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  1. There was a skitter on my leg.
  2. Bits of stone skitter across the cobbles.
  3. See the black material skitter across the street.
  4. As it moves into the room, a few of the roaches skitter off.
  5. Isabel lunged for her, throwing her to the ground and causing the staff to skitter away.

  6. At times it would skitter ahead, scan something of interest, then wait for Erin to catch up.
  7. They heard the crackle of a broken stick, and then the skitter of a rock tumbling down the slope.
  8. I heard the skitter of feet towards me from behind and I reacted by kicking out with both of my feet.
  9. He slapped the surface with the flat of his sword a couple of times causing the bugs to skitter away from the turmoil.
  10. And he trusts you to be ready, at the first sign of cops, to skitter off into the darkness, letting loose your war-whoop.
  11. It was coming from inside the elevator shaft, a skitter of something smooth and steel against the wall, moving irregularly.
  12. Reese dodged further to the right, letting the sword skitter down his own sword’s length, whipping the tip around to spin toward Jack’s ear.
  13. A young boy around ten years old followed her out then sat on the porch with his head glumly lowered as he watched the ants skitter about at his feet.
  14. There is not a rough within the diamonds within the sky, as between the trees they skitter back and forth removing any and all debris that can be seen.
  15. The rats in the walls squeaked loud enough to my ears that I thought it deafening and when a brash pair appeared out of a crack in the wall to skitter past my feet, I lunged so swiftly that I caught both.

  1. Sand fleas skittering around her knees.
  2. No Arkenian wings and no skittering gritich.
  3. The green man was skittering toward us on the ground, unharmed.
  4. I heard the skittering of small feet, heard the clicks of insects.
  5. The puck drops and takes a funny bounce, skittering towards the Dunn.
  6. As she did so, she caught a skittering form out of the corner of her eye.
  7. Chandio fell forward onto his face, his flick-knife skittering across the floor.
  8. But when its snout faced directly towards us, there was heard a skittering noise.
  9. The ends touched the glass with a skittering noise as he turned it around in his hands.
  10. I saw the shadow there, but over it was a hunger that sent my pulse skittering out of control.
  11. I listened and didn’t hear the tiny skittering of their bodies in the walls or under the floor.
  12. So, go ahead, she offered as nonchalantly as she could manage, her gaze skittering away at last.
  13. And as he looked in, there was a skittering on the floor and a family of mice faded in under the straw.
  14. My chest heaving, my emotions skittering about, I move to the window closest to the front door and look inside.
  15. And, somewhere out in the street at the front of the house, a metal bucket went skittering along the paved surface.
  16. Hauptmann’s hounds bound through frozen fields beside the school, drops of quicksilver skittering through the white.
  17. Skittering away from her, he stared at the cane and raven before hugging his arms to himself, as if trying to contain his fear.
  18. An unnatural wind cuts through the previously still air, rustling through the trees and skittering a soda can across the cement.
  19. The pitcher crashed to the floor and shattered, spilling tea everywhere and sending shards of glass skittering across the floor.
  20. I closed my eyes again and started to doze off, but suddenly my subconscious flooded with writhing snakes and skittering spiders.
  21. Jody took hold of the halter leather itself and started up the hill toward the ridge ranch with Nellie skittering and jerking behind him.
  22. The wind blew directly into their faces now, gusting unchecked up the long road and sending a stream of dead leaves skittering around their feet.
  23. Arrows whistled over her head constantly while black and red magical bolts crashed into the stone around her, sending pieces of rock skittering across the roof.
  24. The silent footage makes the clockwork movements of players skittering across the stage seem all the more comical and ridiculous, given the supposedly riotous circumstances.
  25. Her eyes were wide and uncertain and despite her obvious effort to look calm and collected, the anxious fluttering of her hands and the way her gaze kept skittering away from him told him differently.
