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  1. Her name is Laura Skunk.
  2. He had thought Skunk to.
  3. The skunk refused to cross.
  4. Skunk by nature and by scent.
  5. That one there’s a skunk.

  6. Skunk moaned from the front seat.
  7. I picked up the scent of a skunk.
  8. This guy stunk, worse than a skunk.
  9. He really stunk far worse than a skunk.
  10. That’s likely why the skunk ran away.
  11. Guys, what’s the deal with the skunk.
  12. Unfortunately for the skunk, old Schultz.
  13. Skunk was leaning heavily against the door.
  14. It is reported to remove even skunk odors.
  15. Thankfully, I was no longer a wanted skunk.

  16. My new roommate was none other than a skunk.
  17. The skunk cleaner shrimps do a very good job.
  18. Skunk, what are you doing with that rock?
  19. I’m a proud skunk that can scent any other.
  20. Skunk, I have to inflate the price a bit, sorry.
  21. The smell of skunk in the room was overpowering.
  22. Maybe, he was the epitome of the friendly skunk.
  23. Legend in our town about old Schultz and a skunk.
  24. Skunk, you’re only saying that because I’m here.
  25. The skunk stopped within a foot of me and then spoke.

  26. I discovered that this skunk had extraordinary senses.
  27. She was as drunk as a skunk! And smelled worse!.
  28. The skunk grinned then slowly approached me in a non-.
  29. The skunk squeezed his way out through one of the gaps.
  30. I, Laura Skunk, shall hereby abide by the same oath and.
  31. I wasn’t sure if it was the same skunk who’d warned.
  32. The skunk rattled the bushes, and then showed herself by.
  33. The skunk released his grip, took a couple of steps back.
  34. Besides, although he was a skunk, I couldn’t blame him.
  35. Another reason for the roadblocks concerns the skunk that.
  36. Focusing my entire attention on the skunk almost caused a.
  37. I crawled out of my hiding place then approached the skunk.
  38. The skunk grabbed a hold of the skin on my neck and stared.
  39. Standing there, admiring the little skunk I realized that.
  40. Another thing, there’s a very beautiful skunk who live in.
  41. The skunk made direct eye contact with me, bringing out the.
  42. Oh, no! Guess who was there? It was a skunk, and boy did he.
  43. Besides, how could I ever have believed that a skunk would be.
  44. Yes, but, umm, Randall Skunk, umm, I mean, that’s what he.
  45. In the meantime, ensure South Africa is the skunk of the world.
  46. Oh gosh, wow, you’re having surgery! A real skunk, in the.
  47. This eliminated a number of "skunk works" and "cowboy" projects.
  48. But wait! Where is his royal highness, the chief skunk, Lucifer.
  49. Here was my beloved son drunk as a skunk, drinking away and only.
  50. They offered him Sweet Pea the Skunk, but Hazel stuck to his dream.
  51. Arrived in Berra with an ounce of skunk, mobile phone and beaten up.
  52. We have heard about your plan from a skunk and a raccoon and a possum.
  53. The group came out of the tunnel, Fox flanked by a skunk and a porcupine.
  54. Straight away I was stressing out as I had a boot full of stankin ass skunk.
  55. Another thing with this guy was his weed, it was always primo, top shelf skunk.
  56. As we approach, Cenni suddenly spots a skunk in the middle of the grassy prairie.
  57. The case was dismissed after the magistrate had told Dawes he thought him a skunk.
  58. Skunk Cleaner Shrimp Compatible Tank Mates : Use caution when selecting tank mates.
  59. The Skunk Cleaner shrimp is usually very hardy if they have been acclimated slowly.
  60. Seth jumped in and said, Nah man, this stuff is good skunk bud, and it tastes sweet.
  61. The Skunk Cleaner Shrimp is probably the most sought after of the common cleaner shrimps.
  62. Jose blinked worriedly, it wasn’t often Ben was drunk as a skunk, what was up with him?
  63. Guys, c’mon, yelled Chuck as he chased after the truck, dropping his skunk as he ran.
  64. Not a chance he could stop the elk for long, or the skunk and badger prepping the barrels….
  65. Some of the better ones that you'll hear about a lot are the Skunk Cleaner Shrimp and the Neon.
  66. Skunk Cleaner Shrimp Breeding / Mating / Reproduction : This invertebrate has been bred in the.
  67. Skunk Cleaner Shrimp Temperament / Behavior : This is a very peaceful little shrimp that should.
  68. A skunk padded heavily and unself-consciously down the trail, carrying a faint effluvium with him.
  69. This time round it wouldnt include a house in the dirty south or a return to the days of moving skunk.
  70. What a skunk! Impudent and bother-some, I thought, trying once again to concentrate on meditation.
  71. So the trial went on, to be honest the only thing that kept me sane was my mates, my family and fine hydro skunk.
  72. Who would buy black market shamblers? Del wrinkled his nose as if a skunk had trotted into the small space.
  73. I got a mobile phone on a plan, an ounce of skunk which I had to make in to deals by eye as I could not afford scales.
  74. All I care about is, that you did it with him and then you stumbled home and drunk as a skunk tried to do it with me.
  75. Ha ha I would buy an ounce of skunk back in the day and sell $50 deals to my Mums boyfriends customers when he was out.
  76. Get on with your life, such as it may be…and yes, you were a skunk, just that one time, and yes, she was justified….
  77. Something told her that it was not sickness, it was something deeper, perhaps set off by seeing the skunk family and having none of her own.
