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  1. Cold shutdown is when a reactor is safely put into.
  2. Time will tell how long this government shutdown will last.
  3. Send in the replacement officers and shutdown the engines.
  4. It was strange enough that the shutdown reactor had exploded.
  5. Because the reactor is in shutdown, all the fuel rods are in.

  6. Jacob in the meantime had put an emergency shutdown into action.
  7. The VMs need to be in the shutdown state to change AutomaticStopAction.
  8. I guess I did the shutdown as an homage to the mission Ares 3 could have been.
  9. That’s unnecessarily inflexible – and will, no doubt, extend the shutdown.
  10. In fact, Rudy’s poker assets were frozen during the government shutdown of online poker.
  11. I save what I have done and close down the computer, stretching as it goes through it's shutdown routine.
  12. July 1, 2006 - Orders a government shutdown amid a budgetary impasse between the state legislature and his office.
  13. The command shown in the preceding screenshot sets the automatic stop action on all the virtual machines to shutdown.
  14. If we can't hide it in daily operations, or fit it in during shutdown, it won't be done—until the roof caves, that is.
  15. The shutdown of my equipment would be equivalent to someone pulling the plug on your computer, but on a much larger scale.

  16. In the long run, there’s more cash to be made by the business in following guidelines rather than having the plant shutdown.
  17. Maybe a lot later, since it was from the bottom of the pad, he concluded with satisfaction, especially just before the Christmas shutdown.
  18. As I pointed out, if the operator had not made just one shutdown, the system would probably have taken care of itself with no repercussions.
  19. He told his co-pilot, a trim 34-year-old ex-Navy jock, to inform Bien Hoa Tower of the shutdown and tell them a crash crew was not required.
  20. Afterwards she said, ‘That’s L-Seven-Six’s shutdown protocol, just the higher level function, monitor subroutines should still operate.
  21. This setback led to Druckenmiller’s departure from the Quantum Fund and to Soros’s temporary shutdown of the fund’s speculative activity.
  22. We are responsible for the shutdown of the airports, the power outages, and other non-violent actions taken by us as a demonstration of our strength.
  23. But our bays are shutdown pending further investigation of the Harbinger attack and any ships coming to dock are considered a security risk by definition.
  24. On almost every street there were the remains of EXIT points, which had been installed shortly before the shutdown, under the guise of being public toilets.
  25. The program had been renewed (or re-booted) when the Darangi had taken control, after Monique herself had activated a shutdown sequence from inside some periphery of TIAR.

  26. The one insurance policy the Darangi thought they had was Gerrid: if he was immersed and dependent on the program, he would likely face death with the threat of L-Seven-Six’s shutdown.
  27. He had hardly slept the previous night agonising over what the best plan of action would be and had extreme difficulty reconciling a shutdown which would kill the foetuses with his personal ethical beliefs.
  28. Third, as a result of the near shutdown of the maritime routes passing through the Sea of Japan and the Taiwan Strait, World maritime traffic is now in chaos, with shipping costs and insurance coverage shooting through the roof.
  29. Eventually this lack of sexual desire stops the sexual response cycle before the next desire could even start- with the passing of time and with low level of hormone, it leads to almost a permanent shutdown of the libido in women.
  30. Sixty-four percent say they will participate in the general strike on February 22nd, and now, nearly eighty-nine percent of those surveyed plan on making personal preparations for a massive shutdown of our country next month….
  31. Hamish who had no knowledge of the illegal operations with the drugs but of course was heavily involved with the breeding programs had elected to stay and supervise the shutdown of the incubators if it became necessary after Jacob told him about the pending raid.
  32. If a corporation was an individual, then why shouldn’t the same laws apply to an actual single individual? The courts were jammed, no legislation was passing; everywhere you turned there was new evidence of the complete shutdown of the government looming on the horizon.

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