward the water.
Her footsteps shuffled as she stood.
Hesper took the milk and shuffled off.
The men squinted and shuffled forward.
Rick shuffled through the cards again.
Slim shuffled along in his shackles.
He shuffled rapidly down the corridor.
Willie shuffled nervously on the stool.
Carter shuffled his feet a little bit.
Alex shuffled in his seat uncomfortably.
Batistuta quickly shuffled out of the.
Joey shuffled over and eyed the booklet.
That begs to be shuffled back into life.
Once he was seated, he shuffled closer.
Samantha stewed as Mattie shuffled papers.
Richard shuffled over to it and sat down.
Whitey shuffled, calculated, and recorded.
Lezura shuffled out of her chair in shock.
He shuffled back feeling foolish and waited.
Once he had shuffled over and reached the.
He nodded; and shuffled back into the group.
He shuffled in his seat and leaned forward.
Jean shuffled his feet uncomfortably, but.
He shuffles on.
Willie shuffles towards the.
Then Drew shuffles into the dining hall.
Movement shuffles in the webbing above her.
Odd creaks and shuffles of movement behind did.
All you could hear were quiet shuffles and whispers.
Andrews shuffles forward, my heel hits a lip on the walkway.
She shuffles close to him, and then wraps her arm through his.
At the same time, the old man shuffles his feet on the flooring.
The song ends and the iPod shuffles to Damien Rice being mournful.
Devon shuffles after, still awkwardly carrying most of his possessions.
Teacher shuffles the deck of cards and stores them in a box on his/her desk.
Nothing - the sigh of the wind outside and the grunts and shuffles of the man, the.
Fortunes are told when the client shuffles the Tarot deck, then hands the cards to John.
We get out, and Zeke seizes his mother’s hand to steady her as she shuffles through the snow.
Marlie has just popped the toast, when Frank shuffles into the kitchen, still wearing his dingy gray robe and slippers.
So the UK shuffles off one of its longest standing and most intractable problems on us, does it? asked Greg Harvey.
Michael staggers back up to our row and shuffles through the legs again, then drops into his seat and stares ahead, face blank.
The American manager dare not fly in the face of the wedding ring, and that is why he shuffles about rather uneasily in Paris.
What am I doing here? What is happening to me? A heavy timber door creaks open, and a black-robed figure shuffles into the room.
Exhaustion and great hunger forced them to dis-regard the lingering dangers evident in the scampering shadows and shuffles in the gloom.
Jerry, a Cockney, was saying, "Yes, yer can always tell big 'uns—they shuffles," and went on to demonstrate with Shsh-shsh-shsh, when someone said "Listen!".

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