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Sidetrack numa frase em (in ingles)

Jamie always seemed to sidetrack his thinking.
Building pyramids and sumptuous tombs to sidetrack it.
As he raced towards an eatery on the platform, she slipped onto the sidetrack to made her escape.
And what are these adversaries? Adversaries are dark states of mind that try their best to derail and sidetrack us.
Deciding to sidetrack him, Gautam dispatched him post-haste to Madras as the In-charge of Global’s southern operations in the offing.
He found a way to sidetrack me after he told me she was scared of the scan, and by the time she came in the office we were talking about something completely different.
Why would a princess of the crown be taking such extreme and unusual measures to protect herself? Not to mention sidetrack him from his mission, which she'd already admitted she knew about.

Doyle! I’m sidetracking myself here.
But she kept sidetracking me and I did not press her.
That mind control seems capable of sidetracking the strong urges of their hunger, greed, lust or whatever.
It is the time when seeker feels strength in his love for God and the frequency of his sidetracking becomes very much minimized.
It is a way of temporarily sidetracking people from doing anything constructive about anything that is obviously wrong, bad and evil.
He becomes sidetracked.
We seemed to have gotten sidetracked somewhere.
Somewhere along the way they got sidetracked (p.
Willow got sidetracked when we found the boxes from the passageway.
She was sidetracked, remembering the way Jim had promised to stop tormenting her.
Do not get sidetracked by wondering when the gains will come or by the gains that have come.
A few, she said, squelching the familiar tug of homesickness before it sidetracked her.
I do okay for a while, and then I get sidetracked and need a reminder to come back to reality.
I could have followed up with a comment about corny jokes, but it might have sidetracked us into.
He was about to put it back on the balcony table when the harsh sound of a coming car sidetracked him.
Perhaps it was on just such an errand that he’d sidetracked to catch up with the Fat Wife at the Inn.
He got sidetracked by flaunting his might, and also for his involvement with the whores and the Philistines themselves.
We have so much to talk about love but right now we must speak about Rosie and stop getting sidetracked we will talk about us later.
We're also leery of mission statements that get sidetracked talking about various stakeholders and obligations a company has to the community.
It’s important that you stick with your rules and don’t get sidetracked by questionable, less-reliable indicators, of which there are many.
It helps you to not get sidetracked by other distractions that can occur - because it is almost certain that sidetracks and distractions will come.
If there are other reasons for you to still relate to her then those need to be sorted out so that your children will come first and you are not sidetracked by those other reasons.
It is easy to become sidetracked and spend much time drawing, erasing, and redrawing trend lines, when they should be focusing on the bigger-picture trend structure as it develops.
And yet, what was the alternative? Where could the train be? Had it possibly been sidetracked for some reason in order to allow the slower train to go past? Such an explanation was possible if some small repair had to be effected.
Feeling that he was being sidetracked by unrelated matters that were probably of little consequence now that the recipient was dead, Wickland dismissed the speculation and relegated his curiosity to the back of his mind for the time.
It helps you to not get sidetracked by other distractions that can occur - because it is almost certain that sidetracks and distractions will come.

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