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Significant numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. This is significant for you.
  2. It might not be significant.
  3. He gave Jack a significant look.
  4. That is not significant for you.
  5. In their first significant 83.

  6. Cash levels are very significant.
  7. These figures may be significant.
  8. Rounded to 3 significant figures.
  9. You will earn thus a significant.
  10. It is significant that it was 45.
  11. We should not expect significant.
  12. Your dreams seem very significant.
  13. Not all price gaps are significant.
  14. The phrase was horribly significant.
  15. I deem that a significant weakness.

  16. This issue is a very significant one.
  17. That glance was significant to both.
  18. The Apache had provided significant.
  19. Sit down with your significant other.
  20. A reinforcer that is not significant.
  21. These processes require a significant.
  22. No significant side effects have been.
  23. Whitespace in values is significant, i.
  24. Do not sell until a significant up move.
  25. That’s why the wind was significant.

  26. However, there is a significant loss of.
  27. Removing those foods led to significant.
  28. The significant thing about this number.
  29. This is of significant interest when you.
  30. This was Duff‘s first significant defeat.
  31. Here we have something really significant.
  32. They knew that something significant was.
  33. The most significant changes really just.
  34. Significant portions of that wealth found.
  35. You are meeting new and significant people.
  36. More long silences; more significant pauses.
  37. This can lead to significant opportunities.
  38. Significant research by dozens of biblical.
  39. And yet the story is a very significant one.
  40. I took that as significant for two reasons.
  41. This was the most significant manipulation.
  42. We had only one significant contact that day.
  43. I was certain that it had some significant.
  44. It should be significant to take note that.
  45. A significant reversal of trend has occurred.
  46. The iPod is driving significant business in.
  47. This can amount to a significant tax savings.
  48. Two preliminary trials reported significant.
  49. Sabrina had a significant reputation herself.
  50. The sighting of evidence is more significant.
  51. Nothing significant occurred the last two days.
  52. Significant when I'm careless—but endurable.
  53. I know that we are in the only significant.
  54. You ask me what is so significant about that.
  55. I would not leave any significant force there.
  56. It is also a significant stage in the history.
  57. Vendor relationships that develop significant.
  58. What I find significant is the degree in which.
  59. Another significant price pattern involves gaps.
  60. This would mean a significant loss of diversity.
  61. The first phase was clearly the most significant.
  62. The site is a significant landmark as it is the.
  63. If you have a job that causes you a significant.
  64. This is a significant indication of authenticity.
  65. I didn’t yield any kind of significant results.
  66. Now that would be significant, said Marsden.
  67. The believers would not have any more significant.
  68. He couldn’t allow that memory to be significant.
  69. For some people, this is a significant adjustment.
  70. Venus seems to think that was significant somehow.
  71. He couldn’t allow any moments to be significant.
  72. When pricing, the futures contract is significant.
  73. It also will save you significant amounts of time.
  74. She was significant now, at least in her own eyes.
  75. He must be significant in some way, Rob said.
  76. The fund has failed to attract significant assets.
  77. Sometimes the only sign of grace is a significant.
  78. But is this difference statistically significant?
  79. Could the trapped emotions have been a significant.
  80. The tax savings would have been highly significant.
  81. The way that Ulysses gets there is very significant.
  82. Is there a statistically significant improvement?
  83. This gives those seeking out significant others a.
  84. But since 2000 there have been significant changes.
  85. This is a very significant burden on the firm and.
  86. This knowledge should generate significant dribble.
  87. But the researchers say the results are significant.
  88. Gravitational forces are significant between large.
  89. This was one of the Civil War’s most significant.
  90. This does not mean it wasn’t significant, however.
  91. We’ve got to score a significant victory next year.
  92. A significant numbers of their dreams have come true.
  93. Relationships, whether with a spouse or significant.
  94. Yet, many researchers have already shed significant.
  95. We had only one significant contact that day.
  96. This leaves significant gaps in the historical record.
  97. Grains where never present in any significant quantity.
  98. I’ve covered a significant amount of information in.
  99. It is even fuller and more significant without writing.
  100. Yes a Winchester, but one with no significant powers.

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