  26. Somewhat less pronounced were his skills as a wrestler, and so when he caught hold of an arm, sending the implement skittering across the floor, it was all he could do to keep the kid from going for it.
  27. The long digit that entered him brushed a place within him that sent starlight skittering across his vision, pleasure searing through him, making his body arch as feeling that was both foreign and remembered seized him.
  28. There were constant sounds of skittering ahead and behind and all around, and when he could see just a little from the faint light of a side grating he could make out the forms scrambling through their domain-by-possession.
  29. They were silent, and gradually the skittering life of the ground, of holes and burrows, of the brush, began again; the gophers moved, and the rabbits crept to green things, the mice scampered over clods, and the winged hunters moved soundlessly overhead.
  30. Yeah, so, basically this thing's digestive system is just an intricate series of time travelling worm holes and the like that’ll send whole solar systems shootin’ diagonally, sideways, arching, skittering, riveting and spiraling through time and space.
  31. There were white sailed yachts skittering across the ruffled waters on the brisk breeze nearer the shore, while, on the other side of the launch, further out, a small float plane left a creamy wake as it took off from the watery runway, marked out with orange buoys.
  32. But Old Lady, skittering quick as a gingham lizard, cornered him in a dead end, and Charlie holed up in this old hermit’s cabin and wouldn’t come out, no matter how she whammed door, window, or knothole with amber-colored fist or trounced her ritual fires, explaining to him that he was certainly her son now, all right.
  33. There was: a series of shouts and then a huge banging crash as the music box, in the dark, rocketed down the hill, skittering on the steps, playing chords where it hit, swerving, rushing, and ahead of it, running, the two shapes pursued by the musical beast, yelling, tripping, shouting, warning the Fates, crying out to the gods, down and down, forty, sixty, eighty, one hundred steps.
  34. Trees flying by, woodpeckers hammering in the distance, landlocked birds scattering when the girls ran forth and a few choice deer skittering along the bushes—quite realistically, it could be seen as magical: as a thing and place and time and moment in which nature became one with the real world and that little girls, who could not possibly be animals, could grow fangs and teeth and horns.
