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Sink numa frase em (in ingles)

A small sink.
pot in the sink.
bowl in the sink.
let this sink in.
the city sink in.
while to sink in.
the new sink bowl.

The sink didnt.
stood at the sink.
heads for the sink.
Under the sink.
chair to sink into.
sink with the other.
wall under the sink.
I sink in my chair.
He let that sink in.
to sink in the west.
dishes in the sink?.
No legs to sink him.
I felt my heart sink.
He checked the sink.
Just let this sink in.
Allow that to sink in.
garbage into her sink.
Farah let that sink in.
there was a small sink.
to sink into his chair.
He retched in the sink.
And rings in the sink.
information to sink in.
She looked at the sink.
It was sinking.
do a sinking ship.
The sinking ship.
sinking into the.
with a sinking tremor.
The Earth was sinking.
sinking ship to another.
Two Whalers were sinking.
A sinking feeling set in.
The reality is sinking in.
as a result of the sinking.
The mountains sinking grey.
Caderousse was fast sinking.
Sun slowly sinking in the west.
You could see the boat sinking.
The ship--it had been sinking.
Sinking into what had to be a.
"Don't you see we're sinking?".
Are we sinking? she had to wonder.
sinking to the bottom of the bowl).
After sinking Captain Crunch’s.
It had revived my sinking spirits.
’ There was a sinking feeling in.
Matt's heart had a sinking feeling.
Caris followed with a sinking heart.
It meant the message was sinking in.
Most of the men survived the sinking.
She was sunk.
The sun sunk.
My heart sunk.
Ships have sunk.
The idea sunk in.
He sunk himself in.
The reality sunk in.
I sunk to the gutter.
My heart sunk a little.
Winfield sunk his chin.
hadn’t all sunk in yet.
It hasn’t sunk in yet.
Ships frequently sunk,.
Garcia sunk in his chair.
He sunk heavily onto the.
For your arrows have sunk.
His hopes and his heart sunk.
The long-run SR sunk from 1.
Many sinners have sunk there.
sunk half-way into the ground.
Valera’s words sunk in.
My feet sunk into the murky.
• Avoid the sunk cost effect.
would have sunk into his flesh.
Her cheeks had sunk, her lip.
the sea, and slowly sunk down.
We burned and sunk her!.
it sunk back down into the sea.
sunk her head between her arms.
The officer sunk into his chair.
My heart sinks.
her heart sinks.
A man sinks in-.
My heart sinks further.
Peter sinks to his knees.
With a heart that sinks.
which a man sinks visibly.
the horizon and sinks again,.
He sinks back into the couch.
Her head sinks into the pillow.
No one at the urinals or sinks.
to our sinks and brushed our teeth.
Two faucets came out over the sinks.
Gervais sinks back into his seat.
He sinks to his knees, waterlogged,.
On dune and headland sinks the fire:.
sinks into the embrace of the horizon.
18 By slothfulness the roof sinks in;.
The hot sun sinks, and the moon rises,.
The picture sinks slowly as he leaves,.
rhyme sinks easily into the subconscious.
The sun sinks further towards the horizon.
Sue and I went to our sinks and spit out.
entire continent sinks beneath the waves.
counter that held two standard sized sinks.
seconds of nudity, and then the ship sinks.
My guts sank.
My heart sank.
His heart sank.
Her heart sank.
The shores sank.
’ and he sank.
He sank almost.
Now my heart sank.
sank into a chair.
The truth sank in.
Their land sank.
She sank into him.
Their hearts sank.
They sank rapidly.
The dark head sank.
Sam’s heart sank.
Joe’s heart sank.

Sinónimos para sink

sink sinkhole cesspit cesspool sump drop lapse pass settle subside dip slump bury