  78. Thats the pure details of how I arrived in Canberra with a mobile phone, an ounce of skunk and a beat up telstar and turned it in to a cash cow.
  79. He then pointed the skunk towards me and said, apparently confused, wide-eyed and drunk like a wine taster at a marathon event without a spitoon:.
  80. A guy with more acne on his face then a Proactive commercial and stunk like a skunk because he refused to shower for good-luck during soccer season.
  81. A skunk sitting next to a stalactitic amethyst of the finest color is unheard of, and it is impossible for me to think of a better specimen from Uruguay.
  82. His companion, on the other hand, was smartly dressed, judging from his light skunk fur coat, his elegant hat, and the light new gloves on his slender fijigers ;.
  83. He had smoked too much skunk today but Hobbs had some magic pills and, with the Red Bull he had bought earlier, he would hopefully be buzzing till the early hours.
  84. I would think so, said Palomita, smiling to herself at the way this pretty skunk, with ten adorable young in tow, was managing to look both proud and modest at the same time.
  85. She was sure that she could pour skunk piss into a glass of it and Jacques would never smell or taste it over the liquor’s bite upon his tongue or its malodorous odor in his nostrils.
  86. A skunk and a badger worked on putting a lid on the filled barrels, sending the barrel down a roller track to an elk, who used his powerful antler rack to hurl the barrels at Silas’ allies.
  87. She shook her head and grinned, and I noticed Steve had just stage-dived, still holding his embalmed skunk way up high, as if it were some sort of tomahawk, an electric guitar, or a combination of both.
  88. Alex’s socks and underpants were clean, Marks and Spencer’s, bought by his mother and there was evidence of deodorant, but that could have been the smell of incense to cover the smell of sperm and skunk.
  89. Though the skunk nearly got me in trouble a couple of times, one day we broke for lunch and I went for a feed and a joint but lost track of time only to have a phone call from my lawyer because I was late coming back!.
  90. I must have been extra buzzed of skunk that morning because as they pulled me to the side of the road I realized it wasnt a 60 zone at all it was a bloody 40 zone despite the fact that the school was way back up the road.
  91. Because of the dire shortage of water and how precious it was a lot of the lads had either beards or stubble on their faces and the smell of us would have sent a skunk running for cover but such was life here on the peninsula.
  92. While Nelson was a known teetotaler, non-smoker who did not curse, regular church goer, he still did not want to get into a pissing match with a skunk, as he described firing Bowman and going through the state CSC process.
  93. Ingrid then put down the receiver and lost herself in thoughts for a minute before picking up the telephone again and making two calls, one to the Lockheed Skunk Works plant in California, the other to the Air Force Test Flying Center in Muroc AFB.
  94. He instantly dropped the beer can he had strapped on his back, threw away the dick-shaped carrot and T-string, and rushed over to me, skunk still in hand, while Novorski erupted into an evil uproar of demonic proportions that frankly sounded like someone facing severe stomach trouble.
  95. But sometimes it was a really noble and inspiring strain that reached these woods, and the trumpet that sings of fame, and I felt as if I could spit a Mexican with a good relish—for why should we always stand for trifles?—and looked round for a woodchuck or a skunk to exercise my chivalry upon.
  96. If one needed proof of that, all one had to do was take a look at him and notice the shiny, embalmed, and thus quite dead skunk he was holding in one hand, the obscenely shaped carrot dangling in front of his nose tied with a red T-string around his head, and last but not least the fact that he had been carrying a ten-gallon beer can strapped on his back, with a regulator valve hanging over his shoulder, wearing nothing other than rubber boots and some boxer shorts sporting the American bald eagle, front and back.
  97. Like the 2-D skunk with 3-D tail,.
  98. Stellar, there’s a male skunk standing on the counter,.

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  1. Full cans! Hardly any food remains in the entire kitchen—only cornmeal and a sheaf of lavender and two or three bottles of skunked Beaujolais—but down here in the cellar, two heavy cans.
  1. Skunks have kept this secret weapon.
  2. At first there was incomprehension; but it wasn’t skunks.
  3. I happen to know there was no movement outside yesterday, aside from a few skunks.
  4. Beavers and deer and skunks and squirrels, any animals that could break stalks, stopped 176.
  5. They know the stakes are high; the smallest error could result in their subjugation to a junta of skunks.
  6. At first it was only a squirrel or two, and then, within the week, birds, skunks, rats, mice, and family pets were dying in droves.
  7. The formation of skunks of striped calcite requires a second mineral of similar crystal lattice size and structure to form at about the same time.
  8. And the owls coasted overhead, and the coyotes gabbled in the distance, and into the camp skunks walked, looking for bits of food—waddling, arrogant skunks, afraid of nothing.
  9. And that was me: farting and screaming and flailing upside down and grabbing on to the back of Victor’s pants to prop myself up so I could frantically scan the swamp for diseased skunks.

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