  1. His gun skittered across the deck.
  2. She skittered backward toward the doorway.
  3. Simon’s heart skittered over the Lone Man.
  4. She skittered back and bumped into the wall.
  5. Yellow butterflies skittered among the bushes.
  6. When he was finished he skittered out to the.
  7. Wildlife skittered about, so too Fliryns in the.
  8. A loose cobblestone skittered to the line of mages.
  9. The buck skittered and pronked off as he approached.
  10. It skittered backwards and bolted away from the Wall.
  11. She’d been watching me, but her eyes skittered away.
  12. Without breaking their embrace, they skittered backward.
  13. Both of its arms broke off and skittered along the floor.
  14. The rubber part of the blades skittered across the glass.
  15. Splinters of wood skittered like insects over the stairs.
  16. Vinny donned his favorite jacket and skittered out the door.
  17. His hooves were never still; they skittered with excitement.
  18. The other boys skittered away like bugs from a kicked-over log.
  19. The horse skittered his hoofs when he saw the jar, and whinnied.
  20. Aye, sir Blackfin, both said and skittered out of the room.
  21. He flicked his driver's license onto the table and it skittered off the edge.
  22. The Arachnoids bowed in farewell and skittered over the red hills to their Hive.
  23. Small ripples on the lake brought warm sensations as they skittered across them.
  24. One flailing arm caught Twoflower's picture box as it skittered past on its tripod.
  25. The horse skittered away from the truck, but Ferdy Chicken was solid on his mount.
  26. Making his way over, the Fife skittered between carcasses, stopping just short of the.
  27. Nicole sighed and watched as a pebble she kicked skittered ahead of her down the wide.
  28. A large boulder skittered past, followed by stray bits of the main curtain wall doors.
  29. Maldynado skittered aside, but not before Sicarius tapped him on the ribs with his saber.
  30. Before long they could sense Mercer’s bitter glance and they skittered into the shadows.
  31. The two-headed lemur creature gave him another two winks and skittered off into the forest.
  32. Light feathery clouds skittered across the sky obscuring the sun, then uncovering it rapidly.
  33. In the back room of the laboratory the white rats in their cages ran and skittered and squeaked.
  34. Schmuff skittered over to a corner and held his arms in front of his face in a protective manner.
  35. Diego’s horse skittered between sparse foliage and blazed their trail along a windswept ridgeline.
  36. Ka-boom! Ka-boom! He blasted away with his pump-action shotgun, but it skittered away into the bushes.
  37. I skittered behind the fridge, keeping my eyes on him as I looked for things to pile on it, climb out.
  38. I skittered into the shadow of a nearby barrack and lightly probed the minds of the well-armed guards.
  39. The gun skittered across the hardwood floor, fetching up against the wall next to the open lounge door.
  40. A few skittered between my condorla’s feet and she snagged them with her beak swallowing them in two bites.
  41. The backdrop of blue sky and white clouds skittered by, around and around some more; and we were climbing again.
  42. Their son, young Bifford , scrambled like a rat into an alley and skittered behind the false safety of a trash can.
  43. The scribe’s gaze skittered sideways from this vision of horror and found the same story in the other soldiers also.
  44. Bryony skittered to a halt as Boglehob swung round, the edge of the scythe blade coming to a rest against the tip of her snout.
  45. She felt his breath on her skin and tingles of desire skittered upwards between her thighs causing her to take a sharp breath in.
  46. The bottle spun off the tray and skittered across the floor of my cell, coming to rest against the back wall by the slops bucket.
  47. He paced alone in his room, and his thoughts skittered between hatred for Agent Kestrel and ways to convince him to release me from the camp.
  48. They skittered along the passageways with security on their heels into the waiting arms of the Marines who efficiently tossed them into the ship.
  49. Other than Joseph and me, the only movement seemed to be insects as they skittered across the tawny earth to vanish into small patches of dried grass.
  50. When they arrived at a visitor center on the border, two yellow and orange maple leaves skittered over and invited Elena to be in a photograph with them.
  51. Without warning, something skittered in the undergrowth nearby, making him jump horribly, swinging the torch about in a desperate attempt to see what it was.
  52. A spider dropped a line from the top of the page, made a web around the blood-red headline over the feature story, then skittered back to its corner of the page.
  53. The scribe’s memory skittered over the evil he had done to the man; if the blacksmith still lived, then Simon knew the artisan would not be kind in his judgement.
  54. His ears picked up the soft brush of the wind on the barren, tree-studded hillside, and a small, brightly-coloured piece of empty packaging skittered past him in erratic circles.
  55. Fishmael's jolly boat, tiny in comparison to the house-sized fish, skittered across the waves as she tried to propel herself away, the rope from the harpoon pinging as it took the strain.
  56. When a little bird skittered over the dry leaves behind him, his head jerked up and he strained toward the sound with eyes and ears until he saw the bird, and then he dropped his head and drank again.
  57. Even as the thought skittered through my feeble mind, even though I instinctively understood that having fresh clothes meant investment in my life as a hostage by my captors, still I relished the simple aromas of washed cotton.
  58. Shoals of small fry swarmed around the hulk and as Wan Lung approached he could see that some skittered urgently through the water inside the vehicle as well, having swum in through the windows that were open, or at least those he could see that were not closed.
  59. Spirits of the dead skittered across the hil s,.
  1. Anybody can git the skitters.
  2. His heart skitters in his chest and his throat turns dry.
  3. His glance slides to the Lost One and then just as quickly skitters away.
  4. The fourth stone explodes from the blur of motion, skitters across the floor, sliding toward that fourth corner, sliding ….
  5. Sound skitters and reverberates, and unless one is a highly skilled hunter, it’s difficult to secure the target in one’s crosshairs by noise alone.

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